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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #3

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    Jul 2006

    Welcome Louise.....congrats on Sofia's early arrival. When will she be coming home?

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    Jul 2005

    hi louise and welcome over, glad you came! Sofia sounds like she's doing well and bf thats great, i know how difficult leaving a baby behind in a hospital is so please vent away in here if it helps. you can pm me also if you just wanna chat.

    well ladies and bubbies i have some VERY exciting news to share with you all......................

    drum roll.........

    Tyron likes boobies!!!!!!!!

    you wouldn't beleive it im so happy right now!!

    after a failed bf attempt with nurse yesterday she mentioned trying a diff nipple sheild, she said she'd go hunting for this particular one for me.
    anyway i showed her another one i had diff shape (actually got it from hosp with nix) i had tried it in hosp but hadnt really used it since being home. (using advent ones)
    so the next feed comes around & Nixon is asleep. i turned the telle off and gave it ago and wouldn't yah know it, straight on sucking like a trooper hehe!!
    he fell straight to sleep after i didnt wanna disturb, hadnt changed his nappy but just let him be. Anyway that was 4pm he slept till 7.30pm!

    so when he wakes up i jump in the bath with him and attempt in the bath....voula sucking again bug sucks and swallows like he's been doing it all along!!
    so from 7.30pm his next feed wasnt till 1.30am 6hrs off the boob!
    didnt wanna push my luck so gave him EBM in bottle next feed, then ive just succesfully fed him again at 5.30am, he's in my arms watching my type!

    im so stoked sorry for the self indulgent post but after 4 LOOOONNNG and tiring weeks and many tears i think this boy may have turned the corner!

    thanks to all the girls who have been encouraging me to keep persisting i could have given up so many times, this has truely been the most challenging task i think i have acheived in life.

    ok so he might still have a few off days and doesnt want it but i know it can be done now and thats given me enough power to keep at it!

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    congratulations nickers. good on you for sticking with it.

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    rallybbek Guest

    Congrats Nic, that is fantatic that you kept it up for do long. You should be very proud of yourself.

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    LizzysMum Guest

    Woot Nic! Congrats and WTG Tyron

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    Nov 2006

    Congrats Nic! Good work Tyron! You are now a booby man! hehe!

    Welcome Lousie and congrats on a gorgeous baby girl! I love the name too!!xo

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    Jun 2007
    Forster NSW

    Welldone Nic! You must be so relieved!

    Welcome Louise! Your bub is so tiny, but just gorgeous!

    Just a quick one, Tiera is not too happy... She fed at 10:30pm and slept right through until 5:20am not waking and no crying. I just heard her stiring for a while so got up to check on her and saw the time! She then didn't feed until 8:45am. I am feeling great today! Think She's got a belly ache though.

    So I better be off. Sorry for no personals I will have a good read later. Take care

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    ^^^ what a legendary sleep.

    we had the arsenic hour round here last night (more like 3 hours of attempting to sleep but failing)

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    Feb 2007

    Congratulations Nic!!!

    If anyone deserves success in breastfeeding, it is you!!!! I'm sure he will feed like a pro from now on for you. I am so very happy for you!

    Welcome Louise and congratulations on little Sofia's arrival. I hope she can come home with you soon.

    Kim - Can't wait to see those gorgeous photos!

    Tiff - Wow, what a big sleep Tiera had!

    Well, I got 5 hours between feeds overnight! That has been my goal and we got there!! The only downside is that his last feed was at 4am, then he slept until 9am which is all well and good if you don't have a second child who wakes up at 7:30am every day! Hopefully I can get him to do a 5 hour stint a bit earlier. He seems so much more settled and content today, he lay on the floor for ages looking at toys. I have had trouble getting him to lie on the floor happily because I think it was upsetting his tummy.

    Have a great day all!

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    Feb 2007

    Yay congrats nickers that's fantastic fingers crossed he turns into a biiiiggg boobie monster for you!!

    Welcome Louise congrats on the arrival of your lil angel and to baby buddies!

