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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, February '05

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there girls

    wow we can chat - it is starting to fill up here isn't it, although a few of us will be off to next forum in a month.

    spiddles - ahh at all that work - i used to work in insurance and hated when there were lots of claims - i hate claims i used to do mainly underwriting and accounts but helped out in claims when required - multi skilled they were right into it ahh. i used to hate it when i would here news in the morning about a big fire at a factory or something - i would think holy cow i hope that wasn't one i underwrote - specially something bad like plastics (which were a no-no) but i used to do favours for some brokers lol. i am thinking of introducing a feed of rice cereal next week in the mid morning for lani as she loves the pumpkin - i give it to her around 5.30pm i am making my own - first time ever lol andd today when i had a look at the heinz stuff some looked like water very runny. i must say though being a breast fed bubs then starting solids the nappies ewww i forgot that smell lol. still no sign of teeth ](*,) but they are on there way.

    michelle - oh no about hot water service what a pain. hope everything is ok with the slight turn in jessica's eye and hope jemma's finger is getting better - poo to hubbies they are useless aren't they = ah well there loss missing out on so much of the babies first years - when they are old and frail and there kids are married with children hubbies will be sad about missing out on so much - my theory anyway.

    tegan and jessica - yay for the great sleeps hah it makes the world of difference.

    welcome over to melinda look forward to chatting.

    well lani woke at 2.30 last night but i think i went in to soon - always seems so loud on the monitor, i think she would of settled herself so as soon as i went in she got all excited i couldn't get her back to sleep, so i gave her a quick feed whilst standing up and after a few sucks i stuck the dummy in and she went back till 7am, however on the way back to bed i stubbed my toe on the bed - ouchies then at 4am ds woke up he wet the bed ](*,) . when will the night be that they are both sleeping nicely maybe tonight heres hoping.

    can't wait for tele tonight, home & away, restaurant rules, lost and amazing race - yup i love crap telly lol.

    sorry to anyone i missed

    take it easy

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Mimo I never allow Alana to be waken when people come around. Everyone has gotten use to now. I don't know if doing that makes any difference, but Alana is a great sleeper.

    Yay to all the Bubs sleeping through.

    Michelle Jessica is gorgeous. Yay for her rolling. Alana is almost there.

    Beth I agree with Bon. Do what you think is best.

    Bon good luck with the trip.

    Hey Melinda, was wondering where you had gotten too!!

    Alana is good. Spent the day shopping with my Mum. She bought Alana lots of clothes for Winter. I have a great Mum, I'm very lucky! Dropped my glasses in to get the new lenses put in. Won't have them back until tuesday or Wednesday. I am having some problems seeing what I am typing. So if I'm not on to much over the next few days, its because I can't read anyone posts!!

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone,
    Hi Melinda, its great to see you in here. Sorry for my ignorance but what is urinary reflux, it sounds painful but I'm not sure exactly what it is.
    Tegan, I hope your DH gets the job. Is it in brisvegas?
    Michelle, I'm glad to see that someone else here enjoys dodgy TV. I'm a bit excited that there is going to be a new Apprentice starting soon, how sad is that.
    Bon, I hope you have a blast on your mini-break. Your lucky to have someone you can leave your babies with. I don't trust MIL alone in the next room with Yasin and all the other potential overnight sitters are interstate or overseas. Yasin rolls from tummy to back but not from back to tummy. He hates being on his back unless he is sleeping so he doesn't get alot of time to practise. wow at your SIL, what a breeder!!!
    Michelle, ugh at the hot water issues. I hate cold showers. DH takes them by choice on hot days but then again he's crazy. Heating water on the stove doesn't sound like fun, maybe you could all just visit your mum for showers.
    Spiddles, good on you for refusing the overtime and making abit of time for yourself. You sound so busy that I'm not suprised you use bottled baby food, I would do the same in your position.
    Beth, I don't use our sling much but only because I get sore from carrying it. DH usually uses it if Yasin is unsettled and they both seem to enjoy it.
    Snowy, I hope you and Wolf enjoy your holiday.

