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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    Orkids Guest

    To lazy to post - just testing my new ticker

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    Marcia Guest

    Pee- I'd pick those photo's to send in too. He is adorable and definately in with a chance I'd think, he has that classically cute baby look IYKWIM lol. Just one word of advice re baby modelling. An ex-neighbour of mine did a little bit of baby modelling with her daughter who was just adorable and she did quite well, with esprit baby and pumpkin patch both using her, but I remember her saying that it was very full on and that in the end she pulled her daughter out of it because a lot of the other mums and the 'judges' who decided who was chosen for shoots were very brutal with their opinions and she couldn't stand by and hear people be so nasty about her little girl. Anyway, that was just her experience and it was a while ago now so it may be different, but I just wanted to share so that you are prepared for people who may be rude or nasty about your beautiful little boy. I think you'd just have to be able to let it go over your head IYKWIM, but I know I'd be hopeless and want to slap them all lol!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    OMG - it has gone so fast! Asha is 5 months old today.

    She is happy and healthy although not gaining weight just growing longer! We had her weighed today and she has not put on any weight at all, in fact she has lost weight! but has grown another 2 cms!!! It is so hard for me as Emma & Jack were so big and chubby and Asha is still so tiny. So as of 5 months Asha weighs 6.3 kgs and is 65cms long HC 41.5cm. Emma - weighed at 6 weeks was 62cms & 6.27kgs (almost what Asha weighs at 5 months!). Jack - at 5 months was 68cms & 9.1kgs!!!!

    Well I just dropped in to say hi ... have to get the vacuuming done now before I pick the other 2 up from school.


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    Pietta Guest

    Thanks for the info Marcia. Maybe i wont do it... I might discuss that with DH. I didnt think of that perspective!

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    lilyd Guest

    Pee - Ryley is just gorgeous, it's just gorgeous how babies can bring a big smile to your face, even when you don;t know them. Ryley would make a beautiful model, personally I think photos at 4,5 and 10 weeks are wonderful, he is very photogenic isn't he.

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    spiddles Guest

    Hi girls hope all is well!!

    Well Liam has been banished to his cot....think he is tired. Last few nights has been waking at 3 and wide awake so I feed him and he is still awake. An hour later still awake. Donno if he ended up going to sleep but was still awake at 6 and has been awake most of the day and now is just grizzly. He started bawling when I was playing with his favorite toy.

    Anyhows gotta run, the aquarium stopped and is now grizzling again!!

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    spiddles Guest

    Well finally he is asleep!! Ended up having a catnap for half an hour and wanted to play!! DH took the cutest pic of him tonight sitting on his couch is on the website. He is getting so big!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Oh kelly was just looking at your weights because I had Matilda weighed yesterday and she was 8kg and 70cm.... so that was good to see she's doing fine!

    One thing that is weird is that Matilda on Saturday decided she didn't need to eat as much... 4 bottles a day would do nicely thank you very much... and she won't drink more than 100ml at the moment!!! She just arches her back & screams & when I put her down and wait another 10 minutes she won't even go near the bottle without screaming but when I walk away she giggles... cheeky bugger... so I have called the CHN and the early parenting centre and they have no more advice for me, just to weigh her every week and make sure she is putting on at least 50gm a week... but one thing she is doing is gobbling the solids I've been giving. I've only been giving her two tsp a day...nothing tremendous because she's still a bit young, but today I increased it because I was freaking out because she wouldn't have her bottles.... and she ate 2 tblspoon... right after drinking 100ml, so who knows....

    I realised that the biggest stress I have with her is that she eats & sleeps well.... if she doesn't sleep well I get a bit freaked out and if she doesn't eat well the same happens, so I've got to get myself around that.

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    lilyd Guest

    Kelly - IKWYM about doctors, you finally find one that is quite good, one that doesn't reach for the prescription pad as you walk through the door before you have even had the chance to tell them the problem, but trying then to get into them is another matter entirely, who wants to wait a week (especially with colds etc) to see them, you ring up and it's "sorry he/she is fully booked for the next two weeks" real handy!
    On another matter my DD has been sleeping in our bed since coming home from hospital, even though I love it she won't go to sleep without me lying face to face with her. I know she is only little but it is getting a bit much, any suggestions?

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    hope the weekend is good for everyone, just thought i would post a little re my dh - you may recall the post which we went to a 40th and as usual he got stupidly drunk, and that he drinks at least 7 beers (that i know of) at night and more on weekends without eating - needless to say i hate it with a passion - he does not get violent but very smart arsey and quite frankly i don't want our children being exposed to that kind of behaviour - i worry when he is alone with ds if there was a problem and he needed to get medical attention for ds then he would be driving in the car after drinking it is quite scary. any way he is off to see our gp tommorrow for his injection for whooping cough and he said to me that he had some issues he wants to talk about with the dr he said he has a problem and if he keeps going he will not live to 50 - i am so happy he has finally accepted his problem (i was going to ring the dr before hand confidentially and ask her to raise the drinking issue with him) my gp is fantastic she was around the whole time our dd was sick so i am sure she will hopefully give some good advise - dh carries an awful lot of grief and he does not acknowledge or talk about dd like me he says he wants to move on - maybe since having lani he is starting to realise things can be bad but yes they can get a little easier and he knows of my intentions of having another. i am so happy i have not let him see how happy i am i am just being supportive but not over the top - as i said for him to accept he has a drinking problem is huge - he can be so lovely when sober gosh we've been married 10 yrs and known each other for 19yrs and we have been through the worst pain of losing a child so i am sure things can only get better [-o<

    sorry for the epic - just had to tell someone.

    see ya

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh michelle thats fantastic with your DH... realising the problem is half the battle!! I hope it all goes really well!

