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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #6

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    Gracie and Sherie, I agree re PP - it's one of the search terms I use on eBay when I'm shopping for H - looooooove the adjustable waists as she is long and skinny with hips - Target clothes fit her like a scarecrow - tho I have noticed a few things there & BigW with the adjustable waist lately. I pass H's things on to my niece as they are always in good nick still. Looking forward to having a little shop up soon as E is rapidly outgrowing some of her 000s and we will need to get a few 00s for summer.

    Noni, I was only giving Gaviscon three times a day, once morning, midafternoon and sometimes evening - I found it soothed enough to not have to give it at every feed. If she was really bad I would give her an extra dose. Would you feel comfortable trying to give Asha a full sachet in her regular bottle (mixed per packet instructions of course) just once to see if she'll take it, you could have another bottle (without the Gaviscon) handy in case she fusses just switch and finish the feed with the other bottle. Worth a try IMO, but you're a good mum and I know you will follow your instincts and do whatever you think is right!

    Gracie, wow I'm envying you the day spa treat - ooooh I could sooo handle a spa-ing right now - reminds me I've got a voucher for a pedicure burning a hole in my handbag.

    ETA- Ninny MD, I forgot to give an MD update - ABA meeting fabulous - i'd forgotten what it was like to have all the toddlers rampaging around at once LOL! Dr thinks John Howard's got thrush so I'll be doing gel for me and drops for E. Pharmacist thought I was raving until she realised I needed it for my NIPPLE and not my mouth LOL. Also, very exciting purple accidental eBay sling arrived today, will try it out when Dh is home tonight (he can "spot" for me in case I drop E)!
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    New thread time again.

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