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thread: 9 Months to 12 Months, March '05

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    Jun 2003

    Hi girls

    Justa quick post to let Katanya know that Golden Circle have allergy friendly food in jars!

    Asha loves the Pear, Mango & Rice ... it is free of preservatives, has no flavours or colours, free of gluten and egg, free of dairy, fish, nuts and has no added sugar or salt. They have a few varieties like this, including some savoury ones.



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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    I finally checked out some of the kids on your websites. Jessica & Jemma make me really clucky for a girl!!
    OMG Matilda!! what a clever little thing, Mitchell jumped up and down & clapped his hands when he saw her photos.!!
    I always turn into a blubbering sook when I check out the websites!!
    Got three rolls of film back today and they are all winners so will do Mitchells site next week. I've never done it before, so I may ask for help!!
    Good to see no-one is icky-sick this week, hope all you QLD girls are way away from TC Ingrid!!

    Love Lulu

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    Oct 2003
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    awww I hope she drinks for you Michelle!

    Kelly thats good to know about the Golden Circle jars.

    Pee wow Ryley is growing so quick!!

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    Nov 2003
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    Still not much luck with the bottles, she has drank about 380mls and should drink at least 720mls, I don't like my cahnces of getting another 300+ into her before bedtime. She is snoozing at the moment, I took Josh swimming and then Arron went to footy training.

    Would you believe that he was contemplating going fishing tomorrow. Jordan has been away all week and gets back from camp tomorrow, Josh is supposed to go to a friends after school and he wants to go fishing. I said "Oh yeah well you went to the pub till 3am last fri and this fri you'll be fishing, whatever!" He said he's not going but we'll see, he has this habit of saying he's not going and next thing he's gone.

    Has news that Arron's cousin is a Dad to a baby boy, they called him Andre Spencer, 6lb 6oz, an emergency caeser, some big problem with the placenta so the bub has very dry skin and is very skinny looking. Whihc isn't really good, but he's ok.

    i am waiting for money in my account and I am buying the Dr phil relationship rescue book, so we can see what a normal relationship should look like, I think ours is more abnormal than normal somehow.

    I resisted thevery big urge last night to sneak out to the shed and smoke but I managed to beat it and that means it has been 2 wks. Arron says his patch will go on tomorrow, we'll see. I think the hardest thing is doing stuff at smoking time, prob why I have more time on here.

    Anyway better go

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    Oct 2003
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    Hiya girls!

    Ambah the car we got was from KMART, a hotwheels car and was only $15.00 during the sale (bargin!) We were going for a little tikes one, but are saving up for the good one

    I missed not going to playgroup today, but probably couldn't have gone anyway as Matilda has green stuff coming out her nose all day.... I'm hoping she won't be sick all weekend, and now its raining! our weekend at the beach will be spent inside watching videos LOL....always the way...

    Michelle how frustrating! I'm getting frustrated at him just reading you posts...I hope that you can get the book & it helps.

    Thats cute Lulu about Mitchell looking at Matilda! She has a thing for Aidyn and everytime she see's him or see's a photo of him on the computer she tries to kiss it, so cute....we're pretty far from the whole Ingrid thing, but tonight its stormy & windy so maybe we're coping a bit of the leftovers LOL

    Oh Kathryn at Kameron! *twilight zone theme music*

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    Feb 2004

    Awww Christy, just checked out Matilda's website. She's so goregeous & gets moreso with every update I think And wow, she's on the move, I bet that keeps you guys very busy!

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    Nov 2003
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    Well my Jessica is a bugger, she doesn't have the temp, but isn't drinkling much either. Yesterday all up she had less than 500mls. Today she has had 160mls and 2 tbsp of cereal. AND... she thinks it's great cos she discovered you don't just have to lie in the portacot and sleep you can roll over and crawl around in there instead. AND...she commando crawled her way into the kitchen and decided tasting the slate floor was a good idea, and then maybe roll onto your back and see how hard the floor is on your head as well.


    Kristy- I was looking at Matilda's website when Arron came in and we both agreed that Matilda is beautiful.

    Ambah- I cehcked out Aidans pics the other day too and I love his chubby cheeks, makes you feel like kissing them. He is so cute too.

    AHHH! Cluckiness will never leave me I am sure. You know I guess now that I have 4 kids and have turned 30 , the reality that I will never be pregnant again has set in and I am a little sad about that. People can't understand how I could feel that way, I have 4 kids, but I so love the preg part and the miracle of life. If we were rich....who knows.

    Well Arron went fishing this morning but he will be back by 4.30 which is when Jordan will arrive home from Canberra, we have all missed her so it will be good to have her home...although little does she know I looked in her room after she left and was disgusted. 3 weeks ago I spent 7hrs on a Sunday cleaning it with her and she frustrates me as clothes are hidden screwed up in the wrong drawers etc and **** where it's not supposed to be. Mum's of girls look out cos girls are hoarders and hiders from my experience.

    I don't care about him going fishing cos it doesn't effect me really as I am home anyway, it's better for him to go through the day so I have help at night, but if he even hints at going to the TAB lookout, cos I will be in the car and having a cuppa at someones house faster than he can say 45 mins.

    I was going to go to Target to layby sheets and look at a vacuum cleaner today but it got too late to leave and get back for Josh so I might go tomorrow arvo an leave Arron with the kids.

    Any way will check back later.
    Hello to everyone else

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    Oct 2003
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    Hi girls we are on our way up the coast now, so I hope you all have a great weekend!!

