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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #8

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    Jul 2005

    DTD- we have only done it twice so far, i didnt have a Vag delivery so was ok down there but its still a little weird doing to for the first time! as qhi said not on my top priority list atm lol!

    Sunday morning MIL came over and minded the boys for a few hours while DH & i went jetskiing! I felt like a teenager, it was quiet funny! DH bought the jetski a few months ago. to get ur license u need ur boat lic first. i got that but havent got the jetski one as i had Tyron in between! So i couldnt drive it but held on for dear life on the back!
    For anyone who knows Sydney we went in at Picnic point (georges river) and rode all the way around to Brighton le Sands (by then i needed a toilet stop!) then through into Sylvania Waters where we met some fellow jetski friends, and back again.
    It was fun but its not as fun being passenger, a few times DH did a friken 180 or turned real sharp when i wasnt ready for it!
    i think this was the first time we have hd some "us" time since Tyron was born and it was really nice because it is sucha rarity these days.

    Claire- mailing u the new newsletter and I'll ring u in a few days, couldnt get your stuff cause John said it would be put away and need to give him notice b4 picking it up. so unless u wanna go out there something this week i will pick it up for u next Mon night?

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    Feb 2007

    Ange great, i've been looking at the menu trying to decide what i'll feel like next week lol

    Kim i Pm'ed you the directions, hope they make sense
    I know what you mean about the trip, i wanted to catch the plane back home & maddi was pretty good during the trip.
    Hope the trip home is better Kim

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    CatherineL Guest

    OOOOooo... LM!! Can you blow my mind with nappies too? I always want to do the MCN thing but honestly never know where to start because there are soooo many decisions! I see Ange's little sweetheart in the cutest MCN's... I want them toooo!

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    hi all

    seems the little guy is pulling a ro stunt today and wants to be fed every hour and needs to be near me all the time. little naught hasn't slept more than 50 minutes since 5am. mummy is going to pieces in need of sleep.

    luckily i have my sister over for a few days. she helps her friend out in their cafe a bit, so she's been making us full-on cafe meals. YAY no cooking and thinking for me!

    saw louis yesterday. he suspects blocked ducts and because i don't feel carp yet, that it's not masty. he gave me a script anyway in case i suddenly end up with a temp in the night or any of the other nasty symptoms.

    maybe james knows he's supposed to help me keep it drained - wouldn't that be spooky/boogedy if he knew that? right now i'm doing the bassinet rocking with foot trick and he grunts until i look at him. i wish he'd do a nice 4 hour sleep so i can too. sis is off checking out the gold coast beaches... house to self...

    i bought a medela pump yesterday to finish off whatever he can't in that boob. i do need some help with the whole bottle thing before i try feeding it to him.

    1) how do you dry whatever you've boiled sterilised?
    2) do you sterilise them just before you give the bottle or do you store them? if so, where?
    3) how do you warm the EBM if it's been in the fridge/freezer?
    4) is it the same calculation for how much ebm they get as if you were doing formula?

    hmm... all this makes BF look easy... step one... flop out boob... step two.. attach the little sucker ... step three... zone out.

    he's just squawking every few seconds at me.. guess i'd better go.


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    CatherineL Guest

    I'm glad there is no pain for you yet and I hope it's not yet to come!

    1) how do you dry whatever you've boiled sterilised?I just let it dry on a fresh tea towel - it dries in a matter of seconds because the steam is so hot!

    2) do you sterilise them just before you give the bottle or do you store them? if so, where?I have a special big container that all her sterilised stuff goes into.

    3) how do you warm the EBM if it's been in the fridge/freezer?I fill a milkshake cup with hot water and pop the EBM milk in there.

    4) is it the same calculation for how much ebm they get as if you were doing formula?
    It is the same calculation but babies are allowed more BM if they want because the hormone in BM tells them when they are full and have had enough. That's what the LC told me anyway. Ro will usually take 20 mls more, sometimes more sometimes less.