    Things have got interesting here in the last couple of days. After alot of thinking DH and I have decided that our flat is too small and since we don't want a bigger loan for a larger home we're going to sell and start renting. FIL has totally flipped out (not that its any of his business) and has been calling DH all sorts of nasty names and for some reason wants to buy the flat from us. Just so long as he pays market value he's welcome but I think that he's going to try to get it for cheap and go nuts if we turn him down.
    Yasin has been grumpy all day and I have no idea whybut he's asleep now which is a relief.
    I geuss I should go and start getting this place spic and span because until I see the money from FIL I'm going to assume that we'll have to sell the normal way. Sorry to anyone I've missed.

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    Colleen Guest

    im having a hard time getting this post up lol

    First time i posted, i pressed submit and it took me to a page that said error #-o

    Second time, i posted it in the wrong section (6-12 months) and had to delete it lol So im starting all over again
    Welcome Melinda!! :smt023

    Shazbails - I grew up in Pearcedale so I must have a twin out there.. freaky !!! :-s

    Mitch4now - Moving to the Mornington peninsula, so back to beaches you swim safely at and some non humid weather... I cant wait!!! \/

    Jaykob had his 8 week old needles today, I cried :smt022 more than him and hes doing well... slept most of the day and hasnt had any panadol yet so we'll see how we go....

    He weighed in at 16 lb 7 oz so hes still growing rapidly!

    Only a week til we head off, So the packing has started!!! We dont really have that much stuff up here, because we were kinda travelling before we stopped here in Darwin, but still alot of stuff lol

    Hope everyone is well, Obviously everyones typing fingers are ok coz there are sooooo many new posts everytime I look hahaha

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004
    Scarborough, QLD

    wow so many posts, I have to log on more frequently to keep up to date.

    Beth, Id be really interested to hear what you find out about the osteopaths.

    Snowy, enjoy your holiday! I hope Wolf is good on the plane!

    Hannah has been pretty good the last few days, Im so amazed she can sleep through all the noise from the hammering and electric saws but once she drops of she doesnt seem to hear a thing. She is starting to get some dry skin on her head that the MW said might be cradle cap so I have been brushing her hair (not that their is much) every morning to try and stimulate the glands and using the Beauty and the Bees massage oil which seems to be helping heaps. If you havent tried their range of products they are excellent - the Botty Butter is brilliant for nappy rash and the are all made from organic produce, I think they have a website too.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    i was rereading the last post i did and i just wanted to say to spiddles i hope i did not offend you re the baby food in a jar - i didn't mean it that way what i meant was that it seemed more runny whereas when i make it, it can be quite thick - and was wondering if i was doing it wrong - hope that makes sense. have you tried the robinsons food - jay used to love it and used to eat it all up every time, problem was tho it was made in england and it was around the same time as the mad cow disease was about so i was too scared to give him any with the beef in it, so i changed back to heinz and he didn't like it - was very funny at the time me thinking he would get mad cow disease #-o

    well i am off to post in the solids section as i have a question, then i better do the washing, make the beds blah blah blah

    have a good day all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Girls,

    WE HAVE HOT WATER! Thank goodness, it was put on yesterday arvo, ended up costing $1079 and $450 installation, so not cheap, but we will never run out of hot water again, yee hah!

    Jessica's bassinette matress ahs gone mouldy so I set up the portacot with the bassinette insert. And she went to bed about 8.45pm, and woke at 11pm, kept kicking the blankets right off. I changed her nappy, had a cuddle and put her back and she went to sleep, but at 7.15am she had done a 180degree turn, was toatlly out of the blankets with the shawl blanket over her face. Not good. does anyone put anything in the cot to stop there bubs moving around? I'm glad I am using the portacot in my room first, so I can try to sort it out before we put her in her own room, if it's ever ready of course.

