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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, January '05

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    Yeah I am okay but it does make you think about doing a first aid course or something when that happens, cause it was racing thru my head thinking what if it doesn't come out.


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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Woah!!! What a busy day we're having in here!!

    OMG Kathryn, that is awful!! I'm so glad he is ok!!! I know exactly how you feel, it is quite a shock when something like that happens and you realise how easily it can occur... Funny you should say about the First Aid courses... I passes my St John ambulance advance course 3 years ago... but I cannot remember what to do for choking (or anything else for that matter! 8-[ ) I will look it up in my first aid book and post it here if you are interested...

    Christy - I hope you guys have a great swimming lesson!! How much does it cost, may I ask? I wonder if it is too late to enrol Aidyn for this summer...?
    That is so sweet how she fell asleep in your arms, and how cute is that - seeing her skate along!! LOL She is such an amazing energetic little girl!!

    Katanya - that is great that the DVD of the other kids eating works so well! Its such a fantastic idea!
    I'm sure with time he will get to like the custard... just has to get used to that texture... sounds like something Aidyn would love, I must make some for him as a treat, but I need to buy some full fat milk first, we only have Trim in our fridge usually.

    We had another shocker night lastnight... I finally fell asleep by 1am... and what do you know, half an hour later Aidyn waked up crying because he is caught up against his cot bars and cant roll over, so I move him back, but the second I leave the room he starts screaming. So I brang him to bed with us and he proceeds to spend at least the next 3 hours chirping and waving his arms around, smacking us etc, but every time I move him to his cot he screams #-o !! He seemed to be so excited when he was in our bed because of the tiny green light on our aircon unit... dunno why, he has never noticed it before... but boy was he going off about it too!! LOL... it makes me laugh now but last night was a different story, I swear every foul word in existence came out of my mouth! So now today I have one of those 'heavy brain' feeling headaches that comes from having no sleep...

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    LMAO @ Aidyn going off at the light. i did that once with Lachlan bringing him into our bed during the night and in the first 5 mins I was saying "never again" We have a beanbag so that went into his room and when he woke up I would lay in that with him till he fell back to sleep.

    Maybe posting the first aid thing might be a good idea, or even discuss with Kelly about making it a sticky in the General Baby/Toddler discussion forum so it is at hand for everyone to see iykwim.


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    wow what a busy day!! What a relief that Lachlan was okay! How scary!

    We had a great swimming lesson, and the first one was free. You have to pay to join blocks, so a two month block is around 100... which I think is too steep, but Dh & I think it will be good for her to have something to wear her out with LOL...

    She had an absolute blast...the only baby there that wasn't clinging to her mummy... or daddy as it was. And she just pushed me away like go away I can do this on my own..LMAO! The instructor just looked at her & said I bet you are exhausted...LOL... We weren't supposed to let their heads go under but the first thing Matilda did was bend over & put her face underwater! & came out laughing!

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    LMAO Christy. What a clever girl you are Matilda !!!

    Well I walked into the lounge room today to catch Lachlan on his feet. He had his hands in his rocker and his feet flat on the floor with his bum in the air. Then his feet started to slide out from underneath him and I caught him LOL.

    I said "you can just stop that right now, I refuse to have you walking by the age of 1" and he just laughed.


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    oh thats scary!! Yesterday Matilda pulled herself up to kneeling & I freaked out saying NO WAY... NO OPTIONS, JUST NO!!! LOL... hasn't done it again... hopefully I've scared that out of her for a while

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    LMAO Christy we have done kneeling for about a week now. or maybe less than that. I took a pic on my phone and sent it to Ambah when he did it LMAO.


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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone!

    I'm finally back in action after the move! I just got through catching up on all your posts since I was gone but there's just far too much for me to be able reply to, except I did just want to say...

    CONGRATULATIONS KATANYA! What fantastic news! Your ideas for the wedding sound wonderful. And I can't believe how little some of you spent on your weddings and how beautiful they sounded. So many clever and creative women here! ITA with you about it not mattering whether you're married or not when you have babies. When I found out I was pg with Adara in August '03 (my 1st surprise baby) I was engaged (since valentines day) but wasn't planning on marrying until Nov '04. We got married a year earlier only b/c I decided it would be easier not to have a baby with us on our honeymoon and I was too vain to have a post-baby-body at my wedding LOL! I was astounded at how many 'shot gun wedding' comments I got... I can't believe that some ppl still think in that way in this day and age!!!! Ridiculous.

