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Thread: Babies Born October - December 2005

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    Hi girls,

    no time for personals, just wanted to say thanks for being so supportive and understanding of what i'm going thru here at the mo..i knew you girls would 'get it'..bens got the day off work and has gone to the day/night cricket game..nice life!!

    Also missy, i'm so glad that hiding monkey til bedtime worked for worked for us with snuggle, and now when he sees snuggle he does get so excited and we always say 'is this guy a friend of yours??"and he grabs him and gives him a big smooch!!way easier not having him food and dirt covered though!!

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to see have a good weekend.

    And i won the item i wanted - for a great price! Its bookshelves with the bottom part being cupboards, because DA keeps pulling off books and ripping them atm, so i don't let him in the study.. This way he can come in when i'm on the comp! I've been looking for months - so happy!

    Gosh its hot here!

    Anyway, gtg.

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    Hello Again Everyone!

    I'll just do a quick intro for those of you who dont know me!

    My name is Kate, Im from Sydney. Im 29 and Im a mother of one. My little girl Jasmine! I like long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain etc etc just kidding.... lol

    Ive forgotten who has asked this, but Jasmine has only been having one sleep per day for a long time. I think this is why she sleeps so much overnight/late morning. I cant even remember the last time she had more than one sleep during the day. Ive always just let her lead though, and I dont put her down to sleep as such, now what she does is, finds her pillow, drags it into whatever room Im in, and crashes out on it. Then when she is asleep, I pick her up and put her to bed. Its nice, and very very cute!

    Omg Ive had this window open all afternoon trying to post, I had big plans on doing personals but my phone has been ringing non stop Now I have to go get ready for dinner. Ive got people coming over and my washing is all over the house lol

    I will be back tonight without a doubt when Jas is asleep and I will catch up with everyone and everything!

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    Hello lovely ladies,

    Not having a great day so will have to leave a lot of the personals until later tonight when I am feeling better. I did type a long post last night but lost it.

    Yael, I haven't seen myself on the news yet so maybe I missed it . Or they didn't show me. I think I sounded like an idiot and went bright red, which would have gone so well with my bright pink top!

    My intro, I am Melinda, 23, single mother to Logan. From the Central Coast in NSW. But I probably didn't need to post any of that since it'd be in my ticker and stuff, but I felt like I should..

    Eep have to go, Logan is rearranging my cd & dvd collection.

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    Christie thanks so much for telling me to hide Monkey. Its been wonderful.

    Well done Yael on the book self. Yay.

    Kate how cute that must be seeing Jas get her pillow and go to sleep. No way Callum would do that. lol

    Melinda, sorry you not feeling the best. Hope your better soon. Hey, where on the c/coast are you???

    Well Callum in bed now as he has been abit tired and is driving me nutts. All he wanted was for me to hold him. Not good when your trying to wash up and have a baby at your feet screeming. So he went to bed 1 hr early. Hmmm hope he sleeps through. I can here him talking in his room ( no dought to monkey) lol. So really only 1/2 hr early.

    Well will be on later and see how you all doing.

    Take care

    Oh and [email protected] kate. Long walks etc etc...

    Kate I was just looking at jas photos and OMG how beautiful is that dress for her Christening. Wow she looks devine...
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    Thanks ladies for your posts about sleep - your very informative Meg I can see you name with Moderator on it one day
    I have just dropped off Marnie at my parents for the big night off! Instead of using it to clean up or get ready for my work do I ate a ginormous packet of Twisties that I bought at the supermarket on the way home! Not a good idea before dinner - but they were delicious! Yum! Yum! I hope I start craving water and lettuce from now on! Must say I am loving pink lady apples.

    LOve that Jasmine puts herself to sleep Kate (it was me who posted about he sleep thing!) Marnie grabs her Ellie and comes to me when she wants a sleep - but she has never put herself down as such!

    Have a great weekend girls.

    We are always here for you Christie! I hope you have a break on the weekend

    Sarajo - I hope you are feeling better after your operation! You poor thing - you are losing teeth and Abby is gaining! Ironic????

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    Well well well, i just got through reading the other thread and then found out about this one, hopefully it will be a touch easier to keep in contact now!!

    I have a grunpy baby tonight, tori has the farts big time and i cant think of what she would have eaten diferentl today at all. Maybe mum gave her something when she had her today? I will have to find out!!
    I had my physio appt today and she said my pelvis is in terrible shape, i have to much relaxin in my system and it is opening up already!! the same happened last time but not tothis degree. She says it will be good when it comes time to do the labour thing but other than that its just a pain in the mean time.. I have to do stretches and wear a support and all the time but the hardestthing is I am not meant to pick tori up at all for any reason and that is going to be the hardest part i'm thinking!!!No more cuddles unless im sitting. she said that if they met worse overthe next month or so i am going to have to be put on bed rest!! How bad would that be with a toddler as well!!!!

