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Thread: told me its a boy at 12 weeks

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    Sorry your outcome wasnt what you desired. Honestly, I dont think you will have a problem with the closeness later on. I dont know of one guy out there who isnt mummys boy LOL! In my opinion, Boys get along and are just as close to their mums when growing up, just as much as girls are, if not more so.
    I'm sure you will come to love the idea!

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    Hi everyone,
    thanks again for your support.
    am having some moments, partly when i read through this thread, when i have some feelings of being "okay" about the boy thing. im sure i will come to accept it in time.
    went to buy some little boy clothes (even tho we already have heaps from boy no.1) today to try to cheer myself up about it, but left the shop in tears because of all the BEAUTIFUL girl clothes...oh well...
    am also trying to remind myself of the advantages...many of which you have all mentioned, thanks again.
    btw, for those who are interested in some studies on the accuracy of determining gender at the 12 week scan, there are some links below.

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    ttcno2 please don't get yourelf down!! You really can't be sure of your baby's gender this early.
    Caro - yes, I meant at my anatomy scan at 20 wks (sorry - must have been my preggie brain writing that! No more u/s scans scheduled (though I must admit I am tempted....)
    I had to come to terms with the boy thing so now I am just excited to meet my bub in 11 weeks time

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