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thread: Babies Born July 2007 #10

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Rebecca, do you use cloth nappies? I do... I love them!

    Zyon rolls all over the place now... Is annoying when I am trying to change his Butt!

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    Oct 2006

    I've just had a look at that site Rebecca and I'm tempted! *lol* Just deciding whether to get 2 mediums or 1 med and 1 large. Alessia is just sitting on 6kg at the moment.

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Fran, yay for david coming home, you survived!!

    Nicki, yucky on the mosquitoes, and fingers crossed lach starts sleeping in his own bed all the time

    Tracey, no I don't use cloth, I had every intention of doing so but got too lazy. plus this boy sure does poo a lot I would be up to my arm pits with nappies. I own one that I figure I can use in emergencies. But I do figure with the swim nappies, your likley to only use it once or twice a week and it just makes sense to buy cloth. I now have a medium and a large on order. I do already have a swim nappy but it's more of just a wet suit material cover and if you don't wear a nappy under it wee gets out but poo doesn't. so now I will hve a couple of options. I also bought me some flushable liners a while ago to make it just that little bit easier to clean up too.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I do a load of nappies (cot linene, clothes anything of Zyons & also nappies of Indah's) ever 2nd/3rd day... so it's not that much washing really! If its'not a full load I throw in my maternity bra's, undies, socks or whatever else of ours to fill it up...

    I have a bambino mio pink fishies swim nappy that says 9-12kgs that Indah refused to wear if anyone wants it for $5!? plus postage!

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    Nov 2006

    I got some too Rebecca. 3 actually, 1 for Charlize and 2 for Jack, as well as two of the animal ice packs, what a great idea they are, can't wait until the arrive.

    Well finally, found our Jolly Jumper and Jack has been in it for the last 40mins giggling and talking away, he loves it. Will be funny when Charlize wakes up and sees him in it. She will probably have him doing 360's all afternoon.

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    Oct 2007

    Hi everyone,

    Feeling heaps better today.

    Rebecca - you are funny, and I know what you mean by the chocolate!!! Hope you enjoy the arvo with your friend. I would be nervous....

    Tracey - I use cloths - only need to wash them every third day. Use disposabals at night though and when we go out of course.

    MM - I am seriously thinking about getting a jolly jumper. How good that Jack has stayed in it that long! I need to get me one of those.... Hope your foot is healing well.

    Veronica - finally checked out your dress. Gorgeous - you are going to be a beautiful bride.

    Well Oliver is sleeping and my eyes are getting very heavy, I was up all night blowing my nose. Might go and lay down for an hour.

    Hope everyone is well.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Raels, I use cloth full time, we do have a pkt or 2 of disp, for when DH has the kids alone or a family/friend os watching them... not that it happens often... lol

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    Aug 2006
    The land of chaos

    Hi all

    I also got a swimming nappy - hot pink YAY!!

    Raels - we also have a jolly jumper and Charlote loves it - she giggles and jumps like crazy and I also love it as it allows me to get things done without having to entertain her myself and it gives her a different view of the world..

    Mel - I had to laugh at you saying Charlize will probably have Jack doing 360's well that is exactly what Jesse and Oliver (more so Jesse) do to Charlotte. I have to be right there next toher when she is in the jj and the boys are about. Poor girl probably gets sea sick LOL!!!

    Charlotte is in bed at the moment and I am trying to get her to sleep - she fell asleep in the car for about 10 minutes and she thinks she has had enough but she hasnt LOL! She is just lying there at the moment talking to herself so I am hoping she just drops off to sleep as I have to go and pick Oliver and Jesse up from childcare in about half an hour so I need her to have a quick catnap. Fingers crossed. I feel so bad sometimes with her sleeping as she gets woken and fed in between all the running around I do with Oliver and Jesse. Oh well cant be helped.


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    Aug 2006
    The land of chaos

    Fran - hope you are enjoying having david at home.

    ooohhh - sorry have to run Jesse has just woken up. He is on antibiotics for pharangitis (sp) so he is a bit fragile.

