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thread: Babies born February 16th-28th 2009 #2

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    in my head

    Laura - you haven't "failed" hun. You're doing your absolute best by Bella. Breastfeeding is damn hard work. I agree with the others - go and seek some advice about how you could increase your supply - there is nothing to stop you feeding her and then topping up with formula afterwards.
    Meg - I hope the hammock works and the new GP takes your concerns seriously.
    Odette - We wrap Mr. J. We have his hands up near his face like AJP described. There is a great brand of stretchy wrap called "gr8x" that is fantastic for getting him tightly wrapped. Much better than muslin.
    AJP - It has been itching like CRAZY!! As an indication, I was able to mostly ignore the PUPPS type rash on my belly in the week before birth but I cannot stop itching this!! It is marginally better today so hopefully the cortisone cream is working. for you hun. Don't know how you keep going with a toddler after hitting that tiredness wall in the afternoon. Look after yourself.
    Shell - Thanks for the wind drops name. for your DF's performance but glad you are feeling better today.
    Ali - Sorry you had such a shocker last night. Sounds like you were unwell. I hope Ashlyn settles for you soon

    AFM - Mr. J has been a lot more sleepy during the last few feeds. He is difficult to keep awake through the whole feed and they have been getting shorter on each side. Could he just be getting better at draining the breast do you think?

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    Jols, i looked everwhere on my breasts for red spots and got dp to check under side of them but couldn't see any marks. i have never felt that sick though, that is the worst i have felt post birth. DP was thinking maybe i had a surge of hormones or something seeming i was achey in all my girly bits. I was aso bleeding more heavily yesterday than any other day post birth. Its strange though as i feel fine today and the pain all over my body has gone.

    No worries about the breast pads, you are doing me a massive favour so whenever you get round to it.

    laura- big you are not a failure at all. You need to tell yourself each day that you are a great mum and are doing everything you can for your two beautiful kids. I'd maybe talk to the doctor about increasing your supply if you want to keep breasfeeding and you could always do the top up feeds with formula.

    Det- we do the tight wrapping as well, makes a massive difference to the length of sleep she will have. Hope the migraines go away.

    Meg- i hope they listen to you it must be awful seeing your baby being sick and in pain.

    Shell- i hope dp is sorry today, sometimes they need to be reminded that they arent 18 anymore and they have responsibilities.

    Kaz- i wish i could help you in regards to your rash. it looks painful, do you think you are alergic to any medication they may have given you?

    OP- did they tell you how long it takes for the epi to heal up?? sounds like isabel is doing really well.

    Nai- i didnt have the heart to tell dp yesterday that the smile that he got was just wind!

    hi to everyone else

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    Laura, you haven't failed! You have fed for nearly 6 weeks - and that is fantastic! Go and see a LC but FWIW I know people who have topped up BF with formula from birth to 12 months and maintained a supply. I was laughing at you freaking out at being 21 - if you had come to my 21st you would have been 4 years old I am planning DP's 40th at the moment!!

    Det, we double wrap J as the little houdini can get out of just about anything but wakes if she does

    Ali, hope you feel better!

    Kaz, my mum had a rash like that after having me and it was a reaction to J&J Baby Oil. Have you used anything on your lega at all?

    Shell, I hope your DP has a headache today

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    kaz i really hope you get answers for that rash soon, makes me itch looking at it

    ali if you feel like that again make sure you see a dr...please!!!

    nai hun you dont look your age!!

    it my 7th wedding anniversary today

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    AJP- Happy anniversary! Any plans for a nice dinner (made by hubby ) My Df gets up and acts like nothing is wrong and I got ****ty and swore at him so we haven't spoken since! I hope he has a headache and is suffereing!

    Nai- Whens your DP turning 40? Df is going to be 40 in April so we've been planning party. We've decided on sit down lunch so kids can come and I didn't want a dinner cause it'll mean trying to get home with 2 overtired kids and trying to settle them alone.

    Ali- Thats quite strange all that going on and now feeling better, hopefully it was just a one off passing thing. Maybe your body being overtired and exhausted?

    Kaz- Does the breast feel empty after he feeds? Em can drain a breast in 8 mins and I keep thinking its not long enough but when i try squeeze anymore out its empty. If you are worried maybe change his nappy so to wake him a bit more to have extra feed.

    Meg- I hope someone listens to you, it must be awful seeing her in pain. You'd know if you went thru the same thing with J and you see how E is all day you'd know better than any Dr! When do you see the GP? Chiro could be good I've heard positive stories about helping reflux.

