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thread: Newborn - 1 Month, June '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Juliette - we all understand how you feel. All babies have nights/days like that. I've just come off 2 days of Matty being really whingey, tired, crying, just have to be there - like you said.

    I know it's the worst thing in the world to hear your baby crying and feeling helpless as you can't help, but you are helping by being there and feeding her when she needed it.

    You are a good mother and I know that because you care enough to worry about her. It does get better, I can tell you that from experience. Remember they are trying to learn how to live in the outside world and crying is the only way they know how to communicate (I'm telling my DH this all the time!) Everything feels 100 times worse when you are sleep deprived. Was Tim there to give you a hug? Tell him to give you lots of hugs from us.

    Hope today is/was a better day.

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    Oct 2004

    Forum Name: Joh117
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 4/06/05
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 7lb 8 1/2oz, 54cm, ?
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl Girl
    Baby Name(s): Erykah Dissanayake
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic) Slight Colic
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc.) 10 days overdue, induced, forcep delivery
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Just wanted to say hi. Been a bit busy with Erykah and don't know where the last two wks have gone. I have been lucky she sleeps mostly and feeds 4 hourly. Until the last couple of days when colic struck. I am using Infants Friend as recommended by a friend and touch wood it seems to do the trick.

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying motherhood as much as me. Will keep popping in when I get chance.


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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    hey everyone

    Juliette: Hope things have improved since you last posted and your next night was better for you, like everyone else said you can only be there for them when you have no idea what they are going on about.

    I have a screamer on my hands lately too, knew that nice boy act wouldnt last He fights sleep so badly and even when you think he is asleep he opens one eye just to check you are still holding him, just got him out of bed then as he was carrying on and now sound asleep instantly in my arms!! Although have found i can still touch type holding him so thats a bonus
    Otherwise things are still going really well in general, and still cant believe that parenthood can be like this and not crap like my first experience with it. Really enjoying it still, get frustrated at times with the screaming though but thats normal.

    Well anyway talk later and take care everyone


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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Hi girls,

    Thankyou all for your kind words and understanding. Am feeling a little fragile at the moment, and it makes all the difference to hear that others are going through the same kind of stuff, and aren't judging me or thinking I'm weak and pathetic.

    I had a much better night last night, though Hannah seems to be in pain again tonight, and has been crying for the last couple of hours. She should be hungry (it's been 3 1/2 hours since she last fed), but when I offer her the breast she sucks a little, cries, and then throws up everywhere. Poor kid. I have no idea what's going on with her. The reflux is just really bad tonight for some reason....seems to be getting worse as she gets older. It is a new thing (well...the last week and a half or so).

    Sorry to hear you have a little screamer on your hands at the moment Belinda! It can be trying can't it? You sound so positive though, which is great.

    Welcome Jo! Sounds like you and Erykah are doing so well! Glad you're on top of the colic.

    Thanks again for being here girls.

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome Jo - just letting you know that I have added your details Congrats on the birth of Erykah.

    Glad you are feeling a bit better Juliette. Hannah probably doesn't know why she is crying either! You sound positive too - hope your night was a good one.

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    Nov 2003

    Juliette, sorry to hear that Hannah has been so upset & in pain. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Kynan's reflux has been bad the last few days as well & he's doing the same as Hannah, sucking a little then writhing around in pain, crying & throwing up. It's so hard isn't it.

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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    Shannon: YAH that the surgery can wait till a little later, hope you really enjoy the extra time before things have to start happening, you are still sounding so positive about everything so thats great

    All is pretty well here, still have the problem of no dirty nappies, but starting to think is it really a problem? He isnt screaming the place down in pain, have upped his fluids heaps like they told me too, is it just normal for him to go every other day? Who the hell knows! The only thing concerning me is the baby nurse said if he doesnt go that his bowel can get stretched and that can be bad, but when he has gone it isnt enlarged and rock hard or anything so back to my confusion of what the hell is normal?

    Off the subject but was watching finale of Everybody loves raymond tonight and told luke it was the last one ever, he then said so they have to remember where they stood and stuff for the old shows, he thought that when you watch a repeat that the characters had memorised where they stood last time and redone the show live everytime we watch it, tried to explain how they tape it once and play it over and over to us but he didnt get it. Thought it was amusing. We went to the shops today and me and Luke ended up argueing over the pram in the middle of the mall over whether Mason needed the dummy in or not, after a minute of bickering we started laughing about it, was like he was the dad. He said today that he loved having a brother so that was nice.

