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Thread: Babies Born May 2006 #45

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    Default Babies Born May 2006 #45

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in May 2006.

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    and i 3rd lol

    well my kids are being horrible little critters they have been screaming at me to get pizza all afternoon Do they not care mummy is trying to lose weight and if i have to be miserable then we all have to be miserable

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    Damn right Shazz thats what I say too!! Jess reckons my tolerance levels have gone way down whilst trying to diet LOL

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    DoubleK Guest


    hi girls, i always forget to check in the May06 thread!!

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    Ha Rach, I thought ya didn't like us! :P

    SOunds like Riley had a big day. What a great place to visit. I'd love to have Erin for the holidays. You tell her that too. Shame it is so far.

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    DoubleK Guest


    no not at all!!

    Kim how is Darcy? is she better? Krystal is fine now, thank god it was nothing serious!!!

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    Evening girls!

    How are we all? I have been pretty miserable the last few days lol. I have just been so lethargic and tired and feeling run down. I couldn't even bring myself to post lol. I made myself get up off the couch today and clean up and now I'm feeling much brighter!

    lol @ the secret admirer stuff... not doubt it'll be some scary stalker or even an old man pmsl! It was nice though to receive them at work and all!

    Rach OMG look at Krystal! She has grown so much and is just adorable! How are things with you both?

    Christine Don't feel down about the challenge! I *never* lose that much weight! In fact over my first 6 - 8 weeks at the gym I only lost 1.2kgs... kind of discouraging except I lost 8 cm's off my waist!!!! Sometimes its more encouraging to focus on just the cm's lol! And I don't weigh every week either. I won't weigh or measure again till our second weigh in! YAY for your birthday soon!

    Lorelle Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day!

    Ellissa Ewwww at the poo in the gum boots lol. Poor kid! Buggar about the pies

    Tania The waterfall sounds lovely lol!

    Kim Buggar about the BFN

    Shazz that is the best news I've heard all day!!! Such fantastic news!!! And a scholarship too YAHOOO!!!

    Sheree Welcome back sweety! We have missed you! That bracelet sounds awesome!!!

    Sara I hope you made it home okay!

    Well I've got some challenge stuff to attend to and then a few other things before I head to bed. We are off to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Must remember to pack the ball for Em. He's gonna love it!

    Sweet dreams ladies!

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    shazz - WOOHOO!!!!! I am so happy for you, well done, how clever are you?! i hope you are extremely proud of yourelf. LOL at making everyone else miserable too

    rach - hi! Krystal is adorable

    nat - sorry you haven't been feeling your energetic self. hope your secret admirer is some young hunk of spunk! Oh im jealous of you going to the Botanical Gardens, we used to drive past them when i was pregnant and i would often look in there and imagine taking Archie there one day..have fun!

    jay and I have started to look in the real estate guide for a new house, dont' know if we will be lucky enough to find something to suit what we want and be able to afford it, if we can't we will have to rent again for a few years til i go back to work. We don't want anything flash just a solid home in a decent neighbourhood, will be keeping our fingers crossed, have to finish renovating this place first though!

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    Hi Girls!

    Well i am kinda settled in. Have'nt unpacked at all yet. Have to get into it today though.

    So yeah the holiday was good. Briley had a pretty good time. We went to Dreamworld and to Wigglesworld and she had a ball there. Went for a ride on the Big Red Car. We also went to Movieworld and Seaworld. Briley loved the animals at Seaworld and we got some great pics. I will email some around soon.

    While we were on holidays i found that Briley had cut her 2 top canines. Bottoms are'nt through yet and the gums are'nt red or bulging so i think they must be a bit away. So we are up to 14 toothy pegs now! And she was'nt even grumpy or anything so they must have come through on stealth mode!

    Briley vocabulary is growing even more. Esp while we were on holidays. We were surrounded by lots of high rises and she kept saying "big house" then kept going on "look another one!". We were staying in apartment and had to go up a flight of stairs to get to our room and she would count the stairs as we would go up and down. So she can count to 13 now. Its amazing how much she grew up in that last week.

    Colby is good. Sitting up on her own. Starting saying "bub-bub" the day we came home. Almost the exact age as Briley when she started talking. She is'nt crawling yet but she does try and get up on her knees sometimes. She is almost in sync with how Briley looked. I go over photos of Briley at whatever age Colby is and they are almost identical.

    I am going well too. I have 2 observation births this month. Mums are due on 17th of Jan and 27 of Jan. I am very excited. So i am on call at the moment. Its all a waiting game now! Birth Buddies website is up and running now if you all would like to have a squizz. You can find it Here.