    I told Arron to think about how much stress he is causing me while he is sitting, beside a river, fishing drinking and talking crap. He said thanks for letting him go before he left this morning, funny thing is I didn't let him go, I told him not to, but he is trying to make himself feel better by looking like he is so grateful to me. And telling me to organise myself something to do and somewhere to go. Thing is I don't really want to go anywhere, I just want my DH to stay home and spend quality time with me and the kids, but mostly me as he is really good with the kids.

    Christy- i know you girls are lovely but I am sad about seeing my last little girl grow up, it's not fair!

    Josh has played up twice this week when I have taken him to school, and had to be restrained so I could leave this mornign and Tuesday morning. He never did this at kinder, and Jordan never did it at all. I think as he is shy and reserved, and since I have been home with him since he was 3 1/2 he is having trouble leaving. He said he wasn't going to get out of the car today, so I told him I would get the principal to come and get him and then he would have to stay in the office. So he got out of the car. Then he asked why did he have to go to school and I told him that the police made the rule that all kids go to school when they are 5, so the smarty said one of the kids in his grade is 6, and I told him that was because he had special permission to go then. An answer for everything. He is supposed to go to a friends to play tonight so we'll see how he is after school.

    I am sorry for being so rude, Welcome Melinda and Sarah, hope you get to the bottom of your health issues with Sarah.

    Dasch- hope all goes well with the sale of the house, and your FIL pays the right price.

    Mimo- Hannah is doing just what she should, it is so much better when babies sleep through noise, means you can vac and do everything you need to when they are down. I massaged sorbolene into Jessicas head and then after her bath brushed her hair and all the cradlecap just brushed out.

    Collen- Jacob is bigger than Jessica already, I am starting to think she has my genes, Im not 5 ft tall, but Arron is almost 6 foot. At the 5 mths my other kids were 18, 17 and 15lber's and Jessica is 14lb 4 or something like that. It should be really nice where you are going to, have you brought a house there or are you renting? Are you close to the beach? The weather will definetly be milder. Are you drining down or flying?

    Lara- I think it does make a differnece if you wake babies all the time, they seem to wake easier if you are always picking them out of bed. Hope your glasses come quickly, you wopuldn't want to miss much as lots happens in here.

    Michelle- I still have Jemma sneaking into my room about 3am, and I get up and put her straight back to bed. Hopefully that will help brak the habit.

    Anyway guess I better go, I will prob be spending loads of time in the forums this weekend, as stress relief when the kids go to bed. Arron will not be back from fishing till Sunday arvo, which means Sunday night!

    Best wishes Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    michelle re the sleeping to stop moving around - hmm now lani still does not move around much at all (she doesn't even rollover) but she is wrapped still (another thing my others never had) do you still wrap jessica maybe that might help. i remember with jay i had one of those things that stop them from rolling over can't remember the name. with my jessica she used to sleep on her tummy from around 6mths - no matter if i put her back over to her back she would always end up being on the tummy - it used to freak me out but my gp said if she is strong enough to roll to tummy she is strong enough to roll back - still freaked me out tho. have you considered using a sleeping bag for jessica so she doesn't get cold - i had them for my other two infact jay used to wear a lovely pink one to bed shh don't tell him he is so not into girls lol. that made a world of difference and he didn't wake getting cold - i never bought expensive one just ones from best and less they seemed to do the job.

    ahh school problems - i will probably be going through that next year. jay loves kinder he keeps saying he tries to play with a little boy to cheer him up cause the boy is upset at being at kinder and just stays by his bag sucking on his water bottle poor little thing - jay said he is trying to get the little boy to play with him and to be happy - what a sweetie, must get jay to introduce me to this little boy and i will invite him over for a play that might break the ice and he will be happy to play with jay and the others.

    i'm buggered going to cruise around the other forums then think about dinner ahh it never ends


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Michelle- I had thought abouta sleeping bag, I do have this zip up the front sleep sac but I think she is too big for it, I'll have to test it. Most blankets aren't big enough to wrap her, I will have to check through to find the biggest ones and see if that works. Otherwise next time I go shopping I will look for some sleeping bags.