    Speaking about weddings, I finally got my wedding album just before NYE yay!!! \/ I found out that it was actually done a while before then but as our photos are so good, he was using our album to get new clients!!!! Sooo shifty! Now just need to work out a way to get the montage and enlargements done sometime soon #-o

    Moving house was actually a lot easier and quicker than I thought, although Adara was a bit of a handful at first. She got a shocking ear infection the day we moved, was still teething really badly and HATED the new house, so she was really difficult for the first 5 or 6 days. She's the sort of baby that will still be happy and laughing regardless of how sick she is but I guess in a strange place she found it harder. We had to go back to the old house a couple of times after the move and as soon as I pulled up she was kicking her legs and squealling with happiness. I actually cried when we left for the last time as we'd been in that house for years and years and they were the best years of our lives. When we got back to the new place, Adara was back to being grumpy and Andrew and I decided we'd done the wrong thing and should just go 'home'! Now we're all settled and we all love our new home, it's so much bigger and nicer it's hard to believe we had such a hard time adjusting!

    I'm up late tonight as Andrew's gone out for his birthday on Monday (he's turning 32 and decided to celebrate by going clubbing of all things!) and even though I'm exhausted, I can't sleep with him next to me. Stupid, I know!

    Sorry, I'm still a mega rambler!!! Been a long time btn posts!

    Take care everyone,

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    katanya Guest

    Wow it has been so busy here and so much has happened!

    Firstly Kathryn that must have scared the hell out of you with Lachlan Choking!! I think a first aid course is wise, just one thing to remember with all the resucitation and CPR on babies is you only have to do the chest pushes with 2 fingers and short breaths etc..I have heard of some AWFUL stories of parents OVER pressurising the chest, i don't think I need to say more. It is a good idea to put up the info, but be aware that the info should be EXACTLY what is writen in a first aid book and quoted etc because Belly Belly could get themselves in hot water over someone following the info and the wrong result. Sorry to be negative but I came across this when preparing info for the vacation care I used to run!
    (also sorry about the pic, won't happen again )

    Christy Your girl is just AMAZING! Skater parents huh? might explain where the adventurous spirit comes from The swimming lessons sound fantastic, but that is quite expensive, some of the mothers from my mothers group are think of starting their babies, and I have taken Felix several times this week, and he absolutely LOVES the water now (doesn't put his face into it though!)
    I love the image of Matilda pushing you out of the way and dunking her head under..what a girl!

    To all those babies pulling themselves up to walk..HOLD ON NOW..you'll spend the rest of your lives doing it why rush?

    Hey Mel, sounds like you have been really busy no wonder you haven't been in here! I am glad you are enjoying your new home now, though leaving the old one sounded hard! Glad Adara has finally got to like it, amazing how attached they are at this age to their surroundings.
    Thanks for the congratulations about the wedding, IKWYM about having a baby at the honeymoon, we are planning one night in a hotel up the mountain, and I'm hoping to get Felix to the satge where he can perhaps be minded for the night, he'll be 19 mths old by then.

    Well I was up at 4:30 am this morning as the girl I work with on weekends decided to get up with the birds, unfortunately I stayed up watching a flim on TV last night..so didn't get much sleep..oh well bed early tonight!

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    Hi Girls

    I have created a listing that has all of your baby's first's on it ie first smile, first laugh, first tooth etc etc.

    If you want to check it out and start adding your babies details reply to the thread it can be found HERE

    I will be deleting the posts as I edit them into the first post to keep the thread short, so if you need something else included just leave a post asking to have an age included against something (ie Kathryn can you put 7mth 4 days down for crawling normally.)

    If you have older children feel free to add them into the listing as well.


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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    WOW Christy!! Thats awesome that Matilda loved the swimming so much!! and OMG @ pulling herself up!! :shock:
    BTW, have you recieved the PM I sent you a few days ago??

    Katanya - I actually typed out a thread with first aid info taken directly and word for word from my First Aid book (before you wrote your post here)... just the EAR, CPR and choking procedures. I'm quite sure I havent made any mistakes, but if you see something on there that is wrong, please let me know. I was intending it to be moreso for ppl to read through and refresh in there mind what they need to basically do in an emergency situation. As even though I passed my first aid course I couldnt for the life of me remember what to do for choking, but now after reading it I'm quite sure I wont forget...

    Welcome back Mel!! Yay for finally getting your wedding photo album!! \/ Thats great to hear that you have settled in and are loving your new house, it sounds like it was really rough with Adara getting used to it... but I'll bet it is all worth it in the end! What a relief for you, I hope you get some time to relax now!!
    BTW, IKWYM Mel, I cant sleep without my DP next to me either... :-k

    Well, I myself have had a cleaning frenzy of a weekend... I'm quite proud of myself, especially as we have had sweltering heat which is NO fun to clean in! Aidyn had a good night lasnight and stayed in his bed until 5.30 and then came into ours and slept in until 8.30am, woohoo!!!
    He is still not crawling, not even commando crawling, but from what everyone else says about their own bubs crawling, I am quite happy for him to take his sweet old time

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    katanya Guest

    Ambah I'm sure if you have done the instructions word for word and used quotations it will be fine, you might want to write something on there about "this info is for refreshing information already gained at a first aid course, and not intended as a teaching guide" or something like that (I haven't looked you may have already done it!) You can't be too careful nowdays, if someone looked at that info and followed it without the training given at first aid courses, it may turn out disasterously IYKWIM? It sounds paranoid I know but this is the world we live in now.