    Rochelle has settled down with that behaviour, so perhaps it was just a growth spurt? Perhaps James is going through one too? I thought I did read somewhere that babies do know they have to keep draining the breast when Mum's sick? IDK... I thought I read it, but can't remember where.

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    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    Hey guys,

    can't really type cos i'm feeding, but just from reading the bottom of CL's post, if you are using EBM you don't need to sterilize anything, EBM is sterile in itself, you can just rinse out the stuff you use with tap water. i only found this out with DS once i had been doing it a few times... I've been told this my MCHN, LCs and GPs.

    ok, i'll go read the rest of the thread..

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    just back quickly... (he went to sleep )

    thanks for the advice. i wondered... i will see if john wants to give him his first bottle... and see if the little cheeky monkey will actually take it.

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    LM Can you point me in the direction re MCN's too! I really want to get away from sposies but the terry flats just look too complicated for me (simple/sleep deprived mind and all that!)
    Caitlyn had another good night last night. They seem to come right after the carp nights. Slept from 8 to 12 and then from 1245 to 4 but then up again at 6. STood my ground though and didnt feed her till 8. Am starting to think that I am feeding her just to shut her up and that shes not actually hungry. So trying to push her feeds out for 3.5 hours instead of 2. I put her down for a nap at 10 and shes still asleep after waking a few times and me letting her settle herself.
    Tried the anti reflux formula last night - stupid me didnt read the directions and put room temp water in the bottle! The formula didnt disolve! Gotta be cold water Bec! LOL Doesnt matter anyway cause after such a long gap in feedings she doesnt seem to be sicking up so much. Maybe she knows when she is full now! FINALLY!!!
    DTD - We tried once! OUCH! Have been a bit touchy ever since but will get up the nerve again soon. But - when on earth are we supposed to find time! He's at work all day, comes home and cooks dinner while I am feeding/changing/etc bub and then by the time we chill out a bit and watch TV its time for another feed/change etc and then I am completely buggered so I go to bed!
    Vaccinations - definitely! I have worked in the medical industry for too long! Have seen what can happen if baby is not vaccinated and dont EVER want to put my child through that. I know there are side effects to the vacc's but, in my opinion, its better than weeks/months of discomfort/pain for my little one.
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    Amelia Guest

    Viv - Rhys won't take a bottle or dummy at all!! I have tried the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature ones, Avent and about to try the Pigeon today!! So I wish you the best of luck.

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    rallybbek Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Toby is another one that wont have a dummy or bottle, it is a bit annoying! I had the implanon put in this morning. I think we must be rabbits, we have DTD every 2/3 night at the moment since toby was 2.5 weeks! oh dear!
    gotta go, catch up laters,

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    Jun 2007
    Forster NSW

    Afternoon all.

    Didn't have sucha great night last night. Tiera fed at 7pm, I expressed at 10pm and she woke again at 11:45. I fed her, but she was really restless when I put her back to bed and was up and down with her until 2am, when I gave her the bottle I had expressed (my boobs hadn't yet refilled). In this time I got REALLY cranky. Not so much because she was restless, but because DH was the one that told me to get up and express, when if I had just gone to sleep (as I was exhausted) the night would have been much smoother and we all would have slept! I think I have have to do less listening and more doing what my body and my bub tells me. She then fed again at 5am and 8:15am which wasn't too bad, but I am tired today.

    To top it all off my dogs got into a big fight this morning! We haven't had a fight in the back yard in 12months and after the last one I said I was going to get rid of the dog that seems to cause it all. So this afternoon DH's mate is taking my Auto for good. He's always been my baby, so it is so depressing I'm going to miss him like crazy. I have to do this as it is the safest thing for me, my other dogs and MOST of all, my daughter.

    I do appologise for ne personals. I will be back on later, really needed to vent. No one to talk to here!

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    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    Oops, sorry, i forgot to come back and post afterwards.

    I sounds like you are all doing such a fantastic job with your little ones.. Seriously, it does get sooo much easier.. i think it was around the 3 month mark that i just suddenly felt like i gelled with my son, i understood what he wanted, life didn't just seem to be about feeds and nappy changes and sleeps, and they were interacting a bit more!

