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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    christy sorry tohear you and matilda are both sick.

    wow on the party michelle - we are off to a 40th next weekend, we have 3 40ths in 6 wks so it is a bit scary soon it will be 50th's lol. we can take lani to the parties and jay will stay at mum and dad's so that should be good.

    katanya and spiddles i do agree the breast is easier especially going out, you don't have to worry about taking enough bottles. i have done a bit of both - jessie was breastfed for 12mths, jay was a absolute shocker even the midwives said he would be difficult to feed - to much of a sticky beak however i managed to do it for 12wks - lani is great especially she does not find taking it from a bottle, but i will only give her the bottle at her rollover feed between 10pm and 11pm, last night i had a huge 150mls and she only took about 50mls it was so said to tip it down the sink - i have got some advent express freezer bags so i think i will store the excess in them.

    my financial theory was if i breastfeed i will use disposable nappies if i formula feed then i will use cloth - so the expense is down, i remember with jay being on formula and disposables the shopping bill was quite big, especially as jessie was still in nappies.

    everytime i think i will pull out all my scrapbooking i think no lani will wake soon and wouldn't you know it she sleeps 3 to 4 hours, and when i do take it all out she wakes after 40mins and it is up and down trying to settle her - they are cute funny little things aren't they.

    i am going to turn the heater on it is so cold here today, i really miss being pregnant and having my body all nice and warm - my own internal heater.

    take care

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    Marcia Guest

    Again I have missed a lot, but I will try to catch up lol!

    Mooshie - Sounds like you have had some great sleeps from Lani! I hope it keeps up for you.

    Kelly - Great to hear that your work is working out the way you want it.

    Christy - Hope you and Matilda are feeling better today. =D> for her six hour sleep. That is wonderful. I hope she keeps it up for you.

    On the breastfeeding/bottlefeeding, I wish I had been able to breastfeed, but I also didn't have the right equipment lol. I persisted for the first month, but it just wasn't going to work for us. I can imagine it being so much easier with going out and not having to worry about bottles etc., but I suppose I can also leave Hudson with DH and go out if I want to (problem is I miss him too much lol), and it is good that he can help with night feeds when he is not working the next day as I think the extra sleep does wonders for my sanity. We were at a party saturday night and there were 4 other bubs and mums there, and all were still BF successfully. I actually felt a little bit of jealousy towards them ROFL! I was surprised that I still wish I had been able to do it that much!

    Well, big weekend for us again with an engagement and housewarming to go to on Saturday night and things to do in the city on Sunday too, so once again we stayed saturday night at my sisters house so we didn't have to do the long drive more than once. We have just had ridiculously busy weekends lately, so I have decided that the next few will be spent at home, as it just gets too much for both us and Hudson. Took Hudson to the Dr's on Friday for a check on his weight and reflux. His weight is apparently fine, so the reflux is more just the mess factor for us which is good. He is now 5.85 kg at 15 weeks, and although he is little he is still following his own weight gain chart. So we are trialling a couple of things for the reflux anyway, but if they don't work out for us it won't matter too much, just lots of washing for a while longer lol.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Girls,

    Oh Christy you por thing, hope it's over for you both soon and you feel better!

    Sounds like you are really busy Marcia, it always comes in waves though, no social things for months and then heaps within a couple of weeks.

    Yeah Katanya, I think you're right about me getting the best one of the lot! Although I am still training Arron LOL iykwim, he is pretty good with money, can be alot selfish about doing things for himself and drinks quite a bit, but over all he is an excellent dad and a hard worker, and he can be manipulated to think differently (by me) if I turn things around to be his idea.

