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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #1 - 2009

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    Oct 2008
    brisbane australia

    missmagpie - YAY! im so happy for you its great to hear good news! now your half way through the 12 weeks wait! congrats! and u will in no time be a regular here!

    oh i cant wait to see pics of TL and charlotte, i was thinking about her all day on the
    31st wondering what it must be like and feeling so envious!!! she must be over the moon aswell as DH!

    BEL - i hope you are doing ok, your poor mind must be on overdrive! will u have to stay there till the delivery or will they send u home for the last 2 or so weeks? also are you 27 weeks from implantation or LMP i was just wondering coz if its from your implantation of the embies you would really be 29 weeks from LMP. i was just curious. also pics of the bubs are so cute!

    i think there will be a few bubs born on this thread!

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    Sep 2006

    Hello ladies

    Just thought i would pop in and let you all know that Janie has had a baby girl, Jasmine. Not sure of any other details just yet but im sure she will be in to inform everyone of her news soon.

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    Congratulations Janie!! fantastic news!

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    Mar 2007

    Thanks Paula for this great news!!
    Congrats Janie on a having a baby girl

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    barney Guest

    congrats janie on your beautiful new jasmine

    hope all you pg girls are plodding along ok

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    May 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi to everyone

    I have been away for a little while, so haven't posted at all.

    Congrats to the lovely births in the last couple of weeks!

    Bel - hang in there sweetie, you are getting closer and safer.

    AFM: Hit the 12 week mark this week and very excited about that. The nuchal scan went very well, and risk for chromosomal abnormalities very low, so we can officially tell everyone now. I was SOOOOO excited to see bubs moving around, touching his/her face. It was truly amazing, and DH is beside himself.

    Love to all

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    Mar 2007

    Neptune glad to hear that your 12 week scan went well and bubs was puting on a show for you both

    Thanks Smithy for popping in can't wait to see you in here when you get your BFP is May

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    Nov 2007
    Country Vic - West of Ballarat

    Janie, fantastic news on the arrival of Jasmine. Can't wait to hear how it all went.

    Miss M: So happy that your scan went well and you got to see the little H/B. Hope your m/s symptoms don't get too bad.

    Neptune: Fantastic news on the 12 week scan. Mines the Tuesday after Easter and am busting for it too come around.

    AFM: I had massive stretching and cramping pains last night. Enought to take my breath away. Got home from work and went straight to be to rest. No bleeding (which is good) and this morning the pain has subsided and am just feeling residual pain, like when you get a cramp in your leg and when it goes away your leg is still sore for a while. I keep telling DH it must be our bubble kicking up a storm in there and trying to make some more room for himself. I am calling the baby 'he', for some reason I always thought I would have a girl but this little bubble is making me feel it is a little boy. Anyway time will tell on that one. Has anyone else had a gut feeling on what they were having and it turned out right??

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    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Congrats to Janie Charlotte and I are home we will try and catch up soon. Thanks Smithy for alerting the team

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    Nov 2004
    Melbourne VIC

    Congrats to Janie and welcome back Linda! I hope you're recovering well. My turn for c/s on Wednesday so can't wait to hear how you went.

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    Oct 2008
    Far north Queensland

    Congratulations to Linda and Janie. Thanks for sharing your awesome news about Charlotte and Jasmine (two gorgeous names by the way). We have Jasmine set in concrete for a girl's name too, it's such a beautiful name.

    stork-girl::Wishing you a short recovery and hope you are loving life with your new baby girls.

    AFM I can't remember if I gave my last update, been a bit crook. I had a scan and have a healthy happy little heart beat of 144 bpm. DH was there for the scan and has really kicked into excitement mode, he told me to tell him to shutup on the drive home, but it was cute. It takes a bit of a reality hit like seeing it on the screen and realising this could be it, babyland, with no turning back.

    Goodluck to everyone else, Megan especially for next week.

    Oh, great news on your scan Miss Magpie and Neptune, the nuchal scan sounds amazing. I have mine booked for the end of the month and after hearing your description, I'm looking forward to it.

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    Mar 2007

    Congrats again TL, glad to hear that you and Miss C are home

    Megan, only two sleeps to go for you. Best of luck for Wednesday.

