thread: Babies born February 16th-28th 2009 #2

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    op how rude!!! i'll meet you for lunch one day and i wont stand you up!!

    kaz arrhh i see, i dont blame you, and hour break is not long is it pop into breastfeeding area if you need some help, barb glare is wonderful at answering questions!!
    dummy millie usually spits it out and goes to sleep without it, so not too concerned!
    oh and i just took my iron!!
    off to dr for 6 week check up so going to ask some more questions regarding my iron levels

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    Kaz - I have a GF whose bubs refused the breast, and when she tried to feed him formula, he wouldn't take that, so she ended up having to express and bottle feed him breast milk. I know its probably no help but each baby is different and its a case of finding out what works for your bubs . Try not to feel pressured by the MCHN or anyone else... Just do what works for you.

    Does bubs get sleepy after the feed? Just wondering if you need to change around your feed/play/sleep cycle (I had to - sleep, nappychange, then food, burping then sleep)

    Gotta go Alex wants booby!

    Back again - finally got him to sleep - was up at 7am because the neighbour had loud music.. tried to settle A down, just got him down and there was a loud thump (they were listening to beyonce/rap/dance music), so I put on my dressing gown, looked in the mirror to make sure that my hair was sticking out on ends and wrapped A up and we trundled next door to knock on the door - no answer so I knocked very assertively on the window and the music stopped and no one turned up to talk to me, so we left. Then of course we were up for the day, and I've only just got A down for sleep - no more daytime naps for me!! Went to the GP and got the all clear. Stupid Babyco still haven't got our pram in yet, and the pram they lent us, the tyres keep going flat.. argh, so my exercise has been restricted.
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    OP - How [email protected]@#y rude of your friend!! Not only is it a major feat to get into the city with a 6 week old but also on a day like today - you deserve a medal!

    Kaz - I'm sorry to hear that J is still fussing at the breast. He is still gaining weight which is good but as Jols said an hour isn't very long Barb may be able to help.

    Shell - we went to see the Watchmen. It was 2hrs 40min!! We went to the Sun Theatre in Yarraville so we were able to buy wine and have that while watching the movie - it was pretty decadent for new parents

    Meg - I hope the chiro helps and that you can get some rest over the weekend

    AJP - I hope it isn't AF. That would really suck! I'm still bleeding slightly but the OB said it is still normal

    AFM - had my 6 week check at the OB today so had to catch the bus there and back in the thunderstorm with a pram with 2 kids - not my idea of a fun day out! Anyway all is good and I can drive again now woohoo!! DP also booked in to get the snip in May. Miss J had a bad day yesterday as she only had 2 x 45min sleeps all day. However she then slept from 6pm to 2am - yes 8 hours!! She must have been sooo tired, poor little thing.

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    ooohhh wine nai, very jealous and yep today was not the day to be out and about!!
    cant believe your still bleeding i stopped about 3 weeks ago!
    woot at 8 hours!!

    as for the snip DH tells me hes not ready yet as he;s not sure he's finished having kids i asked with me or someone else he said me now he's got me thinking about #3

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    Hey girls
    Hang in there !!!!!!
    OP- Levi slept nealy all day as well and he has been in his cot asleep for an hour now as well- YEP definately could be growth spurt! Its all good! You might find that Isabel will have one day where she is alert and wake a bit, and then sleep the next day or so- its normal. How dare you friend stand u up!GRRR!!!

    Nai- great that you can drive again- i would have gone insane not driving that long! Glad everything is OK! So i guess the DND sign can go on the bedroom door hey! LOL