    As for party preperations: My Nana is coming up Friday and the dear thing is going to check out the Sarah Lee shop, write down what they have and the prices, ring me and then go back and get what I want. Dad is then going to pick her up and bring her up Friday night so she can help out in the morning. I am glad cause she is a super worker my Nana and will be terrific to have around. I have organised another salad, and the MIL is also making a few plates of salad, (she thinks shes the salad Queen) I told my girlfriend not to be offended when MIL carries on that she made salads so why did Melissa bring one! She agreed not to worry, I just so know my MIL, I could do her word for word reactions to most situations. She loves to hear herself and be the centre of attention, and she doesn't have the social grace to know that she really needs to be aware that she may actually embaress someone or upset someone. I just wish she wouldn't do it at my things and saved it for her own events. No such luck however. I have ordered the cake today and if should be soooo yummy, strawberries and cream in the middle and strawberries on top, and all for abour $45.

    We are having bed dramas with Jemma. We brought the bed yesterday and now she keeps getting out. Arron decided to persevere tonight and just kept taking her back and eventually she fell asleep. Last night he had to hold her to sleep until 11.30pm and then she was in my bed at 4am and then again at 6.30am. And at 7am Josh came in too. I am being overtaken by kids AHHH! Not that the cot would have kept her in as she justed climbed out of that too. The worse thing is she can open the bedroom door, so we can't lock her in.

    Sorry if I missed anyone, glad to hear thngs are well Michelle.

    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls.... still sick on our front! I had to go to the hospital last night as I had an asthma attack, first problem in 3 years and I didn't have anything to take at home.... I haven't used a puffer in so long they all got out of date, the last ones I had I didn't even open and went out of date... so I just didn't get any more.... #-o could have used one yesterday...apparently its due to the cold getting into my chest. But Matilda was amazing she fell asleep at 7.30pm in the middle of the emergency department... :-k won't sleep today, maybe she needs bright lights & noise...

    Wow...Jemma is amazing! What an escape artist!!

    Marcia - its great Hudson is still gaining weight!! Matilda hasn't lost any weight due to her reflux, but there are some really messy weeks where I'm sure that nothing has actually stayed in her... somehow it must...

    I'm going to go back to try to put Matilda to sleep AGAIN... she's been in her cot for an hour, and yawning & rubbing her eyes but refusing to sleep...

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    katanya Guest

    wow i think i missed a few notifications!

    marcia: i can understand your feeling a bit left out, there is such a huge push towards BFing, but reality is it doesn't always work out. I believe in the big picture with caring for your child and BFing or formula is only one aspect of that....

    Michelle i feel exhausted just reading what you are up to! god some women are amazing i get cranky and tired with just one baby!

    Christy: that is scary about your asthma attack, they say that the mild asthmatics ik yourself it is easy to put yourself in danger! (my mum is also asthmatic but only has attacks once in a while too) because you let your meds run out and kind of forget to carry puffers..I am glad you are okay, I have spent a few holiday with my Mum being hospitised due to severe asthma attckes due to change in climates..she still refuses to go on daily meds!
    That is funny about Matilda falling asleep there..don't they always surprise you?

    I have less than a wek left in here!!! wow

    Well as for us we are in the process of starting a small work from home business! Very Excting..I'll let you all know when there is more developments!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Hi Girls,
    It has quietened down a bit in here.
    Thought I would share a trick on freezing ebm. I just use the glad snap bags you get from the supermarket to pu the milk in, label it with texta/date and they are as clean as the specal bags bought for ebm, just cheeper. I have got loads of milk stored in the freezer just for a rainy day. I also put ebm in the tupperware ice block maker. It's great as it has its own cover. Once frozen they go straight into the snap bags.

    Christy-you poor thing. Hope you are ok now.

    Sorry, gotta go, dd screaming

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    Marcia Guest

    Christy - That is really bad about your asthma attack! You poor thing, they are so scary. I think you have just inspired me to go and get my asthma medication sorted out. I only have a mild case too, but I have felt wheezy every night for the last week but because I haven't had it for ages I haven't gotten new scripts for my medication. LOL we all do the same thing huh?