    We had swimming yesturday which was great, she had a ball and i aven found out that when i have the next one I can keep doingthe classes with tori coz they have child care for people with a few kids to deal with and it doesnt cost any extra on the fees you pay for the classes!!
    I am starting playgroup out in rowville on monday too, i am only going to have tues and fridays free during the week!! Busy busy

    Welll, no personals from me tonight, I havent even read what you have all been saying, just cut to the chase!!
    Looking forward to getting to know all of you i dont already know! Nikki - kristie - tracey maybe we will have some more girls to meet up with soon??

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    Thanks Renee! CLASSIC about the twisties, I have to say I LOVE cheese twisties and love when I get a moment alone to eat some! I would've done the same! have an awesome night off baby duty!!
    Hi Cindy! Wow at all these mums pregga's again already (I say that because it took me 7.5 years to have my 2nd!!) I am now in BIG deciding mode whether to have a third or not, soooo much to consider. One being that we've just moved into our three bed home, how on earth would we cope with another (small house, all next to each other). I need to weigh the pro's and con's up. Obviously the biggest pro is having another bub. That kind of outweighs everything. But i have to consider space, money, time and do I want to spend 12 years bringing up my babies when most do it in a much smaller time frame . Having the big gap to start really makes the decision to have a third harder.
    Anyway, we've got my 9 year old sister in law here tonight, so I must go and try to drag her and tilly away from play station and get them to bed. The noise level is going to wake coco so have to get them to bed now!!!
    have a good sleep all xooxxoo

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    Smile wow this turned into an epic

    OK, where to start. I got to work for 1 day and there are 3 pages of posts !!!
    Cindy Hope that you feel a little better soon. Bonus on the pool offering child care for no extra whilst you take Tori swimming. I would love to meet up again soon and possibly with some more BB members?
    Renee Jordan has dropped to 1 sleep a day, this happened about a week to 2 weeks ago. He generally sleeps from around 10-11 for about 3-4 hrs. I am currently considering giving him his lunch early as otherwise he is eating it abour 2-3pm. A little late in my opinion. Hope you have a nice night without Marnie
    Missy Callum sounds like a cutie with his monkey. Jordan often hangs off my legs when I am cooking or doing dishes. I try and give him bowl and spoon to play with. Doesnt always work especially if he is tired.
    k8ty Hope the phone stopped ringing and you get some piece once Jasmine is in bed.
    Yael congrats on getting the bookshelf.
    RayRay you live out mine and Nikkis way. I am in caroline springs. I know what you mean about Milo staying up longer at creche. If we are home Jordan will crash early but if we are out and about he is too pre occupied with everything else to get tired.
    Beckibee sorry to hear about your friend loosing the bubs.
    Sarajo that would be funny is Abby learnt to say Jordan then they could talk to eachtoher Its just the best when they learn new things. Makes your day.

    Well today Jordan spent the day at MILs as I went to work and he had a ball. BIL and his GF were home all day aswell so he played with them non stop. BIL is a big kid so Jordan loves it. He had his 1st muslie bar today and loved it according to MIL so thats good. I bought the baby brand one as I am still a little cautious with what I feed him. I dont like to rush him (a little over protective I think but oh well). We had a disco tonight as Jordan has learnt to turn the stereo on and he was playing all the songs on the CD player. he has learnt to change discs and songs (very clever) He loves the song "you sexy thing" he wiggles his bottom to it VERY AMUSING
    Well I am having a quiet night in with DH and a mate. We are eating ice cream and watching movie later on.
    Take care, sorry to those I missed but seems as though I wrote an epic tonight. XX

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    Hi Girls,

    Have been wiped out this arvo, will post properly tomorrow

    Just wanted to say hi cindy, and nice to meet you..that really sux about your pelvis..mine has been achey but nothing compared to yours by the sound of it!!We will both have our hands full soon with a young toddler and a new bub!!looking forward to having someone to lament with!!

    talk tomorrow xxoo

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    Ok here goes! I'm going to do my best to jump in and chat with you all!


    First of all I'll rubbish on a bit...hehe. Louis and I had a huge day doing the shopping and then we had mothers group. Was all good but just a bit too hot for the both of us. He was sooo cranky tonight - hopefully he sleeps well. I must check his teeth tomorrow as he's been dribbling a bit and actually trying to chew a lot of things....Hopefully he has some more coming as so far he's only got 6!!!