    LOL at Jay's pink sleeping bag. He is a really sympathetic little boy and so cute trying to cheer his little friend up. Having the friend over sounds like a great idea. Where abouts in Melbourne do you live?

    I don't think I will cook tonight, although it is only Arronwho isn't here which still leaves me and 3 kids to feed (Jessica not included), but I hate cooking a meal when Arron's not here, he eats the most and it seems like a waste. I think toasted sandwiches are looking good and maybe spag bol tomorrow if I'm not too stressed out.

    I have to be at netball tomorrow for rego for Jordan at 10am, so I might take the kids to mum's it's in the same st, so I don't have to dress them all. I hate doing stuff like that and taking everyone.

    Anyway I too may go cruise the forums, and prob be back later tonight to see what's been happening.

    Does anyone have a specific time that they get on Bellybelly? it would be nice to get on at the same time and go into the chat room, I have never used it.

    See ya Michelle

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    Colleen Guest

    Hi ..


    I always pop into the bellybelly chat and no-ones there so i will wait around tonight to see if anyone comes in

    We are staying with DP's parents until we figure out if we are going to build etc

    We'll be a 10 min walk from the beach! yay! i look forward to weather that changes not just constant 33 degrees lol

    We are driving down, should b interesting

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Aidan has a cold, and I feel so useless.

    Any suggestions to ease his pain/help me feel like I am making him better?! Am using baby panadol, a mucas plug thingy and a vapouriser.


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    Colleen Guest

    have you tried saline drops?

    they will 'loosen' up the muus to make it easier to get out with the mucus plug ?

    it gave jaykob some relief when his nose was blocked

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    mooshie Guest

    Hello again

    had to post to let you know that lani now plays peek a boo - she started tonight when she was on her change table she kept pulling a towel over her head and i would say where's lani and she would move the towel from her eyes and giggle - way to cute.

    michelle - i usually come on in the arvo around 3 or 4pm if lani is asleep and jay is occupied but generally i try and get on at night around 9pm for an hour providing no good shows are on lol. btw i live in the eastern suburbs of melbourne. the sleeping bags are great, although i had a problem when jay was standing and suddenly in the mornings he would cry when he woke and i couldn't work out why as he used to wake up happy then i figured it out - his feet used to get all tangled up and he couldn't cruise around his cot. the bags i have are a light windcheater type material and i used to just dress the kiddies in their singlet and growsuit then put the sleeping bag on, i found the polar fleece type ones a bit to warm for them.

    mummylovesjacob - good luck on the drive down wow what a long way, we drove from melb to qld when dd jessica was 5mths old - it was hell as she had an ear infection and we did not know at the time - she got us out of a speeding fine tho, we were pulled over by the police somewhere in nsw we were going about 10kms over and when he came to the car he heard her screaming and told us to sit on the speed limit and the next town was only 1/2 hr drive away lol. we have friends down at rosebud - it is nice down the mornington peninsula even in winter walking along the beach all rugged up on a cold day - i love doing that.

    jessica - poor aiden getting a cold - you have done nothing wrong, trust me this cold will be the first of many - babies and toddlers seem to have permanent runny noses - what you are doing is exactly what i would do, word of advise on vapourises - just make sure you have the window open a little or the condensation will build up on the walls - we found out the hard way getting mouldy blinds. i go by if discharge is clear it is ok but green - off to the gp for antbiotics. my ds got a bad chest infection when he was 2mths old it was awful and the antibiotics gave him an upset belly poor little boy. just make sure you feed aiden a little more if you are breastfeeding to keep the fluids up - oh and i just remembered my child health nurse told me a while ago when ds had a cold and i was concerned lani would get it (this was 1 wk before lani was due to get her first lot of needles) and she told me to eat plenty of vitamin c rich foods especially strawberries and kiwi fruit and this would pass on through my milk - don't know if it worked but lani never got a cold so who knows.

    best of luck - sorry for the epic.

    see yas

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    spiddles Guest

    What a week!! What I have posted in the punching bag just tops it all off!!