    Will bbl to finish off

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    Oct 2007
    Gold Coast

    Mel - the sleeping bag is great, a million times cooler than the real grobag. Mum would not put her name to it - she calls it a 'prototype' as it was quickly run up one afternoon without a pattern, but to me it looks like something you could sell! Wish I inherited her sewing skills - my christmas present this year is a sewing machine (from DH but I bought it ) I know what you mean about time spent on here - housework is the first to go! The only advice I have for bottle feeding is: Autumn takes one better when not being held - sitting up or lying flat instead and with the teat pushed in quite firmly. Otherwise, I would try moving on to a sippy cup type deal and skip the bottle altogether.

    Bec - She doesn't do it anymore, but Autumn started rolling by holding her toes and falling to the side - like a kind of momentum thing I guess. Could be coming up for you!

    Nicky - congrats on the cot success! Your plan sounds like a good one.

    Jem - I bet Charlotte is more easy going than only-child babies who have their mums wrapped around their fingers, jumping to every demand (yes...I'm guilty..)

    So DH left again today and it's just the two of us again - we had a very laid back day today. Autie has started trying to push herself forward on her tummy - bum up, push with feet, pull with the hands, stop head down for a rest, try again etc. so much effort and they never give up! I need a dose of get-up-and-go from my daughter I think.

    Does anyone else measure the months in lots of four weeks? For instance, 20weeks is 5 months? Or do you do it by calendar dates, as in the tickers? Just curious.

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    Oct 2006
    KA, Western Australia

    Hi Ladies

    Just popped in quickly to have a read and say hi Its been a loooong day and im exhausted, so im off to bed.


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    OMG Zyon fell asleep at 6:30 last night while we were having dinner & Dh popped him into the hammock... at 9pm he was still asleep so I showered & gave him a dream feed & popped him back in the hammock, he is just starting to stir now! I am so so in love with him when I get more/enough sleep!!!

    I know the girls used to move head first on the floor to get around like I'd lay them on a blanket or under the play mat thingy & they'd move up head first as such, but Zyon always moves down wards, his bottom half is alsways off the blanket/mat!!!

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    Mar 2007


    Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA lately. Lucas has started sleeping through so itís been awhile since Iíve posted. Iíve actually been on facebook too when I have any time for the computer, and low and behold you are all over there too! Iíve requested to join the group and Iíll start adding everyone today if thatís ok! My name is Melanie and my picture is black and white and Iím pointing in it so you recognise me!

    Tracey ~ Ha that's funny, must be a boy thing!

    Tears~ TTC again, thatís great news!

    Star ~ Hope you are feeling ok and have had some time off.

    V ~ Not long to go, very exciting!! Will be back to look at your pics.

    Nicky ~ Lucas is FF and Iíve always given him extra water as he suffered from terrible constipation. He wonít drink it from a bottle so I usually just drip it into his mouth. Itís a bit easier now itís hot and heís teething. He will hold onto the bottle and bite the icy cold teat and will swallow some this way. Still Iím lucky to get 10mls in.

    Megan ~ How is Lucas? I lived in Melbourne for 3 years so I could only imagine how he must be coping with heat there. Being from the NSW mid north coast I could never get my head around how the hottest part of the day is in the afternoon. It would be hard to get bubs to sleep when itís still so hot at nighttime.

    Star ~ Lucas has been very clingy with me lately too.

    Mel ~ I will have to backtrack to read about how you went with your surgery. Hope all is well for you and the kids.

    Fran ~ Thatís so romantic that you and DH have never been apart, how did you go with the bed all to yourself?

    Blue ~ MILS! It must be hard for you. I lost count how many times Lucasí great-grandmother told me how there were no Ďtittyí bottles and Ďpipesí (dummies) in her day last weekend, and that was bad enough.

    Dani ~ Hello and welcome to you and Oscar, I had Lucas via emergency c/s 22.7.07 four weeks premmie. Look forward to getting to know you both more soon.

    Hello and lots of love to everyone.

    Melanie xox

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    Sep 2006

    Morning Everyone!!

    Not long now until my wedding!! Jason's step dad pointed out last night that its going to be 3 weeks on SUNDAY! OOOOO Its getting close!! I made Jason put on his suit last night (I've put pictures up on my gallery - HOT!!! HAHA and excuse the face hair! lol) and I asked him if he is going to be nervous and he said that he already is nervous!! This coming from the man that never gets nervous, didnt even get nervous skydiving! I'm not nervous, yet! Too busy to be nervous!! My schedule before the wedding is crazy, but I guess everyones is crazy before a wedding!!

