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Thread: Babies Born February 2007 #2

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    Default Babies Born February 2007 #2

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in February 2007.

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    I'm first! Beat you, Kirsten!

    OK, now I can't remember the personals... but I did want to say to Lisa that if you get a chest on your medication I'll ask if I can take it LOL.

    DS had another fit at a disposable nappy last night, but I think it may also be the onions. He hated onion on the inside too, so it could be that. Although at least bouncing him calms him down a bit. He also slept 11-7, waking up for about 20 mins just before 2 and needed a feed and nappy change, so I'm so proud of him! He also managed to wee on his sleepsuit and in his mouth at the 7am nappy change so is back in bed in his day clothes. Is drinking his own urine dangerous? DH and I think not, but I'll be starting a new thread to check just in case.

    Well, love to all of you and your babies.

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    Ryn - I am so sorry but I had to laugh at the image generated by your story! Tee hee. In answer to your question, I know with adults it is not dangerous to consume your own urine the first time but if you were to then drink the very next urine it would be. But if you drank every second or third one it would be ok. Something I learnt when I did my survival training. Tell me your secret for getting DS to sleep 8 hours!!! DD is still waking every 3-4 hours for a feed! I would love a decent stretch of sleep!

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    MG, it was hard not to laugh at the time. The first time in ages he didn't get my trousers and I managed to breast milk them too!

    As for sleeping... he likes routine. He won't sleep more than 2 hours in clothes unless we're out and about, but sleepsuits and he sleeps. He is awake all afternoon and most of the evening too, which may sound nice but a tiny baby who cries if you try to put him down isn't much fun for me (even if he's sound asleep)!

    Any change and the next day he's really upset, like if a houseguest comes or goes, or I take him out in the afternoon not the morning. Kirsten gets 9 hours sleep from her Quinn, if I remember right, without a wake-up. I still get 1-2 quick wakes for feeding and nappies.

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    Hi everyone,
    So much has happened and im a little slow on the uptake but i will make more of an effort to keep up!
    LIL glad to hear there is no heart murmour!!

    Well Jett is doing well he is a little piggy drinking up to 120mls every 2 hrs during the day and 3-5hrly at night! Gutso he is!! He is over his birth weight, dunno how much tho, i will get him weighed this week sometime.

    Zhai is going really well with him too, and he is also getting toilet trained so thats why i havent been on as much either!

    Better go think Jett is awake
    I will make sure next time i do personals!

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    Yes, Ryn is right - I often get 9 hours out of Quinn. usually anywhere between 7 and 9 hours every night for the past nearly 2 weeks, night time he always has a long sleep.

    Quinn did so well on his car trip - on the way up he slept exactly half way then woke up and we pulled over in a rest stop that was really nice and had lots of gum trees and some seats for me to sit on to feed him - helped that it was a lovely day with a nice cool breeze!

    On the way back - today - we stopped at a friends about 40 minutes into the trip and I fed him there and he lasted the rest of the trip asleep - such a good little boy.

    I am loving the laughs and smiles and the alertness he has at the moment - he is really aware of so many things now and that is so gorgeous I can play with him all day. I have a friend who said "There is only so much goo goo ga ga you can do" I think there is no limit Her daughter is only 2 months can she not be totally fascinated wth her still?????????? SHe is dying to get back to work.

    Anyway just a quick one from me again - nearly time to feed again...oh Quinn had his first shower today - he loved it

    Hope everyone is well, sorry can't remember anything frm the last thread so can't do personals but hope you are all having a wonderful time.

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    Tonight we have just done 8.45 til 2.45, perhaps I should consider going to bed before 11.30 hmm
    Jemima may have a little cold caught from Daddy... not too bad though..... must suck though trying to feed with a stuffy nose poor little dear.
    Benji has gotten a vcr free from a mate and has made all the TVs and DVDs work for me, I cant imagine what I used to do before we got the TV, it was 2 and a half years since we had a TV when we got one in December when I couldnt move off the couch and when it was cricket season, now I cant stop watching it and we dont even have foxtel.... I've been watching Bewitched the old series on DVD and someone lent us Macgyver too! I am bidding on Seinfield on Ebay so that should enterntain me while I have a 3am in breastfeeding season.

