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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #26

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    Default Babies Born September 2007 #26

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2007.

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    LOL and you not knowing who I was Fianne! And you can post a link to your video too - only links to commercial sites and ebay are not allowed.

    ETA, I forgot to say that my little monkey man is now pulling himself up to standing on things now and has taken a step sometimes too - so cruising is not far away for him I think. He hasn't had any big tumbles to scare him off either as yet. Its amazing how quickly they start to do everything once they master movement.

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    Hi Lovely ladies!!

    wowsers it was busy yesterday! before i knew it 3 more pages and new thread!! I can barely keep up!

    Leila also had her shots the other day...I think DH was more upset then she was, although she has a pretty big bruise from one of them. did anyone else have this prob?

    Noni: we use cloth nappies during the day, but I use the huggies or bambo nature nappies at night. I find that with the cloth, when they are wet, they are REALLY wet and Leila would wake up...'baby love' book says that you can put two disposables on at night by poking holes with a fork in the first one and them putting on the second....maybe that will help?!

    Yeah the ergo is not great for seeing unless you have them on the hip. which i can imagine for hiking would get pretty uncomfortable. although i dont think i could be coordinated enough for the proper backpacking ones!! they look kinda serious and complicated LOL!!

    Leila went through a few days (we are only just coming out the other side) where she decided she didnt want the food either, and was fighting to just be BF. very annoying as she is normally a great eater. but she seems to be getting back to normal.

    We are also on the verge of crawling. she took one step foward, shocked herself so much that she tummy planted and started i'm guessing not long now!! eeeekkk.

    MD: talk about body after birth! i am probably the vaguest woman on the planet ATM. seriously i look almost comatose at times: especially at the supermarket.

    anyway, i forgot half of what i was going to say as it is left in the other thread...what was i saying about mummy brain???

    Oh and if ANYONE knows anywhere in the brunswick area in melbourne where we can hold our mums group let me know!! we are frikkin desperate and we may have to give up meeting as a group as there is nowhere to go and they are closing down another playgroup space at the end of the the midst of a baby boom.

    lots of smiles to you all, us mums are off to the botanic gardens this morning for a picnic and a wander. so the train into town is going to be packed with prams!!

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    hey there everyone
    we saw the gp yesterday as u all knw with his its just babble its not words yet haha ahhh well i did kinda suspect as much but its still cute!! he also said that crawling is more a 7-8mth accomplishment and sitting is a 6mth thing so not to worry about asha just yet.. its hard with all the diff info u hear.. asha dosnt spend heaps of time on the floor either because she gets annoyed plus atm there is one pesky mouse running around eeeeeeekkkk yuk and i hate putting her on the floor even though i know it wont go near her i just cant handle it!!
    off to ww this morning.. not feeling good about it either.. havnt been really bad this week but havnt been really good.. really need a loss coz in two weeks i put on 1.1kg and ive gotta be careful as to how much i gain or i will have to start paying again coz atm i am a lifetime member and its free... saying that ive got like 3kgs to go till that happens but still i know how easily 3kgs can creep on!!!
    cassius - well done on using cloth nappies.. ive been feeling lately that id like to give them a go but in this tiny place we are living i dont have anywhere to put them all a place to put a nappy bucket or the initial set up cost ahhh well.. two sposies is an interesting idea!! ive ordered some fleece covers that go over cloth nappies to put over the sposies at night and hopefully help the situation though now that ive ordered and paid for them she didnt leak the last two nights in a row lol always the way!!! oh and mummy brain yep i have that problem too!!!
    sherie - congratulations little A!!!! what a clever boy!! cant believe how clever all the bubbies in this thread are!!!

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    I used to be quite intelligent and now I always feel vague and dimwitted.
    That's exactly how I feel Arte, you hit the nail on the head! I do the word substitution thing all the time and it sh*ts me to tears because DD1 constantly corrects me like the little 9 yo knowitall that she is LOL. I think it might be a lactation thing because I managed to feel quite smart again eventually with DD1. OMG about the drownings, that's just terrible!

    Fianne well done on the mega mega post - I remember seeing one your posts and thinking I"ll have to tell Fianne that Trillian is Sherie but then (no surprises here) I forgot! An Ergo is a type of baby carrier, if you look at babesinarms you will see them. There are also several threads about them - they are better for bigger babies/toddlers than some slings. E weighs 8.4 kg so really getting too heavy for the baby bjorn.

    Clare your picnic sounds absolutely wonderful...pity about the playgroup space closing, I bet it's one of the few humanising things in the urban jungle there. I'm all for community gardens and public libraries and public spaces that invite people in to linger. It helps to create community.