    Katanya - The business thing sounds exciting! I always think how good it would be to be able to have something like that, especially now I have Hudson, but too scary for me I think! Would love to hear more about it when you have more to say!

    Michelle - I agree with Katanya, you are one amazing mum! As she said I have enough work just with one and I don't think I could handle organizing a huge party like you are doing. =D> to you! I hope Jemma takes to her new bed soon too. In some ways I think it will be nice when Hudson is old enough to get up and come and cuddle in bed with mum and dad in the mornings, but then that is just one kid, and I'm sure there will be times when we will wish he would just go back to his bed and go back to sleep LOL!

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    Marcia Guest

    Oops, forgot to add that not much exciting stuff happening here. We are trying thickened formula and it seemed good yesterday, but not so good today :-k . Will keep it going until we finish the can, but I'm not sure it is going to make much difference. Worth a shot though. DH is on a night shift tomorrow night and he suggested we go for a picnic for lunch tomorrow!! Very pleasantly surprised at the suggestion so I am looking forward to that!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls,

    Marcia a picnic sounds nice, what a thoughtful Dh you have. Hope the thickening does help Hudson.

    Arron has decided that next weekend we are going to Puffing Billy, I said I didn't think we had the money and he told the kids we're going, TYPICAL! Not that I don't want to go somewhere but he never seems to pick the right time.

    Oh Christy, it just seems like it is getting worse, Arron is an occasional asthmatic too and yes we had the same thing. So I made sure I got the script as he never would and at least its' there if he needs it.

    You girls make me blush. I wish Iwas supermum! Maybe I wouldn't feel so tired! Today was the hC visit. A student nurse was there, so the MCHN did Jemmas 18-24mth assess, while the student weighed and did Jessica's 8 week check (although she is 9 weeks), I answered questions from both sides, and then wrestled Jemma back into her clothes, while Josh played almost nicely for a change.

    The verdict was Jessica has grown 4 1/2 cms in 5 weeks (56cms long), and gained 780gms which takes her to 4.66 kgs (10lb 4 1/2 oz) Head circ is 37.8cm. The flattening on the left side of her head is slightly better, not that I am really worried about it, but it is a relief to know it hasn't gotton worse. ( I could see that for myself of course).

    She is starting to push the 0000's right to the end, so probably another 2 weeks and we will be moving into 000's, how sad!

    Drs tomorrow for 2 month injections, and also for me to see about my throat. has anyone ever had the feeling that they had hair/cotton wool, in their throat, it is highly uncomfortable and has been like this for 2 weeks. Eating seems to relieve it a little but it comes back within the hour. I have a feeling it may be a bacterial infection or maybe thrush, can anyone help. I will ask tomorrow cause it's driving me nuts.

    Katanya the business sounds like a great idea. My Mum and I started a small scrapbooking business October 2003, as I was sort of bored being at home and wanted some brain work. We have an ebay shop and we don't make any money but we get all our supplies at cost so it's good. Ours is only a hobby though, so hopefully you venture takes off quickly and is very fruitful.

    Arron has persevered with Jemma and she went to bed the first time tonight, screaming but still she went, and she stayed in her bed all the night before too, so that's a good sign.

    Anyway, goodnight.

    The forums seem really quiet lately, I wonder what is going on.

    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    ohhh I'm glad I've inspired all you part time asthmatics!! LOL! I'm getting there, heaps better this morning, so its all up from here!

    Matilda's been carrying on like some sort of trooper, not screaming as much which has been great, in fact I don't remember her screaming at all yesterday! WOW! Our first scream free day ever! and I was too sick to notice... oh well...

    I hope you are all well & happy!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Just touching base ... my half day today so hopefully I can get back this afternoon to do a more indepth post! Monday & Tuesday are too exhausting to think about posting!!


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    Pietta Guest

    Hey everyone no time to chat sorry- but a quick Q- do the flat heads sort themselves out or do they stay flat?

