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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #8

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    Dec 2006

    Nickers - that must have been horrible! I can't believe the neighbour didn't help you out

    vaccinations - Tahlia will be having all of them

    Pish - great pic in the ticker! Cute photos on the website too

    Ange - it still takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes to feed Tahlia.. depends how awake and how hungry she is, and how long its been since the last feed. 5 minutes on each side sounds pretty good!

    Viv - how did you go at the docs?

    Star - can you express so that DH can still do the midnight feed?

    I had my ob appointment today - said all is healing well, but I can't go back to the gym for another 3 weeks! Not fair!

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    Nov 2006


    Well vax went well! I held it together pretty well, He cried a little but was ok! He is fine now! I would rather he be vax than catch something, especially when we start to travel again!
    I feel like a new woman just had my hair done so Im not grey anymore yay!!!!!!!
    Thought I better change my ticker but had trouble working out how to make the pic fit So now there is a smiling one!

    Have to go! Hope your all well! And hugs to all the bubs especailly those who have been abit upset lately! xo

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    Jul 2006

    LOL Becky...we def have good taste in names!!

    As for DTD....hmm i must be a rabbit....at it like nothing else..Craig is loving it....so ooooover condoms tho...best get used to em tho.

    Mo meeting out the front of cafe 1230 sounds good. Craig and i probably will get some lunch when we all meet up if thats ok...??

    No AF for me yet....so im happy bout that.....i dont think it means pg just yet?? LOL....

    I hate vac's....Chels is due for 12 month ones and im dreading it....Jas due in 3 weeks and wanting time to slow down!

    Amber glad ur loving ur hair done! Im still waiting to get it done...one day!

    I have received SS gifts but waiting til xmaz to open!!

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    Jun 2007
    Forster NSW

    Becky - I haven't DTD yet either.... I'm still bleeding ARRRRR!!!! I have my 6 week check up next Tues so once I have the all clear and everything has stopped we'll be back into it. I was REALLY scared at the thought of getting back into things (I hate pain and I'm pretty sure it will hurt?), but Im not nearly as scared now... Even looking forward to it! lol sorry if TMI!

    Trish - Glad to hear you had a good day. Your feeling human and having fun!!!! Things are getting back to normal for you!!!

    Kim - Have added you to face book and I love your wedding photo! It is stunning. You gave me inspiration... I have now added photos of our wedding.

    Tiera has not had a great day today. She has been a bit wingey . I got her to have a half an hr nap this afternoon, which she wont up crying her little eyes out, gave her a feed and she's been sleeping since. Only just woke up and is nice and settled. Don't know what was going on, think it may have been wind as she's been a bit of a trumpet bum today! lol
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    CatherineL Guest

    POOO Viv! I hope you don't have an infection!! Everytime i experience pain I freak out I have mastitis again!

    If we had a boy, we probably wouldn't have had him snipped - just for the sake that I don't have any real reasoning for having it done, and on the same note I don't have anything really against it. If Danny wanted to get him done, I wouldn't object - but Danny is quite against it. My parents had the same outlook when my brother was born... When he went through puberty he told our folks that he wanted it done (just out of the blue). They tried many Drs and they wouldn't do it because of his age - so my parents took us on a vacation overseas to have him done. He was in a great deal of pain afterwards and walked around very akwardly... In my opinion - after watching him go through that, I think I'd rather have it done when they are infants opposed to being older and fully developed. But it's each to their own.

    Trip took 15 and half hours, we left at 4.30 on Sunday morning. Rochelle was an absolute champ... She slept the whole way, but we woke her every three hours for her feeds - was a bit grizzley when we got passed Rocky so we pulled over and soon as we took her out of her seat she burped and went straight back to sleep. When we got to Mackay - we sat under a shady tree and had a play and some nappy off time - she loved the breeze blowing on her nudey bottom! When we got here, she fed and then straight to sleep again until about 3.30am and then just after 6am. Her Granddaddy just loves her and wants to keep holding her even though I insist that she sleep in her crib. Dad and Mum both fight over whos turn it is and they were arguing who was going to push the pram when we went out to lunch today... I think Ro's Daddy is feeling a bit left out - his missing being able to cuddle his baby without interruption! We are going to go and get one of those inflatable kiddy pools so Ro and I can have a little paddle!

    Hope everyone is well... Sorry no personals - Going to go watch a video with the family!

    ETA - Ange, I've been worried Rochelle hasn't been spending enough time on the boob lately... She isn't on there as long as she usually is! Now I think of it, maybe she is just getting more efficient at emptying the breast!
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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Catherine - was probably posted somewhere but I must have missed it - where on earth did you drive to?? 15 hours is HUGE and I thought 8 was horrible!

