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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #2

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    Feb 2007

    Is it ok to have a bath if you're still a little bleedy with stitches? I didn't think you could have a bath would of been soo nice on my tailbone when it was killin me lol

    happy birthday kim! What a busy time of year for your family, october bubby, mum then nov bub

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    Dec 2006

    Hi everyone,
    I can now officially join you guys, my little girl Tahlia Rose was born on 31/10, so we just made it! Have just come home from hospital today, spent the last 2 nights at the Soffitel which was wonderful. Was going to try and catch up with everyones stories from here quickly, but I dont think thats going to happen cause there is so much to read! Will have to come back later when I have more time
    Need to go and do some washing while Tahlia is asleep, be back later

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    Jul 2006
    In a BIGGER house!!!

    Ok quick question cos I'm supposed to be doing uni work - eeek have to go to uni 3 days this week!!!!

    Anyway how do I get my avatar changed - I would like one of those scenery ones like Mo and Amber have - by the way very noice!!!!

    I swear I'll come back to catch up when this hectic week is long gone...........................

    Happy Birthday Kim!!!!

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    Feb 2007

    hello everyone

    im alowed to be here too!! lachlan ronald was born on the 31/10. i am so stoked he is so beautiful and i dont think anyone could have told me i woud feel like this (i cry with love and happiness when i look at him)

    had a WONDERFUL birth experience, only used gas and lots of rocking. was very long though, contractions started early monday morning, and stayed on irregular, went to hosp tuesday night and was 4cm dilated, went back to hosp wednesday morning, was 8cm dilated but stayed around there until 1.30 when they broke my water, started pushing at 4.20, lachlan had the cord wrapped twice around his neck(they couldnt flick it off they actually had to cut it off) so i had to get him outta there fast instead of taking my time and i received a few 2nd degree tears and he was born at 4.42. was an absolutley amazing experience!

    so cant wait to settle in and chat with you ladies

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    Jul 2006

    Welcome Kate and Kellie!!

    Ursula i just emailed Kathryn asking for a new av....

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    May 2005

    Hi Ladies

    Happy birthday Kim!!

    Thanks for the advice re bleeding. Seems to have settled today and I have been easing up on the Pelvic Floor exercises so maybe it was because of that. Will keep an eye on it 'tho.

    Kellie - my mum is from Melbourne and said that Francis Perry send their postnatal ladies to the Sofitel. Very nice. Sad tho that it is cheaper for the hospital to have a floor of a hotel than their own rooms, or is it because there aren't enough beds?

    Lochie's other grandparents came to visit today. FIL spent the day with DH doing minor odd jobs around the house while MIL just sat on the couch watching me BF. I was so annoyed, she could at least have offered to do something. Just p&*%ed off as my mum would be offering to do something even if I had nothing for her to do.

    Dogs are home now and it is interesting to see how they are reacting to bubs. How has everyone else's pets reacted to the new addition?

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    congrats kate. i saw his pics on facebook. what a little cutie-pants. the pheromones the baby releases for the first few days are off the chain. it's a pity they stop.

    for the rest of the buddies... what do you do for a newborn with a cold? i'm pretty sure james picked up a bug at the doctor's surgery (oh the irony). he has runny eyes, sneezy, clear snot and is a bit miserable... what can i do? aside from bf as much as poss and cuddles? when does it get dangerous? why the hell do we always pick up germs from the doctor? gah.

    happy birthday, kim. 25... ya old tart... ;-)

    saffi - MILs are a pain in the a$$. mine phoned today when the baby and i were trying to sleep.... and why?? to talk crap. personally, i could fancy a few nights at the sofitel, or any tel for that matter.
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    Feb 2007

    just uploaded pics onto my gallery here... how is everyone doin

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    Hapy birthday Kimbaz. Half way to 50!

    Sorry, not too sure on the cold, although my SIL recommended putting EMB up the snoz to clear it. Just using a little eye dropper. Apparently clears the nose........havn't tried it though. anyone heard of this?

    Can't really remember what i've just read......

    L and i went to a hens night last night. She was a champ, slept in the sling the whole night. Meant i could keep tabs on her, also keep my drunk friends from holding her!
    We were all given ferral name tags such as "slapper" "horn bag" etc etc. Idea was you had to use those names or skull. (No probs skulling my lemon lime and bitters!)
    L got one too..........."2 pot screamer!"

    She's a bit unsettled today.......squarking a bit, infact, speak of the devil. Better go!