    Sherie, well done to little A pulling himself up! Won't be long and he'll be climbing on the lounge (and jumping off LOL). I thought of you yesterday, how are the school hols going at your house. We're about to do a massive clear out of H's room, get rid of all her juvenile stuff as she's the world's worst hoarder. There will be tears and tantrums for sure by the end of it, but it needs to be done for our collective sanity. She just has too much stuff fullstop.

    Noni, GL at WW...reminds me I'm supposed to be buying some bathroom scales.

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    Hey MD, I feel a bit the same with the 'mental' issues LOL - I can be talking about something and get a complete mental blank as to what I was about to say. It is sooo frustrating. School holidays are off to a great start Erin was sick on saturday and spent all day asleep on the lounge. yesterday Lindsay and Paige woke up sick with splitting headaches and fevers and they spent most of the day sleeping. Paige even decided to throw up on the lounge to boot (from her fever I think). Paige seems OK today, but Lindsay still isn't 100%. And to cap it off the sparky is here to finish the rest of the power upgrade to the house and do the rewiring.

    And don't talk to me about jumping off lounges - the older kids still do that LOL. Good luck with cleaning H's room today. Erin and Paige need to do theirs too.

    Noni, they all have to start somewhere and babbling is the start of them forming the word sounds they need to say real words, so she is doing really well. And with the nappy problem, you used to be able to buy inserts for the nappies, they looked just like a pad and had an adhesive strip on the bottom of them. I used them with Lindsay as I was a good mummy back then and used terry flats and we always had leaking problems. They worked OK, but they make the nappy really bulky.

    Claire, Alister didn't bruise from his needles the other day, but he still has lumps under the skin and they are quite big. You can't *see* them, but if I rub it he gets a bit uncomfortable with me doing it.

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    for those on the gold coast...

    Next Sunday (20/4) will be the first Gold Coast market at Upper Coomera College, opposite Dreamworld.

    Come along & have a look as we are booked out with nearly 50 stalls ? A one stop shopping centre for parents. Everything you need under one roof for maternity through to five year olds, new & gently use clothes, toys, books, DVD & lots more.

    For more information, please visit our website

    sherie, wedding video is on a comm'l site coz' we were supposed to have live webcast of the wedding for friends and family all over (east/west coast u.s ; east/west coast australia ; xmas island ; philippines ; hong kong) to join us live but there was a mess up on video feed and it didn't go on until the next day. was not impressed since i knew that friends from xmas island were going to park themselves in front of the computer at 6:30 in the morning w/ bottles of champagne to celebrate w/ us. obviously the champagne didn't make it to the viewing the next day. wow! on A almost walking.

    max is still on the rocking on 4's stage. she attempts to crawl and instead just launches herself forward and lands on her tummy/chest. starting to sit from crawling position tho.

    babbling....common sound she was making while on holiday was "mmmm....mee" specially when she was upset and someone else was carrying her. think that was her calling to me. haven't heard it since we've been back.

    arte, i often do run to her coz' the "bangs" sound painful but then i tell her that doesn't really hurt, etc.

    vague and dimwitted....i'm w/ you all on that.

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    Fianne, that would still be alright though as its a personal video of you, commercial sites refer to online shops etc.

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    Hi Girls,

    Mental Issues...... Oh yes you can put in on that too.

    Jumping off lounges... Yep my boys think its great... They drag the bean bags over and jump of the arm of the lounge onto the bean bag... I am so sick of telling them not to do it.
    Oh I just cleaned up all the bedrooms on Monday

    Jazmum- At least you could laugh about it in the end... I think once one thing happens it all snowballs then.

    Noni- Olivia likes to squeal

    Art- Those drownings was really sad I read about it this morning on ninemsn.

    Jordy still is getting temps although he did not get one last night however this morning he did... Everyone else is fine
    Hello to all and have a great day.

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    Leanne I hope Jordy is back to 100% very soon.

    Fianne the markets sounds great, i will have to check them out.

    MD good luck cleaning H's room.

    Sherie your little man is so clever. Do you find he does things quicker then your others did? Do they learn from their older sibblings?

    Noni good luck at WW.

    Claire Logan bruised on one leg and had a big red lump for a while after. What a shame about playgroup.

    Logan and I are having another boring day at home today. I might try and get soem cleaning done while he sleeps at lunch time.