    I have been having a couple of personal issues lately with the whole motherhood thing.... I didnt realise what the loss of control would do to me, I didnt realise I didnt realise that I have all the time in the world now... not maternity leave, not holidays this is my life now, not everything has to get done straight away, there is no rush and I should have a nap every so often and most importantly I should play with Jemima when she is awake..... I think I blamed everyone in my life last week for what I dont know, I was awful.... I joke with the neighbours that they would have heard more crying from me than from my one month old..... NOT COOL
    was a little worried about post natal depression, but I think I would say more Post natal frustration....???

    This week is my BIG test (so now me being me have put a heap of pressure on myself) this is the first week alone, last week Mum came everyday (and got abused by me every morning for some stupid reason) (I have apologised big time but still hating myself as I know you cant unsay things even if you dont mean them) and the 2 weeks before that Benji was home.... this week it is all me!! I plan to try and get into some kind of routine, starting with a walk with jem every morning... weather or not I am up to taking one, two or three of the dogs with me i dont know... as i have had help i dont really know how well i have healed inside..... dont want to screw with it now.....

    Quick question that doesnt need to be answered but I'm wondering those who have also had c-section how soon did you guys DTD?? Hubby has been counting down to 6 weeks but we had a go at 4 weeks.... didnt hurt too bad.... perhaps that was a problem the last month too plain old sexual frustration?? Was weird doing it without having baby inside, instead baby was in bassinette in room, maybe we should have wheeled her out hehehe.

    Happy Monday everyone!

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    Morning Girls,

    Jen - good luck with the TT. How is it going? You certaintly have your hands full!

    Kirstend - I am so envious you can get so much sleep! What is your secret? I'm glad that the car trip went well.

    Kel - honey. If it makes you feel any better, I can relate to the identity crisis. I was so busy and active before I got PG (work, Uni, CFA, training...) and now my whole world is being Mum to DD and wife to DH. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mum and wife, I just don't want it to be all that I do. Iam really looking forward to returning to work part time in July. I think it is totally normal for new mum's to feel a little lost. And it is ok to cry - remember, your hormones are still surging! If you are worried it is PND, have a chat with your MCHN (you can call and make an extra appointment, you don't have to wait until the next scheduled one) and organise someone to chat to. Sometimes it helps to just talk things through to regain some focus. If you have a good friend you trust you can use them to do this as well if you feel funny about going to a counsellor. And you will be fine on your own this week. Your family and supports are still available on the phone. I think you've done well to have people around all the time so far! My MIL and my Grandma have both offered to come and stay to help out but I think it would drive me batty and make me feel worse! Much easier to work things out at my own pace. Like you, I'm trying to get a routine happening too... If you want to chat hon, feel free to slick me an email any time. My email is natashadATinternodeDOTonDOTnet. If you have MSN I will email you my ID details and we can chat there too - not that I'm on there as much these days!
    In re: to your DTD question, we haven't tried yet but only because I'm still bleeding (sort of - more spotting now).

    Well girls, things here are ok. DD's cold has moved a little and she has mucous in her throat now poor chook. She had a stella chuck yesterday full of mucous... right after I had bathed and dressed her! LOL. And yesterday I made a boo boo.... I forgot to add the water to the steam steriliser before putting it in the microwave! WOOPS! I destroyed 5 bottles and the steriliser! So we had to go and buy a whole new kit - very expensive exercise! But we were due to get bigger bottles and different teats anyway so it wasn't too bad. And I got the steriliser on special at Toys'R'Us which made it a little better. We now have a bench top electric steam steriliser... but I am too scared to use it in case I make the same mistake! Tee hee.