    Well anyway thats all from me for now

    Take care

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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi everyone

    Juliette - I am glad that you are feeling better...I am with you on feeling fragile - I am having my own ups and downs at the moment. Motherhood (and looking after a newborn) is honestly the hardest job I have ever had to do! I just don't think I could have prepared myself for the enormity of it! 8-[

    I have a quick question for you all though. Last night Finlay wet right through his nappy, clothes and blanket twice! Is anyone else having this problem? Any tips on how to prevent it if it is happeneing to you....


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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Good morning all.

    I think I've worked out what's been up with Hannah lately. She appears to have a cold (green snot...vomiting everywhere...the whole works - poor kid). No wonder she's been out of sorts. I think I can now relate to what you went through Shannon, when little Jessalyn had her cold - it's scary when their little noses are all blocked up and they can't breathe or feed properly. I've been using the "Fess, little noses" saline drops, and it seems to do the trick.

    Just wondering if anyone else's bubs are losing their hair? Hannah is losing the hair around her forehead, and currently has a widow's peak...it looks pretty funny!

    I have my uni exam on Thursday (contract law). I was pressuring myself to try to sit it, and get all the readings done, but I decided yesterday that I would apply for a special exam and sit it in November to take the pressure off. Hopefully things will have settled by then, and I'll be on top of things. I feel so much better having made the decision. It's so much more important for me to be completely here for Hannah while she's so little. My ambitious streak seems to have mellowed a little with motherhood. I'd rather be a good mum than an honours student.

    Hmmmm...what nappies are you using Megan? I'm using Huggies disposables. I haven't had any probs with them aside from the occasional poo down her leg (lol - lovely!). On the bright side - he must be getting enough in the other end to be weeing so much! I'm with you re: motherhood being the hardest job I've ever had to do! But they're so worth it.

    Hey Belinda - I would think that if Mason's poos are still soft, it shouldn't matter that he's only going every second day? Just my opinion...but maybe his digestive system is just more mature than most, and he's absorbing most of the nutrients from his food, resulting in less dirty nappies? I would imagine if he were constipated he'd be straining and in pain? Dunno....

    Thanks Angel. I hope Kynan's reflux improves...it really can be quite distressing when they're feeding like that. Let's hope it's just a brief stage they're going through.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Hey girls, thought I would just pop in to see how you are all doing... it can be very tough thte first 6weeks or so...

    Belinda, are you breastfeeding? Because if you are it is not uncommon for breastfed babies to poo once a week, and only have wet napopies in between. But if you are bottlefeeding bub needs to poo once a day.

    Megan, it sounds like you are using cloth nappies?? When I had Alecia in cloth nappies (many years ago ) I used to use a toweling nappy ans then fold up a flannel nappie in a reclangle and line the toweling nappy with it... very bulky, but it absorbs more.

    Juliette, glad to hear that you are going a bit better . Good luck for your exam.... bluh!

    I hope you are all doing well


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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls just crashing to give some info to megan - sorry

    megan both my ds jay and dd lani have both been heavy wetters from birth. i use huggies and i still have leakage problems.

    for finlay - make sure his doodle is pointing down for a start, if it is to the side well yup it will leak out.

    what i did (and still do for lani now at night only) is put on the huggies make sure you seperate the leak guards on the nappy and they are sitting up iykwim then pop the nappy on then i use like pilchers - i get them at coles they have velcro on them and it put them over the nappy and helps to protect any leaks, also make sure you don't tuck a singlet in the nappy or anything us it will leak right up.

    it is so annoying i remember ds as a newborn i first thought he was sweating but then realised it was wee lmao he went through so many changes during the night it wasn't funny.

    good luck

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    Hey everyone

    Well after Mason ended up back with pellet like poo last night decided to change the formula, have tried everything with the other formula to no avail so hopefully this works.

    In relation to nappies, if you are using disposables and they are leaking overnight, try using another disposable over the top of the other one, then in the morning if they outer one isnt wet just use it for the next change. Sounds strange i know but a friend of mine used to do it for her daughter and got me doing it with Luke and it does work. She reasoned that when she was using cloth she doubled it at night so thought she could do the same with disposables. Also some ppl put absorbent pad in nappy to catch the extra as well, havent tried that myself though.

    Othewise not being up too much, got a sleep in today cause hubby is home due to rain again.

    Well anyway take care

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    *Megan* Guest

    Thanks girls for all of the tips! I am using Huggies and they are gapping around his legs. I have started to pull them in tighter - but still leakage! His penis is always facing down these days (I learnt the hard way early on....LOL!!)

