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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ December 2006 #2

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    kirsty Guest

    Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ December 2006 #2

    Welcome to December! Here's wishing everyone much success over the coming months & loads of BFP's to be found in here.

    If you have any concerns regarding anything within this thread please email/ PM any of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum (all emails/ PM's are treated equally & confidentially):-

    Melinda [email protected]
    Kirsty [email protected]
    Cailin [email protected]

    Also, don't forget to check out the informative BellyBelly Conception Articles.

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    kirsty Guest

    Hiya lovely ladies last thread is here

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2006

    Afternoon everyone,

    Kbowman - I hope you have a sensational trip, how exciting. Here's hoping that a little r & r will do the trick for ttc.

    Chepie - oooooh... sounds promising. Who would've thought sore bb's would feel so good hey! Good luck for Friday hun.

    Shan & Hope, how you guys doing?

    Cilmum - I hope you're wrong and you counght that eggie. Fingers crossed that af doesn't show up saturday.

    Mummyto1 - Thanks for the advice, it's good to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground before I get too ahead of myself! Hope you're doing good hun :hugs:

    Lisa - So thrilled to see you're dancing around on cloud nine. Hope the visit with NP goes well, sending you heaps of

    Hi to everyone I've missed, hope theres tuns of christmas bfp's coming up.

    As for me, still no sign of af but trying not to get my hopes up too much. Time will tell, I have no doubt!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2006

    Lisa-- I am absolutely THRILLED to hear your news!!!!!!!
    It couldn't have happened to a nicer or more supportive girl!!! I am so sorry that I didn't check in sooner but I must admit that Missy's loss has really shaken me up and I have only been popping in to check that thread. We were due on the same day and it really hits home that the same thing could happen... anyway, I must try to be positive. I am heading in for another scan on december 22nd so I can hopefully relax a little over Xmas and New Year. Once again though I am just so happy to hear about your pregnancy!!

    Shan-- Thankyou so much for your beautiful message in the Pregnancy announcement thread. It really meant alot to me. I think temping is a great idea too. I found it allowed me to feel a little more in control and like I was doing something proactive instead of just waiting around and guessing when i might be o'ing.

    I trust that everyone is well and I will endeavour to go back and catch up on what i have missed. Take care, xoxoxoxoxox

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    Registered User

    Nov 2005

    Gosh, a new thread already...gosh we must talk a lot...hehehe

    Susie - fingers crossed for you hun...when are you testing???

    Lisa - how did you go with the NP?? I bet she was stoked

    Hope - it's my pleasure hun. I'm getting nowhere with the temping. I either totally forget coz i'm getting up to make DH his lunch and he hasn't woken me so i'm in a rush, or when i do remember it's when i've been awake all night so it wouldn't have a proper reading anyway....okay..AF is still here, so it's not too late...time to get serious...

    Hope everyone else is having a great day...xxx

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    Registered User

    Nov 2005

    Hehehehe....i just read the first line of my post...what's with all the 'goshes'...lol

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2006

    *Gosh* I don't know Shan! It's a great word though, almost as good as 'golly' LOL!

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    Nov 2005

    Oh..how my brain works is beyond me...lol...i didn't even realise i'd typed it...i think i'm gunna have to re-read every single little word in every single post jik....who knows what i've written today...hehehe

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2006

    Sometimes I wonder how I must sound when I talk, coz I reckon I type like I talk on here IYKWIM?! If I send an email or something I think about it more, but on BB I just type away!

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    Nov 2005

    Me too!. I was typing an email the other day applying for a job and i had to re-write it coz i was typing like i do on here, hardly any punctuation, no capital letters, abbreviations hehehe...i gotta think real hard in the real world now..lol

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2004
    Hunter Valley

    Hello everyone - I'm not really posting much at the moment as I have no idea where I am at and my emotions are very raw at the moment. I have been a bit of a wreck over the last week. I have taken to wearing sunglasses all day and walking around the house with a damp face washer to try and reduce the swelling around my eyes. I left the house on Saturday for the first time on my own, to head to the library next door. I don't really feel like seeing anyone or talking to anyone at the moment, which is really hard at Christmas time.

    I have my appt on Friday with the ob/gyn to follow up and hopefully we can plan where to go from here. My DH seems to think that we are going to conceive again straight away, but I'm not that optimistic. In fact there is no way I can go through another 3yrs of TTC, as I feel like my whole life is on hold and that I'm not functionally 100%. I was so excited to read of Lisa's news and when I told my DH about how it had been a year - he was a bit shocked. I really think, that he thinks, that it will happen automatically.

    In fact so does my Dad. He called me yesterday and asked if I was pregnant again yet. I said - Dad, I had a miscarriage less than 3 weeks ago, what do you think? I don't even know when we can start trying again. Is it any wonder why I don't want to answer the phone. My Dad means so well, but he really struggles with having 3 daughters and trying to understand all that "female stuff".

    I read this book a few months ago about a lady who was TTC#1 for 7yrs, who had tried everything but all it got her was a divorce because her husband had a one-night stand and got this other woman pregnant. Every failed cycle she would write herself off by drinking herself into oblivion, and her husband would have to rush home and she would go psycho at him throwing everything in sight. After reading it I thought, when do you stop? When do you say that enough is enough and I'm not going to try anymore because it has taken over my life and I don't know what being normal is anymore? If only this lady had bellybelly to gain strength from her online friends. This rollercoaster ride is draining for all of us, but I know even when I am down, someone on here will give me the strength to get back up, and I know that I will do the same for someone else when they are down. I just wish there weren't any downtimes for any of us.