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    lost .9 was hoping for 1.1 as thats what i put on last time lol but its better than nothing...
    bought asha two new toys this morning for 20 bucks was very proud lol she got this little cow that when u move its legs or head it makes like a clicking sound and if u shake it it has a bell inside, teethable ears too its fisher price and it only cost me 8.50 and i also got her a poppity pop pop car lol dont u love the name?? its this bright red car with a clear top with little coloured balls on a moving disc when u roll the car along the disc turns around and all the balls go round iykwim?? and that was 11 bucks i have my eye on a few more expensive ones i would like to get her but we dnt have the money atm so i will have to wait lol..
    katie - its pretty common for consecutive children to develop quicker due to learning off sibblings but older siblings do impede development sometimes too lol my mum didnt walk till really late and they were worried till they figured out everytime she pointed at something her older sister would go and get it for her lol so no need to go anywhere lol..
    leanne - lol i can just imagine ur little boys jumping off the lounge onto the bean bags lol.. sorry jordy still isnt well
    fianne - thats clever sitting from a crawling position!! Asha still cant get into a crawling position by her self lol..
    sherie - yeah its still very exciting hse is babbling and i do think she said those words just maybe not intentionally iykwim? lol ur still a good mum no matter what nappy u use!!!
    md - is there a weight limit on the baby bjorn or is it just that it is too heavy for u to carry?? i still put ash in the baby bjorn sometimes and she is 8.2kgs

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    For those looking for taggies book or blanket, I saw them at kids central.

    Re all the milestones (crawling, standing, talking, waving, etc), well done Sept babies!
    W has been moving backwards for quite sometime LOL, still waiting for him to figure out how to move forward
    I taught him to drink from straw the other day, so funny. He hasnt mastered it though

    Happy birthday Charlismum

    Fianne, congrats on the Texas wedding, sounds like you had so much fun there

    Hayley, how is Maddie with solid. W sometimes has days where he would just shake his head when we offered him food. With puree or mash, what I found helpful is using the take and toss spoons. They are quite cheap but he likes them better than the other expensive brands like tommy tippee etc because they're quite small.

    Gracie, I found the photo. Aaawww, he looks so cute. Love the blue eyes! Yay Lewis, our little celebrity.

    Cally, glad that sleeping school was a success

    Pregpan, love the photos. He is so gorgeous and look at all those hair

    Jazmum, hope you are feeling better. Re formula, if you just want to try they are some in small package at coles or safeway. Cant remember, I think I saw karikare and another brand the other day.

    MD, I usually express in 100ml lots. If I have more than that, I'll put the EBM in ice cube containers ? easier to use for cooking. Pinky mentioned in one of her books that we can give the icy cube EBM to babies when teething. Yay on taking EBM from sippy cup, I am really jealous Well done E

    Arte, just saw the news on the incident, so sad.

    Noni, gl at ww

    Sherie, what a smart boy! Hope the kids feel better soon. Btw, thanks

    Clare, sorry no idea about Brunswick. Can you check some of the kindy over there? Over here we have our playgroup at the kindy area. Safer for the babies, everything is babyproofed.

    Leanne, hope Jordy is better. How was Olivia's first day at daycare?

    Katie, congrats on crawling

    Can I ask what's the sign of reflux? W sometimes chucks his milk up, this happened since about two weeks ago. He never did that as a baby so I am not sure if this is because of starting solid.

    Re memory loss, I read on the newspaper the other day that it's actually the other way around. Giving birth can actually increase our memory.
    ETA Okay, after googling, I found a link of similar news:
    Want to boost your brain power? Just have a baby | Science | The Observer
    Hope this cheers you guys up

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    Hey Girls,

    Agnes- Sorry I cant help with the reflux question.
    Noni- Congrats on the Weight Loss.
    Gracie- Re Movicol- Jordy hates the taste so I was thinking of mixing it with Lemonade.. He is off it yesterday and today due to his temps but I have the ring the dr back at the end of the week and find out how many sachets to give him. I think its starting to work too.