    Kaz- Hugs hun! Keep going you are doing a great job- and a gain is a gain. My twins had to be weighed daily at first and then weekly for the first 6 weeks i had them home! As long as they keep going forward it is all good, and if his weight does go back a little, just give it a bit before you start to panic. I would feed whenever he wants it at the moment- but only if it works for you. I demand feed Levi and he gets boobycinos when ever he wants, but i kept the twins at 3 hourly as i would have gone insane- If if works then do it !!! You are right Kazz- you cant teach them bad habits at this age- they arnt trying it on and only cry for a reason. Its after 6 months of age that you may want to set some boundaries - but that is what works for you! If he is unsettled whilst at the breast and fussing, it may be that he is really hungry and tired and doesnt know what to do with himself. Try swaddling him and feeding him that way. Keeps his hands still and may settle him down enough to feed when he gets himself in this state. Also try using a triagle pillow around you- give you more control as it frees up your hands a bit and also elevates him a bit. He could have silent reflux - hence the positting, and laying flat to feed may be a bit uncomfy for him. My DD had this and would feed exactly how you are describing as well. Keeping him up a bit whilst feeding and keeping him up for a period of time afterward may also do the trick. Also the good ole telephone books under the cot legs down one end to put the cot on an angle may help as well.
    Also Kaz, there is no set formula how much weight bubs should be gaining. Those damm charts in our blue books do our heads in! They are old and outdated!!! My twins were so far off them - below the lines until they were 2 years old. Then at the next weigh in at 2 1/2 years- DS was so far above the chart it wasnt funny. Now he is the right height and weight for a 9 year old- he is 6! So what do I do? Stop him eating a growing- please! As long as the lines keep going up- that is all that matters- wet nappies and happy bubs are the best indicators!

    Shell- 5-6 weeks is great- so dont stress- you may even start to get a smile in this time- they start to realise that they arnt the only ones in their world as well. Its priceless

    AFM- all good here- Levi up most of yesterday and slept most of today- had a pedicure and a massage done at the shops he was soo asleep! WHOOT! Levi now has the head control thing happening so he is a bit more robust - thank god - dont have to stress that the twins are gonna snap his head off as much now. He has started to laugh as well now, and is ticklish- he was laughing in his sleep the other day- too cute! He is a baby that harldy ever cries, but around the 8 week mark, babies start to amp it up- so its been funny to actually hear him cry twice today- its was b/c i was trying to attend to 3 kids at once and he was making the least amount of noise lol- it lasted a whole 10 seconds.
    Twins are on hols now- so my social life is on hold till they go back to school. Gonna try and do thing with them as last hols we hardly did anything !

    mwah and hugs to everyone else

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    Nai - well done on the bus trip with the two kids. Glad to hear you got the all clear. Just be mindful with the snip of the blokes, my bro had it done after their two kids, and the Dr who did it messed up and well they had a number 3, so make sure there ain't any swimmers in there.

    AJP - love your talk with DH.. hehe.. its so easy for them, they can just had the bubs over to mum.

    OP - i would have been cheesed off with your friend.

    Want to sleep but have to write a job application due monday...argh!!

    Can I get one of those babies that sleeps through the night for longer than 2 or 3 hours? A can be up during the day, with a few cat naps, and I get a 3.5hr sleep out of him at the very longest (then after that it can be 1hr sleeps).. going insane here.. ohh hang on was already insane, so must be flipping back to being normal maybe??
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    AJP- lol, at least your considering it! I told Df seeing as he is refusing the snip if he gets me pregnant he can take sole care of it, lol.

    Nai - I used to go to the sun theatre heaps when I lived over that side town, grew up in Newport so was just up the road, quite nice there and you don't get lots of annoying ppl like you do at major cinemas. Good on you with the bus trip!

    Kaz- from what I've been told at least 20g a day weight gain is fine and thats exactly what jacob is doing, as for settling just do whatever works, I spent alot time worrying with DD1 about what I should or shouldn't be doing (thanks to ILs) and I learnt that you just gotta do what works. Is he screaming at all feeds? Cause maybe then he might have reflux or something?

    OP- Does the standing up friend have kids of her own? I'd be annoyed it takes ages to get organised to leave the house. As for the sleepy thing, I wouldn't worry some days they just do that, might be growth spurt, I always found Ash slept alot more when she had growth spurts.

    Amazingly Em settled really well after her bedtime routine/ feed, just needed resettling once! Hopefully we'll have a good night.

    Well everyone posted at same time!

