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thread: Babies Born July 2007 #9

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    Jul 2007
    in a super happy place!

    Megan - if you can afford it, go for it! Sell your other one on ebay. I am not 100% happy with our pram - too wide - and if DH didnt love it like he does, i would get a new one too.

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    Jan 2007
    Home Sweet Home!!!

    Ditto to mrsdaisy- i would do the same.
    just put it down to a learning experience!

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    Oct 2007

    Back from shopping, didn't buy anything for myself, I hate that.
    The shops are getting so busy, I really want to get my xmas shopping done before the end of the month but I'll probably still be doing it on xmas eve.
    Can't wait to get Santa photo's done!!!!!
    Em - the santa romper suits sound so cute! I had to have a little laugh to myself when I read about your nephew. My older DS was exactly the same at that age. Sometimes still is....In the end I just avoided taking him as much as possible. Wasn't work the extra stress on the both of us. I think some kids get overstimulated by all the lights/colours/sounds. As far as the TTC goes I can fully sympathise with you on wanting to wait a few years. I was in and out of hospital for the first 3 months with both my boys. It took me 7 years to even want to try again!
    blueflower - thanks for noticing that Oliver is four months today. Everyone is so nice on here. I wish I had discoverd bb when I was pregnant. But I'm here now. Those dunlop volleys are so gorgeous aren't they? LOL about your hair. I love straightening my hair too, even though I just end up tying it back so Oliver doesn't rip it out. But still, its nice to pamper every now and then.
    Megan - I want a new pram already too! My partner thinks I just want to spend money, but the one we have is too heavy and bulky.
    I've been trying to upload some photo's into my gallery but can't work out how....can someone tell me?

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    Aug 2006
    The land of chaos

    Wow so much talk going on LOL!!

    Megan I would definitely get a new pram if you dont like yours. I have never really liked mine but persisted with it and I curse it almost everytime I use it and say each time I am getting a new one but havent dont it yet but wish I had.

    Welcome to Yacinesmum. Great to have you join our group.

    Raels - scary that the shops are busy already. I hae great plans to try and be organised this year but like you I can see myslef frantically running around on Xmas Eve. Happy four months to Oliver which I guess also means it is happy four months to Charlotte - how time flies.

    Sacha - you are so right that it is unbelievable we are starting to talk about feeding our babes solids. I probalby wont try until about 5 1/2 months. With Oliver and Jesse I waited until 6 months but a nurse told me recently that it is better to try just before 6 months as by the time babies are 6 months old they are more knowing and the possiblity of them rejecting the food is higher - who really knows??????? It just really depends on the baby and some are ready early and some later.

    Blueflower - the dunlop volleys are so cute and WOW at Kaetlyn sleeping from 11pm until 10am - fantastic.

    Jessikah - you poor thing being awake at that time of the morning. I hope you managed to get Ethan off to sleep without too much drama.

    Bec - I am about to go and have a look at your new photo of Xavier. BTW my friend from Bendigo is visiting me at the moment - well not right this very minute LOL - she just came over and we had lunch.

    Mel - hello - If you guys from QLD all meet up I want to come to LOL!! Hope you and the kids are well. Your first family meal together sounds so cute!

    Zofia - thanks for showing us the wedding photos. You look divine and it sounds like it was a great day.

    Hi to everyone else

    Not much new here. Charlotte has decided to start waking during the night at about 3ish but I have been able to feed her and she goes back to sleep but it is frustrating as I am a terrible sleeper so once I am awake I have struggled to get back to sleep and once I do the boys wake up.

    I have to run as all is quiet in the hosue and I want to chill for a while.

    I will BBL
    Take care
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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Smile Hi

    Hi ladies, sorry to intrude, i am looking for a friend... Hi Raels!! I'm o
    nline, check your email!!

    Thank you ladies, have a great day!!


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    Jul 2007
    in a super happy place!

    Megan - just because i am a sticky beak - what type of pram do you have and what type are you looking at getting?

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    Jan 2007
    Home Sweet Home!!!

    Attn Qld's/brisvegasers, I, DH and DD will be coming to brissy in a couple of weeks soon- get there 24th and stay till 1st dec? If you have it then coupld i join in/ hijack your meetup.
    My bro is at ennogera at the mo with army and is having a parade on the friday i think it is..
    If you dont want me to come thats cool too.

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    Jan 2007
    Home Sweet Home!!!

    How cool it this: i just went into facebook and there was a flyer/ad for bellybelly!! heheheh
    Anyways by now, am off to fold / stuff nappies.

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    Nov 2006

    Sara sounds good. We should definately meet up over that time. DH will be away then, so I will definately be up for some adult interaction. Maybe even the meet up could be at my place, just a thought. I'm not too far from Enoggera, about 45 mins from coast and about the same from Caboolture, might be a good central place to meet. But like I said just a thought, I wouldn't be offended if anyone comes up with a better idea.