    Yael - Good luck with TTC!!! Sounds like you have lots of plans with study/work etc! Sounds great! Sounds like your little boy will be walking really soon! (yep -my boy loves to play with his "doody" as well! - hehe) Hope you had a nice day off!
    Congrats on your weight loss! Hmmm I know when I've been at the gym pre p/g I would sometimes have an off day where you just feel fatigued...Maybe you're p/g though?? I was p/g and exercising (before I had tested) and I remember feeling really off so you just never know!!! hehe.
    Yeah on winning your cupboards! I agree - it was super hot here in Melb today...

    Tracey - Yeah on Jordan saying another word! I'm sure "mum" is just around the corner!!! Sorry to hear about dh being a poo. It's sooo hard...I know how much you must be wanting to ttc...hope he changes his mind soon but if not just remember it's not long to your holiday and then you can go crazy!!!
    Wow on Jordan using the cd player!! Very clever!! he sounds gorgeous dancing around! hehe.
    Hmmm you shouldn't have mentioned ice cream - I think I'm going to have to have some now - I only bought some today in the shopping...neopolitan...sprinkled with milo...yum!

    Christie - Hi! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time with dh...I so know the feeling - in fact I've been complaining pretty much about the same stuff lately!! They just completely don't understand how tiring it can be running around after a little one - and carrying one too!! I hope you can work something out! You definitely shouldn't have to do all that stuff on your own though..I make dh bath Louis and get him ready for bed everynight just so I can tidy up the kitchen/house in peace before he goes to bed. I so need some quiet time to myself each night and if he does that it usually means I'll get it. Wow not long to go! I hope you go a bit earlier for your sake. I'm wishing the same thing actually! I had Louis at 38w so I'm hoping the same happens's interesting I've been getting lots more braxton hicks this time around as well....

    Tiff - Hi!

    Becka - How embarrassing about dtd!! At least you could see the funny side...Oh no at being up at 4.30am - what are these bubbas thinking! hehe. Hope she sleeps in for you tomorrow! Sooo sorry to hear about your awful.

    Nikki - Sorry to hear little Harry was so unsettled..Hope you ended up getting some rest! Umm I suppose if the formula helps him sleep then you should go for it! Are you getting enough rest/water/food to keep your supply nice and strong? (I know what you're like rushing around - hehe!) Always a good idea for dh to be able to help out with a feed as well!
    So glad that dh is helping out so much!! It must be such a relief for you to have that extra bit of help!! Yeah! Good work! I must say I'll be interested to see how dh goes when I'm in hospital...I know he can look after Louis fine but I'll have to write a list of everything else that needs to get done in a day so I don't come home to a rubbish tip!

    Danielle - Hi!

    Missy - Hi! Callum sounds so cute with his monkey! Louis has blankets - we have 2 but he has to have them both in his cot at the same time! - and a dummy for bed. Sometimes he goes to grab his blankets out during the day but I always put them back...He's usually pretty good unless he's really tired in which case he needs to go to bed anyway! Good on you for being strong with it!
    I do that too - clean up all the toys once at nighttime...I'm used to putting everything back in it's right little spot but I'm going put a big tub in the loungeroom soon so Louis can start getting used to just throwing all his books and toys in that. He's a pretty good little helper sometimes (although is easily distracted when putting toys away - LOL) but I figure I'll need all the help I can get when the next bubba arrives!
    I wouldn't stress about Callums sleep. Every bubba is different - also they're getting so active now while they're up that I think they tire out a bit quicker!

    Melissa - Hi!

    Meg - Bugger about having such a bad nights sleep! Hope you get a better one tonight!!
    Louis has a dummy as well - I'm not sure what age your even meant to get rid of it?? I'm thinking I'll do it when he's 2...He only ever has it for bedtime though and even then he usually spits it out once he's asleep...
    Good luck with your health kick!
    It is a big decision having another bubba - all I can say is space wise a 3 br home sounds great!!hehe. We're having our 2nd in a 2br unit so the after the initial first few months they'll be sharing together (yes, we'll all see how that pans out over the next 6m - hehe - nightmares ahead I'm sure) Good luck though!

    Rach - Hi! Hope you had a nice lunch with your mothers group! oooh don't talk about wine - I have been craving a glass this whole summer!! By the time bubba arrives in April it will be cold and I won't feel like one either - hehe. Oh well - whats another year without alcohol?

    Rachael - Bugger at having to get up at 5.30am! I hope he snaps out of that for you soon!!