    Tarkine- Are you applying for a job soon? Planning to go back to work in near future?

    Det- ooh pedicure and massage sounds great! I need to go and get a wax done, might have to book in while Df is home. Yeah smiles are great, we been getting few big ones last couple days. Thats so cute bout levi giggling, so gorgeous the first time they do everything.
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    Shell - not planning on going back to work soon.. it is a promotion.. have been acting at a higher level for a year now and need to make it permanent, but as you can tell, I'm procrastinating on BB instead of writing the stupid application.

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    BB alot more fun than job application!
    I'm watching footy, go saints! Its nice being able to watch in peace.

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    Thanks for your support and encouragement girls. I just came back in here to report that we just had an excellent feed - a bit of fussing initially (but no crying) and then he fed really well. One small possit at the end. He is not particularly settled atm but we're getting there.

    AJP - Yeah - I'd like to have another blood test at my 6 week check to see where my levels are up to. I hope yours are rising. He tends to only 2 hourly feed in the evenings - during the day its 2.5 to 4 hours and same overnight so it's not too bad.
    Shell - The MCHN that was here on Wed suggested reflux. I'm not yet convinced because it's rarely anything significant he brings up but she said reflux babies can gain at slower rates, love sucking because the swallowing helps and can be unsettled when feeding so I'm letting her run with that theory and a lot of the strategies will hopefully help him bring up less anyway because he's doing it every feed now. Whoot on Em settling quickly for you.
    Tarkine - Breast refusal is a big fear of mine. Especially because earlier in the week we had breast, bottle teat and dummy all going at once for a day or two. He is often sleepy after a feed but then will possit and wake himself up. Sometimes though he comes off crying as well. Bugger about your pram - that really sucks! They were going to have it for you well before now weren't they? Wish I had a bright idea about how you could go and make them produce it now for you. It's kind of funny when the neighbours ignore you in a situation like that. It's an admission of guilt and awareness they were overstepping the mark in my opinion. Hopefully your knocking on the door is enough to help them think twice about volume next time!
    Odette - thanks for the tips mate! We have recently started doing some of that like we have elevated his bassinette mattress at the head end etc. I tend to unswaddle him to feed so he is awake because he was getting sleepy early for a while there (and then swaddle at the end for a final go), but that's a good idea. I swap sides, have tried twin style on the left (with 50/50 success) but will re-swaddle him next time as that may help. I really take my hat off to you and other twin mummies feeding two at once I was only saying to mum the other day I don't know how women manage that, especially if one or both are fussing.
    Nai - on the all clear and being able to drive! That's fantastic - I can't wait til I can drive. Good on you for navigating public transport with two kids.

    Alright, nearly time for the next feed here - he hasn't slept since coming off an hour ago so it might be time to go again and then hopefully he'll settle and sleep. Hope you all have good nights girls!

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    Down Under

    Laura Beere's Photos - Logan and Bella | Facebook

    new photos
    off to bed, had a read of posts will write back tomorrow!!

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    She's gorgeous Laura! And Logan is pretty cute too!

    AJP - Here are some foods high in iron that I found in a google search. There's all the usual other stuff like the innard bits of animals but I don't care how low my iron got, I wasn't consuming offal or liver!

    fish paste spread
    dried figs/dried fruit
    Special K cereal
    beans - baked; red kidney
    wholemeal pasta

    If you drink OJ with meals (and avoid caffeine) then it helps you absorb more iron. Also, apparently when people are iron deficient, they are better at absorbing iron from foods which is nice to know!

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    Hi girls, just a quick one. I have been lurking in here and reading your posts. (you have been chatty). I love it though because I kind of get to see what I have coming in the next couple of weeks and try and prepare myself.

    Kaz- I agree with the others with you gotta do whatever works. I have now accepted that the dummy helps DD and actually causes less stress to me and he doesnt use it all the time, she will refuse it unless she is really upset.

    I am also co-sleeping with DD (anyone else doing this???) I remember saying that DD would go straight into the cot!!! How wrong I was... It is working for me though. I am finding she is sleeping longer and I am not as exhausted. So whatever works I say.

