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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #88

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    good news Chrissy :hugs:

    Meg :hugs: is all I have I dont know how you can do it be brave :hugs:

    so am I the only one still TTC now

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    Oct 2005
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    I put the photo maz sent to my phone in the gallery https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums/...889/ppuser/486
    Maz he is lovley!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aug 2005

    We are not TTC at the moment.. i was meant to get an IUD put in but i chickend out! So i would really love a 3rd child but hubby is against it.. so will just have to wait and see.. maybe one day!

    Hope all goes well today Meg - You will both be fine!!! i know how hard it is..

    Belle - how did it go at the Dr's
    Ambz - good to hear from u

    Hi to everyone else

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    Dec 2005

    Just incase anyone is interested, when I had Ripley I got my friend to take action shots of him actually being born so I could make a montage to add to the Birth Montage thread on here (under labour and birth section). Proof an induction can be everything you want it too, an amazing experience!

    Be warned it has full on baby flying out shots so if you dont want to see my downstairs in all its birthing glory (er gory? lol) dont look.

    BBL for an update, have to pick up my new double pram and see the MCHN.

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    it was beautiful AnnaT!!!!

    Teleah watched it too and keep looking at my ginny now saying when is my baby coming

    Chriss- that is fantastic news!!

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    Busy morning for me. Had to go pick up my car, now getting ready for work and cause Df is away the IL's have to watch Ash til 10pm so I have to pack everything she needs for the 10 hours she'll be there!

    Chrissy- must be a relief that you finally got some explanation of what is going on. Hopefully its just a shadow or something.

    Meg- How'd you go with the drop of at CC? Big hugs to you. I bet he'll have a ball!

    Belle- Are you feeling any better today? let us know what the Dr says.

    AnnaT- That was fantastic, it brought tears to my eyes. My fave part was the first breastfeed, he looked so content snuggling in for a feed. Jett looks so big next to his baby brother. How's it all going?

    Annie- Could you have an oopsie pregnancy?

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    Aug 2005

    Shell- i could! lol

    Although we have just found out the the house we are renting here on the Gold Coast the owners want to move in, in 6 months! So we will be trying to either buy a house up here, or sell our house in sydney or rental again.. who knows! Dont want to be doing a big move pregnant! but after that.... who knows! hehehe

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    Feb 2005

    Shell & Annie thanks for askign about me, im still quite sick, Mum is bringing Julia back to me in the next 1/2 hour and all I want to do is collapse. I had to have blood tests so wont know what is wrong until they come back tomorrow or Sat.. She said my BP was 104/80 which is low. Shes checking my iron, hemogloben, glucose, thyroid and other things.

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    Oct 2005

    Chrissy-Hope everything turns out ok with bubs.

    Belle-Thinking of you mate, I know it's hard but try to take it easy. I hope that the test results come back showing nothing major and all is good.


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    May 2007

    Less than an hour till I get to go and pick him up. Woo Hoo! Oh, and I spoke to my work, and I have done some "negotiations" I said that I can only work 2 days at 10 - 4 and 1 day 9 - 5, and they have agreed. I think that they know that I will jsut throw it all in if they say no.

    AnnaT - I took a look. It was beautiful.

    Belle - Hope you get better soon.

    Hi Helen!

    Hi Annie!

    Shell - I will let you and everyone else know how it went when I pick him up.

    Thanks everyone for thinking of me. I am sure I am just being a sook, and everything is fine. It is just I find it hard to let go of my baby.

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    Dec 2005

    Im still sane and alive Shell so I'd say its all good This toddler/newborn thing isnt as hard as I thought it would be once I got over stressing about the little things. I need to remember to trust my parenting skills a bit more. That and Ive had some good sleep so Im not feeling so tired. I cant believe its been a week already, feels like just yesterday I had him. Jett has adjusted now I think, we had a few moments of tantrums, tears and throwing things but he's gotten used to baby being around now. He's stopped trying to pop in my lap when Im breastfeeding but he still loves to look and touch Rips all the time. No more head hitting incidents either. Infact Id say he's become more affectionate now Ripley is here, I often get a leg hug from him at random times. He does seem big compared to Ripley, he definately looks like a little boy now. He's also started saying 2 and 3 word sentences, mostly asking 'Where gone _____ (baby, dog, sippy, Daddy, ball)?"

