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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #100!!!!

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    Default Babies Born September 2006 #100!!!!

    This thread is for parents whose baby was born in September 2006.

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    Wow.. 100!!! Woo hoo

    hope that everyone is having a great Saturday, its a lovely 26 or so today on the GOld Coast.. My 6 year wedding anniversary tomorrow so will be going out for dinner tonight

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    mum3girls Guest


    Wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!! We're a bunch of chatterboxes aren't we!!!

    Have a great anniversary Annie - it's our 6th wedding anniversary this year as well - in June though

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    Oh Helen honey - I hope that the scan shows something more positive in 2 weeks time...with a little praying and hope things might come right. We're all here for you.

    ANNAT - **** when the hell did Ripley turn 4 months! Were has the time gone?????

    aNNIE - happy 6th years for tomorrow hun! Hmmm will number 3 be in the works perhaps

    M3G - 6 years for you guys aswell....its 9 for our wedding anni and 12 years to gether...think I need a trade in

    Nelle - the herbal life stuff is working great...I also use a protien powder but thats for weight loss. Stops the cravings. Im addicted to it and have so much more energy. Spewing I missed out on seeing the 3 of you time

    Shell - what team do you go for again in the footy? IM ablizious to it and need to know

    Caddie - got the booties...oh their gorgeous! WIll defently pull one apart and have osme fun

    Hello everyone else - hope your enjoying your weekend.

    Just ocme back from my mum and dads from a famialy working bee at their place. My brother and us (jed, kids and I) did their gardern, pruning and stuff. Tomorrow we head to pakenham for a Hengel family reunion. Jed's Oma is 97 this year and its a big plan to get all her 13...yes 13 children together and the grandkids and so forth. I really want a pic with her and the kids.

    Ok have to go organise the car a bit...its disgusting and the 2 smallest ones are asleep


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    Helen you need to stay strong for your other bubba now though, take it easy and relax if you can

    well I have had the most horrid morning woke in excrutiating pain in my kidney region, at first I thought I was going to m/c then thought after TMI 6 trips to loo for #2 it was bowels so Jase went and got some de-gas tablets but now he pain is right in kidney region and when I need to pee I need to pee and the pain in my kidney I can handle this pain though, cause I have had no bleeding or lower abdomen pain so think I might have UTI thats all it is

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    Helen - im so sorry to read about your bubba, my thoughts are with you hon.

    Jodi - how you doing hon did you get my message ?

    Chrissy - how you feeling mate?

    MAZ - would you believe my friend never showed, my other friend did so Julia had a good play with her daughter which was great Have a great time at the reunion hon, was it good to see your parents after their trip to Adelaide?

    Hi to everyone, my mum is going overseas tomorrow for a month so going out to dinner with her and the inlaws who are minding her house and dog while she is away so cant stay and write more.

    Take care


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    Mum and dad had a great time - thanks Belle....buit they were so happy to come home again. My dad cant believe how much Mateauz has changed in a month and my mum cant get over how much he 'chats' and smiles. He totally made her day
    Hope your mum has a great holiday and that she has a holiday fling . try to count to ten 20 times over with your inlaws...if not throw poo at them! rofl

    PHew Rach but owie!!!!!!

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    Maz- Sounds like a very nice family weekend, hope you have lotsa space there at pakenham with all those ppl! I'm a st kilda gal in the footy! Very stressful game tonight. Does your family following footy? Living in Vic its compulsory! Lol.

    Belle- Have fun at dinner. Where your parents off to? Lucky things. How everything going with you? Pregnancy going ok?

    Rach- you been Dr? Does it burn when you pee? Are you feeling the urge to go constantly? Any funny smell with it? Hopefully UTI is all it is. If you've gone 6 times #2 also maybe bit of tummy upset too? Hope it sorts itself out, maybe try some ural.

    Annie- Hope you are enjoying a romantic night out for your anniversary.

    Caddie- You'd be happy your beloved hawks did so well today. Think they'll be in grand final this year.

    Well cause I've been so clucky of late we are going to stop using condoms and just see what happens but won't actively ttc til august still. I think it won't happen too soon cause we don't dtd enuff for anything to happen! But firstly I def have to get pap smear organised, that has to be #1 seeing as haven't had for 4 years.

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    congrats on your 6th wedding anniversary (for tomorrow) annie!! Heath and I have been together 6 years this year. It must be a year for 6's.

    belle - I did honey, and I remembered tonight that I hadn't called you back. So sorry. But now Heath thinks you rang for him, and that you're his friend I'll have to set him straight!!
    Hope your mum has a fab holiday

    maz - you sound like you had a very busy day. Have fun tomorrow, what a special occassion for Jed's Oma!

    Well I'm a little (ok, a lot) annoyed at MIL ATM. She originally offered to look after Nina when I go into labour, which is great, even if she isn't entirely reliable.
    Well, guess where she is right now, until Tuesday .... flippin Ingham, which is 2.5-3 hours drive away! But for her, about 6 hours drive away!! I'm so angry right now. With all the false alarms I've had this week, and the fact that I've had 2 dr's tell me it's anyday now, she goes off to Ingham And she didn't even bother telling anyone she was going. It was only that Heath rang her to let her know we were going to BIL's this afternoon, and did she want to come. Then we found out she was there.
    And the spooky thing is, when I went into labour with Nina, it was on Sunday morning, my waters broke at 4am, and she was in Ingham! Now Heath is convinced it's going to happen like that tomorrow morning
    If it does, we won't even bother telling her I'm in labour, she can wait!

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    Just thought id pop in to say hi and hope you are all well.

    Wow 100 threads! Has to be a record!

    Jodi.. good luck honey!! Wont be long. Hope everything runs smoothly for you. I hope your MIL gets her butt into gear! Must be MIL syndrome or something.. theyre all the same and stupid!!