    BBL for some more talk.

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    Aug 2007

    hi everyone! just a quick question...does anyone know of any sleep schools in melbourne? I know of Tweddle but don't know of anyone that has been there? thanks in advance

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    Nov 2006

    Megan, I would definately look at a new pram. I know of one of the reverse handle prams that I would have definately bought if we didn't have another one already. Its a steelcraft one, if comes in I think 3 different models, but all have 4 swivel wheels. So when using it in the reverse mode the front (back) wheels swivel as well, so it's still easy to steer. And they aren't all that expensive either. And prams on ebay always sell at good prices. Let us know how you go. I just went looking yesterday at a side by side stroller. I love the tandem we have, but we are going to be buying a new car in the new year, that have 7 seats and I want to be able to put in a stroller with the back seats up and the tandem won't fit. And I think the kids would now appreciate sitting side by side. DH didn't like the idea of me spending more money on another pram, but after I sell the tandem on ebay, we will only be out of pocket I'm guessing around $100 tops. So to bad if he still isn't happy, these things have got to be done.

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    Jan 2007

    Well here I whinge about growth spurts and lack of sleep, and my little man does 9 hours last night!
    What a champ!
    Hopefully it continues, but I doubt it! lol
    He has def had a growth spurt, as even Adam can see a difference in him.
    Everyone has commented on how much he has grown in 5 days.
    I am so glad, as it means that all the effort I have put into bfing is paying off. It's been worth all the struggle. The Bfing is getting better and better everyday. I am so glad

    On the TTcnig for #2, well I won't be considering it for another 6 months. I STILL have one little stitch that just wont come out! I will have to visit the docs next week and have it removed... I am dreading that as its not a nice feeling.
    Although I must admit, I am starting to wish I was preggers again! Call me stupid, The throwing up every day for 9 months, and the inability to do much in the last 3 months, has not put me off!
    I have had my heart set on 2 kiddies, but I am a little worried that DP and I love kiddies so much, that we will have more! EEkkkk!

    Well it's our 5 year anniversary tomorrow, so we are going into town tonight, leaving the little guy with my flks, and going out. We were going to g to Madison Spa for the weekend( for those of u that know the place), but we'vve just got too much to do at the new place.

    We may even just put it off for a couple of weeks and just fly to queenslad for a weekend, we havent decided.

    ANyways, my little 'angel' requires IMMEDIATE attention! Especially if I would like my ear drumks to stay intact

    Will pop back tomorrow!

    Hugs to all

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    Oct 2007
    Gold Coast

    Hope everyone is having a cheery Saturday.
    I've spent the last two nights at my mum's place where my brother,SIL and their 11m old are also living. It's nice to have some company for the two of us when DH is away. Also, I get a breather now and then throughout the day - mum would steal Autie any chance she gets. Took me ages to get up the courage to spend a night away from home - what if I forgot this, what if she didn't sleep, what if it mucked up her routine, etc, etc. The first time I stayed I had a mini panic attack while putting her to sleep and nearly went home! Had to force myself to do it more often to get over it and I'm very glad I did - dinner gets cooked for me!
    I had a look at some photos mum took in hospital the night Autumn was born that I hadn't ever seen and OMG there are some shocking ones! Me snoring off the drugs with Autie attached - boobs hanging out everywhere, mouth open - thanks mum.

    Mel - I think your place sounds fine if you are willing to have us all. Does it feel like home yet?

    Megan - There were only two things I wanted in a pram and they were a reversible handle and a 3 wheeler suitable for the kinds of walking DH likes to do. Naturally, I couldn't get exactly what I wanted but the Beema Q is a 3 wheeler and while the handle doesn't reverse, the canopy does. It's not quite as good but an ok compromise. On top of that, it's one of the few prams that passed the Choice magazine tests. It is a little heavy though.

    Nicky - Ouch at the stitch - almost makes me glad I had to have a CS!

    Zofia - congratulations! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Autumn doesn't like waiting around in traffic either - poor Diana

    Re: the ongoing sleeping bag drama - mum made me one yesterday out of a fine cotton with lots of holes (not sure what you'd call it but not unlike a pretty design fine mesh I guess) So cute with a little pink dragonfly on the front. It's definitely much thinner than the .5 grobag so hopefully it will do the job for summer.

    To those TTC, wow! you are brave! I wish I was that brave. Autumn took 2 years but I don't think I could bring myself to try again so soon even though age-wise, it would be the sensible thing for me to do. I wish you all the best of luck!

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    Oct 2006
    KA, Western Australia

    Hi ladies

    Hope your all having a nice weekend.
    I woke up this morning feeling like i have been runover by a truck!! The damn flu's back and im not happy.