    Sorry for rambling and being so selfish, but I know that I can talk to you all about how I really feel. My DH should be home soon. He'll probably look at my puffy face and wish he was going to get a good night of sleep. *hugs to you all*

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    Apr 2006
    In the ning nang nong...

    Sending lots and lots of hugs and love your way, Belinda. You're not rambling, nor are you being selfish. You are grieving. And you are healing. And you have friends here who will listen and empathise with how you are feeling. I hope that the follow up with your ob/gyn on Friday will provide some answers and support. I'll be thinking of you. Wishing we didn't have to go through such unhappiness and pain.

    I head off to Hong Kong two days after school finishes, returning January 4. Once the school reports, portfolios, etc have gone out, then I think I'll be able to get excited about the trip.:neutral: I am sooooo tired at the moment. Goodnight!!

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    Sep 2006

    Belinda Please don't ever apologise for rambling as you are just expressing your feelings. We all empathise with you hun. Just remember that its still early days and you will start to have some good days. But you need to let it all out as you are grieving. We are all here to support each other during the difficult times and as you know we all have those.
    I hope your appointment goes well on Friday, I will be thinking of you:hugs:

    Kbowman Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong sweet. What a great place to be spending Christmas. I wish you all the very best for this cycle too.

    Missy I know its a little delayed but I truly am so sorry for your loss hun. Remember to be kind to yourself and know that we are all here for you.

    Lou How are you sweet? I haven't seen you around for a while, I hope you are ok.

    Hi to all I've missed. Will catch up soon.

    As for me not much is happening. Start the bd fest in the next couple of days and I'm trying to get things sorted out and packed as we are going away for 3 weeks on Monday. I really don't want to go as it is the first time back to the place where my 1st m/c took place and I have to have a 23 day b/t at the same hospital. I am trying to be happy but all I seem to be doing lately is snapping my poor dh and everyone around me heads off. I hate feeling like this. Another thing that I'm having a hard time dealing with is dh best mate is coming out here tomorrow from America with his wife and 3.5 month old baby (who was born 3 weeks after our 1st due date) and are having bub Christened on Sunday and dh is God Father. I'm trying to be happy about seeing them but know that it will be hard to spend a lot of time with them. Oh well I guess I will just have to deal with it hey. Sorry for this vent but I needed to get it all out.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Belinda - I'm sorry that things are so raw for you. It will slowly get better, and yes, we all feel the same way.
    We were so manic to concieve after our m/c it was such a hard time. Sometimes I think its almost better if you have to settle down again before getting going cause its just so much pressure.
    Anyway, you will get there again, no matter how long it takes, itwill be wonderful.

    Just popping in cause I got an SMS from Tanya this morning and she wanted me to let you all know.

    AF due today and temp rise! So she is off to buy an HPT and will hopefully come and visit from the library later today.... if its good news.
    I have everything crossed for her

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2006

    oh, Belinda, Iam realy really sorry that you are feeling so low at the moment. If you need to cry though you need to let the tears come- as others have mentioned this is your way of dealing with your loss. Has af returned since your m/c (I'm assuming not since it was only 3 wks ago)? Maybe once it does you will feel more hopeful. Unfortunately we all know what you are going through & after a long time TTC it can be an almighty blow to lose a bubba. I still have tears & low days about my m/c in August but then I think I need to be positive so my body is able to nuture another little bubba. LisaL is a big believer in positive thoughts & energy & look where that has got her- UTD!
    Allow yourself to grieve & when you are feeling stronger you will be more hopeful & will get that BFP you so deserve. Ina few years you will look back on this time & realise how much stronger it has made you!
    Mako, same to you - be strong over the next few weeks facing you DH friend & little one -maybe being around a bubba willl rub off some good vibes to you- here's hoping.
    Chin up everyone & I hope we are hearing more good news from Tanya this afternoon - GO TEAM BLUE!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2006
    Melb, Vic

    Belinda sweety, I am so sorry you feel like this babe, but I totally understand how you feel. Its totally normal to go through these emiotions and take your time to grieve the loss of your little one. You will never forget or be 'over it' but you will learn to live with it as each day goes by. It took us 18months and two losses to get to what seems to be a reasonably healthy bfp so far, but its not over for me, and I have learned to believe that whatever will be will be and im prepared for whatever comes my way atm.

    You have to trust in yourself and believe that you will be a mummy. I know someone said Im a strong believer in positive thoughts etc, and I am. Try to do some visualisation and relaxation(meditation) exercises, they are great for your emotional state. My NP highly recommends this approach leading up to ttc again. And dont be reading books like that one about the 7 year ttc. read positive stories, you will find some in PAML - i think the thread is called success stories.

    Big hugs to you hun, and we are all here for you and to help you through this and to support and guide you to a new bfp.

    Hope - thanks sweety. You are so kind, but we all deserve a bfp!! I was shattered to hear about Missy, but try not to let it stress you out too much hun. Everyone's fotune is different, and I hope that you will have nothing but good fortune this time and will get to hold your bubby soon

    A big hi to everyone else,

    Sending loads of babydust to everyone - and praying for you all to get your very own bfp's.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Ok, did anyone notice Fi's post?

    Bout time!!
    EDD 24th Aug I would love an august baby


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    Jan 2006
    Melb, Vic


    Im so happy for you babe! I just knew there would be more bfp's in here!! Oh hunney I am so thrilled. Whoo hoo - we are going to be belly buddies! Yay!!

    How are you feeling?? OMG this is so exciting!!

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