    Nat - LOL @ your admirer! I hope it does'nt turn into a stalker! Sorry to hear you were'nt feeling to good. At least now you are feeling better. Its amazing how much a bit of house work can make you feel better. Even though it is house work! I don't think i have got into BMID. Had a phone conference while on holidays (At Moviewold mind you! ) and I think that they are only going to offer me BNS. Once i have completed the first year i can apply for a transfer to BMID. I'd say this is just a tester to see if i am really interested in Midwifery and will stick out the course. Kinda going about it the hard way though! Hope your enjoying the Gardens.

    Kim - Oh i am sorry you got a BFN hun. Soon is all i can say really. Hugs. I wonder what is going on with AF. Maybe the gastro is delaying it. How's Darcy going after her bout with sickness. How are you handling being on your own out there??? How often do you see Cam??? I bet Darcy keeps you busy though!

    Elissa - Ewww about the poo. I hope it was'nt too stinky! Thats cute of Archie asking where Daddy is. Briley has been a real Daddys girl lately too. She knows when she is not around. Those pies would have been hot! I am not much of a chilli person either. I will eat a curry and stuff but not if it is piping hot! I hope find a nice house in a nice suburb! Its a love hate relationship, house hunting, is'nt it!

    Sheree - Great to hear that things are fine with bubby. Not so great to hear that things are good with you. Did they say that you might have issues with your cervix staying closed until the end of your pg??? I hope that they have got it wrong and you are ok. The bracelet sounds awesome. I wish Brent had of bought be something like that for xmas. Next year hey! How's the weather down there??? I hear that low that hit us is on its way down there. I hope your roof is fixed before then!

    Lorelle - Welcome to May Babies. I am not exactly a May Baby Buddy as Briley born in June but she was due on the 30th of May so i call here home. Happy Birthday for the other day. You sound like you had a lovely day. I love you the name Cendrine. Not a name is have heard before but its lovely.

    Tania - I can't believe you are already 13 weeks. Gosh time goes quick does'nt it! That must have felt awful when you got sick. How is your blood pressure??? It might have been low that day. Its been raining cats and dogs up here while we were gone too. Lots of flooding. Our driveway is washed down onto our front patio at the moment. Not a nice look or feeling when you get mud and sand stuck all over your feet! Hope your enjoying your day off!

    Christine - Don't feel bummed about your weightloss hun. At least you are there and making the effort. That is always the first step. Keep it up hun. You'll see results soon. We were able to land luckly. We had to circle the airport about 5times before we actually landed though. The cloud was really thick and low so i don't know wether that had anything to do with it. My uncle was talking to us the morning we were due to fly home and reckoned that there were thunderstorm forcast for that afternoon and we might have to be diverted to Cairns. But it never happened luckly. I just wanted to get home! A week away from home was long enough! Brents dad's chooks got flooded out big time! LOL! Stupid things!

    Shazz - Congratulations on getting into your course! And a scholarship aswell. You did VERY well hun. I hope i am as lucky as you. Don't hear back from UniSA about my course for a while yet i think. Defenitely don't think i'll get into BMID though. I am praying that i do! 1.5kg is good in my eyes. I don't really follow all that weight loss stuff so i am not sure if it is good techincally or not. But if i lost 1.5kgs i would be pretty happy! Don't be too hard on yourself hun.

    Rachel - Not sure if we've met hun! Hi anyways. How's you litle girl going???

    Leanne - Oh i am sorry you have to go back to work hun. What do you do??? I am glad that i don't have to. Not rubbing it in or anything. But when i sometimes think that we are that broke that i have to go back to work i get sad and fret cause i don't want to leave the girls. Keep your chin up hun. All you need to do is fall pregnant and work will be a distant memory! How is your nephew going??? I will have to head over and have a looky in the gallery at your pics of him.

    Hi to everyone else. Sorry if i missed you!

    This has turned into a huge post! I am going now.....

    Hope you are all well....

    Take Care!
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    sara - glad you had a great time away, we are thinking of going over to Queensland this year, just depends on finances and house selling and buying, will definately go the Wigglesworld, Archie would be in heaven! I just can't believe Colby is so old already, sitting up and talking!! I keep thinking of her as a newborn.

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    Sara - don't tell lachlan you guys went to Wigglesworld. Seeing as we went to the concert I thought I would save that one for next year and I think he will appreciate it more anyways. Thanx for asking that question about my cervix, you have now twigged me to ask my gyno about that. I am not sure if I will have problems with my cervix opening when it shouldn't, but the midwife told me yesterday that if I wanted to go natural this time I may have a hard time getting my cervix to dialate seeing as I have had 2 x colposcopies now. So that will again be another question I will be asking my gyno next, as I would like to make a decision if I will go natural or just have a caesar again.

    Oh and forgot to say Sara, yes that low is bringing lots of rain here. I heard on the news last night it is actually a cyclone. Has rained here for over a week now apparently and everyone is really over it. Hasn't brought down the humidity any though. Still have my a/c on!!!!