    So many posts agin to catch up on!! Geeze you girls can talk!!

    Need to sit and read.

    Will catch up with personals later

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Well I am back, can't half tell I am bored. I rang 3 gf's tonight and chatted for awhile to each. All the kids went to bed by 8.30pm and I sat on the couch for awhile. Arron was supposed to ring when he got to the campsite, he left at 10.30am, but didn't ring until9.30pm, and said he tried to ring me, and there was no service, he always has an excuse for being inconsiderate.

    Colleen it sounds lovely for you. Do you have a plan for how long you are going to drive each day? I know we drove to Qld when our 1st was16months old, and did a 13hr stint in the car, and it was too long for her. We couldn't get her to sleep that night and ironically ended up putting her back in the car to drive her to sleep. So did anyone go into the chat room?

    I could also go on at about 9pm Michelle if you are interested in chatting in the chatroom, and if anyone else is interested it would be nice to be on live chat.

    How gorgeous for Lani to be peek-a-booing.

    I have organised a shopping day next saturday, haven't told Arron yet, but I have time in lieu I reckon. My gf and I are going to try on clothes, may go to Smith st Collingwood or Northland shopping centre.

    I have wrapped Jessica, arms out in a blanket and we will see how that goes. The sleep sack I have is way too small, her legs can't stretch out.

    Jess- sounds like you are doing everything you can for Aidan! It is tough when they are sick, but unfortunatley there isn't much more you can do. I remember when Jordan was 13 months old she ended up in the children's hospital with some sort of viral infection. She had a febrile convulsion (a convulsion brought on by a high fever) and we went down by ambulance and stayed overnight. I was so sick with worry and said to my Dad "If you had told me how I would feel when my kids were sick I don't know if I would have had any." If is terrible to feel helpless but I agree with Michelle, if the nose turns green then go to the drs, or if you are worried go to the drs anyway. Jessica and I both had Chest infections 2 weeks ago and she was coughing and wheezy, which is why I took her.

    Tegan- how did the hospital go? Hope you got your questions answered and that Lily's results were good.

    Hi to everyone else, hope I'm not the only one here all weekend, it can get lonely talking to yourself.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope you're all well and enjoyed your weekends. Mine was fairly boring. I went to Chinatown this morning with a friend but it was too crowded so Yasin was a bit freaked out. He didn't cry but he wasn't his normal smiley self either.
    MIL has been complaining about us selling our flat and saying that its all my fault because I'm too demanding (after all she raised twenty children in a shoe box) and don't appreciate the sacrifices she's made (because she's the only parent ever to make any sacrifices for thier children.... not!!):roll: :roll: and then she complains that I don't bring Yasin over often enough!!!! :fuming: ggrrrrr (makbe this should be in the punching bag)
    I was going to do personals but now I'm too hungry. Maybe after I've eaten.

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    *Rachel* Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I thought I'd better make my way in here sooner rather than later - so I can catch up on all the posts. lol

    Keenan is four months old and has recently become a 'cat-napper' in that he just won't sleep longer than about a half hour during the day, and four hours are the most at night over the last week.

    good thing I don't have a job to go to LOL!

    I'll keep reading back over all the other posts so I can familiarise myself with you all!

    see ya,

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Thanks so much for everyones tips on Aidan's cold.

    He sems to be getting better but he now has a very yucky eye, just one, which is weeping yellow stuff. I read in 'Baby Love' and it sounds like sticky eye, which wouldn't surprise me as he had tears from his cold and it would make sense he has a blocked tear duct. I am just wiping it with wet cotton wool balls and I guess thats all I can do, unless you have more suggestions for me?!


    p.s. I think I am getting sick now, have a very sore throat. Its gonna be a loooong week...

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