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    hello all! Noah is having his 1st day at fdc today - just a trial before the hell of next week. so far so good, it is hard leaving him anywhere but i felt better about it than the 1st time i left him at creche so i think we have done the right thing. i have been doing errands today, will go pick him up soon as we have a friend and her 10 mnth old over for coffee at 3.30.. what a social life my little man has LOL! I am so stressed abotu how it will be wheni am back at work, DH and I both have quite full on jobs.. so how will we make it all work. already decided on using online shopping etc, just to save time but thinking of getting a mothers help or someone in a few hours a couple of times a weekt o help me with cooking, washing etc. my clener offered to do it but i think maybe someone else would be better as i am not thrilled by my cleaner's job of late!! on the positive DH will have fridays off from early may which will be wonderful for him to spend the time with N.
    Gracie - how did L go at the target casting??? what a spunky family you have!
    Jazmum - i have introduced 1 bottle of formula a day and it has gone ok. i put N on the follow on Karicare Gold (dr said this was ok) and he has been ok with it. he prefers bm of course (though he hates EBM for some reason) and so do i but this is a good back up for us. I had to try a few diff bottles and he has settled with the tommee tipee closer to nature.
    I hear you all on the memory loss, how will i function at work??? friemd who is chinese dr recommended avocado and fish oils, to replace lost fat cells from brain. she had all these stats what each baby takes from us.. the little parasites!!!
    Noni - WTG on weight loss, well done! love the sound of the toys too! i hope you hear about the house today.
    Agnes - i dont have much info on reflux (think there may be a section on BB for it??) - throwing up, pain when reclilned?? i am not sure.. i hope he doesnt have it.
    So happy for everyone with crawling bubs.... sorry i forget who is doing it there are too many!! N is not showing signs of that yet. still v happy with sitting and eating!!
    he is babbling a lot but no sign of the MAMA!!!
    he did get a temp from the vaccinations yest, we had to give him panadol in the night the poor little man. and this time there is a lot more redness at injection points and a bigger lump around each one. i am so glad no more til 12 months. does anyone have good info on MMR? i am quite nervous about it.
    i justy called a domestic violence shelter here to donate all Noah's old clothes... we have so many and they are all gorgeous so it seems a good use for them to be handed on to someone who really needs them. i am sure some poor mums will be v happy to dress their little ones up in some lovely outfits - my little man is a bit of a clotheshorse so they will get some real cute outfits!
    ok better go, few more things to do around the house and then i get to pick up Noah!
    back later

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    Pregpan, Grrr, why did W take fat cells from my brain instead of the ample supply on my thighs! Glad the FDC seems to be working better for you. I had to give W panadol after his shots too.

    Noni, congrats on the weight loss. My cookie addiction isn't helping me any in that department. Didn't mean to be negative about Asha's talking. Some people take the mum-mum and dad-dad as first words, I am just waiting for a word with meaning rather than a sound iykwim

    Sherie, WTG Alister! He is a clever little boy!

    Better go, Will is pulling wipes out of the container lol

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    Pregpan, same here I am so nervous about going back to work. I work in the city which is quite far from my home so I need to go at 6 in the morning (DH will drop him off a bit later) so I can pick him up around 5.30. Otherwise W will be in care for 11 hours, not good at all! I think we need to share our time management tips later on LOL

    Arte, LOL at the thigh fat cells

    Noni, we were posting at the same time congrats on the weight loss

    Hope everyone is having a nice day

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    Well our lights are up and they look fantastic, very chic LOL. He just has to come back on Friday put the new powerboard on the house and then everything is done. It is so great to have every light in the house working properly.

    Gosh lots has been happening in here today.

    Agnes, I have no idea if relux can present once they are this age. There is a NZ site called cryingoverspiltmillk (can't remember if it ended in .com or and it's a reflux website.

    Hey Arte, did he manage to get many out of the container? Erin always did that and drove me mental, they are dear enough as it is without them getting them LOL.

    Pregpan, in my experience, I haven't ever had any problem with the MMR vacc. They did get the rash afterwards, which is common and a bit of a runny nose etc (also common) but no nasty effects luckily. Alister had a temp for a day too this time and the lumps were a lot bigger this time than they were last time.

    bbl - need to feed the boy

    Ok, back to finish off.

    Leanne, what does that stuff taste like? It is so hard to get them to take medicine at that age. I meant to ask too - the boys aren't cutting eye teeth are they? I remember my kids really suffered with them and Erin got temps with hers.

    MD, do we now have a spotless bedroom? I hope there were no tears (from either of you LOL)
    Gracie, how was the casting for our gorgeous boy? Fingers crossed he gets it.
    Last edited by Trillian; April 16th, 2008 at 04:52 PM.

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    thanks for the info Sherie - I know we will end up getting it but i am nervous about it and of course i have read heaps of awful things about it. but i guess you read the worst case scenarios only...
    N is so exhausted from his day at fdc, he didnt sleep so well there bc of new environment etc. He is crashed out now, i usually put him to bed soon but he fell asleep about 20 mins ago not even in his sleeping bag so i will just do his bed routine after.
    Agnes we will certainly have to share tips soon - I am looking fwd to it in many ways but i is a new stage that will need some adjusting to. when are you going back to work? (Sorry if you already said!)
    DH is working late again tonight... 3rd night in a row i have to do the bedtime routine by myself... grrrrrrrr not at all mad at him but man his work is full on... and unplannable!!

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