    Don't worry Ambah Felix isn't crawling yet either, although he can creep towards desired objects, and he CAN climb me and out of his bath 8-[ I have this starnge feeling he's just going to pull himself up one day and walk before crawling!

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    Hi girls... its been so hot here, thats right QLD finally got it, and our room with our computer is the only one that doesn't get air con, so I've been avoiding it LOL...

    Matilda is an amazing girl, I've finally come to terms with her active nature and the last two days I've encouraged her to be active and done really active play times, and she sleeps heaps better afterwards, so maybe thats what we have to do :-k . DH & I had her "walking" up & down the hall towards eachother & she was cacking herself, and then we used the fit ball & rolled her around so she would pick up the toys and then pull her back so she was standing & holding on to the ball & she loves that too... so we're finding more physical things for her to do... skating is still one of her favs though.... DH loves it

    Mel thats great news on the wedding album & that the move went well!!

    katanya & Ambah - I'm jealous of your boys... I would love to have a snuggly boy...one that isn't so hurry to move all the time...

    Kathryn... so how long did Lachie kneel pre-standing? Is he holding onto things & walking yet? That would be sooooo scary!!!

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    Hiya Christy.

    YAY at finally finding stuff to wear Matilda out lol. Lachlan got up onto his feet within a week of him kneeling. He isn't grabbing hold of the coffee table yet to do it, just low lying stuff like his rocker etc. So that means he hasn't stood straight up while holding on yet only with his feet on the floor and bum in the air, but if you place him at something standing up he will stand there holding on. This makes it easier to undress him when getting ready for the bath lol cause i stand him up outside of the tub and make him hold on while i pull his clothes off.

    So definitely no cruising furnitue atm.


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    katanya Guest

    Hope everyone is okay, it's been so hot today here(can relate to the not wanting to be on the computer Christy!) thankful a storm hit around early afternoon and cooled us down!

    Well looks like felix is joining Lachlan and Matilda in the pulling himself up onto things, he has been practicing all day! And this is efore he has even learnt how to crawl properly, he rolls and creeps! he has this thing with holding my hands and pulling himslef into sitting position then gets his legs under himself and pushing up into a standing postion. Also has been riding on a car someone gave him and so he has been kneeling and trying to pull himself up into standing on that, he can get just past kneeling! Oh boy, this happened a bit sooner than expected!

    Felix had his pneumococcal needle today went well apart from when it went in, cried and dropped his bottom lip at the nurse afterwards.. Got to update my GP about the investigation about his breathing, she was a bit upset the Paed hadn't forwarded his investigations to her, and she is very interested in what is going one with him. She was very supportive about the way I am feeding him (breastfeeding before food) which is contrictory to what the paed said, but in the reseach I have done everything says BM is more important at this age, higher in fat etc and that solids should be additive to this not replace it.

    Felix has been eating SO well this week and BFing well too, I am hoping that we will have a big gain this week.. his breathing isn't so good, I don't know whether I'm more aware of it but he seems to really labour while BFing..he sweats away and is very loud while feeding..I can imagine it's using up a lot of energy!

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    katanya... Matilda sometimes does a wheezing noise when feeding, I never thought about it before...hmmmm

    yep the storm did help heaps but as we had massive lightening & thunder here I wasn't game to turn computer on as our neighbours lost theirs in the last storm, I couldn't live without ours! LOL! Kat I keep thinking of you during our big storms...LOL

    well.... today is a home day so I've got to find some activities for Matilda... she was on the fit ball last night & tried to stand on top of it #-o gotta hold on tightly to her otherwise she'll be off! I might have to take her to the neighbours for a play with the big kids...

    Ambah sorry I did get your msg & I just haven't respoded yet as I was trying to get the car of DH... I'll PM you next!! I promise!! Sorry!

    ok off to peruse the rest of the forums now... LOL should only take an hour or so

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    LMAO at your storm Christy. I had another storm chaser friend on MSN yesterday and he kept showing my brisbanes weather radar lol

    I am back into work from home again now, although have done really well this morning and pushed out 200. Just 845 to go LMAO, so i should get back into it !!


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    Jun 2003

    Wow so muich happens so quickly ... I don't think I can do personals but please know I have read all your posts

    Asha is 7 months old today!!!! It has gone so quickly. The other news is that this morning Asha got up on all fours!!! For a few weeks she has done arms or knees but not together and this morning she did it!!! Not long and my baby girl will be off and racing!

    Better go ... am off to lunch today.


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