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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #7

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    Mar 2007
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    i swear he hears my head hit the pillow then... waaah.

    ques. what is up with nappies. we moved up to infant size without problems but suddenly we've had leaks again. he's 2kg within the size, but could technically fit crawler... do i need to change again?

    this is why he's back to short sleeps - wakes up wet and cold... whammo. no sleep for moommy

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    Jun 2007
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    Saffi - Its a dummer you hqave to go back to work. I too have to go back to work the week after next. I too don't have any choice. With any luck you'll find a good family day carer, but I'm sure L will be happy where ever he goes.

    Trish - Your so sweet, you always try to include everyone! I always find by the time I've read everything I have forgotton what I was going to say to each person. I* even have to write things down as I go along sometimes!

    NT - Tiera is still in new born nappies, but occationally I too have the prob with things running out the top of the nappy when she is laying down. I think the prob is a change her when she has get a full belly, then when her belly goes down her nappy is loose and drips back. hmmm dunno!

    Antinatal reunion was fantastic! It was great seeing everyones bubs. Everyone is doing so well! I organised to have regular meet ups with everyone which will be great. Most of the people are in one area, they will just be two of us travelling to them. We own another Tourist park out where they all are, so we are going to meet up there for morning tea once a month and may start to make it fortnightly if all goes well!

    Tiera had her last dose of Vit K this afternoon at the hospital. The midwife said it was nice to see an 'older' baby for once! lol Tiera wouldn't stop smiling while we were there, that was until she was given the medicine.... I don't think she liked the taste!!! lol Cute little bub she is.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend

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    Amelia Guest

    Well had a Dr's appt this morning for my scar to get re-dressed cause of the split in it and while we were there we weighed Rhys and he is 6.9kgs!!! ****, he is a tank. He was only 5.2kgs 3 weeks ago!! I think it was all put on last weekend though and the past 2 days cause he has been so clingy and wanting to feed all day but then sleeps all night!! Like Thursday night he slept 10:15 to 6am and then last night he slept 8:15 to 4am!! Can't complain....I just get nothing done during the day cause he is hanging from me tit all day!! Lol...

    Catherine - Have a good time at your parents and I hope that Ro is good for you on the trip there!!

    Viv - Rhys is in the Infant size and the first week he wore them I was changing his cradle sheets everyday but now we are good!! I was thinking of getting a box of crawlers next week and measuring them to see how much of a difference there is!!

    My question for the day....(Not trying to cause a debate here either, just asking a general question!!) To those of you who had boys, are you getting them circumcised??

    Us personally, we are getting Rhys done in February once the heat of the QLD summer has died down. I left it up to DH and he is done and he wants Rhys done. His main thought was when he is like 4 or 5 and he has a shower with him and asked why does his look different, how do you explain that to a 4 or 5 year old!! And I totally agree with him.

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    amelia... sweet merciful carp! 6.9kg. how u carrying him in that sling, girl? i swear i'm taking panadol by 4pm to deal with the back pain from lugging mr pants around.

    re: the circ
    we had thought we would get him done. dh had wanted him done, then when he was born we realised two things... 1) he is absolutely perfect as he is and how could we cut what we've just created; and 2) he needs to decide for himself later on (when it's more relevant) whether he wants it done. so for now, the answer is no.

    he is such an angel (mostly) i just couldn't put him through that - and we don't have any religious reasons for doing it either.

    is it full moon today? jj has been a weirdo all day. he has done 1 hour sleeps (some wrecked by leaks) and has fought sleep valiantly since 2pm. the kid is beside himself with exhaustion and had a huge scream. a bit of tit and i think he's falling asleep, as soon as his head his the cot... awake again, looking at everything, exhausting himself more.

    he is so strange when he does this. i wonder whether he senses my unrest and it makes him worse.

    anybody else got a non-sleeper today???

