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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #12

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Evening everyone!

    We had some visitors this arvo and Kieran was so hyper-alert after they left that he wouldn't go to sleep, he just kept crying so I just gave him a bath and rubbed some nice Gaia moisturiser on him because it has lavender in it. I put him back to bed and he is out to it, phew!

    Mickyndan - Welcome to the October group! That's so great your bub sleeps through, I hope your eldest does soon for you too!

    Kim - Great to see you back in here! I love hearing about your gorgeous girls

    Celtic - LOL at your spontaneous combustion comment! That's great that Ryan loves daycare, it will make it much easier to drop him in there each time.

    Have a great night everyone!

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Kim - Welcome back!! We missed you!
    Mickyndan - Welcome to the group and congrats on the sleeping through! the most my lil one ever does is 5 hours!
    I gave Caitlyn a feed at 6 and she took a full 160 ml bottle (VERY rare!) and was still crying so I did another bottle for her and she took another 60 ml!!! Hopefully a growth spurt......maybe she will sleep a lil longer tonight! Will make up some bigger bottles tonight JIC.
    Anyway - DH has been up at the hospital for the last hour - got some hot melted metal in his ear this afternoon - OUCH - but is on his way home now! Talk to you all later!

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    May 2005

    Hey all

    Lochie had his vax today too. Had 3 needles and the oral dose. He cried a little but I nursed him in my arms afterwards and he was looking up at me and smiling. I guess I am forgiven. He has been sleeping alot this afternoon tho so I think that might be a reaction. He is now 4.59kilos. He put on 400gr over the last fortnight.

    I'll try to go through the posts as I remember them:
    Kim - welcome back stranger. Glad to hear all goes well.
    Trish - I am using Tommee Tippee dummies now. I read somewhere else on here that cherry ended ones were recommended. We were using Avent ones that are thinner.
    Rebecca - I'll give your suggestion a go
    Alz- look forward to hearing how the dummy weaning goes. Any tips???
    Mickey - welcome. Look forward to hearing more about your kids. I am also a Brissy girl, live in Bardon.
    Misskate/Becky - I can only do Friday next week. Any day the week after is fine with me. Happy to miss this one if everyone wants to meet up next week.
    KateP - bummer about the mastitis. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Christenings. DH isn't religious. We were married by a celebrant as DH felt it would be wrong to get married in a church, when he doesn't believe and I don't attend a church. I feel it would be hypocritical to go to one just to get L bapitised and then not follow through with regular church attendance and religious instruction. My parents let me decide if I wanted to be christened, and I was when I was 10.

    My niece had a civil naming ceremony. I don't know if we would do one for L. I think it's a bit naff and really don't see the point. I agree it is more of an opportunity for family and friends to get together and celebrate the birth of the child. Isn't this what birthdays are for?? Anyway that's my thought.

    That's it from me.

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    becky Guest

    Yup, Thurs or Fri is good for me too! Whatever suits!

    Mickey - You should come to our meet up! I think we are obviously trying to plan it for next Thurs or Fri!
    And did we decide on Hyperdome again ladies? And I really dont mind about the whole church thing. We dont go to church very often (well at all really), but Im happy to get my kids baptised, I know it means a lot to DH family. Im not done though. How about you? How do you feel about it all?

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    becky Guest

    Oh, sorry, didnt see ya post Nerida

    Ok then guys how bout this? Next Friday (the 11th), 11:30 at Hyperdome? Could everyone get to it??

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005

    Brissy girls - Friday 11/1 is fine with me. How about we meet up outside the cinemas like last time and go from there. I am not familiar with the centre so can't suggest anywhere inside.

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    becky Guest

    Sounds good!!

    K - So thats

    Me (Rebecca)
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    Feb 2007

    sounds good. ill be there

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    Jul 2005

    my sister just did a naming day for both her girls and it was really nice!

    Welcome back Kim and happy new year!!
    Tyron only had 2 needles and the oral one?