    We had a rough night last night with Matilda, she was up every hour and had a temp of 38.5 and vomitted out the panadol ](*,) but we went to the Dr this morning & looks as if all is okay as long as we keep her temp down, so we are going anyway...Matilda seems bright & quieter compared to herself but normal otherwise... in other words she's stayed off her feet but still played with toys and laughed...she's gone to sleep twice with minimal screaming, in fact once there was no screaming at all 8-[ still smiling and waving and clapping her hands... so we're still going...

    Cya!! I hope you all have a quiet and relaxed weekend!

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    Nov 2003
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    Have a great weekend Christy, hope Matilda is back to normal and you have a nice break. Good luck for DH's interviews too if it's not too late for that.

    Cheers Michelle

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    katanya Guest

    Hi everyone haven't been in here for a few days, seems like forever..wow do we have some chatterboxes in here now!! not naming names..but..Michelle you have just talked up a storm thought I was an epic poster!!

    Thanks everyone for the tips on the allergy free baby food, couldn't find the one you said Kelly, but got some apple and oatmeal, he ate the pear and oatmeal well today!

    This restricted diet is just about doing me in! I make these gormet meals for my boy and he shakes his head at me..well he's getting better, I think the change to goats must be hard intially because Goats products are very strong in flavour compaed to dairy. He's gradually getting there. I made him spelt flour and goats milk and egg pancakes today and he loved them. Also made custard with goats milk, and add yogurt to ripe banana which disguises the taste. His poos have changed HEAPS so I think it is working, trouble is I have a whole cupboard full of dairy filled baby food! I am going to donate them all to my friend if things go well after 3 weeks.

    Hope Matilda is feeling better Christy!
    I will try to do personals tomorrow, got to get to bed night!

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    Jul 2004
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    Michelle - LOL, those pics you would have seen of Aidyn are about 6 months old! Eeeks, I havent yet updated my www . Try these links http://geocities.com/ambahden/december1
    Those are the most recent pics I have online, they were all taken around Christmas time. I really need to get my act together and upload some new ones!
    I really hope Jessica's appetite picks up again soon... do you think its because of teething? (when the PH in their mouth changes and they dont like the taste of the formula?)?

    Oh christy, I hope Matilda is feeling much better and it was just a 12 hr bug or something.
    The beach sounds awesome, you will have a blast!

    Katanya - I admire you so much... you are so commited to giving Felix the best, and well done for putting in so much effort and thought into his food and eating plans, I'm sure you will both start reaping the rewards very soon.
    I actually bought a jar of the peach, mango & rice stuff the Kelly mentioned today, I found it in Woolies.

    Well thats it girls, a short one from me tonight, I have been online all day practically and my hands and brain just aren't coordinating together anymore! Time for some sleep!

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    Hey guys,

    Just adding new threads in this forum to help split up the load that is about to start hitting Lovely to see so many babies about

    Myself or a moderator will move over your details if you wish, but if you would prefer to keep chatting in your current group this month, that is okay. Next month we will split the groups indefinitely though.
    Kelly xx

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    Author of Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know
    In 2015 I went Around The World + Kids!
    Forever grateful to my incredible Mod Team

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    Hey Girls

    I have edited this info part of this thread to reflect the kids in the 9-12mth group, but everyone feel free chatting here till we make the proper change over in April or you can also chat in the other groups. The info is also in birthdate order so the top person will be the next to migrate to the 12mth - 3yr forum


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    katanya Guest

    Great idea guys I was having trouble keeping up, a shame to miss out on the other new mums, but we all talk TOO much !!

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi girls,
    thought I'd say seeya, as I am in the other forum, sorry to be such an epic poster, that's what happens when you are a SAHM of 4 who needs some sanity LOL.

    It will be much easier for you to keep up now Kayanya! LOL

    I am going to take a look at your pics Ambah. and yes I am sure Jessica not eating is cos of teeth.

    Yesterday at almost 6 and a half months Jessica decided to show off her fantastic abdominal mucles. She was lying on her back and sat herself up from the lying position. I have never seen anything like it and she is my 4th. My others didn't do that! And to top it all off I found her first tooth this morning. It is the bottom right front tooth, and it wouldn't surprise me if the others aren't far behind. Ah well not much left for her to do now, she may as well walk now ! LOL NOT.

    See ya

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    katanya Guest

    Oh Michelle I'm hoping I didn't make you feel like you talk too much! I am just used to being one of the blabbermouths (or blabber fingers) and must say you outstrip me over and over

    Jessica sounds just amazing, that is certainly quite a feat to sit up from laying at 6mths!! Maybe she'll be a future Aerobics Oz styler!? hope she gets back into those bottles soon !

    Well Felix is 10 mths tomorrow, and he has his injections this morning, and was weighed, 7.9..not going to compare but I was hoping he'd hit 8 kgs by 10 mths but nevermind.

    Ambah I think I might have worked out a way to get Felix to eat a bit more, I give him finger food to hold and chew on and then I spoon in food around it, it seems to work much better. He wants to feed imself but obviously the amount that actually goes in when he does it isn't enough..but this way at elast I don't get head shakes and crying!

    Tomorrow is the specialist appointments, I gather we'll be talking about the brochialoscopy.

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    Oct 2003
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    how scary katanya!! I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow!

    We use the finger food trick with Matilda as well... she gets a rusk with every feed at the moment, and a spoon and bowl...LOL

    Well after our awful weekend away (the weekend was great, poor Matilda had a shocker though), I worked today and am exhausted now....just try to stay up to see desperate housewives...LOL

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    katanya Guest

    oh Christy that is no good about matilda having a bad time on your weekend away! I hope you get a good rest tonight! Did she have trouble sleeping in a strange environment?

    That is great idea about the bowl and spoon too, might try that one!

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