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thread: 9 Months to 12 Months, March '05

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Home in the back of a divvy van!! Silly bugger, yeh, yeh trying to break up the fight. Topped off with an offer of alcohol-stinky, smoky drunken lovin mmmm mmm! My mother reckons they never really grow up.
    How long will he be in the sin bin for Michelle?!

    Bloody Melbourne, it's turned absolutely freezing, so of course Mitchell is facsinated with the red hot heater. Which is fine with DD, who is lying right in front of it (hogging it), then she can make sure he doesn't get too close.
    Electric blanket on 3? Check.
    Jarmies on? Check
    Cup of tea and chocolate? Check

    I'm off to bed, it's too COLD!

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    LMAO @ the heater and electric blanket on. I have seen the weather in Melbourne watching the GP stuff on tele. Been coldish today here too a bit and even raced to the petrol station to buy chocolate that cost and arm and leg from there to have with my cuppa later LMAO. Things we do


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    katanya Guest

    hi everyone, wow is it busy in here..I wrote a reply this morning, and had t jump off before I posted it and DP jumped on and changed websites..ahhh!!! :evil: never go back here to re-write it! Now I forgot what I said!

    Firstly let me say that it is hot up here in Sunny Queensland, even on the mountain which is generally 5 degrees cooler! We have fans on and everything..electric blankets sound surreal!

    Wow our kids are growing up too fast, with Matilda squatting and standing, Lachlan turning 11 months (I joined Belly Belly just when he was born, seems like yesterday!)Asha,Aidyn, Felix, and Mitchell cruising (not my fault BTW!!) Shayla walking...ahh can we turn back the clock please???

    We went out to lunch today with my Mum her her partner and Felix crawled all over the balcony and pulled up over everything, it is really getting hard to take him out now as he just wants to be out of his pram and won't sit on our laps! He can totally circumnavigate the loungeroom, he can swap to all the bits of furniture, only falls when he's tired.

    Dietician went pretty well, I'll write about in the disability/illness forum, she gave a me a few new things to try, and no supplimenting yet which is great!

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    I agree Katanya it does seem like only yesterday. You joined 9 days after he was born

    Well i never did get my choclate with my cuppa. I opened it and it was all white and crumbled in my hands so I raced it back to the servo where I paid thru the nose for it anyway and said I want my money back. She said 'oh how about grabbing another one" so I said "No thanks cause there is no guarantee that the whole batch isn't like it"

    So it is now 10.04pm and I am baking chocolate cake 8-[ well we do have guests tomorrow arvo LOL


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    LOL at the desperate need for chocolate Kathryn!! We have some fundraising choclate here and its sooooo tempting!

    katanya - I'm sitting here sweating my bum off, its so hard to imagine even owning electric blankets atm

    well...we went to a friends house for dinner & it took 2 hours to settle Matilda and she was screaming, refusing the sling even! So... DH & I just took turns, their boys went to sleep so well & they were shocked because usually their boys take over an hour to settle down... I hate nights like that. But then she slept in this morning until 7.30!!! YAY \/

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Afternoon girls,

    Well your babies are rubbing off on Jessica as she has decided commando crawling is the go and she is 6months and 4 days today, what a bugger she is. She is having cereal every morning and LOVES it. But we are down to 4 240mls bottles and she doesn't drink them all. Not enough hours in the day though for her to have any more than that, (cos she sleepss so much) now I am NOT going to complain about that though.

    Lulu- Hmmm how long will he be in trouble for? Well the pattern is the morning after he is all apolegetic and the next day he gets mean, like I am carrying on for nothing, so I guess I have to snap out of it tonight or it gets pretty uncomfortable.

    I too am in cold Melbourne, with the heater on. Isn't it so funny that weather can be so different in a different area. My sis moved to QLD about 3 yrs ago and when they visited last yr mum had to go buy an electric blanket for the bed they were sleeping in as they were freezing.

    Bummer about the chocloate Kathryn, nothing worse than being all set for something and then it doesn't happen, the cake is a good compromise though.

    Christy hope Matilda settles better tonight when things are normal. jessica didn't sleep much either yesterday as we were out, so I fed her at 7.30am and then she went back to sleep till 9.30 so I got a lie in.

    I am a bit bored, Jordan is going on camp tomorrow to Canberra, her bag is packed and all that is missing is the pjs that need to be dried, and film for the camera which Arron is picking up.

    Hope you all enjoy the Grand Prix, we are watching videos (kids ones though-Toy story and Angelina Ballerina to be exact), so we will find out at the end who won and that will be the Grand Prix for us.

    See ya Michelle

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    It feels even colder when the week before we had temps of 28-34. I usually don't mind Melb's up and down weather, but I'm getting sick of dragging out all my jumpers AGAIN.

    It's seems all the kids are shooting forward lately doesn't it? Are they all chatting and comparing notes on babybaby.com? Mitchells first 4 or so months really dragged. All those long days screaming with colic (or whatever that was), and 2 hrly feeds. I must get to doing a website before he is one.