    A friend of mine has an 11 month old and another with a 9 week old so we've decided to start our own little mothers group monday arvos. So we are meeting up this arvo, its nice to have something on on a regular basis and gets me out of the house! The days pass easier and I don't have to look at mess!

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    nai hun you dont look your age!!
    I don't act it either!

    congrats on 7 years!!

    DP is 40 in May - we are just having a party at home. I will send DD1 to Ballarat with my mum for the weekend I think.

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    I don't act it either! .
    nothing wrong with that!!!

    shell i hope he has a headache too mean arnt i!!!

    i have mothers group monday arvo too,like you i love getting out and it breaks the day up!

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    I have only just got DD to go to sleep and not cry whe I put her down. This has been our worst day so far in regards to sleep. I am hoping she stays asleep for longer than 10minutes this time. She hasnt has a proper sleep since 5am this morning!!

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    Seriously, how do you all talk so much!! I'm going to try my best to catch up while DS is sleeping...(phew!)

    OP, glad Isabel is sleeping and feeding well for you. Hope it continues.

    Kaz, eek! Hope that rash clears real soon.

    Shell, I'd be so peeved at DP if he pulled a stunt like that (it actually really sounds like something he'd do too!) He better make it up to you. Let him have the girls to himself for a night!

    Megie I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. Hope the GP visit goes well, and go to the RCH if you have to - a mother knows best and don't let them tell you otherwise.

    Det, maybe go get the migraines checked out. How can you function with a migraine & 3 little ones?!

    Laura, I agree with the others that you need to do what is best for both of you and what is the most sustainable thing to do and if that means continuing bfing with formula top ups then that is fine! Don't feel guilty, your beautiful baby is being nourished and growing and that's what's paramount in the end.

    Ali, glad you're feeling better. Sounds like a shocker of a night. Weird how those things go as quickly and suddenly as they came. I've just got DS to sleep as well (walking home from MG) and I'm just so edgy and can't relax because I just expect him to wake up any moment

    AJP, happy anniversary! And happy 21st Laura for this week! I must be the baby of the group, I turned 20 in January

    Hi everyone else.

    AFM, had mothers group today. All went well, there's only 4 of us and Leon is the only boy. Also had his 4 week check up while we were there. MCHN thinks I'm overfeeding him as I've been feeding every 1.5 hours - 2 hours - crazy, but he demands it! He is now exactly 4 kgs and has gained almost 800g in 10 days SO anyway, been advised to try stretch out feeds to 3 hours and try other methods of settling as I've been using my bbs to settle him. Most likely the reason for his belly aches as well - poor baby. I'm really at my wits end though, especially come night time. He just wants to feed all the time and in between is struggling with wind and it's almost impossible to settle him. He never sleeps longer than an hours stretch. I might have to try a dummy again...I need some decent sleep. A 2 hour stretch would be sooo nice!

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    Meg - my bubs doesn't self settle - he only sleeps when he's cuddled with me and in the car and refuses to have the dummy. I would keep going to doctors until you found one that listened to you. PITA, but well worth it.

    Shell - I would kick DF up the bum!

    Nai - DH turning 40! That sounds like its going to be a party and a half! I turn 40 towards the end of next year - ohh now I feel really old!! Am thinking of going overseas. Spent my 37th Birthday travelling to Malaysia (from Singapore) and loved it! Thanks for the offer.

    Laura - there is a mum at my mums and bubs group that does a mixture of BF and FF. Your not a failure Definitely worth seeing a LC

    Holly - have you tried co-sleeping? maybe bubs just wants to be close to you?

    to everyone I've missed.
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    Well I have discovered today if I put Em in the basinette, roll her onto her right side and pat her back it is alot quicker and easier to settle her, just hope it works everyday!
    Had a nice arvo eating alot chocolate! Guess with all the BFing we're allowed.

    Holly- I try stretch feeds to at least 2.5hrs, dummy works well, carrying, cuddling, good luck. I didn't think you could over feed a breast fed baby but guess constant feeding can increase wind pains. If he has lots tummy pains myabe put him on his tummy and rub his back, that can help him fall asleep too the roll him on his side once he is asleep.

    Ali- :hugs: I hope tomor is alot better day for you, its awful having days like that, does she like the pram? You could pop her in and go out have coffee or something, gets her to sleep and you out the house.

    Tarkine- Ah we posted same time, how is everything going with you, you sounded very down the other day.

    Df reakons he feels great today, I don't think he'd say otherwise! At least he is cooking dinner.