    But in the beginning it is so hard, when you just finish getting them to sleep and then its feed time again (maybe you get 5 mins for a cuppa in between that!)

    You all sound like you are doing better than i was back then, i had one thing after another go wrong (one of the most painful feeding conditions lasting for months, along with one of the most painful backside conditions last for months, DH doing huge amounts of overtime at work, and my FIL was in hospital for 8 months very sick... he died in August that year).

    Ok, there are so many ppl to do personals for, so i might just skip it, hope you understand.

    in regards to dummies, Nuk are the only ones that both DS and DD liked in the beginning. I know Nuk weren't recommended by choice, the reason being that when you are using them at the end of their size (i.e. the 0-6 months ones at 6 months), the shields are on the small side and technically they can get them into their mouth, so i'm just using them now for a month or two, before we change over. With DS he didn't mind the change at that stage. DD is so small, and her face is little that the shiel part knocks her in the nose every time she sucks, so no wonder she doesn't like the other dummies.

    DTD - still bleeding here, so that isn't happening. It is wierd, i had stopped bleeding by now with my son... infact the scary thing was at 1 week, my bleeding had stopped completely for a few days, and then i went to the loo, and it was pouring out of me for at least a minute... was supposed to go to the hospital, but i figured i wasn't bleeding to death so it would be ok. Needless to say, obs wasn't impressed when i called him a week later.

    In fact, i'm beginning to feel a bit anaemic from the loss, maybe i should start back up with my iron tablets.

    Tiff - i'm sorry you had to get rid of your dog.

    Ange - thanks for the details of the melb meet up... I will try and make it, Wed is the best for me as my DS is in creche that day, and i hate having to chase him around everywhere whilst trying to look after DD. (he is a very active toddler!)

    Ok, i got to run, i need to get nappies and a few other things, so better have lunch and then get the kids up from their naps.

    Have a good day ladies.

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    This is a good place to start with some info on MCN.......
    Help for New Users! - BellyBelly Forums ~ Pregnancy, Birth & Baby
    Other places for info-
    * Ozclothnappies website
    * Nappycino website
    * Cloth nappy general chatter on here. i am forever asking qn's in the cloth nappy thread on here. The girls are really helpful.
    It can seem quite overwhelming to begin with, until you see some IRL i think.

    Leah- you are so right about it being hard to find any unbiased info on vax.....certainly no peer reviewded articles.

    Pish- bummer about the dog.

    Expressing seems like alot of work. have been meaning to get around to it too, might go fish out the milking machine now......

    ETA- see how you go yael, be great to meet you.
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    CatherineL Guest

    Aww thanks Ange - I forgot that you've become a bit of a guru on MCN's!

    Thanks for the info Leah - just going to check message now!

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    no guru , just have a fairly serious addiction! ROFL

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    Aug 2005
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    Oohh.. Ange, if i do come, maybe you can explain all about MCNs to me in person

    I've tried reading it all, but i just can't get my head around all the different options

    Was planing on moving over once DD is out of newborn size nappies... I think i like AIOs the most (really need the most simplest thing if DH is going to do it, and worried that if i have covers and all that then it might get to confusing, and don't want to not have the right stuff washed etc.

    We are planning on a lot of kiddies, so the cost will be balanced out over them, as i though AIOs were the more expensive, but i'm so confused by the different types on nappies in general (is AIOs the best), different materials, then different brands.. booster, liners, covers, fleece, bamboo (i thought it was a plant??), oy it does my head in!

    Oohh.. exciting news at our house, DS is beginning to say 'poo' sometimes when he has done it.. not every time, but its a start!

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    CatherineL Guest

    LOL - Hmmm.. I think your addiction is turning you into a bit of a guru... sounds like you have these nappies coming out of everywhere! But least Luella always has a sweeeeet nappy! Ro is jealous and asking why Lu gets these trendy nappies and all she gets is stupid headbands! ROFL... poor little chook hates em!

    ETA - We NEED pink ones!

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    i'll pack a few different types in the car just in case you make it!

    PMSL- Catherine!

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