    Hope everyone is okay!

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    Orkids Guest

    Hi guys - bet you hardly remember who I am!! I havent posted in ages.

    Christy - sorry to hear you've been sick, I really hope you get over it soon. You probably know that the ventolin puffers no longer even require a script, which is great news if thats the type you use. I had athsma when I was a kid and got it back when I had a cold when I was pregnant - amazing how that stress on our bodies can bring it back.

    Pee - apparantly you should make the cot up at different ends so Ryley is turning his head a different way when he looks towards the door or whatever. I dont think flat spots are a huge problem or anything, but worth doing. Also, the muscles in the neck can get used to only looking one way and they can get to the point where they're incapable of turning their heads the other way.

    Michelle - cant believe you're organising a party - I only have one baby and theres no way I could do it! Congrats on Jessicas good gain. Fraser had his 2 month injections today and I cried, but he's fine. Although having been through it all before I'm sure you're a seasoned pro by now!

    Marcia - hope the thickened formula helps, it must be horrible to have your little bub in pain with reflux. Good luck with the picnic! It sounds really nice.

    Rose - I'd been thinking about freezing milk into ice blocks, it seems more flexible in that you can just get out what you need.

    Katyana - what type of business are you looking at starting - it sounds like a really interesting time ahead of you!

    Sorry if I missed anyone - thats as far back as the page would go!!

    I'm going really well, Fraser is a little trooper, sleeps well - I usually wake him up to feed him at about 10pm and he sleeps through to 6.30 or so. Unless he gets his arms out of his wrap, then he wakes up whenever! I wish I didnt have to wrap him, but he just doesnt sleep properly if I dont. I even tried him in a sleeping bag but didnt put his arms in the arm holes, but that didnt work out.

    He's gaining well, this week it was 280g, he's up to 5140g from 3180g at 9 weeks which is good. He is smiling a lot and laughing which is just heart melting. Today he had his first lot of needles, and I think I was more upset then he was!

    He's a really good baby and really only cries if hes hungry or tired, as well as when he goes in the cot. I find if he stays up for any more than 2 - 2.5 hours at a time to turns into a monster baby and grizzles and cries constantly, so I have to make sure he gets his sleep. I tried him on the routines from the contented little baby book, but he needs more sleep than it allows (it allows 14 or so hours he needs 16 or so), and it came to a head when he wouldnt feed properly. He'd arch his back and thrash about, he'd bite me and scream, and it turns out he was just tired, so now he sets his own routine. In the couple of weeks it took me to work out what the problem was I was beside myself, and ready to try bottle feeding him, it was just so horrible.

    Re: EBM - I express in the mornings and if he's still hungry after his 10pm feed I top him up with EBM, but is it safe to freeze the EBM left over in his bottle? Or do germs get in from his mouth?

    Sorry to hear that some of the babies are suffering from reflux - it must be so horrible.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Just to answer you quickly Orkids,
    Do not reuse any bottle once given. Wether it be EBM or formula. If you think he wont drink it all, just warm up what you think he might drink then if looking for more, add to the bottle.(That's if you don't want to waste). Once started the feed, the bacteria somhow gets in. HTH
    Welcome to the 1-6mth. It has quietened in here a bit which is good.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls

    SO good to hear from you Jessica, and also so great to hear Fraser is doing so well. You do need to listen to your baby and they will set the routine. o glad it has all worked out for you and that the breastfeeding is also going well.

    Pee- lately there has been stuff on the news etc about the "flat head" syndrome. the MCHN told me that it usually isn't a problem as long as the bones in the head don't fuse early and create a badly shaped head. This could damage the brain as it develops. Jessica just loves to lay on her left side and that was flatter than the other side. I have tried everything to get her on the other side, but she likes it so much that even if I face her the opposite way she turns her head that way. Lately she has been sleeping on both sides and moving her head more to the right also, so it looks a little better but isn't even. Jemma had much the same thing and it righted itself.