    Have a great day lovelies.

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    morning girlies!

    MG - *doh* about all those bottles. Poor little love still being sick , does the mucus in her tum give her a belly ache?

    AAAAHHH GTG!!! My dear little sweetie has just done the most major blow out in my arms! I think we both need a shower! ewww! Oh the joys... BBL

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    Hi Girls

    Oh MG, I am so sorry hun... I did have a giggle at your experience with the microwave steriliser... I have checked mine almost everytime I have put it in because I seem to be on autopilot and forget that I have already added the water.
    If it helps, I have locked my keys in the house 3 times now... thankfully, James and Madeleine have been with me (in the car, ready for school) and DH another time... I got them to jump in through a window that was thankfully open... the time with the older kids sucked, because we were already running late for school.
    I think that pregnant brain has been replaced with baby brain!!! lol

    Lol Emily!!! I hope that you and Ruby have a lovely shower

    Kel - I think what you're going through happens to the best of us at one time or another... I am like you right now, I am having a few issues now and then with adjusting to going through the whole baby phase... DH and I were very used to having older children, and being able to leave them at home whilst we popped up to the shops to get bread etc... now, it takes soooo much planning just to do that. I am sure like me, you wouldn't take being a mother back... It can be a huge adjustment though. I look at Harry and he just makes me so happy that I forget how sleep deprived I am, and how my house looks like a bomb hit it... I wouldn't change this for the world. Huge hugs to you Kel If you ever need to chat, please feel free to email me anytime [email protected]

    - Quinn is a champ!!! Good on him for letting you get some sleep!!! Harry is pretty good with his sleep patterns... but some nights, he must want cuddles, because he winges (not cries) until we put him into bed with us, then he falls off to sleep for ages... though some nights, all he wants to do is feed, almost every hour.

    Ryn - Awww at your DS peeing in his mouth!!! Harry has done that before too (and got it badly in his eye!!) we are now a step ahead of him... before the nappy comes off, we have a folded up wipe ready to pop over his winky before it can do any damage.
    As for my chest... Ryn, you are welcome to have the lot!!! My BB's are so huge and sore again... like they were when my milk first came in... all hot and heavy.

    Hello and hugs to anyone I've missed

    Me - I can't express!!! OMG, I hate my breast pump sooooo much!!! Has anyone else had problems expressing? any hints or tips? I can't seem to get letdown, either when feeding Harry or expressing... if I am getting letdown, I certainly don't feel it. I felt letdown with Madeleine and after having Noah... so I know I can get it, but I don't think it happens.
    Harrison is going great... I can actually tell now that he is gaining weight... he is so cute!!!
    He has these great big blue eyes, James says he looks like a little Prawn that is in Shark Tale. (I watched it, and he actually does look like him!!!)
    Last edited by Lisa; March 19th, 2007 at 01:56 PM. Reason: Realised I wrote the wrong child's name

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    Hi Ladies,

    Mg - The microwave thng is so something that I would do !!!! I think my prego brain is still with me as I will go to get something and forget completely what I was supposed to get.
    Ryn - Got a great laugh out of the peeing story. In hospital Dh parents were there and I was doing the "i'm a totally in controol mum" thing when I changed Erin's nappy and lifted her leg up she projetile pooed all down my top nice !!!!!
    Scorpio - Jen glad Jett is going so well. Will send you some photos of Erin when I get my butt into gear.
    Kristend - Great to hear Quinn is sleeping so well. I love his name! Erin slept the 4 hours from the hospital back home for us which we were amazed. i think she loves the car.
    Smylie - I think what you are feeling is really normal. I too wanted everthing done there and then, but now I think it will get done when it gets done. Sometimes having people around puts even more pressure to have the house perfect etc etc. When bub is asleep try and have some time for you even if its a quick nap, read or a bath.
    Wattle - Hi hope everything is going well.
    Lisa - - My next question to you girls was about expressing. When should I start? I just want her to be comfortabel taking a EBM bottle if I am delayed or if we have to go out but didn;t know if I shoudl wait a certain period or normal breastfeeding?