    OP- That is bad form from your friend to stand you up. I hope you told her that you were already out at the city and that the other girl had cancelled too. I am hoping that you and DD had a good day anyway even if it was pooring (I cant believe how much rain we have had!)

    Nai- Great stuff on the driving!!! Wil be much easier than catching a bus with 2 kids, prams, shopping, etc. 8 hours sleep is amazing! The most we have got here is 6 hours.

    AJP- I Lurrrrvvvve my maz breast pads. I am going to order more pairs from her store as they are fabulous. Thankyou thankyou thankyou again!

    Megie- I hope things are getting better for you and that you are getting some help

    Shell- that is great the Em settled well for you. We need to get onto a bedtime routine as well.

    Det- So jealous of yuor pedi and mani!! I am still wondering how I am going to get myh hair done???

    Tarkine- hope you got your application done. Le us know how you go.

    Laura- Love the photos. Your babies are just gorgeous!!

    AFM- Miss A is sleeping better. She slept yesterda arvo on the couch for 4 hours and then had a good sleep at night as well. Weekend now.. YAY! DP is home, I just wish the weather was nicer. Wonder what we will do this weekend....hmmmmm....

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    kaz my dad told me to eat liver and black pudding yuk!!
    may get some special K though,also love sardines, eating lots of spinach, thanks for that
    i avoid dairy for an hour either side of taking the iron and take extra capsules with apple juice

    ali glad the pads are nice!! great sleep by ashlyn yesterday!!!
    what did you end up doing today??

    we opended up new bank accounts today, one with no fees, since these new atm fees came in, in
    one month weve gone from zero fees to $30 in one month so gave the credit union the boot
    both girls are in bed, dinner is cooking hope millie stays asleep for a good few hours

    ETA will be back later with a funny spider story

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    in my head

    I didn't know about avoiding dairy. Thanks for that AJP. I love dairy so will have to watch it!

    We've had a pretty good day here so far. Jacob has fed pretty well every 2-3 hours. I got 5 hours sleep last night (broken but still good) plus had an arvo nap. Got to chat to a gf on the phone. Had time to cook and eat dinner in one sitting . He's asleep again in the sling on DP and we're going to bath him when he wakes up. When I sleep and he feeds well, anything is possible!!

    Hope you've all had similarly good days girls - thanks for the support yesterday. I think it all just got a bit full on for a while there.

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    In my own little world!!!

    Hi Everyone! I have missed BB sooooo much! Our computer has died so I can only use Dh's work one every now and then...don't think they'd be too happy with him being on here lol!

    Has been a long couple of weeks..Dh working 7 days a week and getting home at 7pm at the earliest 'sigh'. Finally saw paed on Friday and Anika does have reflux. Started on the losec and I am totally amazed at the difference in her already! I agree the feeding in an upright position and the cot on an angle all helps but thank goodness for the losec...feel back on track! And on cue...the boobie is required! Take care everyone! Exxx

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    Just quick pop in I am so tired! Em had lots wind pain again last night so was awake alot, trying to get her settled now but drops the dummy put every 15mins and starts crying but can't get her settled without it!

    Too tired for personals will come on tomor. But AJP no spider story is funny! They scare the hell outta me!

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    shell have you tried some wind drops? sorry not sure what there called. hope you get some rest tonight

    spiders ywp HATE them especially huntsmans, so here goes.
    got up the feed millie around 1am-ish walked through the lounge turned on the lamp and kepwalking,
    got millie and walked back to the lounge where i see a huntsman on the floor where id just walked i couldnt bring myself to go anywhere near it, couldnt kill it as i knew it would run away, it was between where i was and our bedroom, so i started to call for DH, our bedroom door was closed and he couldnt hear me, so after about 5 mins of calling out, sweating like a pig as i was soooooo scared i went back to millies room and called out to him through the monitor, he comes out and finally killed the bugger... creeped me out big time. ewewewwwwwwwwww yuk..the worst thing was it was in 'running' mode,well after all that it really isnt that funny is it sorry

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