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thread: Babies Born June 2007 #5

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    Babies Born June 2007 #5

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in June 2007

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    Registered User

    Jun 2006

    Hi ladies.

    Sorry havent had a chance to catch up so will do personals once I get some time.

    Mikayla had her vaccs on Tuesday night and did really well. She was fine with the first jab then only cried for a few seconds after the second one. Her temp went up to 37.1 but after some panadol it went down again. Apart from being very clingy the next day she's been fine. We had an appt with the paed on Tuesday too and he said not to worry about her not having the rota virus vaccination. He said that there are many other virus's that cause gastro and even though it would lessen her chance of getting it there was no guarentee that she wouldnt - though he did say that our GP should have offered it to us anyway! AND she's now right on average with her weight so we wont have to go back and see him again unless her reflux gets worse (he's leaving it up to us to wean her off her reflux meds when we think she's ready) YAY!!!

    Oh and she's discovered her feet!!! Its so cute, she sits there with a foot in each hand and just stares at them

    Hope all mum and bubs are doing well and enjoying the warm weather xx

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    Peach Guest

    What a week Mackenzie and I have had! Kenzies arm has completely healed and she is using it 100% - that was a bit of a scare! The sling is off and we are all good now!
    My breastfeeding is becomming more and more difficult, I am only feeding on 1 side and my surgeon said at my checkup that I need to wean her because I have developed an abscess and she needs to go on formula. Really sad about this, not sure I will take her advice just yet. I might give it a few more weeks to heal and see if I can dry the affected side up ... not sure how to .. but I'll try anything to keep BFing her .. she loves the booby!

    Kenzie is now sitting up unassisted We have had a few face plants on the floor but now she quite a confident sitter! Thats something for the baby book (if I ever get around to writing in it!!!) She is beginning to now throw tantrums when I put her down for her daily sleep .. sleep time is so stresful for us and I have tried everything but nothing seems to work except laying next to her while feeding her to sleep.

    Teepee: Fantastic news about Mikaylahs weight, it's great when you get good news isnt it. KEnzie has discoveredher feet too! Sometimes they are little contortionists! (sp?)

    I'll try to keep up with this new thread ... I have just had such a hectic week that I havent caught up with the old thread.

    *hugs* to all the June mummies and bubs.


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    Apr 2007

    Hi everyone

    Diana had one of her vaccinations yesterday (for some reason they missed the rota virus one at her 2 month session). So she is now all up-to-date. She was such a brave girl and didn't even cry or anything. I've been diagnosed with PND, which I suppose os a good thing, as I really felt like I was going mad the past few weeks. I have been ordered to take at least 3 days off work, which I am going to do.

    Last night Diana and I went out to dinner with my sister and her firends for a girls night. It was quite good to go out, dress up and do something grown-up for a change. Diana was a very good girl, although I expected that she would sleep sometime during the evening, but only managed about half an hour. Oh well, she is still asleep now, so that's good.

    Today I woke up with an extremely sore tooth (It was kind of sore yesterday, but I thought it would go away), so I am off to find a doctor or dentist that is open today. Why do these things have to happen on a Sunday?

    I just read over the posts in the last thread and Diana seems to be a really tiny bub. She's 5 months tomorrow, 65cm long and weighs 6kg.

    Jen - what happened to Kenzie? Glad to hear that she's okay.

    Tina - Diana has found her feet too. It is very cute.

    Debbie - I am studying Education Leadership. I just got my last assignment back for the year. I barely passed, but passed nonetheless. What about you?
    Last edited by Starfish; November 18th, 2007 at 09:20 AM.

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    Peach Guest

    Zofia - Kenzie was playinh with my DD#1 and rolled her over .. her arm got caught and bent in ways an arm shouldnt bend She scream and wouldnt move her arm I ended up having to get an xray and visit the pead. He put her arm in a sling for 4 days. All better now was a bit og a scare!

    Sorry to hear you have PND But at least its been diagnosed and is treatable ... so many women go undetected. We're all here for a chat at BB anytime you need to talk. The tooth ache always ahppens to me on a sunday aswell ... it murphys law!

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    Registered User

    Sep 2006
    On Channel Zzzzzzz

    Quick hi ladies! xx

    Starfish - I agree with Jen - we're all here for you lovely! xx

    Naomi54 - the dummy scenario made me have a good laugh!! That is so adorable!

    Jen - I do hope the bf works out for you seeing as you really want to go ahead with it. Thinking of you! Have you contacted the ABA?? They might be able to give you some helpful advice and a stack load of support...........xx

    - that's so great about Mikayla's weight! And how precious her finding her feet! DD hasn't yet but I have introduced her to them which got a good chuckle! LOL!!

