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Thread: Hi I'm new and scarily single and 10 weeks

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    congrats Amy and wishing you the most wonderful pregnancy

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    congrats Amy Im sure that everything will sort itself out and you will have a beautiful baby at the end of it all.
    Enjoy your pregnancy

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    Exclamation Still Ticking!!!! And I told him


    I am past the worst of it, I think! I had a scan at 12 1/2 weeks and baby is alive and kicking! And . . . . . . . I ACCIDENTLY TOLD THE FATHER!!!!!

    Accident I hear you ask?!?!?!!!

    Well after listening to so many replies saying "tell him, get it over and done with" I decided to at least take the first step and get in contact - as a friend. He had not replied to any of my text messages so I sent him an email saying - what's going on, have you ost your phone? He text back saying he had a 'phone mishap' and lost all his numbers. I replied saying cool, all is well, I start a new job today, how are you?

    No reply

    THEN, and 8AM in the morning (my new job is a night job - yuk) he calls me, completely out of the blue. I was lost for words, but then so was he, it was like he was waiting for me to say something, and I'm thinking - hey, YOU called ME - but then I got all wierd and thought - better fill in this huge gap which started with
    ME "Oh hi, **** hellloooo, yay, how are you"
    HIM "Yeah good, had some time spare thought I'd catch up with a few people I hadn't called"
    ME "Yeah I'm fine, I'm good . . . . .
    It's so early I was in bed, now I have to **** sorry mate, yeah well I'm good actually I'm pregnant which is really really cool
    HE interrupts with "who's the father?"
    ME "Umm actually its you
    then it was all a blur, he may have asked me if I was alright with it and I just went on a blabber - it's brilliant I've been wanting a baby for so long didn't know how I'd get preg as I'm single and bi sexual but more of a lezzo and I don't mind what happens you can do what you want but I'm ready to be a solo mum and blah blah blah
    Then I shut Up (by this stage I was back in bed after having a **** and wandering around the house in circles) and decided it was best to give him space to respond, I was sick of all the dramatic pauses.
    After another BIG FAT PAUSE he says
    "Well having said that is it alright if I call you later tonight"
    ME "You can do whatever the **** you like, I've kinda hit you with a big one I'm so sorry I was going to tell you when I was in the clear through the first trimester but you bloody called me at 8am. Take your time whatever, sorry, have a good day"
    And with that he hung up, never to reply again either by text, phone or email.

    That was 3 weeks ago.

    Last week I sent a longish email explaining that it wasn't planned, I had no idea I was pregnant untill a mate said AS A JOKE "maybe you're pregnant" and I whole lot of other stuff, just letting him know of my concerns and to let him off the hook as far as being a father in any particular way.

    3 weeks, not a word. I think I have bad taste in men.

    Should I try to call him? I was worrying about it all last night, we have a few mutual friends and I think it's important we have a communicating type of relationship, no matter how long or short between contacts, I just want it to be o.k!!!

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    Oh you poor thing - although sometimes its best to get it all out hey! If you sent an email last week I would wait just a little longer to give him time to sort his head out too. If you still havent heard in say another week - maybe then you can email and just let him know that you thinks its important that you stay in touch etc.. Hope it helps a little and glad to hear bubby is happy and healthy!! Good luck with everything!

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    Thanks Tan! That sounds like a good idea. I really have to stop myself from being too full-on, I think I've given him enough to think about fore the next few weeks! So I'll sit tight till next week and maybe I'll hear from him before then. I worry about him feeling crap or irrational, that's how I've been a bit lately. Maybe I can't put his fears to rest, he has to do that himself, be brave like I will when I give birth.

    And wow you're almost due! How exciting! I love your little tummy rubbing icon it's so cute! Do you know how to get a ticker and the little profile other girls have on top of the page

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    Hey Uncle Amy, congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you are feeling a bit better about everything now... it must be tough for you, especially with negative nellys (ie, idiots!) making comments about the quality of your genes.

    I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and no matter what happens with the father I'm sure you'll make it work and be a very happy and fabbo mum!

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    Yeah Amy - get in over to the October Belly Buddies so you can see how your not the only one crying over toilet paper commericals!


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