    Again I forgot to say, Elissa gl on finding a house within your budget, I have everything crossed for you.
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    Being back at work sucks.

    I have day three itis. Yesterday it was day two itis. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Katy has been throwing tanties at bedtime all week and I have not been going to bed until after 11. And then up at 5;15 it's bloodie ridiculous! So needless to say no exercise of any kind this week.

    Sara, I work as a legal secretary in Sydney, right in town. Takes 1 1/2 hours from door to door, with 1 hour on the train. Been there 12 years this year, and it's good money. Tiring juggling that and motherdom though.

    I joined weight watchers on line on monday. I am pretty excited. Will be interesting to see if I lost or how much next Monday morning when I weigh in. I have AF coming for a visit next week, so will have to keep that in mind.

    Anyways, hello to all, DH is on a late shift and I can hear quiet from Katy's room so fingers crossed she's cried herself to sleep (after 25 minutes) and I am off to the land of nod.

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    Oh Sara, glad you're home, was worried you wouldn't be able to get there. Darcy would be another one who's envious of Briley going to Wiggles world....although this week she only wants to watch Barney Oh oh I saw you on their website!!!

    I've had several colposcopies Sheree (I've never had a normal pap smear ever) - is that why my cervix never dilated? No-one ever mentioned that....typical.

    Oooh how exciting Elissa. We're going to be doing that too when Cam gets back. I'm hoping for a couple of acres on the lake to build on, but we have to sell Sydney first.....

    ETA Rach Darcy's spots went away in the first 24hours after I started the (lovely strong - thanks you first stupid doctor)Antibiotics for her raging tonsillitis. Her little personality sprang back up after the first two doses. What about Krystal?

    Well Darcy's as right as rain. last night the little buggar bunged it on when I wanted her to go to sleep. She was screaming so finally I said 'Is your throat sore". "Yeesssssssssss" was the ptiful answer, so I asked her if her tummy hurt - no, arm hurt - no. So I said, fine you can have some medicine - but you're still going to sleep in your own bed...and that was that. She had her medicine and went straight to sleep.

    Well AF has FINALLY arrived. Exactly one week late. Maybe it was the gastro that put it off. Bit relieved actually. Still having the whole one child internal debate....
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    Yes Kim that is why the midwife said apparently it is cause the cervix is a muscle and the more colposcopies you have the less likely it will dilate properly. Dunno will ask the gyno in 2 weeks. So what did your colposcopies show? Are they low grade abnormalities??

    Leanne - I would hate travelling that much to work, you must really like your job.

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    leane - sorry you are not enjoying being back at work, wow, 1.5 hours to get to work, you poor thing, thanks goodness its good money! Hope Katy starts getting better at going to bed, Archie has been the same the last few days again. Well done joining up to WW

    kim - oh, a couple of acres on the lake sounds dreamy...hope your Sydney place sells well. i think i will be forever having the 1 child internal debate, but i am happier having the internal debate than having to deal with another pregnancy and child, and i really love the thought of us being a close, happy, well travelled, full of life experience, family of three. Great to hear AF has finally shown, i reckon your body is just telling you to slow down too, shame its not practical to slow down though

    Archie has always had his special sleeping toy Tigger "gigger" since he was a tiny baby, i have 2 Tigers that i swap around so Tigger doesn't wear out as quickly, think i might get another one too (i had 3 of them but lost one at the shops once). Anyhoo, on Monday i was browsing at a baby store and there was this rack of gorgeous minky toys all different animals, Archie fell in love with a dog who he has called "woofa" and hasn't been interested in Tigger since, Tigger has been in the cupboard. Well tonight Archie screamed and screamed at bedtime, then i finally clicked, i gave him "gigger" and he gripped onto him and went straight to sleep. Poor kid has probably been stressing about 'gigger' for days!

    Mum came over today and wants to have Archie stay at her place overnight, tomoorow and saturday nights! i feel quite anxious about not having him for 2 nights so close together, but i know he loves spending time at Nanna's and of course so does she so i said yes. Hopefully i can relax while he is gone and get some decent sleep this week!

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    Jodie259 Guest


    Awww... poor Archie & Gigger.

    Shaun is a bit obsessed with his dummy. I think it will be difficult to let go of it. But he only has it for bed time. And lately, it's been very handy because he is telling us when he's ready for bed. The latest thing is that he pulls at our legs to get us up of our couch/chair... then he pushes us towards the kitchen drawer where his dummy is kept. Last night Yariv teased him and kept walking in the wrong direction, and he was getting really angry with him. Turning him around and pushing him towards the kitchen.