    Micky- welcome to the group, i also have2 boys Tyron is my bub born on the 14th Oct and Nixon is 20months. its a great bunch of chatty ladies in here so hope you stick around, and if you can go to the meet up i think its great we all try and get together!

    i joined WW yesterday, so my goal is to loose 11kg. dh wants to loose 20kg, he didnt join but is doing it with me.

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    Jul 2006

    What needles did Tyron get Nic?

    Jas got DTPa/IPV, HIB/Heb B, Pneumococcal and the oral was Rotavirus. Chelsea got the 3 needles at that age too....same as they get til 6 months.

    Good luck at WW too

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    Amelia Guest

    I am coming to the brissy meet up as well!! I'll bring my little buddha along!! :-P

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Hey everyone!

    Nic - You're a good girl joining WW. That's great your DH is joining too, it makes it easier to stick to I reckon. I still have 7kg I want to shift, I feel so yuck about myself right now!

    Kim - How are the girls today after their vaccinations? Hopefully they are completely over it.

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    Oct 2007

    I wonder why some of us had 3 needles plus the oral Vax and some only had 2!? hmmmmm....

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    Feb 2007

    Yeah I'm not sure Ryan had 2 needles and spat out the Rotavirus so they had to give him a top up dose lol

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    Dec 2006

    Kate - hope the mastitis clears quickly for you

    Kim - great to see you back! Hope the girls have recovered well from their needles. Tahlias are next Tuesday, and I'm not looking forward to them! Not sure whether she has to have 2 or 3

    Micky - welcome! and congrats on the arrival of your new bub

    Trish - I might have to try some of that moisturiser - I've heard before that lavender helps calm them

    Rebecca - hope your DH is ok... that sounds a bit nasty! Did Caitlyn sleep longer for you?

    Nickers - I did WW before my wedding, and lost about 12kg.. maybe I should join up aswell! I think its changed a bit since I did it

    We took Tahlia shopping yesterday arvo and she was so much happier being able to sit up in the pram and look at everything.... I'd never noticed so many people checking her out before either!

    I finally got to the gym last night - went to a Body Jam class, it nearly killed me! I used to find that class relatively easy before pregnancy!

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    Jul 2006

    Dr wanted to give Jas 2 yesterday then come back next week for the other 1.

    Perhaps check your blue books (well in VIC they are blue...different states ahve diff colours) and see what vac's you babies got...and we can all compare??

    Trish the girls were perfect. Jas slept 540-1030...and i never ever wake..but i had no choice...she missed 2 of her 5 feeds yesterday and i wasnt letting her go with out something. Managed 3 bottles all day....had her feed and then back to sleep til 7am. Chelsea slept 12 hours and was hard to wake this morning as well for FDC. Jas has slept most of today as well...

    Weight loss....yeah we wont go there....$hit loads to get off....diet begins Monday when Craig goes back to work!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Kellie - Good girl for going to the gym! I just run around after Joel as my work out LOL! He is such an active boy that by the time he was 12 months old I weighed less than before I was pg with him!! I'm hoping the same will happen running after two boys

    Kim - Glad to hear your girls pulled up so well. We would have had three injections, but the GP had run out of pneumococcol so I have to go back for it. He also got the oral rotavirus stuff.

    By the way Melbourne girls, Kim can come on Sunday I forgot to mention that yesterday! So I think we have Kim, Kellie, Mo, Ange and I plus our DH's. Looking forward to it!

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    Oct 2007

    Our books are purple!

    OK here....one injection is 7vPCV which covers the Pneumoccocal and the other is a DTPa-IPV-HepB-HIB - which covers Diptheria Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hep B, Haemophilus Influenzae type B. Then you have the Rotarix oral stuff.

    I notice on my card thingy that indigenous kids have 3 needles and looks like the third needle is just HIB. I don't know why they would be different, as they are all getting the vax for the same things?

    Maybe that is how it is done where you are too! Seems rather pointless in having it as 3 needles when they can clearly have it covered in just 2.

    Max is being a good boy today, it is much cooler so he's sleeping better. It was almost 42 here yesterday...yucky. Thank goodness for air-con!

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