    Erin is going well she sleeps for 4 hour periods during the day but between 8 - 12 is quite restless wanting a few milk top ups. When she does go down she is normally sleeping till 5am or so. Have read a few books about routine but think maybe when they are this young its best to be guided by what they want. Not sure on this one, I guess will work it out as we go. The breastfeeding is going well and have out first CHN appt on Thursday so hopefully she has continued to put on weight.

    Well girls, feed time I can hear a little call. take care Kristy

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    Hi girlies!

    Kel, I feel like that sometimes too - though not as bad. I was so frustrated yesterday, DH didn't let me have ny "me" time save five minutes in the shower; "no, I don't want him, he looks content" and "no, I don't want a cuddle, he's crying" - FFS, when do you want to have anything to do with your son? Then he couldn't answer the phone that was right next to him on the sofa, when he gets a bit upset if I don't answer it and he's not around even though I'm BFing Liebling at the time (I am now the champ of feeding and walking around). Then we had a bad night, probably because the nap patterns had moved and because I was in a bad mood and that rubs off on my little man, and DH was woken up too, poor love. Well HA, took me ages to get him to sleep the first time and then he'd soaked through his nappy so thought it was awake time at 3am because I changed his sleepsuit. Hmm, maybe I should have washed the new cloth nappies a little more often before using them! (I needed more as I won't wash every day, I want a fuller load, and we can't use disposables now.) Anyway, it's not that I mind it taking 15mins, not 15secs, to leave the house, just that for DH nothing has changed. Certainly now the houseguests have all left and we can have sex again.

    Jen, you sound busy with a baby and toilet training!

    Kirsten, Quinn is an angel! I keep telling Liebling all about him. Liebling can do a good 2 hours in the car, well he made it to Heathrow and back on Wednesday, so I'm proud of him for that. I am sort of dreading the Yorkshire trip at the end of the month though.

    MG, I think the top steriliser I have won't work if you don't add water, perhaps yours is the same? Good thing you didn't destroy your microwave too, DH destroys microwaves like that (I mean, who re-heats crispy seaweed from the Chinese take-out in a microwave without adding a bowl of water first?).

    Have a great shower, Emily!

    Lisa, I don't feel my let-down either, but I can see it if I express/play "catch the milk" while DS is feeding. Apparently looking at your baby is supposed to help with expressing too. I also use those little plastic things from Avent/Isis that catch any milk you dribble out whilst feeding, if you sterilise them then you can just add that milk to the bottle when you've finished feeding/expressing.

    Kristy, yay on the projectile poo! I hear you on having the house perfect too, I really get depressed when there's housework and I can't do it. Well, not depressed-depressed, just in a right moody. It's not so bad if it's just me and DH, but if we have any guest whatsoever I have a cleaning fit and then go mad if the guest makes a huge mess of the house, even if the guests are BiL, SiL and Niece, who is 15 months (and therefore should be told not to stamp home-made cake into the floor, or at least have her parents apologise for it and pick up the worst of it). As for expressing, try to do it either when you're feeling full or just after a snack-feed from Erin. You should be expressing around normal feedtimes just so your supply doesn't go wacko and expect a feed at expressing time and not when your DD has the expressed milk. You can always express while she's taking the bottle, but that's not always easy if you're out and about.

    As for me, I think I've told you everything! Had a bit of a vexing mother's day yesterday (in the UK it's in March) because DH didn't want to do anything to help me. Yes, it was his birthday the day before, but he didn't help me with anything then and I didn't expect him to! Why don't I have any me-time and he has lots of it? I mean, how hard is it to just watch your son for half an hour or more and bounce him on your knee? Or cuddle him? I manage to do it all day and point out that my back is killing at the end of the day, some help would be appreciated. Anyway, whinge over, at least he made dinner even if it was a bit undercooked.