    Shell.. best of luck with the non official TTC. Thats right.. when its meant to happen it will.

    Maz.. glad you had a nice time with your family.

    Rach.. congrats on your preg.

    Annie.. Happy Anniversary!!

    Helen.. im so sorry to hear of the loss. Take care of yourself.

    Beatrix.. oow i hope you get posted to Sydney!!

    Chrissy.. all the best for the birth of Liam! Hope for you he comes sooner than his date so you can get some relief.

    The friends and groups thing to me sounds like theyre back at school making their groups and gangs that can go off an chat or whatever in their side of the playground Not so sure if its such a great idea but hey.. thats this site for you.

    Hi to Belle, Nelle, Anna**, Annat, Meg, Caddie, Rikki, Ambz, Laurin and anyone i missed. Hope youre all well.

    As for me. Jesse's still in his cot. But in his new room with his big bed in there too. The beds just not working for him atm so am holding off for a bit until he understands more. But he's well in every other aspect.
    Am coming up to the home stretch. Cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone compared to Jesse's. Looking forward to meeting the little miss.

    Take care all..

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    Ditto kell.
    Well not much happening here.Recovering from too much wine when we had friends over last nite.Im cooking a roast as i need yummy sustenance.
    Rach hope all ok with you.
    Thinking of you helen.

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    I like the Social groups, surely they can't get too cliquey, since everyone can read what they're writing. I like that I can find people with similar interests and crap on about whatever without boring anyone! :P But it's not like threads that I can lose - like I lost this one for awhile, whoops!

    100!!! We're freaking awesome guys! How amazing that our guys are on their way to 2 (yeesh!) and we're still going strong! Come on in lurkers and have a reunion! Wheeeeee!

    Jodi, that's rather thoughtless of your MIL. Have you got a backup?

    I am so tired today, and Rans went off with mates to see a movie, then his brother came over this arvo, then his parents and rellies dropped in later, and his brother's STILL here. So I am not the happiest camper in the national park, let's put it that way...

    Ooh ahh Shell, that sounds fun!

    Maz, hope you had a great family meetup today.

    Well, might head to bed. Haven't eaten yet, but I can't be bothered making something. Maybe I'll give Rans the guilts if his brother ever goes home and get him to make me something.

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    bed nelle, but it's only 9.20, that's waaaaayyy too early for you!
    And nope, no back up person as of yet. BIL is back at work as of tonight, SIL is working tomorrow. aaaahh well, we'll just see what happens.

    How did your day go maz?

    kel - great to hear things are going well for you. Wow, 28 weeks already! Time is flying by, isn't it. Don't worry about the big bed, he'll go in it when he's ready. Which I'm sure will be before bub arrives. Speaking of which, how is that little princess that your baking treating you?

    Had a very busy day today. Heath cut down a massive tree in our yard yesterday, and the brances took up the whole backyard. So today we had to cut them into smaller pieces and drag them out to the front of the yard, and we'll have to organise to have them mulched sometime this week. Then we went around to a friends' place down the road who've just bought their first house. And tomorrow we have a 2 year old's b'day party to go to. Busy busy busy we are this weekend.

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    Wow 100 threads!!!!

    Kell- not to sure on the group thing myself, specially if people start to make them private

    Man was BB good tonight!!

    Jodi- hope something is sorted out for you in regards to MIL sending you labour vibes

    Chrissy- hope all is good with you

    Happy anniversary Annie!

    woohoo on the non offical TTC Shell

    Well i have a headache so i might head off to bed, finally got MJ to sleep in her cot atm.

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    We posted roughly the same time last night shell, so missed your post.
    Congrats on 'unofficially' TTC You never know, it just might be the right timing and you'll fall pg straight away! Either way, good luck with it all.

    beatrix - hope your headache goes away and doesn't linger too long. How is everything going ATM?

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    God I feel exhausted, been so busy at work the last couple shifts I've done. Then all the crap that needs to be done, oh well, rest and internet time now while Ash is in bed!

    Jodi- It'd be great if we fall pg straight away! Ash took us 16 months but all probs sorted out so should be alot quicker this time. Anymore movements? Can't believe your MIL! You were just saying how she is unreliable and then she nicks off miles away!

    Beatrix- How you this morn? Feeding going ok with MJ?

    Nelle- Did his bro finally go and you get something to eat? Lol, you like old grandma now saying 8:30 is late and bedtime. Some nights I am exactly same!

    Kell- I can't believe either how close it is, soon everyone will have gone onto there next bub! Me and Meg better hurry and catch up. I don't think Ash will be going into big bed for awhile, I can't see her staying in one, she'd be running riot round the house.

    HelenP- How you sweety? Hope your feeling better.

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    Lol Shell, Riv is the same, so not ready for a big bed if I want him to stay in it! Ah well, no rush.

    And yep, his bro finally left and I got a meat pie with steamed vegies, not bad.

    What do people do for BAAAAD nappy rash? Should I go to the chemist to get something? It's probably the nastiest Riv's had, because one molar's through (hurrah!) but the other's taking forever and all those teething poos have taken their toll... I've tried Gaviscon (a la Meg's Mylanta), Betadine, Gaia Soothing Lotion, anti-fungal well as plenty of baths. I'm thinking tonight, I might chuck some toys in the bathroom and hang out there with Riv for some nappy free time...

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    What about the pink nappy paste? Sounds like you need a protective barrier. Cornflour and vaseline is a homemade recipe too.Ouchyy.
    Not much to reprt.Have my first indoor volley game tonite!! Im
    Rikki is coming thurs for a visit to pick her brag book up so finishing that at the moment!!
    Keep well preggy mummies!!

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