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    Shell - So he should cook dinner!

    Tarkine - Hi!!

    Holly - Have you thought about trying Infants Friend? I supposed to relieve wind pain. When I was at the chemist today, the pharmacist said to give it a try.

    Ali - Howhave you gone this arvo?

    AJP - Hope MG was good today.

    Everyone else hi!!!

    This doctor gave me the Zantac script. So lets just see how it goes. She has been pretty good for the most of today, so hopefully I am not in for a horror night. I just wish I could have more than 2-3 hours sleep in a row. What I would give for me to have 5 hours! The few times E has slept 5 or 6 hours it is from 7pm or 8pm, so not realistic for me to get to bed at that time!
    Even though I am so tired i am still getting out and visiting friends etc and keeping busy. no point sitting at home feeling sorry for myself!

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    I'm with you on that dream Meg, Em last night stretched her feeds to 3.5hrs but by the time you feed and settle an hour is just about gone! Thats great you got the prescription, hopefully it means a new start from pain for her. Plus with the hammock as well might give you a good night sleep.

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    Shell- Doesnt it make you even more frustrated when they act like nothing is worng and pull up fine the next day? My DP has done that so many times. Unfortuantely I am too soft and end up letting him get away with it. We tried the pram earlier but as soon as it stops she would cry! I have managed to tightly wrap her and push the pram around the house and she settled.

    Tarkine- how are you feeling today? Hope things get better each day.

    Holly- i am worried that I am going to get told not to feed dd as much as well. She put on 350grams in her first 9 days!!!! She is now 3.90Kg little porker! We arent doing the dummy thing even though I have them if I am desperate but I am worried that I will just have to get up during the night to put it back in her mouth if it comes out. I have put my little finger in her mouth a couple of times when I have been desperate though.

    Jols- Congrats on the 7yrs of marriage!!!! DId hubby get you an eternity ring?? I would love any type of ring!

    Nai- What are you thinking for DP's party?

    Laura- how have you ben today sweetie? I hope you arent beating yourself up. You are doing the right thing for your DD. On another note, when is your birthday and tell us about this party you are having?

    Meggie- How did you go today??

    Kaz, Ellie, OP, Heaven, Det and anyone else I have missed.

    ETA-Meg, I am glad that you got a script for DD that she improves now. I have managed to cook up a nice satay chicken today and done a few other things, now I might have a little relax while she is still asleep.

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    I agree!! I can't keep up in here!! lol.

    OP- Good to hear things are going well.
    Kaz- Oh no, that rash looks itchy, hope it goes away soon
    Shell- to you and poo to your DF! That's good you've discovered a good settling technique. I've tried patting DD in the basinette but she won't have it, damn.
    Meg- I hope the GP can give you some answers
    Det- oh no, migraines are horrible
    laura- You've been given some great advice. You do what's best for you. It really sounds like breastfeeding is important to you though so I agree with the others, give the ABA a call and talk to them about what's going on, they can give you lots of tips about boosting your supply if that's what you need.
    Ali- Oh that's horrible, I hope you feel better and that doesn't happen again!! DD has hardly slept today either, she was awake from 9am til 3.30 with only a couple of 1/2hr cat naps! She is finally asleep, phew.
    Jols- Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!
    Holly- I didn't think it was possible to overfeed a BF baby?? That's what I've heard? I don't know what else you can do if that's what they want. I use the bb to settle aswell, esp at night when I just can't be bothered and that's the easiest way! My little girl is a chubber and has been feeding almost constantly today!! I'm probably overfeeding her too, lol, oh well.
    tarkine- how are you going?

    Well, good news!!!!!!!!! I just fed off the left side!!!! Have been expressing for a week on that side and the crack is finally healed! I was so nervous trying it but she attached perfectly and it didn't hurt at all!! I am so happy. I hope it continues this way. No more expressing at night would be bliss, more sleep, phew.

    How gross am I. DD has hardly slept today and is finally asleep in the hug-a-bub and I was busting for the loo. No way I was risking waking her by taking her out so she went with me

    ETA- quit talking so much!! lol. There's more posts by the time I finish typing!! Meg glad you got a script from the GP and I hope it does the trick.

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    Hey girls
    another quick one for me- suppose to be doing paperwork- oops
    Levi unsettled today- he doesnt like my migrane meds- well either do i- migrane finally went at 10ish last nite- got appointment with a/p next wed so hopefully get some relief!
    He ended up feeding yesterday from just after 3pm till midnite off and on- man what a cluster feed- reckon my milk was down a bit due to feeling like death warmed up!
    he still woke up mind you every 2-3 hours overnite. Tonite down at 7.30pm so hopefully he gets some zzzz- he needs them!