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    Hi everyone

    Ryn - Poor DS drinking his own pee! It did sound really funny though! I hear you about DH's life not changing at all. My DH has been fantastic, but his life really has changed very little. He still goes to work, plays his sport, goes to the gym, gets to sleep all night, etc etc. Lucky for him he's ok with me "dumping" Bella onto him so I can have a shower when he gets home and cook dinner etc! Unfortunately "me" time seems to go out the window when our bubs are this little.

    Jenni - Jett is a little piggy all right! Isabella's drinking up to the same each feed (sometimes less), but at least 3-4 hours apart during the day and sleeps up to 8 hours at night.

    Kirsten - your friend is totally MAD wanting to go back to work after only two months!! She would miss sooo much of what her bub is doing!! I would be mortified if I had to go back to work that soon (let alone at all!). Your Quinn sounds to me like he's a very good boy, doing all that night sleeping! You're one lucky mum!

    Kel - How did you go today on your own? You sound exactly what I was like when my first DD was born. Even second time around I've found it overwhelming, so don't be too hard on yourself - as we all know, babies don't come with an instruction manual and every one is different! As long as your Jem is thriving, then you're doing a fantastic job. You have my email address if you want to chat.

    MG - Don't ya just love when they chuck when they're clean??? I always worry DH will forget about the water when he helps out with sterilising. So far we've been ok though!

    Emily - I'm assuming the blowout was from down below???

    Lisa - I had problems hand expressing (my hands got tired and I didn't get much out), but with the pump I did ok, although I'd hand express just until the first drips came out then put the pump on. Not sure if it matters what type of pump it is??? What a pain for you! I never actually felt letdown when expressing either. Wierd. I hope you get that sorted soon. Lol about your little prawn! They're sooo cute at this age! Yay about his weight gain! Fixing the TT has obviously done it!

    Kristy - Erin sounds like a good little sleeper too! I let Isabella tell me what she wants, although she needs to work around dropping my other DD off to school and picking her up etc, so to some extent I'm "forcing" a routine onto her.

    Me - Bella's great, I'm great and so is life. As you can see it's 2am and Bella's not with me - she's been asleep since 9pm! I'm not sure if she'll go through to my "normal" wake up time but I'm hoping! I wish the US was in the same timezone as here, then I could be up at normal hours (the things we do to avoid going back to a normal job!)! We have our first clinic appointment on Friday so it'll be interesting to see how Bella's going. Our bottles arrived today (I ordered a heap off eBay for much less than I would pay normally, and they're all new in the box!), so I won't have to wash several times a day. Yay! I'm off to bed now - made enough money to tide me over for a few days at least!

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    Hi girls.

    Michelle, it's not that I mind not having much me-time, just that I'd like to see more of a sacrifice from DH than putting a frozen meal I made whilst pregnant in the oven. He doesn't even wash up now! Thinking of washing up and bottles, I have a 4-day-old EBM bottle in the fridge, ought to tidy that up now!

    Kirsten, I need your help - how does Quinn manage to go 9 hours in cloth? Liebling could manage about 6 hours OK in a disposable, when he would take one, but his cloth nappies just get really wet so will go 5 hours tops, even in one that has been washed quite a few times now.

    As for me, I'm still getting the sleeping sussed. I can jiggle him to sleep in about ten minutes and he starts snoring five minutes after that, so just need his bedtime routine timing sorted out now so he sleeps longer - bathtime at 8pm means up for a nappy change at 1, so we'll have to get him bathed at 9 tonight and see how that helps. At least DH runs DS's bath and empties it, although still won't help me bathe Liebling even though he's now enjoying the bath.