    Anyone heard from Maz? Hope her and bub can come home soon!

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    Aug 2005

    You can be the biggest sooky la la you like Meg ! Hope that J enjoyed his day

    Hi Helen - how is everything??
    Belle - hope that the tests come back OK Belle... maybe with the pg you are just low on iron or something..

    **** BARGAIN ALERT**** i went to pumpkin patch today and they have 2for$30 swimmers.. so i bought a couple of new sets for DD & DS and they also have 2for$20.00 t-shirts... i have bought some gifts to put away for birthdays and such..

    Hi AnnaT - so glad that you are settling into a nice little routine with your boyz.. any news on when u are moving to Sydney?
    Last edited by ~Flossie~; January 10th, 2008 at 01:15 PM. : Annat

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    Dec 2005

    We should be moved to Sydney in June/July. Unless they be mean and make us go to Townsville. Im hoping Brisbane might be an option actually but word is the only choices we'll have for postings is Sydney, Townsville or Darwin. We're waiting on them to be asked their preferences and once we know where we are going Im considering moving before winter sets in. The idea of below freezing weather here coupled with moving AND two babies makes me want to scream.

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    Mar 2004

    Gee annat,thanks for sharing.Didnt know the montages existed on BB.It bought memeories back for sure! You coped great by the looks of it.So calm. Millana's birth would frighten anyone of kids for life but ruby's birth was alot calmer. Ripley has got some great memories for him when he is older,thats if he wants to see mummy's hoo haa. lol.
    Well i thought today was friday.Im so confused.I went and did banking then popped into to see my sis and i said "looking forward to tonite" And she said its tommorow you Knob.lol Ive misssed a day.It must be from tues sedative.So strange.
    Belle,hope you feel better soon. I thought 104/80 was great. Are you usually higher. Mine was 98/58 at one stage in pregnancy and on tues it was 105/60 when i had the sedative inme.

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    Jan 2006
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    Hellooooo everyone.

    Had my first midwife appointment today. Everything went fine. My blood test and BP etc were all perfect. She said its still too early to hear bub's heartbeat bummer! but i have my NT scan next friday so will hopefully see something then. I had to get another blood test done to test for high blood pressure. My dad & mum currently suffer and my sister did with her pregnancies so they can now test to see if i have a certain cell/gene in me that causes high blood pressure. Which i thought was quite interesting. My blood pressures always been perfect, even when pregnant with Jesse so im hoping i dont have it. But thats about it really. Now just cant wait until next Friday.

    AnnaT.. i will have a look later at your montage I thought you had a Phil & Ted? What type pram are you getting?

    Annie.. oow well shh good luck shhh

    Meg.. oh thats great work will let you work the hours you want! How did he go on his first day?

    Belle.. hope they can work out what is wrong hun and give you something for it.. give you back some energy.

    Jesse's new thing to say is "ohh-oooww" when he drops something. Its so cute.

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    May 2007

    I don't have time for personals sorry. DH is bi*ching about wanting the comp. Just wanted to let you all know that when I went to pick J up, he completely ignored me, and happily continued playing the game he was playing. He had a good time, and was a very good boy.

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    Dec 2005

    Hi ambz, annie & helen!

    belle - how are you feeling? My bp is always lower, and even lower in pg and it's an awful feeling.

    meg - that's great that J had a good day. Are you feeling a little better now about taking him. It does get easier in time. Belle's advice about taking his favourite toy/blanket or something is a good idea.
    How is work going.

    kel - good news all is travelling well for you.

    nessa - when is your next scan, was it this week, or next?

    annat - hope you get posted to Townsville, only 4 hours away from me!!

    chrissy - fantastic news so far. I hope the next scan brings even better news.

    Been a busy week for me this week, and I am dead tired now, but starving. Might have to go and fill up on milo and chocolate for dessert I'm soooo addicted to chocolate this pregnancy. I got a nice compliment from Heath's uncle this afternoon. He saw me and said 'have you lost weight?' Then looked down at my belly and said 'aahhh so that's where it's all gone to!' I'll have to take a pic of my belly to show you all how big and fat I'm getting. I'm dreading what size I'll be in 18 weeks time!

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    Meg- glad he had a good time.

    Jodi- my scan is next wed so not long to wait now!!!!

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