thread: Recipes - Simple & Cheap

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    Feb 2005

    No Danni I don't have a slow cooker.

    Thanks guys I will check it out!

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    Sep 2005

    There is a great website at Taste.com.au - it has all the recipies from AGT, SUprerfood Ideas, ABC Delicious and I think Australian Gourmet Traveller. It is free and searchable - it also has cateogories - lo-carb, low fat etc - I have been trawling my way through the "Budget" section - there are HUNDREDS of pages of recipies in there, no kidding and some very nice ones as well!

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    Hi Guys,
    I know this is a rather old thread but i thought i would just add a couple of my most fave easy recipes.

    Mango Chicken

    Chicken (however much per person you want)
    French onion soup (powdered mix)
    Tin Mangoes
    Tin Coconut milk/cream

    Brown the chicken...
    Add the soup, mangoes and coconut milk
    simmer for 15 mins or so

    Serve with rice...

    So Simple yet delicious.

    Chicken and sweet corn soup

    Chicken stock
    Tin Creamed Corn
    Tin Corn

    Boil the chicken stock and water.
    Add the chicken and onion and both corns, let simmer for as long as you like.

    Fantastic with fresh bread when its cold, and i sometimes make it more of a soup and add potato and stuff to it...

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    Jan 2005

    The risotto works well with pumkin soup as well, and chopped onion and/or leek, pumpkin and a cup or so of peas if you like them. Depending how think the soup is you might add some water.

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    Aug 2005
    central coast

    what about salmon rissoles, they are so yum with just an easy salad on the side, the way i make mine:

    mashed potaotes
    tin salmon 240g
    1 egg
    1carrot grated
    tasty cheese grated
    chives and/or parsley
    1 onion

    i usully mash my spuds, then add egg, salmon, chesse, parsley/chives, salt pepper and mix.........i cut onion and grated carrot and fry till tender.......then add to the mix.......then roll in breadrumbs and put in fridge so they are easier to fry latter on...they are so tummy with sweet chilli sauce..............and you usually have all the ingredients in the pantry/fridge.