thread: Satanism question

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    LOL @ Black. Too cute Marc wants me to go back to black with my red corvette streaks but I'm too worried with my hair cut I will look pretty emo

    I'll post about the boyfriend stuff in the other thread

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    mummycate Guest

    After reading half of the first page (sorry just very tired), I came to the conclusion that Lulu, you are such a great mother! Accepting and discussing this with your daughter, you are fantastic. Your reasoning is how I want to be as a mother.

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    Mar 2004

    If she's trying to rebel maybe you should be really enthusiastic about the boyfiend and ask him to dinner 7 nights a week and lunch as well.
    LOL at the Satanic Verses. I bet she got a shock when she discovered how boring it is.

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    Hmm i agree with Chloe about asking the boyfriend over for dinner! He might get scared off lol.

    You're doing a great job though. I soooo can't wait for it to happen with our DD (not!)

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    Yes, i think the Satanic Verses is ONLY good for leaving around to shock people (who haven't tried to read it themselves....*yawn* lol). Though it is great bedtime reading, better than sheep-counting.

    I agree with Dach - ask him over for dinner and see how he goes. The chances are however "cool" and manipulating he likes to think he is, he's just an insecure wee boy inside - the lie about his cousin shows that much in itself. Also a lot of people are nightmare teenagers (i was one) and grow up to be ok people, so he might just need someone in his life more like you, willing to listen. My parents didn't give me the support you give your DD. They were too scared that listening would equal endorsing.


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    Ohhh Lulu, it sounds like she's desperate to go all rebellious and you're not fussed. Poor lass.

    Hmm well, as a Christian, I take Satan pretty seriously, but it's sounding like she's focussed more on the 'bad' image Satanism has - focussed on rebellion as opposed to the actual religion?

    I'm pretty sure I have read of murders and awful rituals in the name of Satanism though, a case in Italy is coming to mind right now - so I would still be keeping a close eye on it, even if you are outwardly displaying indifference...

    If I wasn't so opposed to Satan, I'd suggest you show an interest in Satanism too - way to make it uncool!

    Hope it all works out anyway.
    I'm with Nelle, and have to be careful in what i say because I don't think Satanism is something you should muck around with and it does seem to me that she is looking for the most anti-social aspects of Satanism too... i can't see her and BF sitting down pondering how fascinating it is from a historical point of view (for example) they probably just want to extract the most extreme aspects of the "religion". And like the others have said she won't find anything interesting in the Satanic Verses PML I borrowed it from the library once... had a good laugh during the first chapter where the 2 guys are falling from the plane (one hysterically, the other head first, prim and proper, keeping a stiff upper lip about his predicament! LOL) but after that it got extremely boring and it is one of the very few novels I have started in my life and never finished... because, like Hoobley said: I couldn't stay awake!

    Nurse your baby through this Lulu.... "this too will pass". Sounds like you're doing a great job... you are an inspiration (says me looking nervously at my 13yo!)

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    Lulu, I was just thinking, why not borrow a copy of the Egyptian "book of the dead". Not Satanism, but quite interesting (the history of the book). Leave it lying around where it can be found, see if it gets an interest ... or a nibble!

    I used to have a copy, but don't know where it is atm.

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    That's just reminded me of something I have often wondered: do Satanists believe in an afterlife (as the Egyptians do). What are they working toward? Off topic, sorry Lulu, need to go to bed! Oh and I also read your other thread on the Boyfriend... (so well written! You ought to be a journo!) I'll be pondering your predicament a lot because i can all to easily imagine going through it myself with my DD. *sigh* enjoy your littlies while you can... they grow up toooo fast!

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    Oh jeez - that makes me remember what a horror of a teenager I was *cringe*

    Good luck!!!

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    Some of my good friends are Satanists and quite frankly they have a hell of a lot more compassion and caring that a lot of xtians I know.

    get her to do research on the "Church of Satan". Satanism isn't "evil". It is just another religion. It pre-dates xtianity, basically it is a pagan-type religion.