    Renee - Congrats on your p/g!!! How exciting having your scan - I would tell the u/s person to bugger off! Exactly as you said - what are you meant to do with your bubba? I've had Louis in all of mine - dh held him but he was still a wriggle monster and distracting....
    Yeah at having a bubba free night! Enjoy your sleep in tomorrow!
    Yep - Louis has been having 1 day sleep since about ...I can't remember - around 12 months anyway!! To start with he was a bit cranky at bedtime but there's no way I could get him to have 2 day sleeps now!! Mind you over xmas holidays he was going to bed at 7pm and sleeping in until 9-9.30am!!! (Bliss!!) His bedtime varies heaps - the earliest being around 10.30am and the latest being about 1pm (unless we get caught out or something)
    Mmmmmh twisties! sounds good - although I think I'd end up with super bad heartburn if I ate them now! hehehe....

    Sara - Sorry to hear about your tooth operations - sounds like it will be all for the better though?

    Gobblygook - Hi! Glad to hear your little bubba is on the mend! Louis has 6 teeth as well (although I'm going to check for more in the morning! hehe)

    Kate - Jasmine sounds gorgeous falling asleep anywhere! If only Louis was like that (although I shouldn't complain he goes to sleep pretty easily these days...)

    Melinda - Hi! Hope you feel better soon!

    Cindy - Sorry to hear Tori isn't a happy princess. I hope it doesn't develop into anything...So sorry to hear about your pelvic pain - that's going to be super hard not picking Tori up but it sounds like it's really important that you don't! Rest up as much as you can now (I know - easier said than done!)
    Thats fantastic that you will be able to do the same swimming classes!! I asked when Louis went yesterday and I'm going to have to swap him next term to a thurs 5.30pm class (beats going on the weekend though) Dh will go in with him while I have Dylan and we've decided that will be our take away night as we'll be so late getting home..hopefully it works out ok and Louis won't be too tired going so late! Hope Playgroups fun!! Not long to go until you move! You must be getting excited - especially starting activites over there as well!

    OMG - I've been writing this forever!! Sorry if I've missed anyone (although judging by the size of this post I shouldn't have! hehe)

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    WOW this group is so busy!!!
    I'm Ros - Patrick is my 15 month old (October baby). He was actually due in November but was born a month early. We live in Sydney.
    Have been busy this last week with school starting up, so sorry I haven't posted in a week or so.
    Nice to 'meet' you those of you I haven't met before.
    Sorry this is such a short post.. I spent so long trying to catch up on all the posts I missed LOL and now it's really late.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend!
    I will check in again soon and try to keep up better with the posts.

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    OMG there are a lot of preggers here! Makes me not want to wait till August, but I know that is the earliest we will start trying! Now this month AF is due the day before yesterday, but the chance of being pg is very low since we have been using protection! Probably the stress of the tooth has made it late. That would be such a wonderful suprise though! DH would not be very happy though, Im afraid. It is he who wants to wait till at least August because of money.

    Sleeps - heres abbys schedule.
    Wakes 7:00 or 8:00am
    sleep 8:30 or 9:30am
    wakes 11:30am
    sleep 1:00 or 2:00pm
    wakes 3:00 or 3:30pm
    night sleep 7:30pm

    OMG Kristie! Louis is such a cutie...he looks like a little movie star!

    Christie only 30 days away! Yahoo!

    Missy yay on monkeyless for one day! How cute that he wanted to tell monkey all about his day at bedtime! lol!

    Kate Jasmine getting her pillow and having a sleep by herself? Wow! How adorable! Abby would never do that lol!

    Tracey lol at disco night!! Our stereo is behind glass, so Abby cant get to it...until she learns to open the glass doors!

    Meg another pro is that Coco and Tilly could maybe share a room! Would that work? Are you wanting to add a little boy to your housefull of girls? lol! My mom had 4 girls and her mom had 5 girls!! hehe

    Ive decided I will not try get everyone in my personals everytime due to lack of time and possibility of carpel tunnel...jk lol! Please dont feel bad if I missed you this time! I will try to catch you next time!

    You all have a nice night!