    Well I better get going. Got to change and feed Avaleigh before getting to the gym. Hopefully she hasnt fallen asleep.. BBL to do personals

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    Oct 2007

    Good morning everyone,

    Veronica - your man looks very good in his suit. I can't believe you're not nervous yet! I'm nervous about my wedding and we haven't even set a date yet!!! ha ha....But like you said, you're probably too busy to be nervous.

    Tracey - well done for using cloths full time. I just find that if we use them at night Oliver will wake up too much - he hates being wet. And how nice to get all that sleep. Oliver is the same with moving downwards. He almost ends up doing a complete 360 off his mat!

    Sacha - good on Autum for trying to move along like that. Yes I wish I had some of that get-up-and-go as well! Or maybe I just need some get-up-and-get-off-the-computer!!! Oh and I measure the months by the calender dates. Would get a bit confusing the other way I think.

    Well after a couple of weeks of having the rice cereal I have started mixing a little pumpkin into Oliver's food. When we first gave it to him I got DF to feed him while I had the camera ready, expecting maybe a funny face from this new taste. But he just smiled and opened his mouth really wide for the next mouthful! What a clever boy. His big brother hates pumpkin but other than that he is one of the best eaters I have ever seen. Loves all his vegies and anything really. I have never had a problem with getting him to try new stuff so I really hope Oliver is the same!!!

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    Jul 2007
    in a super happy place!

    Hi girls! I have been a bit MIA for the past few days - had a couple of really bad days with Tom, and developed an addiction to Facebook. I have read thru all the posts but brain too frazzled to remember everything!

    Veronica - i cant believe your wedding is so close. I remember before my wedding my diary was just booked up with things to do every single day so you are like superwoman doing it with a baby!

    Somebody mentioned about giving bubs water (sorry cant remember who) - i brought Tom a thing from the chemist called the Fresh food feeder (Tommee Tippee brand). It has a handle and little mesh pouch on it that you put food inside and the baby sucks on it. I have been putting ice in it and Tom has been sucking on that. When he gets older, you can put fruit and stuff in it. He is a little bit unco at holding it so i have to help, but he seems to like it.

    I think Tom is starting to teethe because we have had a nightmare couple of days with him. I thought that it was a reaction to his needles but now his top gum is all bumpy and red. If he gets the teeth in the place where the bumps come up, he will look like Dracula. i have just been giving him Panadol and a cold face washer to suck on. Is anyone elses bubs teething? Any advice from any of the supermums on here? If he isnt getting teeth, i dont know whats going on because i have even lost my fabulous little day sleeper. Nights arent too bad but days are a different story. Yesterday he screamed for two hours straight. When DH got home he put him in the pram and took him for a walk so i could have a rest.

    We had mums group yesterday and went to the cry baby session at the movies - Tom took the cry baby part literally but apart from that, it was quite fun. i cant remember the name of the movie but it was the one with the Rock in it. It was a good one to watch with kids because it wasnt too taxing on the old brain!
    Better be off - i have my niece today because of the teachers strike so better go keep her entertained. Touch wood - Tom has been down for 1 hour so far. i really dont want cranky baby today!!

    V - i just looked at your gallery. Jason looks gorgeous in his suit. Is it a pin stipe? i absolutly love your dress too. Just showed my niece (age 7) who loved it but is concerned about how does the dress stay up? Am about to sit her down and give her a fashion lesson!
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    Oct 2007

    Em - I have the same addiction to facebook! The fresh food feeder sounds like a great idea with the ice in it. Would be good for teething as well. I thought Oliver might be teething too. He really chews on his thumb at the moment and anything else that he gets in his hands - including my nipples when feeding - ouch! I know that the teeth can move around in their gums for ages, I remember my firstborn being like this for months - you could almost see the tooth but the next day it would be gone. This went on from about 4 months when finally at exactly 9 months old he cut his first one, then the next day another! All bubs are different and it's really hard to tell I think....maybe try a teething ring or some of that natural teething relief. Have you heard of that? I can't remember the exact name, somebody else on here probably knows it though?? Hope he feels better soon.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Raels I added a puc of Zyon in the s[ecial Berry Plush AI2 nappy with embroidered Geckos, tooo cute !!

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