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thread: 1-6 month General Chatter

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    Melinda Guest

    Ohhh....my DH is a slacker on the photo front too! I've taken heaps of pictures of him with Jacob, but the ones of Jacob and I are few and far between!!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I am sooooo not impressed with Aidyn right now... cheeky little Bugga!!
    I just got him settled and to sleep for his nap... and he bloody woke up five minutes later! I tried to leave him there on the bed but I keep catching him trying to sit up so he can see me at the desk... and then he starts laughing and cooing every time I tell him to go back to sleep!!! So he is happy in my lap right now, what a sweet, cheeky boy, LOL!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    LOL, Brandon likes to sit at the computer too.

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    spiddles Guest

    I guess you dont really realise how many places are unwheelchair and baby friendly until you have a baby.

    Has been raining here ever since saturday nite YAY!! Liam hadnt had a proper bath since saturday so I gave him one. Loved it in there but when I took him out and wraped him in his towel started to shiver and scream. Poor little guy. Once dressed was fine.

    Dont know how much Liam weighs until thursday as has checkup. Hasnt been weighed in weeks but he seems heavier.

    WOW at 8kgs Ambah. DH cat weighs that!! All I could think of when we bought Liam home that Casper and my bowling ball weighs more than him *lol*

    Don't talk to me about photos. I have the fat and frumpy syndrome too!!

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    Marcia Guest

    Arrrggghhh! Why won't my baby sleep!!!?? Sorry, I know none of you can answer that. He is driving me crazy today. He is getting tired and whingy and crying, but once I get him to sleep it only lasts about 10 minutes before he wakes up screaming again. I try to resettle about 4 or 5 times which doesn't seem to work and when I get him up he is all happy and playful again for a short while and then the crying starts again and we are back to square one. Just when I thought he was getting better at day sleeps we have gone back to battling it out every day for the last week. I can't wait for this week to be over and DH to be home again because I really think my tolerance level is not as high when I know he won't be home at the end of the day to give me a bit of a break when nothing I do seems to be working. Have got bugga all done today now.

    IKWYM about the fat and frumpy syndrome. I feel that way too atm. I have this theory about the free photo that all the photo places offer with your baby's sitting. They convince you to make the free piccie one that has both you and your bub in it, knowing full well that we all feel fat and frumpy after having a baby, and then when you go to pick the photos up you end up buying a heap cos you hate the free one, and you can't have the ones you like without buying them all lol. That's what happened to me anyway, and it sounds like it might have happened to a lot more than just me lol! Grrrrrr at those tricky photo people.

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    Vicsta Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't posted for ages as its so hard to keep up. But I do enjoy reading what is happening to everyone's little one!

    Bailey was weighed today. He is 7.2kg and 63cm long. He has to have his 4 month shots on Thursday and I'm not looking forward to it at all. Now that he is a little more aware of things; I think it will hurt him more! #-o

    Melbourne just held their Mother's Child and Baby Expo here last weekend. 7 ladies from my mother's group went and we had a ball. Even all our feed times coincided. And some were breast feeding while others were bottle feeding. I took some money to buy a port-a-cot and a toddler seat for the pram and I think I bought everything else but them. Still we had a great time. I also bought a special wrap blanket as I still have to wrap Bailey so he will go to sleep. Its called the Miracle Blanket and I think that's what it was for me. Bailey would always wake after 45 minutes nap during the day, but for the last 3 days he hasn't and I have had to wake him up for his feeds!!!! The first night I tried it; he slept from 9pm - 9am. I was very lost in the morning as I didn't know what to do?!?!?! It was quite expensive, but I think worth every cent. There were heaps of other goodies there too. I think I could have spent another day there.

    I need to get a photo of Bailey, myself and DH very soon. He's 4 months and I don't have any family shots. Thinking of getting a good one done and giving them away for Christmas presents.

    Well hope eveyone has a good night


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Thats so great Vicki about the miracle wrap!!! Well done!!

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    katanya Guest

    Marcia: I was tempted to ask for the free photo of me and Felix at Pixie Photo but thankfully I didn't. as it was not an image I want in larger format..much nicer having a big pic of Felix..does ANYONE get their favourite photo for free at that place? I bought 1 other as much as she tried to talk me into more, I wasn't that impressed to tell you truth..

    Vicki: that Miracle wrap sounds great..well worth the money, I went to the Mother and Baby expo went it was here in Queensland and it is so cool you get so much free stuff! We'll worth a visit! Is Bailey the latest Bailey on the beautiful babes section of the main Belly Belly site? If so he is Beautiful! A little stunner!

    I tried Felix at the computer with me today...all he want to do is bang at the keys..very cute but not easy to type and all the menus popped up!..so looks like he will be restricting my usage of the net from now on!

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    katanya Guest

    I forgot to post this thread on here, it is the latest photos of Felix, there are millions (about 80 to be exact) due to me not having a computer to upload them to..so have a peek if you are interested.

    Poor Felix is going through another unfortunate hair phase, it only grows in the centre of his head, everyone comments on his "mohawk" we end up gelling it up to make it look a little better..! Oh well hopefully the other sides will grow soon!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Hi girls,
    I just cant keep up with personals :-k I'll give it a try.
    Katanya, your little Felix is so cute. They grow up so quickly. Are you still b/f?
    Is anyone else b/f?
    We have not done our free photo yet. We did ds close to 6 months and we did it at portrate place. I often look at the pixi places and think that it doesn't look ver personal and I would feel a bit rushed. P/p seem to take their time and I feel more relaxed and private as it is not out in the open.

