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Thread: Ultimate Insensitivity Rant - Lets See Who Can Top This One!

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    Hi Hayley
    I would also be careful of what you said to your sister as it might be told to your mother by mistake.
    I have a prob with my sister (I don't talk to her ) my mum tells her things about me and my family.
    There is nothing I can do about it, only be careful what I tell mum.
    Cheers chris

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    HayleyW: Just wanted to say that I'm really impressed with your attitude, that you haven't totally written them off and that you can see yourself resuming contact with her in the future. It's cool that you don't hold a grudge, even though you're angry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthonysmom View Post
    oh yes and I almost forgot two weeks ago my mom said, "not that I minded having to do it, but becasue of your miscarriage I did have to rewrite half of my christmas cards." so sorry that I inconvenienced you, i will try not to next time.

    bloody hell. i'm surprised you didn't *****-slap her. i probably would have...

    my DD screamed as she left home after telling her father i was pregnant (i divorced him four years ago after he bullied me into a termination) that she hoped i'd miscarry...and apparently i have no parenting skills either.

    my sis said, "oh i thought your body was too old to support another pregnancy" (hey guys, i raced bmx to state titles level only two years ago, and i'm a massage therapist !) and "well it's not as if you'd bought maternity clothes yet..."

    i just had to shut up and say nothing. my pram/cot/maternity gear i ordered off ebay arrived the day after my m/c.

    my best friend? "you're too old, karan, let's face it."

    and the list goes on. and on.

    i'm 43, dammit, in the prime of life, fit, healthy, and have bigger biceps than most men i know!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HayleyW View Post
    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for all your replies. It makes me feel better to know that most think Im not overreacting here and that my emotional outburst was warranted.

    Well, just thought I would give you all an update. I still havent heard anything from her, even on Christmas Day.

    According to my sister, she is angry at me and thinks I should be the one apologising to her for my outburst on the phone. She doesnt think she has done anything wrong and thinks I am over reacting.

    I havent written her a letter, I try but I just end up angry and writing not very nice things and thats not what I want to do. So, I have just decided to give it more time. Hopefully then, she will realise her mistake.

    I know in time we will be in contact again, but as a previous poster said, I will now be careful about what I choose to share with her. She just isnt the supportive mother I would like and due to her religious beliefs, cant offer any sympathy as its all "gods plan" or some kind of karma. (An example, a few years ago, I had many abnormal pap smears, one which led to CIN2 which required numerous colposcopys. When I told her she said "Thats Gods punishment for you being so promiscuous when you were younger" )

    So, Im better now. Im not as angry but I just dont think I will ever forget and forgive.
    personally i think you have UNDER reacted. keep your chin up, girl. thinking of you.

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