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    Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to get a baby to actually have a sleep through the day??? She was awake at around 7am and was awake until 11.20pm. How ridiculous! No wonder my house is such a mess, and there's a massive pile of washing to be folded and no wonder I'm soooo tired!!! I just hope she sleeps through tonight.

    Work called me today and asked if I would be able to help them out by working on a project from home. I said yes, so I'm hoping Bella learns how to sleep during the day - I don't want to be up all night working!!! ARGH!

    The poor little dear threw up on herself, me and the couch tonight. She was absolutely drenched in it. I think she was just overfull as she'd been feeding for what seemed like hours! I tried to clean it off the couch, but can still smell it. Anyone know how to get vomit smell out of a couch??

    Got to go - I'm doing my other "job" at the moment and need to concentrate!

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    Michelle, if DS won't sleep during the day I wear him in the baby bjorn. It took him a while to get used to it, now he's asleep within ten minutes of me putting him in, holding him, kissing his head and jiggling around! It works at night if I swaddle him and bounce about holding him to my chest. The downside is that he snores something chronic when upright, but at least he tells me in no uncertain terms that he's asleep!

    Having said that, I don't want to do it forever and have been worried about creating "bad" habits for sleepytime, so do keep trying to get him to settle in his cot OK. But if the jiggling works then I'm not going to deprive myself of sleep for it right now, and this way he's not sucking himself to sleep as he would be feeding or with a dummy.

    Good luck with the vomit smell removal! Cleaning the sofa and using a fabric spray would be what I would suggest.

    BTW, has anyone had their baby''s poo habits changed? DS is now only doing tiny poos most of the time, then a huge blowout just once a day - but that's over everything. Covers the nappy, the nappy cover, his bum, his genitalia, even the tops of his legs! Still, at least that's during the day, if I had to spend a few minutes cleaning it in the middle of the night I wouldn't be quite as happy with him, poor mite.

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    Hi Ryn. I do use the Baby Bjorn throughout the day, but there are times when I want to lie down or when I'm handling boiled water, so obviously don't want to be carrying her around then.

    Oh well, I shouldn't complain. She slept for 9 hours last night! It would have been longer, but we had to get Bri to school. What a good girl! I must say I'm feeling pretty good today!

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    I have been out and about mum - out everyday this week

    Ryn, I put Quinn in a pocket nappy at night and stuff it with a hemp prefold and a microfibre nappie folded up - it soaks really well and has a fleece liner so he doesn't feel the wetness.

    Michelle: DOn't you just love how you feel after a human amount of sleep!!!!!!? As for Vomit smell removal - try vinegar??

    MG: I have no secret - I don't know why he sleeps so well and I am not going to ask him, I want him to think it's normal I think I am just extremely lucky!

    Last night Quinn tricked me - he fell asleep at 7:30! I know what is with that, and only slept till about 1.30 then I fed him and he woke up again at 5:30 - 2 wakes up - I'm not used to that - although he went back to sleep after the 5.30 and slept till quarter past 9 so I feel ok - even though I've been spoilt and been only having to get up once.

    Kel: How is your first week going...don't put pressure on yourself - just spend as much time as you can enjoying Jemima...nothing else is as important I know how you feel though - I pressurise myself then realise what I'm doing so I sit and rest and eat half a packet of chocolate biscuits!!!!!!!

    Kristy: Thanks I like the name too.

    Well, Quinn is 7 weeks today - had my 6 week appointment with the ob and all is good with both Quinn and me - Ob said "Quinn certainly isn't lacking in substance is he??" He is a big boy. He was telling me that he will see me soon for my next one...not sure I'm ready for it - although going back to see the ob - who is right near the hospital, I was thinking, hmm I could do this again - I miss the ob appts and I miss the hospital stay...mainly because I had a brand new Quinn and it was just wonderful and I am starting to think that I can definitley do this again!

    Anyway time to go ignore the pile of washing that needs folding and lie on the couch while Quinn is still napping.

    Hope everyone is doing really well

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