    Ryan has turned into a whinger! Since I had my mum come up and a few friends they wouldn't let him whinge to sleep they kept picking him up even though I said not to and now he whinges and screams and stops if you pick him up and smiles! Arg so annoyed...

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    May 2005

    Congratulations Nickers on Tyrone's success. Seems that MCHN was worth waiting for, tho if she turned up earlier you may have avoided a lot of heartache. Anyway, things look like they have turned the corner for you.

    Welcome Louise and congraulations on the birth of Sofia. Look forward to hearing how she is getting on in the coming weeks.

    After such big sleeps yesterday, L was very unsettled in the evening. DH and I tried everything to get him to sleep. In the end just put him on the boob and let him fall asleep there was the only thing that worked. We actually both fell asleep through that process. I know not a good habit to get into, but had run out of ideas and his screaming is just too much to bear. Did the feed just before midnight and that lasted him until 3am. Did another two small ones at 5 and then at 6. He wouldn't settle after that one so I put him in bed next to me, and patted him until we both went to sleep until after 9am!

    Any settling techniques would be welcome.

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    Feb 2007

    hello ladies,

    how are you all today?
    nickers that is brilliant news, you tried so hard i think most people would have given up! good on you.
    Lachlan was such an angel last night. His feed finished around 9.30pm, slept until........ 3.30am!!!!!!! 6 HOURS! i was so impressed, then put him back down around 4.15/4.30am and he slept till 8.45am!!! what a little champion, hope he keeps up with this routine! was just wonderful to have some sleep!

    sorry to brag but im so stoked!

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    Jan 2007
    South West Sydney

    Good work Nic! You are a trooper for keeping going all this time!

    Hello to the new mums!

    Well Hayley had a reasonable night - woke for a feed around midnight, then didn't really settle so had another feed about 3 when DH then got up and took over so I could get some sleep - she settled down to sleep in about 15 mins and then didn't wake until 8! DH was very happy with himself

    I never know what to dress her in though - its been a bit cool here the last few days so i put her in a bonds bodysuit last night, and i think she might have got a bit hot.
    I am wrapping her in a muslin wrap for each sleep, then with a light waffle blanket. I'm finding it so hard to know!

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    Jul 2006

    Great news Nic..well done

    We had an ok night... but Jasmine has hardly slept all day, but, has screamed and cried. Think she had a bad belly ache cos not long ago done the crap from hell, full clothes change and bath! Now sleeping though...due for a feed soon but NOT waking her!!

    ETA: Both kids have new pics on their sites now!!!
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    Dec 2006

    Welcome Louise - congrats on your new arrival!

    way to go Nickers - congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself for sticking with it all this time

    Tahlia is also a little unsettled this afternoon - she keeps waking, and I put her back on the breast and she sucks for about 5 mins then falls asleep, as soon as I put her back in to her bassinette she wakes up again... don't know what else to try, and settling techniques would also be welcome... DH is having a go at the moment

    She has also just started projectile spewing, which worries me... what happens if they do that when they are lying on their backs in bed???

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    Feb 2007

    Kellied, I had that because of reflux and Ryan drinking too fast. I was told to take him to the Dr because they look for a few things they could have that may make them spew but Ryan didn't have them was just because he is a pig lol

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    Dec 2006

    Celtic - was Ryan doing it after every feed or just occasionally? she did it this morning at her 10.30 feed, but didnt do it at her 2pm feed. yesterday she only did it for 1 of her 5 feeds.

    Does he still do it? I'm trying to take her off every 5 mins to get a burp out of her to see if that helps... we'll wait and see! It makes you worry that they aren't getting enough if they spew it up again!

    Did Ryan ever do it while he was in bed? I'm worried about her choking on it!

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    Feb 2007

    He does sometimes, and it was only every now and then. He did it a lot in bed I kept putting puke clothes under his head when Id lay him down. They check their tummy and intestines and suggested a half feed, a burp, then the rest, he still sometimes projectiles but not much or often

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