    GGRRR on old chocolate.


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    LMAO @ babybaby.com Lulu. I was talking to Kelly (BellyBelly) in MSN the other day and I said can you imagine it in 20yrs time Marisa will have the reins, and it will be Matilda, Kameron/Lachlan, Aidyn etc as Moderators LMAO.

    Well speaking of Lachlan he is started whinging so time to get him up and see to some dinner.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I lol at babybaby.com too. I wonder if Jessica's service provider is more reliable than mine.

    I have been on all arvo and have had so many refresh pages it's not funny. I need a new computer too, very soon. After the business pays it's tax bill I'm going to the computer shop.

    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    Adelaide, Australia

    Hello Everyone,

    Nothing much to report from my world. Apart from tomorrow is my last day at Lincraft as I start a new job on Wednesday. My new job is Full Time but it is only for two months. It will be interesting to see how Shayla and I cope. Shayla will be babysat by her Granda (my Dad) which she is used to but she will be there 8:30 - 6 which sould be interesting. I think I am going to be knackered for the first couple of weeks. It will be nice to have my weekends back though.

    We organised today to go and stay with Trents sister over Easter (they live in Pinnaroo) which will be nice as they have done heaps of reno's that we are yet to see as well as get to spend time with our niece.

    Shayla now has four teeth but I think she has about 4 on the way arghhh.

    Sorry for no personals but I have to get started on dinner (stir fry).

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    katanya Guest

    Hi everyone

    I think Felix must be on that babybaby.com too LMAO! he must hack into my posts because he wouldn't hardly eat today, despite yesterday eating HEAPS! Must be on strike again!

    I have some photso to share..apologies about the first few being neck crainers!

    Felix cruising photos here
    Wonderwoman, good luck with your new job! That sounds great! I'm sure Shayla will be fine with her Granda, she is a lucky girl to have him all to herself!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    It's soooo quiet around here all of a sudden. Are we all really busy or something?

    Good luck with the job wonderwoman, and I'm sure Shayla will have a great time.

    Cheeky FElix, he must be reading all the wrong posts katanya, direct him to the ones about how good weight gain is LOL! Oh one of the girls in the 1 to 6 month forum was asking about the supplement to increase milk supply, starts with F and I knew you had taken it, she is trying to buy something with it in it, thought maybe you could pop in and give her a tip.

    Well nothing much happening here either, just doing stuff that I shuldn't and not cleaning the house as much as I should. Jordan left for Canberra today, so we are a little quieter around here, but not much, still have 3 in the house. I hope she has a cool time though, as it is a really interesting jam packed trip. Hopefully she's asleep as bfast is at 7am and they have to be at old parliment house at 8.30am. Good luck to them, getting 100 kids ready and out by that time is surely more stressful than my 4.

    Goodnight, hope everyone else is well
    Cheers Michelle

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    It is weird. I always go quiet in my last month of the forums. I did that in 1-6mth as well LMAO.

    But I don't really have anything to report either hahahaha. Oh hang on I take that back. Yesterday afternoon Lachlan spent most of the afternoon crawling properly YAY !!! not before bloody time LMAO.

    Christy - Did you ever find out what foot Matilda drags or did I miss that post.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Good morning girls,

    Kathryn- maybe your quietness is your way of easing out, thinking maybe we won't notice when you are gone LOL.

    Well I have a long time left in here but still nothing exciting is happening. I go to Mum's today to do ebay stuff and the girls create havoc all day, Jessica spews on the floor and Jemma tries to help me on the computer and makes a mess in the toy room. If I'm lucky she has a sleep, we'll see how it goes today.

    Hope everyone is well
    I may pop back in later.
    Cheers Michelle

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    Pietta Guest


    My little man is officially in here today!~!

    I better go say goodbye to the others before i move in here-

    Where did the last 6 months go???

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    katanya Guest

    Welcome Pee =D> ..uh-oh you coming here means my time is nearly over here because that always happens, like with 3rd trimester, then 1-6 mths LOL! I can't believe Riley is 6 mths today either happy half birthday Riley!!

    Michelle sounds like your place is havoc! hope things settle down!

    Kathryn maybe you are gently weaning us from your presence? I still can't believe you are nearly gone??

    I saw the natural therapist today and Felix has a sever dairy intolerance, now I just have to work out what else to feed him #-o am going to eliminate dairy from both our diets for 3 weeks to see if we get a change.

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    Welcome to the forum Pee. They grow up way to fast !!!!!! I will have to transfer your details over too

    I can't believe I am nearly gone either Katanya... gone but not forgotten I hope LMAO I can't wait till all your girls join me in the 12mth - Toddler Forum at least we will all be there together for a long while cause it goes up to the age of 5 !!!


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    Oh and Welcome to Spiddles too, who will be over in the forum as from tomorrow Just transferred her details across too


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