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    Hi guys!!
    We started our exercise this morn and I'm feeling GOOD. 4 mins of star jumps was a killer though. Tim skipped with a rope, think I wouldve FAINTED. He didn't stop, considering he hasn't exercised for ages im pretty impressed. I think he should do well if he follows the plan. He isn't fat, but he has developed a belly so will be great to have him back to how I met him!! I am looking forward to just getting a bit more muscly.
    Krisvee, we had two kids in a two bedder too. Infact as the Dec girls will remember, it ended up that Tim, myself and Tilly (8) had to share a room and coco had her own. It just didnt' work any other way. So it was a huge effort, but we managed for almost 10 months. We had the tiniest unit, no balcony and no garden, so Tilly was really stressed by thetime we left. We moved into our new house on christmas eve.
    So now we're in a three bedroom and all rooms are taken, so like Sarajo said, we'd have to have two kids in one room. Of course that's ok, they're just small rooms and very very close together.
    HOWEVER, I asked Tim this morning if he wanted another bub and he said "Yep, one more". So we will have to be pregnant about this time next year. I'd like a Sept baby, so would hope to be preg by end of Dec. Anyway, we thought tilly and coco could share to start, but we really hope to be able to add a room or convert the garage downstairs into a room. So...prob solved. Just have to get my head around the fact that we're going to have another one.....So Sarajo, and Beck, we may all be pregnant at the same time!!!!! (just at different stages)!!
    Hope everyone has a good weekend, I must go and do some cleaning up. I only cleaned the entire house yesterday, how does it get so messy!!??

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    Wow Meg - Tim agreed straight away? Obviously he was thinking about it too! HOw exciting!
    His MOnabp - welcome!
    Sarajo - i don't think I am feeling neglected because you didn't make me a personal - but just don't make a habit out of it! I love your personals!

    Right I am off to water aerobics - if people don't know I am pregnant they will when the see my belly in these swimmers!

    Have a great day

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    Ros - Hi!

    Sara - It's soo hard to wait to ttc...dh made me wait a year before we could ttc Louis...luckily he wasn't fussed about no.2 and it all happened straight away! (no.3 will be a completely different story because he doesn't want another one! hehe)
    Thanks! I'll have to update that photo soon though because he's only 12m there!

    Meg - Good for you!! You may feel a bit more tired to start with but your energy should pick up really quickly!
    Yeah, I'm not too sure how we'll go but obviously when you don't have a choice you have to make do!! We're looking at moving up the country in a couple of years...we want some land and to build a house, get some animals etc. I really want another baby (somebody shoot me!) which if dh agrees would mean I'd be p/g again here but building at the same time iykwim...anyway we will see!
    Yeah on your dh agreeing to bubba no.3 - at least if you know your going to you can get the extra room ready in plenty of time!

    Renee - have fun at water aerobics!!

    I'm about to head off for a walk - dh is home so I'm actually going to go on my own!! I can't remember the last time I did that! I'm trying to do a little bit so I'm not entirely unfit for this labour! Other than that today is going to be spent getting rid of our desk and setting up some drawers we bought from Ikea - then I can start getting things ready for Dylan!! Woohoo! I know it's early but I just feel like I need to be organised..It's really starting to stress me out that I'm not! (hmm - wouldn't think I've got 11 weeks to go...) Then again, if I got same as Louis it's only 9 weeks....Aaaahhh!
    Have a great weekend!

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    Meg, yay for Tim being agreeable for another one! I'm sure Tilly will love having another little sister (or brother) and of course Coco would too.

    Here I am with our plans of TTC another from July onwards, but if I go back to work next month we're going to have to start trying in mid-2008, so it's going to be a year postponed. I don't think I'll mind too much as that was our original plans, but it's just that I need to be back at work for a year again in order to be entitled to maternity leave, plus one of our hopes of me going back to work is to take at least a year off our car repayments to make the transition of a new bub much easier.

    So much for my plans for personals, I am once again being selfish because I have to go and get some letters in the mail and Maddy's about to wake up from her morning nap. Maybe if we all just update everyone on our own situations in our posts, and then if someone is asking advice etc, we could put in personals there? Im feeling super guilty already for not doing personals and it's only like our 2nd day of having our larger thread!

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    krisvee, I totally agree, you make do with what you've got. I actually would've coped in the unit longer, but with tilly being 8, she was having issues (don't blame her, having to sleep in her parents room and having no room for her toys etc). Of course if we'd stayed I would've put the girls together which would've been fine, only reason we didint' athe beginning was because coco was not a good sleeper and kept tilly awake from a different room, let alone the same room. But it is definitely possible! Same with our 3 rooms now, if we have three kids it will be the same story, so we'll just have to get two of them sharing.

    Beck, no worries about putting TTC off a year, would still be a nice gap and Maddy would be a bit more independent which would be great. Would also be great to get maternity leave again, that would be much better financially, kind of good timing that the job came up!!

    Gotta run, time to take holly home. Tillyand Holly played playstation all morning. coco woke at midnight again and tim had to sleep with her, luckily the girls didnt' get up. Tilly woke though, hard to miss the loud scream!! Come on teeth, hurry up and grow!!!!

    back later xooxxo

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