    Vicki, what is the miricale wrap made of and what makes the baby sleep so peacefully/ Sounds great.

    Marcia, Hope you get some sleep soon and Hudson settles back into a routine for the day soon.

    We have not had any rain in Wodonga Vic for some time now.
    Ambah, you have a cheeky boy there. As for the weight, I would not worry as once they get moving, ie. walking, they loose it soon enough.

    Tootie, How is Jacob now after his shots? Amelia has hers on the 1/11/04. So not looking forward to it. Especially since she does not have a dummy and ds did. Not sure what to do to settle her .

    Susan, you have a very smart baby there. I am sure Brandon will be tying his own laces soom.

    Christy, Love the thought of pj, movie and sweets. Just bring on the rain.

    Sorry to all you others I have missed. There are just too many people in here now, I can't keep up.

    ps. Michelle congrats on Jemma with the toileting.

    Gotta go, dd needs feeding.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    IKWYM about keeping up with personals rose, thats why I love reading how everyone's little ones are going but I often don't always comment on everything...

    rose- Matilda did well after her shots she got at 2 months and she didn't use a dummy then...

    we didn't quite make the movie... I know it was far fetched idea, but we never actually got there...lol.... I did get Matilda's PJ's on one step at a time!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Katanya - Felix is a real cutie-pie!!!

    Vicsta - that miracle blanket sounds great!! I will have to get one for my next baby (if it ever happens, lol!) I had the same result with Aidyn using one of those Grobag sleeping bags (when he was over 6 weeks) as he couldn't unwrap himself, it is excellent!
    I am looking forward to the next Mother & Baby Expo! I think I missed this years...

    Marcia - that must be very hard for you having DH away for some weeks. I think you are doing really well, I don't know how I would manage on my own, with the thought that DP wasn't coming home!! Hang in there, and I hope Hudson and you have a better day tomorrow.
    LOL at the 'fat & frumpy' syndrome! I have that for sure! I got my professional shots of Aidyn done at a studio, and they suggested I pose with him, but I was like NO WAY!! I think I will wait a few more months until his 1year photos, and hopefully will have shed some kilos by then.

    The rain has been just lovely today... a really refreshing change, but I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow (overcast would be nice though) as I have to get to the shops!! (public transport!)

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    katanya Guest

    Rose: yep still breastfeeding purely and intend to for as long as Felix wants it (don't get me started on the benefits of extended breastfeeding!) won't be starting solids till at LEAST after 6 mths
    Felix seems so grown up already..it's just unbelievable!

    I KWYM about the personal comments, sometimes it is just easier to let the person you are refering to know, but I always read everyone's comments, just somethings I can relate to I guess.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh yeah!! I forgot to say what a gorgeous big boy Felix is!!! I love his hair do!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I see everyone has been typing madly again. And I did check yesterday.

    Cant talk long, Hi Katanya, and great to hear your Felix is doing so well.

    Hi Rose- things seem on track for you too, which is great. Jemma is doing the frustrating toilet traingin! ie asks for the toilet and plays with the paper, goes in 3 times and as soon as the nappy goes on she does poo. It' s a little hard as I have so much to do, I am tryihg to convince her to use the potty instead but she is a very persistent child and wont stop saying "toi, toi" until I take her to the toilet. How is Jonathon going?

    I have to go and spend some time with Arron, he is sitting alone in the lounge, probably asleep!

    We did an epic shop as we had no food and it cost $500. We do have food now and won't be going back for about 6 weeks so that's not bad really. Everything is full.

    Sorry if I didn't reply to everyone
    Goodnight and thanks for the bday wishes.

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    dd Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm not going to begin to try and get to everyone - there really is alot of people in here - I haven't had time to get on and when I did I couldn't believe there was about nine pages of posts to read - needless to say I skip them to the latest.

    Shynelle has just had her four needles and what a scream she let out it nearly made me cry #-o I did the dummy thing and she was fine - so now i'll just monitor her cause after the 2mth and prevenar injections she had a temp and was unsettled for nearly the week! The GP said it wasn't the needles but it happened both times so i'm not convinced :-k

    Michelle I hope Jemma realises soon how much nicer it would be for her to not have to sit in her mess and use the toi toi all the time!

    Pee - I checked out your photo's Riley is sooooo cute!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good day! O

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    Marcia Guest

    Awwww. Katanya, Felix is so cute! And I think the hair is cute too. He looks funky and different from all the other babies. He's just going to be a trend setter lol.

    Well, no sleeping through for me last night lol. I thought surely Hudson would as he barely slept all day, but we still did a feed at 12am, 5.30am, 7.30am and then up! Oh well, I am now thinking that the only reason he was sleeping so well before was because he was sick lol. =D> for my little man too! Yesterday I put him on his tummy for a bit and suddenly he can hold himself up really well! I will be able to give him more tummy time now as he always hated it before because he had his face in the blanket. And even bigger =D> because he has also started rolling from his tummy to his back! He did it about 5 times yesterday. Only problem with that is that when I am trying to give him tummy time he is just going to keep rolling. s'pose I'll just have to keep putting him back lol.

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    spiddles Guest

    Mummy's very happy today. He slept from 9 last night until 3 this morning. I think thats the longest he has ever slept for. Usually sleeps for about 4 hours. Woke again at 6:30 and went back to sleep at 10 and is sltill sleeping. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come!!

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