    I like the idea of 2 nappies - perhaps we will try that over night...

    Juliette - best, best of luck with your exam - god you are brave! I am aiming to go back to uni to finish my MBA next year. I couldn't even think of doing it now!

    Hope that everyone else is getting some sleep......I am hoping for a little more tonight with the double nappy suggestion! Thanks Belinda!


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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    Hey again

    Hope it works for you Megan, i do remember Luke was bigger when i tried it so used snugglers doubled up, but should work the same for huggies i would guess.
    Well changed his formula this afternoon to Nan and after 2 bottles he had a normal dirty nappy again, so hoping it stays that way. Really annoyed that i had to waste a full can of the Karicare though, but if he is happy i guess thats the main thing.
    I still keep thinking i cant believe this parenting thing can be so good compared to my first experience, its really hard to get used too if anyone gets what i mean. I keep thinking something has to go wrong to wreck it all but it hasnt yet and probally wont just my mind overworking i think.
    Well enough of my late night ramblings

    Take care

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    ~Shimona~ Guest

    hi everyone! Thought I would also come and join the troops over here in the "not getting much sleep" department.

    Zac has been quite good for us. Neither of us have any idea what this is supposed to be like so when he has a 30 minute crying fest we sort of think he's sooky or theres something wrong but I've read thats quite normal and that things can be a whole lot worse. Reassuring. MIL was telling me about a friend of hers who had a baby boy who cried nearly 24/7 and she would go and walk with the baby while her friend slept. That really puts Zac's little sooks into perpective.

    He's a great burper but sometimes has trouble getting the last bit out so he'll sook for a bit then get it up. Usually feeds 3-4 hourly which is nice because he's starting to find a routine. His necks so strong that if hes laid on someones shoulder hell pop his head up so he can see around - cheeky bugger. Makes burp time fun though coz he doesnt want to relax and put his head down he wont...stubborn like his father.

    Megan, I've had the same problem with Zac wetting through his nappies and they're disposables too. At first I thought I was doing something wrong like not changing enough but if he goes down dry, sleeps for 3 hours and wakes up wet through, what more could you really have done? Not much. So I went with the nappy liners and they do absorb more (not as much leakage) but still some sometimes. I found that even after a three hour sleep the leakage was always just on the side he was sleeping on (makes sense) so i put his little willie slightly to the other side when I changed his nappy and this seems to have fixed the problems all round. There no leakage on the other side when he sleeps on that side or on his back or anything - so far so good. I found that when he would suprise me and wee while changing his nappy it always went to the left and thats the side where the leakage was so now his willie is to the right a little and we dont have any problems yet. Maybe his pressure was too much on one side and this has evened it out - I don't really know but there just some other things to try in addition to the extra nappy.

    Sorry for going on so much - it's good to finally get in here and see what everyone else is going through. Nice to know you're not alone in what you're experiencing.

    Hope you're all doing okay and getting some sleep. Funny how quickly we go from sending labour vibes to sleep vibes. One minute we all want it out, now we alll just want to get some sleep. But babies are so wonderful - it's worth it.

    Cheers everyone.

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    ~Shimona~ Guest

    Should also give our details, hey?

    Forum Name: ~Shimona~
    State: VIC
    Baby's DOB: 24/05/05
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 5lb (2290g) Length - 49cm Head Circ - 33 cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name: Zachary Christopher (Zac)
    Baby's Website: Temp site: www.chitna.ath.cx/zac/index.html
    Health Concerns: None now - just low birth weight. Visit to the Child Health Nurse last Wednesday he weighed in at 7lb2oz
    Notes: Born 00:55am on due date - low birth weight and cord around neck a couple of times but no problems arising from that.

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    *Megan* Guest

    Awww Shannon - so sorry to hear about Jessalyn - please keep us posted with the results...thinking of you both!

    I tried the nappy liner last night and they worked like a treat! I was given some at my baby shower and wasn't sure if I would use them - they are a god send!! No more nightly changes of clothes or bed sheets!!

    Life is getting better here. DH has gone back to work and I feel more normal now that he isn't here?? Isn't that strange - I thought that I would be a mess LOL!

    The waking in the night is hard as it is sooo cold. We have an old QLDer with polished floorboards, so it is freezing...

    How is everyone else?

    Welcome Shimona!

    Bugger about the whole tin of formula Belinda.....good news about the poo though!

    Have a good day everyone...


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    *Megan* Guest

    Shannon - we must have posted at the same time! oh my god - that sounds serious with little Jessalyn?? I will check out the thread that you mentioned now.....


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