    Is anyone else going to the meet up in footscray on Thurs for lunch?? Saw Nai's name down and Mkates as well. I am gonna go- so anyone else in melb that can make it- it will be good! The details are in a thread called " Who lives in Footscray?' or somehting like that. I have only met one person from here IRL- OP! so it will be good to put faces to those i speak to- lol i will be wierd calling people by their real names and not their handles!
    oops better get back to work b4 i get busted lol

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    Thank you so much everyone!!! im not going to thank everyone personally because you have all given me kind words and plenty of advice and i honestly dont feel as bad after reading all your comments. Thank you again xx

    ok time to catch up...

    Tracey - today (well yesterday now) must have been a hard day for you and your family. We are all still thinking of you and praying for you xx

    Ali- are you ok?? how is A been today with her sleeping?? i agree with ajp if you do feel like that again i would definatly be seeing a doctor. or maybe even just mention it to the MCHN when you see them next?
    As for my birthday it is this sat night (28th), not having a HUGE party only invited about 50 people or so. Having it a a restaurant called pebbles - it is actually a FANTASTIC place to take kids as they have a huge playroom etc.. i have noticed it is a very popular place for mothers groups to meet and have coffee and lunch.
    Then after that we will be going back to my mums place to party the rest of the night away!! i will definatly be posting a couple of photos of me, DP, Logan and Bella all dressed up.. i got logan and bella the cutest outfits
    My ACTUAL birthday isnt until the 31st though.

    AJP- happy anniversary!!! i was supposed to go to mothers group today and forgot all about it

    Kaz- maybe he is draining a lot quicker now? or maybe he is getting more of the proper milk and it is satisfying him better? how is your rash?

    Nai - i wish i could get someone to look after my kids this weekend!! i only turn 21 once!! i hardy ever look at anyones ages on here because i just seem to think we are all around the same age i never would have guessed u were that much older than me.

    Holly - i hope L lets his mummy get some sleep tonight!!

    Shell - woohoo on starting your own mothers group!!! it will be nice for you to get out of the house and have some time to catch up with friends!! i found if i ate alot of chocolate bella would play up...

    MM - thats great that you got the zantac. i found the more tired i was the more i would get out of the house and go and do things. just dont run yourself down!! can u have a nap in the arvo maybe?

    tarkine - barb glare from BB is a LC ad has given me some great advice today and even better she lives in the same town as me so i will be seeing her in the next few days hopefully.

    Heaven - it is so hard to keep up in here!!! YAY for being able to feed on the left side again!!!! LOL about taking bubs to the toilet... early toilet training perhaps??

    det -

    AFM- IM SO HAPPY TODAY!!! my boss called me earlier today and offered me the sunday manager position!!!! im so so excited...so i will be starting that in may. I know how to everything else in the store supervisor, storeman, cashier etc and i have always wanted to do managment and now i am!!!!

    have had a bit of trouble getting bella used to the formula but it has been worth it as my supply of milk is slowly catching up again!!! hopefully i wont need to buy another tin of formula.

    on a rather note - DS is really getting on my nerves. i feel like he has hit the terrible twos a bit early.. i think i can feel my hair turning grey and falling out!
    he is already back answering me and its always 'no'.. "Logan stop doing that"... "NO"
    "LOGAN stop doing that please"... "NO"... "LOGAN stop drawing on yourself".. "NO"

    yes well u get the picture..
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    Wow - Mega post Laura!

    Det - Hope the migraines ease up soon.

    Heaven - I went to the loo with DD attached to me yest as well.

    Had a TERRIBLE night last night. Fed at 8:00pm, then 11pm (so down again by 12am) then up at 2am, and didn't settle till 5am! Then she only slept till 6am, because she was due to feed again by then. DH was determined that she coulddn't sleep in our bed, so kept trying to resettle her in the cot. Concequently it kept me up longer. I kept begging him to just let her get in with us and he wouldn't. He started to get really mad and even said something like "just shut up baby" (not yelling though) All the resettling woke J up twice as well.
    I am thinking if he realy is determined to do that, we will have to move her down the other end of the house in the evenings so not to wake up J. So last night I slept all of ohh... let me see.... 4 or maybe 5 very broken hours.
    All good for him to want to resettle, as he still sleeps while I feed. Then he goes to work and has a snooze of the jason recliners.

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