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Thread: Babies Born November 2006 #38

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    well i ain't got no beans, but i don't mind a mean spicy lentil dish!

    vicky - aston is such a classic - my theory is, he's the youngest in a family of multiple kids, so he's learning quicksmart, how to entertain everyone and get attention! he's smart AND funny!!

    bilby is NOT "helping" me with any housework - she creates mess and havoc wherever she toddles - the clothes horse is off limits to her, i have a barrier up - i bet she would have all the clean washing ON THE FLOOR if i let her anywhere near it.

    today, she lasted half the supermarket time IN the trolley, first on the seat, then in the actual trolley, but kept wanting to stand up - i had bags in there to cushion it for her, but wasn still worried about her falling. Then she tantrummed to be OUT of the trolley. I had the koala harness on her, so she coudln't go far, then she got BEHIND the trolley and started PUSHING it around the supermarket! including past where i wanted to stop and pick up items, and kept pushing when i stopped to let people thru etc - it was like having an ENGINE in the trolley - i coudnl't totally control it, cos she wouldn't stop pushing. Then we got to teh checkout - the trollley DID stop - cue another tantrum - cos she coudln't keep pushing.

    dh had his sleep apnoea/ plastic surgery/nose reconstruction this morning, and we visited him in ICU this evening - bilby would not sit on his bed, go near him, just kept looking at his tubes, wires to his chest, bandages, o2 mask, monitors etc - looking a bit scared - Who is this man? that's not my daddy!! I'm so relieved the surgery has finally been done - he's needed it for six years.

    went to my first PND support group today - have been wanting this for 17 months, really glad i went - finally there is one with space for me, and it's not too far away petrol wise. well run and nice group of other mums, there's a creche and a mix of healthy nibbles and nice but norty stuff. and guess what, for a change, i wasn't the only one BF-ing!!! so nice not to be the only one, like usual for me in these situations.

    Christy - poor Jovie's teeth! hope you have a good dentist who is kid friendly!

    LUAA - that's amazing Ella has all her teeth already, how many is that exactly? See how differnt they all are! bilby only has eight.
    Maybe next time you visit your dentist, ask about the short aspect to get your mind put at rest.


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    Gigi- so glad the group was good and u feel comfortable there. lol at Bilby pushing the trolley that would have been so cute to see. we are having a hard time with Emelia when we go shopping she only wants to go in the actual trolley and stand at the end and stand like shes on the front of the titanic!!! so of course she has to either sit down or hop out "no" shes says so then out she gets and then we have a huge tantrum and then everyone looks at me like im killing my child cos she is sooooooo loud!!!

    Glad ur DH operation went well. how long does he have to stay in hospital?

    Emelia likes to help with housework too, sometimes she is helping but other times shes making more mess! but she knows where te rubbish bin is and putsher rubbish in there so cute!

    have a great wkend everyone

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    aston is a little helper too... likes to help laura put the washing on the clothes horse - will pick a piece out of the basket, and shake it, hang it up, take it off, shake it again, hang it up. Very cute. will get his vacuum out and vacuum when I am, fold up the washing.

    Gigi - glad the the support group was a good experience. There is nothing like feeling that sense of belonging, and not having to constantly explain yourself, that people get "it" without all the words in between. How's DH going now? My DH is very very sore, and very nervous and anxious about potentially having a op.

    I think your right about Aston too - he is too clever for his own good. He has started having some lovely little tanties, and I have started putting him in the corner when he is naughty. He is so funny, because he will sit there, get up, see me, and go running back and sit down again. I only leave him there for 30 seconds, but he knows that for whatever reason he has been put there, that it was a not ok thing to do. He level of understanding freaks me out sometimes.

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