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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ December 2006 #2

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    morganj Guest


    Good Morning Ladies

    Well yesterday just wasn't our day - first DH got made redundant and secondly I got a BFN. I had forgotten to take my temp aswell and then this morning I got a huge temp rise so FF reckons I O'd on Friday and we didn't bd much last week - in fact only Saturday night as I thought I'd already O'd. Damn damn. So I'm hoping FF is wrong and that we O'd yesterday but not too sure. Eeek!! If only I'd taken my temp yesterday - it could have been a big dip and maybe we O'd yesterday. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see. Am not feeling too good today - am just in shock that my Dh's employer could make him redundant a week before Christmas!!

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    Morning gals,

    Shan, hope everything is ok.... thinking of you hun xoxox

    Hope - glad to hear everything is ok with pinchy. Stay positive hun, this ones a sticker!

    Hi Lind... I'm giving that doctor a cyber whooping for you. What a Wan##r! You my dear are definitely up the duff!

    Kez, I hope everything is ok... how are you holding up hun?

    Oops, just got busted at work so a huge hi to Bun, Chepie, Kerry, LisaL, MorganJ, cinnamon and everyone else. Have a marvelous day... will bbl!

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    Oh Morganj, so sorry about the bfn - does all that temp stuff mean you have O'd really late in your cycle?

    SusieT - so when is your edd sweets? Are you going to be a belly buddie with me, Lind, Kez and Tanya?/ I sure hope so!

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    Morning ladies,

    having a sick day today . Thank you for all of your kind words I have calmed down at bit though I have become one of those loo paper checkers!! Every half hour :eek:

    Morjanj- what the??? How could his boss do that to him just b4 Christmas ... I am really sorry to hear that... Also sorry about the BFN.. you will see ,Jan 07 will be the time for you and DH will get an even more fabolous job xxxx

    Hope- OMG what was the scare???? Are u and pinchy ok??

    Shan- Babe I hope that you are 0k.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Kerry - Wishing you the best time in Hong Kong must be so exciting to go away. We are going to Scotland in Feb - hmmm nice and cold

    Hope all lovely ladies are well xxxxx

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    Oh Morganj - sorry to hear about your terrible day. That is a bit rough your DH being made redundant a week before Christmas. I hope you are ok today sweetie
    As frustrating as it is to have missed the egg, at least you seem to have ovulated and can look forward to the next cycle!

    Kez - you poor thing. Try not to stress and remember you can come here and talk to us whenever you feel like it!

    Hope - can't wait to hear how your scan goes tomorrow!

    Is anyone due to test soon?

    Well, I am over the moon today (funny the things you get excited about sometimes!), as I think I O'ed yesterday!!! Yay! Massive temp rise today. Now we are not officially TTC ATM, but we did BD the day before O, so there is a chance.... I sooo want to be pg again. I don't believe my dr that you need to wait 3 months to TTC again, and if I did conceive, I have not yet satisfied the waiting period to use my private health insurance, but that is not the end of the world. The biggest problem if I did get a BFP is that my mum is going on a big holiday o/s in Sept and Oct next year, and she doesn't want the first g'child to be born then. She would kill me, but I just couldn't wait to TTC again, and besides, we probably won't be lucky enough to get a BFP first go again anyway.

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    Hi lovely ladies,
    Hope - I must have missed something - hope you & pinchy are doing fine (such a cute nickname!!)
    Kez, I hope you are fine too & that the spotting has stopped ! It must be sooo stressful being pg again after what we've all been through.....
    Morganj - what a day you had yesterday!! So sorry to about DH losing his job - hopefully something better is just around the corner. Also sorry about the BFN...roll on 2007!
    Bun - I hope things work out the way you want....
    Me - not much to report here. On cycle day 11 so will need to start limbering up for the bd fest ahead. Am using FF for the first time this month so will be interested to see when it thinks I O. I have been really good & have managed to temp at pretty much the same time every morning.....yay for me!
    Hi to you all - hope everyone is in a good place !

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    Sorry I haven't posted much lately. Just have felt like I needed to deal with things on the homefront. I am feeling much better this week but still feeling sad, which is to be expected. I have a call into my midwife because both my sister and best friend had a miscarriage under her care and she told them that there usually not a physical reason to wait but emotional. Now I know we've had a traumatic year, but it's driving me nuts to think of waiting. I know that if she says to wait I will, but DH is already talking about trying again and I just feel like if we are ready, why wait? I am only temping and know that it can fairly deceiving after a miscarriage so I would just rather not avoid getting pregnant but if it happens it happens. This just sucks!(excuse my language) This emotional roller coaster is awful.

    To all of you who have gotten BFP recently-Congratulations and I hope to be with you soon!! Merry Christmas!

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    kirsty Guest


    Hiya lovely ladies, time to lock this thread & start a new one over here

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