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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    Jul 2005

    Pg symptoms

    Hi All

    At almost 7 weeks, my list is probably much the same as everyone else's, and my symptoms have been pretty much the same since about a week after conceiving (although I didn't realise I was pg then!).

    Some dizziness
    Tender bbs
    Pimples (for the first time ever!!)
    Peeing a lot more
    Sleepy, early to bed and need an afternoon nap as well

    That's about it. So glad I've so far escaped the m/s, however, I have read that the gods of pg are very fair, and I shouldn't be too pleased about the easy run I'm having so far!

    Congrats to everyone!

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    What sort of pain/twinges is normal? Slight ovul type pain twinges?

    Otherwise I've had: dizziness (only 3 spells), break-out, bloated, strange sensations in belly, tired, peeing lots, drinking lots, hungry, constipation, hot flushes (head hot, body cold without jumper) fatigue. In bed by 9pm now, was having arvo naps, but back at work now, so can't & ended up #1 on 24hr call this wk (rotating roster), bugger, but luckily don't have to leave home, just use internet.

    I don't mind these s/effects, good to have some indication that somethin's happenin in there.

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    Feb 2005

    Hmm - I've got the dizzy spells and I'm very tired. I fall asleep immediately after dinner and doze till 10.30 then drag myself off to bed for more sleep. If I can manage it, I'll sleep in until 7.30am which is very unusual for me. No nausea yet although I was prepared for it ... I'm a bit anxious that I haven't been sick because I've heard that morning sickness is a good sign as it means everything is going well. However, must try not to worry as the first ultrasound is on Monday. Hoping it will show a little mutant space prawn in the appropriate place and I can relax again ... until the next one!!

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    Feb 2005

    The symptoms I have been experiencing this week are:

    Dizziness/light headed
    Large & sore boobs - Man they're big!!!
    Being a bit ditzy - in what I am doing and saying
    My uterus feels tight. Getting cramps now and then. Also tender if I press on my lower tummy
    TIREDNESS - For the last three nights, I have been in bed by 9pm. Can't keep my eyes open and constantly yawning.

    I can't believe how quickly the symptoms have apeared. Woke up Monday morning fine - not one symptom, by Monday Afternoon I knew there was something not quite right.


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest

    Shelbel mentioned vivid dreams ... according to DH I have been blabbering on in my sleep for most of the week ... is this weird?? I occassionally do it, but like 1 or 2 a year ... not 3-4 times in a week!

    Reading everyone's symptom lists, I think I'm giving myself phantom syptoms ... I don't even get my blood tests back until tomorrow to find out if I actually O'd let alone if I might be pregnant ...

    The list is great though ... and it's good to see that some woman don't have any symptoms at all ...

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    LouLou7 Guest

    One thing that I had that I haven't seen mentioned is stabbing pains in my belly button. I don't know if this is related to a botched key hole surgery I had done a few years ago but I got it from 10 DPO...!

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    angel_eyes Guest

    Hi girls

    I'm nearly at the end of first trimester and have the following symptoms:

    M/S from wks 7 to 9
    Slight queasyness from wk 6 to wk 11
    Sore breasts
    Slight discharge
    Runny nose
    A few nose bleeds
    Vivid dreams
    Pregnant brain/forgetful
    had slight constipation & upped the fible = no more :-)
    Pimples.... new ones every day :-(
    Peeing a lot
    Extremely tired

    Just recently have been getting slight pains, although I can't really call them pains as they aren't very bad at all. Mainly when I'm lying down & roll over quickly. I hope everything is ok there.

    Anyway my first ultrasound is on Friday so I'm dying to see bubs, am even taking a VCR tape so they can tape it for me. Will let you know how it goes.

    Hope you are all well.

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    Aug 2005

    no symptoms

    Hi All.
    I'm 6.5 wks with bubs #2 and it is very different from my first. I am experiencing absolutely no symptoms whatsoever (apart from a missed MP of course). My pregnancy has been confirmed but its almost to the point that I want to feel something, just so i know everythings ok. Has anyone else experienced this? I mean no sore boobs or anything? is this too good to be true?

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    kent Guest

    Hi all

    Im 8.5wks, i guess i have been pretty lucky in the run of 1st tri side effects. I have only experienced headaches-if i dont eat ALL day long, Sore and rapidly growing bb, tiredness mainly in the first 7wks and major pregnancy brain, cant remember anything i did yesterday!

    I experienced bleeding around wk 6 -had an ultra-sound and they found the little sac with a heart beat which was very exciting & a huge relief.

    Next Ultrasound next month 11.5 weeks - Cant wait!

    My pee is bright yellow too - - I thought it was from the Folate & vitamins?? [/img]

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    I'd have to agree with kent. I had spotting @ 6wks, scan showed hbeat. And again @ 8wks (7.5wk scan also showed hbeat). It can be quite scary, but very common I'm told. Most likely placenta diggin in further.

    Hope to c ya in the Due in April Belly Budies Kent, congrats.