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    Jul 2006

    Thanks Tiff....ill have to check out ur pics now!!

    Jasmine IS NOT a travelling baby... so out VIC to NSW trips are not fun....nor was the trip from mums to the IL's....im dreading the drive home already. Jasmine and Chelsea are opposite babies in every department.

    Leah....we still on for tmrw?? Ill PM you as well incase you miss this post

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    CatherineL Guest

    Gold Coast to Moranbah via Mackay... It actually went really quick! Probably cause I slept most of the way... hehehe! But even Danny said it went really quick... he also said I gave the cars on the motorway a good look at my tonsills and dribble down the side of my face! Gaww... how embarrassing!

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    Feb 2007

    lol cath, your like me!!!

    dtd, hell yes!!! and i was terrified it would hurt, the intercourse didnt hurt but the pain in my pelvis after did. must have been still getting back to normal.

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    Feb 2007

    Phil & i will till you guys get there to eat then
    How long did the trip take Kim?

    The drive home always feels alot quicker, so it might not be as bad

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    Nov 2007

    Wow you lot have written a lot today.

    Thanks for the advice to all those who wrote to me about bubby's constipation. I am sure it is constipation as he makes pushing noises for a long time and cries until it comes out (sometimes for hours). We do give him some boiled water. Sometimes few drops of prune juice too (docs suggestion). Today I reduced the thickener. I only give him half a scoop and that seems to have done the trick.

    Liz - I am using normal terry flats. What are modern cloth nappies? Never heard of them.

    So far so good with the cloth nappies. No leaking today but I am finding it hard when Ethan has a sleep. Now that he is settled more he is sleeping a lot (he lost so much sleep in the last 6 weeks when he was upset all the time). I don't want to wake him up to change him but I know the nappy will leak if I wait until his next feed. Today every time he woke up and made noise between sleep cycles I changed his nappy and put him back to bed. He didn't seem to mind this. Boy does he wee a lot. I had no idea with the disposable nappies.

    Called for an appointment with the paed today. He can't see us until the 25th Jan. How annoying. Oh well now that Ethan is settled I'm not so worried. Just want him to check to make sure he is ok and find out if he is lactose intolerant.

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    Jul 2006

    Mo yeah we can all eat together. I do need some directions please!!!!! The trip to mums took 10 hours....stopping 4 times cos Jasmine was screaming. The trip to Newcastle took 4 hours, again cos Jas was screaming. We were considering the girls and I fly home but i said no.

    Alz glad to hear the bottles are going better now and Ethan has settled.

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    Alz- there is a whole other world out there when it comes to MCN! Leah is awsome at pointing new cloth nappy-ers in the right direction. There is a section on BB where you can ask loads of questions and get advice about different nappies. Glad Ethan is more settled for you.

    Ro- Nice travelling love! How embarrasing, your mumma dribbling all over the place!

    Mo- i'll join you for lunch too.

    DTD- definately painful and not that enjoyable, hoping things will improve, either that or i am getting DH a membership to the local Adult video store! rofl

    Viv- how'd doc's go?

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    Dang Ange on DTD being painful! I still haven't tried it even with Daniel's persistant nagging... I will build up the courage oneday... Can't rush perfection As Rochelle taught me awaiting her arrival...

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    Feb 2007
    adelaide SA

    Breast feeding TJ- anywhere from 10-30 minutes EACH SIDE, and he takes both sides pretty much every time...piggy grunter!

    Vax- will all be done according to the schedule, same as with my older son.

    Circ- not for us, neither passionatly for or against, just don't really see the point for us

    DTD- twice, once because I just wanted to get the fear aspect out of my head...it sucked! The second time was nicer, but it's not exactly number one on my list of priorites right now.

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    Feb 2007

    it takes me in total about 35-45minutes to feed incl. burp and nappy change in between to wake the lil bugger up

    brisbane girls, should we make the meet up somewhere other than the cinemas this time??? from memory they are far away.
    how bout maybe big w or david jones?? i dont know where they would be but i know they are definatley there.??? any other ideas for people that know the center???

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    LizzysMum Guest

    alz - I can't seem to PM you. So if you can send a PM to me I will point you in the direction of some nappies that will blow your mind! LOL!

    Claire - I could not find and REAL evidence based literature either for or against vax. Both sides seemed whacked to me.


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    becky Guest

    Kate - Yeah how about Big W then. I know the centre quite well and that is close to the middle! I also think there is a coffee shop just putside of it too??? Im easy though......

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