    She probably is doing it as a rebellious thing, so why don't you just completely floor her, you find out about the religion and support her religious choice. She may just find that it isn't for her since you support it.

    An upside down pentagram isn't evil - it is basically worshipping the earth elements over the spirit element (there are 5 elements, air, water, fire, earth, spirit with spirit being the top point on a pentagram.

    Oh on the whole good-v-bad thing - you need balance in the world, you cannot have one without the other. Which is why I worship male & female deities and use (what is perceived to be) black and white magic.

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

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    I was hoping you'd pop in too Schaz.

    I'd prefer her to 'shop around' a little more before declaring her allegiance (sp?) to anything just yet.
    Coincidentally I've decided to pick of where I left off on my own Wiccan path, I was sort of hoping we could do it together.
    Thanks Kaz and FJ for the book recommendations, I will follow them up.

    I will search for a suitable symbol of protection and see if I can buy her a nice the lines of communication. (Who am I kidding - I never shut up!)

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    if you're hoping she might follow your wiccan path, but she wants "dark or black", maybe if she looks at other types of pagan religions - some which are more "left hand path" than wicca (which is "right hand path"). Get her to look into santeria. Or if she wants to go down the Set or Satanist path, let her research it properly - it isn't "anti christian". Yes Lucifer is a fallen god, his sister is Diana.

    Let her learn about balance and duality, that there must be a balance in the world, that there are "dark" and "light" sides to everything.

    Why don't you bring some ritual into your home, do some research on "kitchen witchery" and let her start to do some of that.

    Much as I don't like this person, Fiona Horne's first book isn't bad for a general look at things.

    I can put her in contact with a good friend who is a satanist, she can ask her questions. Or I can get you in touch with Jess (my friend) to ask questions. Jess is wonderful, she is a mum, so is very wary of the type of information out there on her religion and will happily guide somebody in the right direction with information gathering etc.

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    Jan 2005
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    Schaz - I've had a look into it a bit over the net yesterday...and well I'm not too impressed. I find it hard to get past the over dramatic "dark side" of it - and the goats!

    I understand duality and darkness/light, and I want her to be able to research it properly I guess.....I feel silly writing this, but I think it's over her head. I sort of looks like something you get to after a slightly longer journey iykwim?

    I wil have a chat to her this weekend, I wouldn't mind knowing what's in her head atm, and maybe suggest some of the other paths you mentioned.

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    most of the stuff you find on the web is "sensational". I'll ask Jess if she can suggest some decent websites for info for you both. Have PM'd you some websites to look at.

    I find a lot of friends who are more "darker" side, have gotten there after a journey. While I was never a "fluffy bunny" when I started at a young age, I was more into the "lighter" side but there was a darker bent there until I was in my 20s, when I worked out that I need both the dark side and the light side in order for me to feel complete in my workings and life.

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    Lulu I had heaps of giggles reading about your DD's rebellion.

    Bfs ahhh the things we did for them!

    I think you're right about not being phased too much. She'll be over the religion as soon as the bf is out the door, if he's the impetus. And given that she's 15, my guess is it won't last that long (altho every day will seem like a month - to you and her!!).

    Remember when you were at school and the 'long-term' couple had been going out for a couple of months?!

    GL and let us know how she goes.

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    Hey Lulu, how's this situation going?

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    Another book you could get her to read would be the "god Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. Or have her google "Pastafarian". Get her to research all aspects before she decides on a religion on a whim because of her BF!!!

    LOL, poor thing- my partner and i often joke that the only way DD could possible rebel would be to worship britney spears, paris hilton etc. The way we live, the music we listen to, there just isnt anything to get angsty and rebel against! I mean, what kid can top parents who still crank Marilyn Manson? Poor thing, my DD will have much the same prob trying to rebel.

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    there isn't a religion that our future kids could call themselves and would make us cringe.

    Our kids will be going to rituals from gestation & some of my best friends are satanists, buddhists etc
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