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    spiddles Guest

    Hi Girls, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

    LillyD - Do you still want DD to sleep in the same bed as you?? Have you tried putting her in a cot with a piece of clothing of your so she still has your smell??? I put Liam down in his cot and tell him Mummy is outside and will come and check on you in 5 mins to see if your asleep but if you need me you just call *lol* Usually by the time I go back 5 mins later is asleep.

    Mooshie - Thats great about your husband. He is certainly moving foward if he knows he has a problem and needs help!! And about the msg you left on Liam's website. If I had a normal camera I would have wasted rolls too trying to get him to smile. At least with a digital you can delete the ones you want. It does make it a bit more tricky with our as red eye reduct has a 3 second delay so you kinda have to take the photo just before he smiles. If you can afford it would highly recommend one.

    Christy - I know how you feel about sleeping and eating (eating especially) Since I have stopped expressing every feed as he seems more content at the breat now I do wonder how much he does get. STill has plenty of wet nappies and breast feel softer afterwards and he is happy so I guess I shouldnt worry but I think all Mums do.

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    spiddles Guest

    Sorry girls I got errors trying to send and it sent 3 times...I donno how to delete!! Opps!!!

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    mooshie Guest

    thanks christy and spiddles - lets hope dh can work this out.

    spiddles i am truly hoping that santa will bring me a digital camera, my old camera stuffed up so i have borrowed my dad;s camera (not digital) and am still trying to work it out. the only way i can get photos on lani's website is if my aunty takes them and emails them over.

    having said that my dh mentioned yesterday we might go and get a new computer - my computer is windows 95 and i don;t even have speakers, now that he sees ds playing on it, he said time to get a brand spanking new one - so you never know hopefully santa will bring that too.

    hope you all have had a good weekend.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hmmm! Something must be happening with the posts. 3 from Spiddles, 3 from Mooshie, hope mine does just one.

    Michelle- good luck with dh, hope all goes well. You guys have probably been through one of the hardest things imaginable losing your dd and men do deal with things diferently. Arron drinks way too much too, but he hasn't gone for help, although he acknowledged it and does try sometimes. He started up prety bad when he lost his best mate, so grief seems to be a common thing for men to turn to alcohol after. Hopefully since he has made the step things will start to improve very quickly.

    We took the kids to the Melb Zoo today and it was a super day. They were so well behaved and Josh was the map boy. He amazed me as he could actually read the map and tell us where to go (he's only 5). Jemma was asleep within two mins of leaving the zoo as she was so exhausted. It was her first trip, and Josh's first trip that he can remember as he was a baby not walking when we went last time.

    My upper back is playing up and I desperately need a massge, not that Arron would offer. Men don't think that they could actually be helpful sometimes.

    My advice to Lillyd is to try to get her in her cot/bassinette as soon as possible as the longer she is with you the harder it will be to get her out. It will probably take some persverence as she obviously loves cuddling with mummy. Try Spiddles idea, maybe it will work.

    Good night all, I am soooo tired.

    Sorry for those I missed
    Best wishes Michelle

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    I can't believe that my little guy is 4 weeks old today. The time has just flown by!!! So far we seem to be muddling through ok so I have my fingers crossed that we can keep it up.
    As I predicted before Yasin was born MIL has become more bossy and invasive than before and is really annoying me. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't give advice that was total nonsence (ie breastfeeding for more than five minutes is overfedding the baby!), try to make herself look good by putting others down and whinge about me behind my back. She has no idea about basic safety precautions and got all shirty because I would't let her put Yasin on a chair to sleep and then walk away and leave hin there. GRRRRR!!!
    Sorry for the little rant but if I try to tell DH he gets upset and we argue and I need to vent a bit. I think that I will just avoid her for the next month or so and hopefully she will back off a bit.
    I'm really happy with the way Yasin is gaining weight. Its funny how excited I am about a kg. I'm also really pleased about the way I'm losing weight ( I fit into my jeans again \/ ) although it will take a bit of work to move the last of it and tone up again. I can't wait until I can get back to the gym again.

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    carmen Guest


    Everytone, I hope that you all had a good weekend - we took Luke to Canberra to catch up with friends - we lived there for 3 years and wanted to show him off. He was very good and seems to cope well with the travellng which is good.

    Mooshie - great news about your husband, I hope that the GP gives him some great advice and support.

    I was wondering if any of you are coming to the meet and greet in Fitzroy Gdns on the 12 December - I was looking through the Victoria forum but there were so many names that I thought that it would be easier to ask.

    I also wanted to ask about sleeping times - Pee, you mentioned that Ryley was sleeping from 7:30 to 6am - how did that happen. For example, Luke decides that he doesn't want to sleep from about 7pm - 9:30pm and then he sleeps in my arms from 9:30 to 10:30 (when he wakes him when I move him) which is bath time and last feed and I then put him to sleep until about 4-5am. SHould I be trying to put him in his cot earlier or will he just wake up earlier. I will also set up a new topic since I think that there may be lots of advice on this.

    Take care

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    spiddles Guest

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I waited in line for 30 mins to get Liam's pic taken with Santa. When it was his turn was fast asleep and wouldnt wake up so I told them to forget about it. An hour later woke up wanted a feed so fed him and threw up over his clothes so no photo!!! Wanted to get it done before school holidays started!!

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