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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #81

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    Babies Born September 2006 #81

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    Maz- Damn, sundays no good for me cause I have to work!

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    Oct 2005
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    thanks for the thoughts for Nic yes she is home

    thi sis what she posted on another site

    am home all fine.. bub still inside..

    was having contractions but no dilation. I had been getting back cramps all day but thought nothing of it till I started spotting at lunch time

    I was given a tablet to relax my uterus. which worked till this morning. Was still crampy and light spotting but nurse said to go home.. Dr didn't come see me.

    Was sad to have to leave my boys overnight for apparently no reason. Only had my BP checked twice and thats it.. nothing else..

    Didn't sleep cus of one very loud screaming baby all night..

    feeling very tired now. Am hoping to nap soon. Simon didn't sleep either so him and Jacob have just gone down for a nap. I will go nap soon with Isaac..

    I am on semi rest for a few days..
    I haven't spoken to her but WTF!!! no dr checked her

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    $hit Shell - you might have to chuck another sicky PMSL. We should have organised it earlier and meet up for tea saturday night

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    Maz- yeah, wished we had organised earlier. That would've been great, too bad I used sick day yesterday.

    Rach- What crap treatment! The Dr should've at least checked her before discharge!

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    Oct 2005

    Hi, just an ultra quickie from me.


    We will be at the zoo on wednesday 5 dec if anyone wants to meet there for lunch.

    Hope to do personals later.


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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    yeah thats what I think Shell

    but anyway her and I are having a bit of a tiff at present and well I dont care anymore

    I was so excited about going to rocky to watch the boys on the morning of c-sect got white shirts to fabric paint with #1 big brother and #2 and #3 for the other boys now I dont even think I will be bothered going, I wont be able to see bub anyway as she most likely will go into SC and aunts aren't allowed in there, I just am too tired to be told I am selfish because a name we liek now happens to be on their list and I asked her not to use it, as they aren't sure anymore...........well you think I had asked to cut off her arm.......

    anyway this isn't the place to vent so lets just say I dont care today and can't be bothered with anyone

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    Ooh ahh Helen, that sounds fun...not sure I can do it...I'll have to see!

    Shell! Bummer and a half!

    Haha Maz, well until then Ness will have to be the old lady.

    Chrissy, so glad you're feeling better. Morning sickness is a grumpy old cow, that's for sure.

    (Oh, and a big mwah to Christy for making a link from the old thread, it's perfect for lazy people like me!)

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Helen - $hit I cant come down then!!!!!!! I already accidently 'forgot' to go to my AN appointment so I wouldnt have to here the you cant go anywere from now on lecture....
    Nelle - heheheh I went a looking and checked it out...OMG your only 23 - you make me feel so old woman!!!
    Shell - next time - defently! And I'll bring the amigo's.

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    Dec 2005

    nessa - your headaches are probably pg & heat related. I hope the ease soon, I hate headaches. I'm a migraine sufferer so know what you're going through.

    rach - that's pretty bad that a dr didn't check your sis before discharging her. I hope you 2 are back on speaking terms before the baby arrives.

    maz - ****, eating her poo!! I haven't had that one, YET! I suppose that will be her next thing.

    shell - sleep, ha! no way. This kid of mine thinks sleeping is for babies lol ... coping, well I don't think I am physically. Hence why I'm losing weight instead of putting it on!

    helen - how's the packing/moving going?

    ETA: forgot to say that one of my girlfriends has recently found out she's pg with her 4th!! Her 3rd was born in Feb this year, and the other 2 are 4 & 10. It's a huge shock for her as they weren't planning on having a 4th, and she's still b/f and hasn't got her period back. I guess it was just meant to be. I'm hoping it's a boy for her cause she already has 3 girls.

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    Laurin Laurin where are you ???

    any chance you can send me a pic of your crewman with the canopy on it, a side on veiw, I am so worried we are goign to hate how it looks we are hoping to get it this weekend

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Soooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!! We are in section E. Which is one section back from the front in the very centre! I think the front section is fan club so that is pretty awesome! I jumped on on Grahame's computer and Chelsea jumped on on mine. We were both refreshing come 12pm i got through, selected the tickets and Chelsea couldnt get through. My other friend Kristy was trying to at her house and was unable to get through at all either. So we were soooooooooo lucky to get through at all!! And now we have the most absolutely awesome seats!! Soooo happy!!!

    Jodi.. yummmo. Do you remember those chocolate cakes they use to have at maccas that came with icecream and hot choc fudge? mmmmmm they were gooooood! Glad you had a good day swimming! Congrats to your girlfriend!