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    rallybbek Guest

    Got a major non sleeper here today, i am pulling my hair out, the girls are fighting, Dh has gone out drinking and god knows when he is getting back - he took the swag! I have just had a cry and will have another soon. I am so tired. I need a break form everyone at the moment, everybody has pushed me beyond believe this week. I am really starting to feel depressed.
    Sorry to go on like that

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    Yep, a terrible sleeper today too. Kieran needs to be settled pretty much non-stop, very frustrating!

    Bec - You poor love, you are having a horrible day. You sound like how I was feeling yesterday. I was a wreck and completely over it and DH didn't get home until 8:30pm when I really needed him home hours earlier. Have a cry and remember tomorrow is a new day.

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    Amelia Guest

    Rhys was perfect up until lunch time and has only slept for an hour all afternoon and has just gone down at 6!! Hopefully will sleep only till 10 and I will feed him and hopefully ge a full night outof him again tonight!!

    Viv - I have actually started wearing the Baby Bjorn Active with the back support now cause I thought that I was going to damage my back in no time with the other one!! Re: Circ - I asked my dr this morning if she thought if Rhys needed to be done and she said yes cause his foreskin doesn't come back like it should so I am glad we have decided to get him done in February!!

    Bec - That is what we are here for!! We all listen to eachother's rants and raves about everything!! Sorry to hear the girls are making it a hard day for you!!

    Going to go clean my kitchen and make some banana and choc chip muffins!!

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    CatherineL Guest

    Wowee Rhys! I said to you Amelia that I thought Rhys looked bigger than James... You little champ Rhys! And here I am complaining about my heffa 5.5kgs - that's measly compared to James and Rhys!

    Viv - Yes, That is how Ro has been yesterday and today which is what made me suspect the growth spurt... doesn't want to leave the bossom!

    Trish - Yes, she's been a pain again today - but luckily she slept fine last night still on waking once. I am so impressed by all your personals... There was heaps I wanted to reply to when I was reading the pp, but now i've forgotten it all!

    LM - I totally understand about the photo thing - but as Viv said you can make them private... or you don't even have to post pics if you don't want... perhaps you could just get in contact with old friends again and check out everyone elses piccies!! I'm sorry your still sad

    Becky - I'm not sure what your last name is... Can you add me? Catherine Lawlor.

    Bec - I'm sorry this week has been a bit hectic - I'm hoping this coming week is a better week!

    Well I won't be back on until we get to Moranbah... I'm hoping with everything I got that the trip goes Ok with Ro...The trips going to be closer to 15hours because we have to take a detour via Mackay to pick up our other car! Why on earth am I doing this again?

    ETA - Amelia, I didn't think baby boys foreskins came back when they were so little? I didn't think it came back until they were a few years old?

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    becky Guest

    Amelia - Thankfully we dont have to worry about that this time, but we got Liam done and I havent regretted it for a second! Will definately do it again if we are to have any more boys! The procedure itself is nowhere near as bad as people say and you expect it to be either!

    Next question (LOL) - If you had had the opposite sex baby to what you had, what would you have called them?

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    becky Guest

    Wow we all over posted each other then! LOL
    Geez! Page 14.......

    Have a great time Catherine! I did add you My surname is Pool.

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    LMAO - God I'm a ditz Becky! Thanks...

    If we had a son, Daniel wanted to call him Ulyssys and I wanted to call him Kye or Kyan. I don't know how we would have ever agreed on a boys name because we both hated each other's suggestions for boys.

    Night all! X

    ETA - Meant to say, Kellie - Ro's belly button was a little bit infected because no one mentioned we were meant to pull the stubb back and clean it whilst it was there - I had it check by my Dr at a checkup and he gave me Rozex for it - the day after we applied it - the reddness was gone, but we continued to use it for a further 4 days under our Drs instructions. Her button is perfect now!

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    Ulysses! Wow. Thats...... uhhhh..... different!!! Love Kye though!

    Dont really know what we would have chosen. I like Aiden and Jonah but not sure.....

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