    Well we seen our photo's and they are just fantastic, i was suprised at how well they turned out considering ethan got quite grumpy. They were pretty expensive and we did go a bit over board with choosing what we wanted but is worth every cent. The only bad thing is as its so close to christmas, instead of taking a week to get them back it will take 3 to 4 weeks. Today we went and had a look at a house we are considering buying, its gorgeous and both DH and myself are in love!! Its in need of a little TLC but has huge potential and is in a nice area within walking distance to shop's, dr's, hospital's, school and.....Mothers Group is about 20 steps away! Lol. Fingers crossed all goes well and we get the house. Not looking foward to selling ours though.

    Bec- aww xavier is such a cutie, and he's grown so much! They just grow so fast! Glad that the fractured pelvis didn't get in the way of your delivery, ouch though!

    Raels- I always end up going shopping and never come back with anything for myself! Hope oliver start sleeping again real soon.

    Oops gotta go Ethan's demanding my attention, its lunch time

    BBL enjoy your weekends.

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    Megan76 Guest

    Thanks for all your advice on the pram girls! I actually personally really like my pram (Em - it's a Steelcraft Transition) but unfortunately the king of the house who has to ride in it doesn't........but..........we went and looked at a few today and put him in one of the reverse ones (might be the one you were talking about Mel cos it was Steelcraft and the handles moved) anyway he was fine for a bit but then the lip dropped again and he wasn't overly happy. But we were on our way back from Torquay and he was tired anyway. So...it was on sale for $250 which is ace but was just scared i would end up with 2 prams the fussy little critter wont go in. So......i think i will borrow a friends from mothers group and take him for a reasonable walk and see what happens before i spend the money! So.....that's where we are at for now!!

    Lucas has slept for a whole 15 min this afternoon so i am out of time, will BBL hopefully!

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    Sep 2006

    hey everyone!!

    I've been a bit MIA these days... I have been reading through the posts and TBH I have been too lazy to reply or type something.. and today its just going to be a quick one....

    Feeling a bit flu-ey today!! I've been getting a bit sick lately. I think I might need to start taking vitamins or something like that.. Hopefully Avaleigh wont get it cause she just got over a cold last week.

    Wedding plans are going well. Jason has his suit, pants are just getting taken up and we need to buy some shoes. My wedding dress is arriving in the shops this week so will go in for a fitting soon to see how much needs to be altered. Cant wait to see the dress again!! Hair trials have been booked in, thinking about seating arrangements now - I jsut wish that everyone would hurry up and RSVP!!

    Anyway I gotta go, Avaleigh is whinging in her bed again, she jsut doesnt want to go to sleep even tho she is tired!!

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    Aug 2006
    The land of chaos

    Hi all

    AHhhhhhhhh!! I went out last night to a 40th birthday party and had a great time. I restricted myself to two drinks and was home at 10.30ish. Sounds so responsible but I have still only manged two hours sleep. Firstly DH woke me when he got home which wasnt late but he still woke me whenhe got into bed and then Jesse has been awake on and off all night (he is sick) and then DH got a work phone call at 4am and 4.30am just as I was drifting off to sleep. Oh and Oliver woke once to tell me he needed to put some socks on! So all in all I am feeling terrible even though I did the responsible thing and didnt over indulge and got home early. Looking at the positive it was a great night and was nice to get out and have some adult conversation without having to worry about the children.

    Question - I am meant to be meeting a friend today for lunch who lives interstate and she is visiting for 6 days. As I have only had 2 hours sleep do you think it would be rude to put her off to another day? My concern is that I know she is really busy while she is here so she might not have much spare time if I dont meet her today but I just dont have the energy. Dumb question I know but my sleep deprived brain just isnt functioning.

    Well I am going to head off. Oliver will no doubt wake soon so I guess there is not much point going bck to bed!!

    Have a great Sunday
    Take care

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    Oct 2007

    Hi everyone,

    hope everyones been having a great weekend.

    Happy Anniversary to Nicky and her DH.

    And Megan, Happy four months to Lucas!

    Jemima - not too rude at all, I'm sure your friend will understand.

    Well, our little Oliver has had his first taste of rice cereal. After 5 nights of waking almost every 3 -4 hours and not being very settled of a daytime, I decided to give it a go. It went great, he swallowed it down like he'd been doing it forever! I gave him a couple of teaspoons and then put him on the breast. Afterwards he was so content and happy. He went off to bed at around 8 and slept for 11 hours!!!!!!!!!! I got up at 3am to express cause by boobs felt like the might explode. I pumped almost 200 mls and still felt really full. I don't know if 200 is a lot cause I don't express very often.

    I feel like a new woman! Just a question though. If a baby was to sleep like that every night, how would that affect a womans milk supply?

    Gotta go, I can hear my gorgeous son giggling with his big brother and I want to go play with them.

    Happy Sunday!

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