    Well DD#1 had her party yesterday - it was so great! She had an absolute ball and went nuts!! And omg!! How great are girls toys these days?!?! I think I'm going to have just as much fun! Hahahaha!
    Only boohoo moment was when she opened her gifts from IL's and they had bought her what we already had (we didn't give gifts to DD til her actual bday which was today) and our friends bought her a bigger version of the other gift we had gotten for her Thankfully we already had some Christmas stock on hand and she loved it, thank goodness!! Couldn't believe it though and still feel a little disappointed as I always wanted to give her her firsts - you know like "first doll" (friends did), "first dolls house" (great grand parents did) and "first pram" (IL's did) .... man I'm on a bad streak not that DD knows, she's just in toy heaven!

    Oh and DD#2 was sick all day with a temp and wouldn't sleep and fed 3 hourly on the dot and then I slept on her bedroom floor last night as her sniffles kept waking her up, poor hun!

    But a lovely relaxing day today thankfully! I love disposable stuff and dishwashers!! Makes cleaning up so pain free

    Oops! Can hear DD#2 now so might go pop in........ hope you are all healthy and having a lovely night. Have a fab week girls!


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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Hallett Cove- S.A

    Hi Ladies,
    Just quick before i head out to do food shopping. Ive updated Lachies website, but not right up til now.
    Have a squizz if your interested.
    When i get the cable for my ph to comp i'll download all those pics!!They are the more recent ones! I'll get that sometime this week.

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    Registered User

    Sep 2006
    On Channel Zzzzzzz

    Awww Naomi, he's so cute! He looks like such a happy, relaxed little bubby!!

    How are you going Starfish? Thinking of you love

    Well, probably should get some sleep when I have the chance- but there's always so much I want to try and achieve when the girls are in noddy land..............oops, ok so DD#2 isn't quite there yet...............better dash!

    Take care, bbl lovlies!

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    Apr 2007

    Naomi - very cute photos. He's one good looking little boy. I've updated Diana's photos recently too. And put our wedding pictures under family albums.

    Charly - thanks for thinking of me. Having a day off yesterday was great. Diana and I slept in until about 9:00am. So good. This morning we both woke up at about 6 though. Thankfully she's gone back to sleep now.

    Anyway, better be off and check the rest of my emails before heading off to my first ABA meeting this morning. Hope you all have a great day.

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    Registered User

    Oct 2006
    Alexandria, Sydney

    Hi Girls,

    Starfish - Bet that lie in made you feel loads better yesterday Sleep is a great healer isn't it.

    Jen - Glad Kenzie is on the mend, bless her. We were saying the other day I wonder what Lewis's first big accident will be and how sad it will be for us when he starts hurting himself

    Charly - Party sounded great. Do you have IL like me that don't check what presents to buy and then end up buying the same as you? FIL just told me he bought Lewis a walker for xmas, I said well I hope you kept the receipt!

    Naomi - The photos are great. Does Lachie like the tigger bouncer? I have got Lewis one for Xmas.

    Well Lewis has decided to stop rolling this week! DH has been waiting for him to do it and he hasnt done it in days. Mind you he caught his first cold this week so has been a bit under the weather.
    He has got a new talent though and it's very cute! When I sing 'You are my sunshine', he hums along! Well it's more like a mmmm than a hum but it's really cute, his chin is up in the air like he's really making an effort!

    Apart from that he is really off his milk and will go crazy after his first half a bottle. He smacks the bottle and squeals if I put it anywhere near him. I'm not sure if it is because of his cold because he seems much better today but still wouldn't drink much.

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    Registered User

    Sep 2006
    On Channel Zzzzzzz

    MumofLewis - good call on getting FIL to keep receipt!! Its funny how it feels as though my ILs ask when its not important (to only me of course ) and then its like they have a sixth sense that it might be important so don't ask....... Too confusing Thankfully the girls will get their chrissy gifts from us before any one else! I hope that Lewis feels 100% really soon too. Its so yucky when bubbies have colds isn't it? DD#2 has just gotten over her first real cold in the past day or two and it was so not fun for any of us! Hope he gets stuckback into his tucka too!! xx

    Starfish - awwwwww! Diana is a sweetheart! And you looked so pretty on your wedding day!! and so YAY on getting that sleep in!! That deserves for sure!!!!

    Just gave DD#1 a bath - oh my, really does my head in as she hates water on her face and starts before I have even had a chance to get a strand of hair wet!! I really don't have time to spend a whole hour just to get her through the bath......DH is trying to give me all these tips to guide and train her through it but it really is doing my head in...........I'm not patient like he is I think I'll leave her baths up to him from now on for the sake of DD & me!