    AFM, well it's 4am and I have been awake since 3
    This happened a few days last week and I thought I was back to waking at a decent hour...maybe not!!
    DH and I put the cot up on the weekend and I nested for the rest.
    Other than that still lots of strong kicks and hiccups poor thing.

    Hope you all have a great week

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    Jul 2008

    Firstly - Congrats to Janie and TL on the arrivals of their baby girls. I look forward to reading all about it and I'll update the list soon.

    Nicole - My nightly routine is wake at midnight for a pee, back to sleep til 4am, lie awake til 5am, get up and move to couch, read til 6am, sleep til 7am, get up. The 4am only started recently and is a bit painful, but this is my last week at work so won't be too bad after that. Fun, isn't it?

    AFM - I went to hospital last wednesday with strange period like cramping. It wasn't contractions, but I was sent home for the rest of the week anyway. I had a bad head cold and I think just run down over all. I'm glad they made me take some time off because I think I really needed it. Feeling better this week even though it feels like my hips are about to implode, hands feel like I have athritis, heels are about to split in two and I don't have cankles - I have thankles (ankles the same size as my thighs) BUT - my gorgous baby is still moving around and making enough of a ruckas to let me know everything is ok.

    I had my 2nd baby shower this weekend just gone (over did it with the house work and food prep) it was a great laugh. 14 bottles of champange and 2 bottles of white later (none for me obviously) I finally decided to kick my girlfriends out with a thank you bag and a lift to the next house so the party could continue :-) No cups of tea served at my baby shower. hahahahahahaha. At last count our baby has 8 pairs of shoes and no pants - I guess that is what you get for not finding out the gender.

    Anyway - that's enough for me - Good luck to Megan for Wednesday - we are still in breech too and will be booking c/s on Wednesday.

    To all the other lovely ladies - Belly rubs and happy thoughts.


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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    congratulations Janie!! wonderful news

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Thanks Ladies

    Megan my CS was the most amazing experience it happens all so quickly and there is a beatiful baby with you. You are back with bubs very soon and then you can enjoy things.

    Take care of you and remember to get people to help with bubs for the first week or so. So that you can get the best recovery.

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    Oct 2008

    hi girls - i have goosebumps reading all the news over the last few days!
    TL - your girl is beautiful - congratulations!
    Janie - congrats to you too on your beautiful girl Jasmine!
    Tania - wonderful news on your scan! half way till 12 weeks now!
    Megan - how fantastic that your baby is coming on Wednesday!
    Murph - thrilled at your scan results too
    Nicole & Nixon - hope you girls are surviving on your 4am wake up calls.
    Kelly - hope the stretching pain has settled down.
    Neptune - congrats on your scan results. What a thrill to be able to share your news now!
    Hi to BG, 21, Smithy, Paula, Possums, Nicole, Loula, Kaydee, Bel and everyone else!
    AFM, only 3 sleeps to go until half way scan - I can't wait

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    Nov 2008
    on the verge of greatness!

    knock, knock can i peek in the door?

    what a treat to wake up from a restless sleep at 3am, jump on my poorly neglected forums and find so many of the ''old'' (not quote marks girls) friends from 2ww here! With bubby bellies!!!

    Hi so much to you all, nixon, farmgirl, mels, nicole 2, murph (you're here), tania, kelly, neptune, briggsy's girl, missmapgie, kaydee and everyone else!!!!

    I'll be better able to do personals once i get my head into the forum, but for now big hugs for you all.

    Only got my BFP yesterday. so it's probalby still a bit early to get too carried away. but i'm just so excited couldn't help but come in here and start wishing.

    My hcg was 157 and my progesterone was up about 300, which the nurses told me they were very happy with. We are haivng a BT on thursday, so hoping those numbers go up!

    For now, just going to enjoy the moment and try not to stress about the future... i'm sure all you girls have done that before me so i'll try to ride in on your coattails

    tentative due date is 13 Dec, which happens to be my sister's bday!

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    May 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Hayley WOW!!!! Congratulations to you, and I am very happy to see you here. WEll done

    I'm due on my sisters birthday too (Oct 15th) so must be a good omen! My sis doesn't mind sharing her birthday if she had to!

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