    Belle.. yeh would be interesting to see how or if the group helped. We are good. Jesse is whingy but has been pretty good today. Just played with his mate Richie while his mum and i got our tickets. How did Julia go?

    Shell.. hope Ash sleeps well tonight after her needles.

    Nessa.. are you drinking water? That could be why youre getting them if youre not drinking enough, plus drinking water is a good way to get rid of them too. Put a squeeze of lemon in it if you dont like the taste.

    Well im off to make Jesse's dinner..

    Ciao for now!!

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    Poor Ash isn't too good this arvo. She seemed ok when she awoke from her nap but then start getting miserable and clingy. She even fell asleep on me so thats saying something. She's refused anything to eat tonight just crying and crying, the poor little thing. Has bit temp too. Gave her some panadol, booby (always fixes things) and she's down early for the night.

    Kell- Yay, they are fantastic tickets, you were so lucky you must've got the page up just when it opened.

    Rach- Hope you and your sister work things out, hopefully she'll have the opposite sex to what that name is she's picked for!
    Oh and Laurin is in process moving, I remember it was somewhere around this time.

    Ness- With Ash I got headaches and migraines constantly in my second trimester it was awful. Can't remember how long it went on for but did go by 3rd trimester. I guess it'd be harder for you cause I used to just lie down in the dark with cold face washer but bit hard to do with 2 girls to chase after all day.

    Jodi- Congrats to your friend, I guess if its meant to be.... maybe will be little boy.

    HelenP- I will keep the date in mind and see closer to the time if I can make. At the moment its looking good.

    Ok neighbours is starting......

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone!!! BbL to do personals.Busy busy.Hot and very hot weather.

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    Aug 2005

    hi everyone, just popping on quickly before eveing routine! kids are both asleep, just need to fold washing etc.. have not read aboe posts so hope that everyone is ok?? if not ill catch up on the news later,

    We are all sick in our house.. green boogers and poo! so no visitors welcome...

    xoxo bye

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    Rach- Hope you and your sister work things out, hopefully she'll have the opposite sex to what that name is she's picked for!
    Oh and Laurin is in process moving, I remember it was somewhere around this time.

    god I hope not she has 3 boys I want a niece its her last and I can't see my SIL having any in the near future I hope/.............we'll work things out we alwasy do just take a while this time

    bugger about Laurin

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    Mar 2004

    Ok,here goes:
    Maz, thankyou so much!!! Millana loved the baby nappy covers! Little minx knew they were hers as soon as she seen them too! That condiment set was very thoughtful! When i eat my homemade sushi i can use it! The nappy covers were so fab!!!! Please put some on your shop so i can buy them for friends too? I will check soon.
    Rach thats lucky your sis can bake bubs a bit longer.Seems to me even though you can have tiffs you still think good thoughts for her.My sis is giving me the irrites because i thnk shes taking back her boyfriend that was no good.Hopefully he picks his game up because i will not be nice when i do meet him.lol
    Kell,congrats on the bonjovi tickets.Im so jelous.He isnt coming to perth.So not fair,obviously we not good enough.Your excitement could be felt here.lol
    Ness,hope your headaches get better soon.Did hubby see someone? how are you both going?Hows teleah's spots.
    Nelle,no way would hubby put our tree up now.He is complaining now that it shouldnt be out.I have a huge green one but because ruby will get it and destroy my beautiful ornaments(i have some from overseas) i bought one millana wanted.A pink sparkly one.It will sit on the coffee table with some decs and loads of lights.
    One thing thats annoying is daylight savings doesnt allow my girls to stay up late enough to see them.
    My bike trailer is going great guns.But dont ride when its windy.My legs drop off.
    Shell,hope ash gets better,i get miserable when they are too! Thankfully we just got over it now.so touchwood!
    We still get that cake over here with icecream and choc fudge.Poor ol me cant have it though.
    Chrissy glad you feel better,sex? i dont know what that is.lol Millana slept in her bed for the first time in months last night.What a nice feeling to spread out! Hope to see you on more.And hows your daughter now?
    Helen if i was in melbourne i would visit! Have fun.
    Rikki you coming wed? we are better.Will email you.
    Sorry if i missed anyone but i got to have some me time.Girls have been mega clingons today.Its been hot at 39degrees and no aircon in my house.

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Caddie.. what you talking about woman.. Bon Jovi (the whole band ) are doing a show in Perth!!!! Theyre playing at Subiaco Oval on the 25th January!!!!! Theyre also playing Melbourne, but thats it.

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