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    Aug 2005

    Is fainting a normal thing?

    I was in the shower last night when I fainted. I put it down to having the water too hot and the steam got to me.

    Anyone else had that?

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    davisbabyblues Guest

    Morning Sickness

    I can't believe how few people have complained about morning sickness.

    I have it so badly, I have lost 2Kg's and can't keep anything down. I had a scan yesterday, and couldn't even keep the water down that you supposed to drink.

    Any solutions to morning sickness??? I am now 8 weeks and to add to everything, I have a big cyst on my ovary too. I give up! I was told that is normal, but have never heard of it before, and my doctor wouldn't be concerned if it WAS normal!

    I have even been taking something for car sickness, and it mainly contains ginger, but that hasn't helped either. I never realise pregnancy was this bad!

    Any suggestions welcome.


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    kent Guest

    Hi Sharon

    As horrible as morning sickness sounds as least you know everything is ok and the little bub is continuing to evolve in there.

    I havent experienced any real morning sickness so cant really offer any remedy, hold in there only a few more weeks until its supposed to stop.


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    Aug 2005


    I deeply sympathise - I've lost 5kgs since the onset of morning sickness aswell.

    Some helpful things I have learnt from old wives tales mostly - that do (on some occasions) work.

    1) First thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up but before gettin gout of bed, eat a salada biscuit. (or any sort of dried bikky)

    2) As silly as this is going to sound - eat smaller meals, more often during the day, for some reason this definatley puts my vomitting at bay for a while. The hungrier I get, the more I vomit.

    3) Try to set out your breakfast the night before, therefore you wont have to open the fridge/pantry - this is the worst thing for making me spew!!

    4) When I feel a spew coming on, I take bulk deep breaths - this also settles my stomach.

    I hope that helps sweet, I know it's absolutley terrible - but just think it will be all worth it in the end (That's whats getting me through!)

    Luv Sooz -x-

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    angelique Guest

    Hi to everyone experiencing morning sickness,

    I have been feeling a bit sick and on the verge of spewing as well. I really recommend chewing gum when that feeling comes on or popping a sugar free lolly in your mouth. Putting something in my mouth helps as it moistens the throat.

    Also, I did acupuncture for 4 months before conception. Apparently, a weak spleen causes morning sickness. Mine was really bad but has been strengthened with acupuncture. Why not try that guys, it works wonders.

    Hope you get some help with these.


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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    i agree with the benefits of accupuncture, as I used to work for a Dr whom also did accupuncture & she had a 1st trimester lady in with severe M/S, that she could barely walk & she had lost lots of weight, her DH would almost carry her in every morning, with a bucket & Dr would do accupuncture on her & it worked wonders. Lots more success stories, including a couple whom had trouble TTC, as his sperm count was low, well she did accupuncture on him too & within 3mths she was pg.

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    davisbabyblues Guest

    Thanks for all the tips everyone....

    But, I have tried them all and they don't seem to work :-( I eventually went to the doctor in sheer desperation, as nothing stayed down for longer than 10 minutes and was given maxalon, but the only problem with that is, you continue to feel nauseous, but can't vomit, so I don't really know what is worse!

    I can honestly say, this is my first and last child. I can't go through this again. I have been sick twice a day for a month now!

    I have also noticed that I have a very acidic taste in my mouth, which seems to change the taste of everything I eat, so I just don't like food at the moment either, because it all tastes revolting!

    I give up.....


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    Aug 2003
    Redcliffe Peninsula (Brisbane)

    Hi girls!

    I hope all those queasy ones are feeling better.
    I wasnt even aware I was pregnant for another week with Declan! However this time around, nausea and some vomiting, lots of trips to the loo (peeing), faintness, tiredness, irritable, pregnant brain to the max! (everyone thinks its just an excuse but its really bad) to week 6-7 I had sore boobs and bloatyness.
    I figured I was pregnant when Declan sat on my belly when we were playing and it felt "different" (reminded me of first time around) .. also got told i was "radiant" and 7 days at least late for pd.
    Sure enough did a test and bingo 2 lines...

    Have been trying to be very good with diet - however got a freezer for first time in a year this week so icecream has been a must.
    I appear to get very preoccupied with hot foods (chilli hot) when pregnant as well - this has already started?
    Oh and metalic taste is yuck... and sense of smell etc (poor dog is outdoors for a few weeks)

    Will find out about my BSL levels tomorrow (had gestational diabetes last time)

    I think second time around you KNOW the symptoms so much better so you dont dismiss them as much...

    To davisbabyblues... I always said I would have only one... never again etc.. especially with the diabetes and an emergency caesar.. but I love my little guy so much... I would happily do it all again to have another as beautiful as him! (and I was never a brrody or clucky one)

    So you never know ... some of us forget VERY quickly once it is all over.. took me 2 1/2 yrs.. only takes some women 6-9 months! #-o

    Goodluck to you all!! I hope to contribute more if I can sit still for long enough and if my pregnant brain lets me think!!



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