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    May 2005

    posted a couple of photos of Lochie in photo gallery if anyone is interested

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    Jul 2005

    great Lachlan pics girls!!

    Saffi how cute is Lochie in those overalls oh!
    Kate- how good do you look when leaving hospital wow!

    well today is D day, DH gone back to work so im on my own! so far so good lol has only been 1 hr!
    I got up and had a shower before he left cause otherwise i may not get out through out the day.

    Viv- oh poor James if he does have a cold. Just keep an eye on his temperature make sure it doesnt go up too high. As for his nose if u think its getting clogged u can buy the fess little noses (not sure what age u can use the drops from) but it also comes with a little applicator. not that pleaseant but it sucks out the snot! It really helps though if he is having trouble breathing from boogies in his nose.

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    CatherineL Guest

    ROFL Ange! Your a cracker!! Always make laugh...

    Vivienne, I know there is this product called 'fess' for snotty noses... maybe google it? Otherwise if it were me, I'd just make sure his temp didn't go over 37.5 and his still having wet nappies. Unless of course he got violently ill or unsettled.

    ETA - SNAP Nic!

    ETA 2 - HEY!!! How come I'm the only one with a porka girl! Unfairness... Rochelle is upset because she feels like she's a loner, like in the out crowd at school! I want a dainty baby too....
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    LizzysMum Guest

    HI Ladies,

    Had a blackout and storms so have been off puter for a couple of days.

    All well here, Amara is sleeping pretty well, seems to have gone to having one booby most of the time though. When she has 2 she usually erupts with a massive spew a few minutes later - charming.
    Here unsettled period is now 8pm until midnight, but we have still managed not to give her a dummy. We did at first and the then the attachment went to hell so we stopped it. Hoping now we won't need it. If we can get to the magic 6 weeks without it then I think we'll be good.

    Welcome to new Octo baby people & congrats.

    Happy Birthday for yesterday KIm! Hope you were spoilt appropriately

    Going to our first baby clinic visit tomorrow, will be interesting to see her weight.

    Viv - When Eliza had snot I used saline and a syringe. I bought the saline in the little vials from the chemist. I also did have one called Physiomer, it is a sprayer like Fess. Poor bubba. Eliza has started sneezing today - thankyou preschool! So hoping it does not turn into a cold as she is all over Amara.


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    Nov 2006

    hi girls!

    Welcome to Kellied and Tahlia and Misskate and Laclan! Will have to have a squiz of the pics!
    Ange love the name they gave lu! how cute!
    Saffi our 4 legged baby is pretty good with Myles! He knew the day we came home that something was different! But we just ket him have a sniff and took him into Myles room so He could smell it, and he has been fine!
    Viv I hope James is better soon!
    Nic good luck for your first day home alone!
    Leah good luck at the clinic!

    Hello to all the other mummas and bubbas!

    Not much happening here its been really hot and uncomfortable, so Myles has been a little unsettled! Taking him to be weighed again today hopefully he has put on weight!
    Question when do you go up a size in nappies? Im sure he still fits the newborns but just need to know if i go on weight or how they fit!

    Anyway have to go feed the man! xo

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    Jul 2005

    well Tyron is about 3.8-3.9kg and im just about to go to the next size nappies.
    Huggies and a few other brands have a 4-8kg range. and Tyron has been leaking through the newborns for a few weeks now so trying the next size up.
    dh tried to return the 2 x boxes to coles yesterday and cause i did the order online they said i need to go through that. so rung them thismorning and they said no coles should have taken them back for me grrrr.... so i put a coles online order through today and when the del man comes will pick them up and then credit my acct. but cant have it credited first. lots of mucking around i dont often do the online thing only trialled it that once!

    catherine- how big is rochelle now?!
    when Nix was born i always wanted a bigger baby cause i got sick of ppl telling me how small he was, now i have a bigger baby i wish i had a littler one lol cause i know how quick they grow!
    Tyron is wearing and almost out of some of Nixon's clothes that he was wearing at 3months!

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    Nov 2006

    Kim love the new avatar!
    I love mine too wish i was looking that hot at the moment! haha!

    Nic i might go to the shops and look for the next size? Its so hard when your new to this!

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    Feb 2007

    morning ladies

    just popping into say hello,
    saffi, lachlan is beautiful, and what a great choice of name!

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    i have to share with someone.............
    Nipple started leaking. Have run out of breast pads so popped in a panty liner....... ah classy!
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