    But on a much lighter fun note - had such a fun chuckle session with DD#2 today - she really got herself into a good laughter moment - and all because mummy was being an absolute twit, as you do (oh you know you do!! LOL!) We also put DD#2 in the jolly jumper for the first time today, she thought it was fabulous! Big sister was so helpful and kept wanting to help her jump, hehehe. We got some lovely video of the two of them.

    Okeedokee, time for dinner, take care all

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    Registered User

    May 2007

    Hi girls!!!

    Well it has been quite a while and looks like i have a lot of reading and catching up to do!

    We moved house and living in the sticks it took us 2 months to get a telephone connected so we could get dial - up *sigh* as you cant get ADSL here!! rah.....

    LIttle miss Ashley is growing up fast, rolling onto her belly, having 4 Bf's + Dreamfeed during waking hours, no longer fed over night and having solids twice a day.... i hope i am doing the right thing as i have no idea!!

    She isnt crawling yet and no teeth... still waiting for those. all that drool must mean something.

    We had her baptised in brisbane last month and she got to meet all her great grandparents which is nice.. we have decided to drive to brisbane for xmas down there with the 2 dogs... so will be a long 13 hour drive hehe.

    Hope to catch up soon!!


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    Registered User

    May 2006

    Hi girls! I'm so excited I just had to pop in really quickly to share!!!

    As you all know, we've started Elimination Communication with Caeleb (nappy free baby). For the past week, he's been weeing on people when they change his nappy (And laughs his head off... this really wicked little giggle). After about a minute of having his nappy off, he wees. So, tonight, we took his nappy off and held him over the bathroom basin. Nothing... thinking, thinking. Turned on the tap a little to give that running water sounds and BINGO! ONE WEE!!! WOO HOO CAELEB!!! Let's hope this is the beginning of something wonderful!

    Okay, one happy Mum signing out!

    Celsie. xoxox

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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Hallett Cove- S.A

    I have to share on saturday my boy said his first word MUM, he says it all the time now!! I cant believe it, he loves that when he says it and actually wants me it gets my attention, he even says it when he gets angry aswell!!
    He is just growing up way to fast!!

    Zofia: Diana is gorgeous and so are you in your wedding pics!!

    Sarah: Yes he loves his tigger bouncing thing, he has had it since he was about 2months old, and loves it every time he is in it, although he hasnt figured out how to bounce, just kinda twirls around in it lol

    Princessmya: Sounds like Ashley is growing up rather fast, and sounds like your doing a great job!!

    Sarah: CONGRATULATIONS Caeleb, thats great news to hear, and how adorable that he evily laughs when he pees on people LOL

    Arnt our bubs just growing up way to fast???

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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Hallett Cove- S.A

    oh sorry Charly i must of missed your post
    that sounds very cute in regards to being able to get video footage of both of them. Luckily i dont have that problem with Lachie, he loves his bath from head to toe, and loves splashing, sometimes he wont evn close his eyes when water gets in them!! lol, hopefully she will grow out of it sooner then later so you can enjoy bath time with her.
    But even better if DH does it LOL!!

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    Registered User

    Jun 2006

    Hi ladies

    Hope your all doing well.

    Things here have been plodding along. Mikayla is slowly getting closer to crawling and she chews madly on her dummy so I suspect there may be a tooth on its way. I thought it may be a bit early but one of the little girls in our playgroup has just had a tooth cut through and she is only a week older than Mikayla so who knows.

    Just got a call from DH. He's had a stitch in his side since last night which has gotten worse (to the point where he was struggling to put his seat belt on!) He went to see our GP who sent him to get a heart scan straight away. He's just waiting for the results now and will then have to take them right back to the GP. I wanted to meet him over there but of course he told me it isnt necessary and that I should wait at home with Mikayla and he'll call me when he gets the results. He seemed pretty calm but I dont know whether he was just putting on a brave face for me! I'm starting to get a little worried - I always think of the worst!!

    Better go but will try to BBL.

    Take care xx

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    Registered User

    May 2006

    Oh Tina - HUGE HUGS!!! :hugs:

    I'm sure DH will be okay. And if it is bad news, he's in the best place to treat it. Let us know how he goes.

    Celsie & Caeleb. xoxox

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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Hallett Cove- S.A

    Tina big hugs to you sweetie
    Like Sarah said he is in the best place to be treated if its bad news, but Im sure he is fine, i think its in built with us to always assume the worst and hope for the best iykwim
    Keep us updated
    Mikayla isnt to young to get a tooth, as you would know some babies are even born with them, how cute with her almost crawling, they just seem to grow so fast.......
    Take Care xoxo

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