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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #80

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    OMG NEssa honey im thinking of your family right now. When my mum had her stroke, they discharged her after 3 hours...yes public system STINKS!!!!! I pray that everything is going to be alright.
    Nelle - yes have an emense squeller here too, the more I tell her to shhhh the more she squells...ive jsut given up. I have had all my christmas pressies hidden for the last 2 months but getting the final 2 this week, a climbing water play gym for Vyolett and a huge basketball ring for the boys. Im picking up the play gym when I come down in WOO HOO 5 DAYS!!!!!!! as i won it on ebay for $89.
    Kell - OMG you have to so share that cake reciept. I lov emaking cakes form scratch and the boys do to cause I let them put al the bits and bobs in. YOu ahve mazde me super hungry for one now.
    Jodie - PMSL at Elnino doing the nuddi run. We let VY go yesterday and put the potty out to see what she would do....she wee'ed every but on the dame thing!!!
    Rach - Ive got my legs crossed for your sister today matie. Thats my biggest fear early labour.
    Shell - I need to give Vy some ***** to knock her out...2.30 she woke and at 4.30 Jed put her in our bed were she cuddles right into me (which is nice but not when you have a big belly that she kicks) so needing matches today.
    Hello everyone else...need coffeee

    OH WHO"S BIRTHDAY IS IT SOON hmm me wonder nelle???????????????

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    well thew latest is no dilation and she stayed overnite for OBs mum will ring me if she knows anymore

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    Dec 2005

    That's great news about your sister rach. Praying all goes ok from now on and bubs comes when she's full term.

    lol maz, that's what Nina did! Nina will sit on the potty and have a little play, but then get off and pee or poo somewhere else!! Then she comes up to me, holding herself looking guilty.

    mmm vanilla cake, yum! I got into the chocolate cake last night, with vanilla ice-cream too. That was my dinner, naughty me!

    Had swimming this morning and Nina did really well. Last week she was a real cranky bum at swimming, but today she was back to her normal sleep. I've put her to bed, but I don't think she's sleeping.

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    Feb 2005

    Hi All

    Its Julia's first day at daycare today! Im just taking her once a week atm, so we shall see how she goes! She seems to like playing there when ive taken her there just to get used to the idea so we will see...I guess its more anixous for the mum's to let go!

    Nessa - so sorry to hear about your Aunty, I hope she she regains her movements where she cant feel I hope they take good care of her in the hospy too. Thinking of you and your fam.

    Rach - thinking of you sis, fingers crossed no more dialation.

    Kell - nah havent seen anyone from my depression group, havent even had any contact, wonder how they are going? How ru and Jess today?

    Maz - I need the matchsticks too lol. Gotta head to spotlight today to buy some material to make myself a stroller cover for my car. Yeah a bit OCD of me but dont want the wheels that are dirty touching my luggage in the boot lol will make me feel better if I make a cover!

    BBL for more personals girls after I drop my girl at daycare.


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    Dec 2005

    Good luck belle (and Julia)!! She's going to love going every week.

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    Aug 2005
    central coast

    the morning sickness has fianlly left, i actually feel alive again, i have had 3 days now of cleaning, sex, and excersising.......I FEEL GREAT.........bbl to catch up on personals.

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    Morning all.

    We just had Ashleigh's immunisations (finally). She was so upset while having it done then afterwards they blow bubbles and she's totally forgotten and running round everywhere again.

    Chrissy- Yay on m/s finally going, all that sex must've helped! Lol. You prolly feel like a new woman. How is everything going at home?

    Belle- Let us know how Julia goes, bets she'll have a ball and it'll be great for you to get some time to yourself. The first time is very hard but once you get used to it you'll look forward to your day off from mothering.

    Rach- Glad to hear there is no dilation, your poor sister I will pray for her that that little baby stays in there til the right time. Have they discharged her?

    Maz- How long you coming down for? Any chance we can all meet up for coffee or something or is your time filled up?

    Kell- How'd you go getting tickets?

    Ness- I know what you mean, alot of the bigger hospitals even have a "code" now that they announce when emerg is filled up and the staff are alerted to try and push people out and send them home. Its a joke the public system, not enough beds, people waiting for hours for a bed and people getting pushed out before they are ready. Hope she gets a proper bed soon. Will they be sending her to the neuro ward so they can start on rehabing her?

    Jodi- No sleep! Omg how do you cope? I look forward to Ashleigh's one sleep cause I'm so exhausted by then. Hope she is sleeping for you now.

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Jodi - Vy came up to me to 'share' her poo that she had tasted....BLAH!!!!!!!!
    Shell - im leaving Mt ELiza sunday before lunch...were do you want to meet? I wont have Vy with me cause im having a break without her (she is so dame clingy atm) but will Have Nikolaus cause he needs a break from the 2 little ones aswell. maybe Nelle, you and i can meet somewere...Nelle what ya think? Anyone else in Melbourne wanna meet up?
    Chrissy - thank f'curry that the m/s has gone for ya! **** your almost 12 weeks...were the hell is the time going?
    Belle - I jsut got home and spent way to much...but I bought these candles for the boys teachers for christmas presents that were $7 down to $1.50...I needed to buy 5 so was very happy how cheap they were. I also got my bb KK pressy..well part of. Im going to finish it by scrapbooking it cause Caddie got me motivated by looking at her gallery again (thanks hon)
    BBL need to sew while I have the energy and mo jo

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    Oct 2003
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