    Hope working is not exhausting you too much Kelly!

    Hope you feel better tomorrow Christy, and little Matilda too.

    Hi to anyone I missed.

    Jessica's needle went well, she screamed and I felt bad but only for a minute. No reaction at all.

    The Dr really annoyed me though. I mentioned my throat yesterday, well he had a look can't see anything, and told me to try gargling, soothers, yoghart, but to leave it for another 2 weeks as he thinks its a virus. EVERYTHING IS A VIRUS THESE DAYS! Getting antibiotics lately is like gettting blood from a stone. I haven't had any for ages and it wouldn't have hurt him! It is such an annoying thing and now I have to wait another 2 weeks.

    I am so happy, lots of people offered to make things and I agreed and now all I have to make is coleslaw, and nibblies, all the salads are being done by other people. Mum is paying for some deserts, so the stress is much less. My Nana is coming Saturday morning and we will be fine, I'm sure. I took my pants down to get taken up today and I will look a new woman after the hairdressers tomorrow! I am actually a little excited now that some of the pressure is off. I am methodically working my way through the house, cleaning every inch as walls and skirting boards are so dirty after the renovation put dust and crap all through the house, have finished the lounge, rumpus and entry way and also cleaned all the windows in them rooms. Only 3 or 4 rooms to go!

    Goodnight all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    LOL IKWYM about the virus thing Michelle!! The Dr in emergency said that my cold was a virus so there was nothing he could do about that... still coughing up heaps of gross stuff today... some virus!

    Jessica its great to hear how great Fraser is going!! Matilda is a bit like that if she is awake over 2 hours still... so thats not too unusual... she has to have her sleep or she becomes very very cranky and then a viscious cycle starts...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    Technically I shouldn't be in here yet as Grace is only 2 1/2 weeks old but it is a bit quiet in newborn and I figure she only has just over a week to go until she is 4 weeks anyway.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi. Am busy with the two kiddies but we are doing well and Grace is a fairly settled and placid bub. I hope she stays that way! Harry has been good, he loves his sister and he hasn't been too bothered by her arrival, thankfully!


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    spiddles Guest

    I know what you mean about money Michelle....got my last pay yesterday which was my bonus only for last quater and 1/3 of it went in tax GRRRRRRRR! and I just missed out on a top one too so not happy as would have been more money. Have $1000 for the next 6 weeks after this fornight until I start work and get paid again for groceries etc (rent is already paid until I go back to work and get paid next and have 7 boxes of huggies nappies plus what we already have as got them on special for $30 was only getting 4 but they didnt take my raincheck when I bought the last 3 that they owed me so I sent DH back in to use again so right for nappies I hope) We still have DH pay but that pays the car loan, health insurance etc and we still have Christmas in there and phone and electricty bill which will probably come soon and a $1400 GE debt that the intrest free runs out in Jan!! (would have been paid off if didnt move but the space is well worth it) GRRRRRRRRR!! Fingers crossed we will manage.

    Madly washing and paking ATM.....off to see DH parents on the weekend who havent seen Liam since he was a week old and the Great Grandparents will see him for the first time...They are soooo excited!!! So need a bigger car. 2 doors are such a pain. Have to limit what we can take. Cant take the pram but that should be ok. WIll take his lambswool and some toys (they already have a cot so dont have to take portacot thank gawd) A friend bought him a rocking elephant which is at his parents...dont think we can bring that home probably wont be any room.

    Liam has stopped eating as much of late. Is flat out getting through 100ml when he has EBM (use to drink about 140mls) and is only feeding about 6 times a day instead of 8-9. I guess he had a growth spurt and maybe slowing down untill the next one.

    Went into work yesterday and everyone was amazed at how big he is and I told them the story of Ryley Pee and they were like OMG!! cause I think Ryley is about a kg heavier.

    Anyhows how everyone is well!!!

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