    I hear about all the words that your kids are saying... and I realise that Shaun is delayed in talking. But he is just starting to say words now. He reads his books and he says "ball" "duck" etc. Tonight he kept saying a word that my stepmum thought was "bugger". But nobody ever says that word. Then I realised he was saying 'ubba" which is hebrew for Daddy. He repeats quite a number of words too. But all of this has only been in the last couple of weeks. Prior to that it was just "mumma" and "dadda" when he was upset. But... he understands an aweful lot. And in two languages. The maternal nurse said that it's okay if he understands. And boys take longer to talk then girls. And particularly if they are bilingual. So I'm starting to relax. He is advanced in so many things... except speech. And I'm okay with that. He is actually going for his 18 month checkup tomorrow.

    Elissa - enjoy your sleep. Great that your mum offers to take him. My stepmum/dad pick shaun up from day care twice a week and feed/bathe him. Even that's nice. Gives a chance to get some stuff done. I was able to do some ironing tonight before picking him up. I never iron when he's around. Good luck with the house hunting.

    Sheree - 16 weeks! woohoo!! You must be so relieved. I'm so happy for you. Sorry I've not been on MSN much. Between MIL and Shelli... I've not been chatting to anyone.

    Kim - poor little Darcy. I suffered with tonsilitus for years as a kid. Hope she doesn't get it regularly. and relief (?) about AF...

    Leanne - sorry to hear about your work. 12 years is a great effort! Good on you for joining WW. I worked for WW on/off for about 8 years... as a helper at loads of different meetings.

    Sara - you lucky thing... going to all the "worlds". Shaun would love to see the sesame Street one... with Elmo. He goes nuts each time he sees it on TV. Yariv can't wait for Shaun to be old enough so he can take him. I swear Yariv is just another big kid. You should have seen him at Disneyland when we went a few years ago. He would go on nearly every ride - twice!

    Nat - you are doing such a great job with the Challenge! It's very popular. I reverted back to pizza tonight, and had planned to exercise... but haven't left my computer seat. Do you take vitamins? Maybe you should take a multi-vitamin to help you with the lethargy?

    I just noticed something.........

    Sheree... you made a post "I'm 1st"... then I did a post "I'm 2nd"......... and they are both gone!!!!
    Did mods delete our posts because they weren't indepth ????????

    It now has Shazz with "I'm 3rd"..........

    woah!! Nat/Kathryn......... please explain...........
    I thought we would be notified if our posts were deleted... for whatever reason they were deleted.

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    Rach: I haven’t met you either but welcome back....Krystal is so adorable!

    Nat: I hope you pick up soon...Like Jodie said maybe some multi-vits will help?

    Elissa: Good luck with house hunting, I loved looking for house but it got very frustrating too. Enjoy your sleep while Archie’s away.

    Sara: Welcome back! I told Chris you went to Dreamworld & Seaworld and how much Briley loved hopefully we will go before the baby is born! How clever is Briley with the counting?? Jayden can say 2 thats all LOL. Well done Colby sitting up all by yourself! I checked out the website, it is great! Great photo of you too! I haven’t checked my blood pressure recently my next appt is 7th Feb, your right though it was probably that. I can’t believe I am already 13wks either....and still loving it!! We haven’t had any floods but OMG has it been raining! Well done on all those personals!
    Leanne: I know how you feel about work....I struggle getting up if I have to go to work but I can bounce out of bed at the same time if I’m staying at home! You will get used to it again soon enough.

    Kim: Aww Darcy’s a good girl having her medicine and going to sleep! YAY for AF coming.....finally!

    We had a great day yesterday (well half of it), we went to the hospital & made my 1st Ob appt for 7th Feb (still 3 wks away ), had a play in the park at the hospital and picked flowers and chased birds, went to Target to buy Jayden some clothes he doesn’t need, bought myself a pair of toning balls that I’ll probably use for a week and forget about & some colouring books, had lunch with SIL & 2 nieces, went to the furniture shop to look for a bed for Jayden, put a deposit on a red F4 car bed then went home (without doing the groceries) with a killer headache. Jayden woke up when I put him in his cot but he happily stayed there for an hour while I rested, then we went to visit Daddy at work and Jayden sat in a few of the planes and was just in awe of them. Chinese for dinner and early to bed at 8.30pm.

    Well Jayden is awake, and i have to get ready for work  I know how you feel Leanne!

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    Elissa - poor Archie and poor Gigger hehe, ever so sweet! And yay on having a rest this weekend, if only someone would offer to take Lachlan hehe.

    Jodie - don't worry about not being online much, I not much either these days. I am in bed by 9-9.30pm most days these days. Lachlan hasn't been the best with his speech, just like Shaun, but I agree he understands alot and copies lots of words I say and I can't I ask him where things are in a book and he points to them, so he is very clever all the same. I guess the speech will come. I miss chatting to you.

    Tania - what a big day you and Jayden had, sounds really nice actually and you sound so happy.

    We also bought Lachlan a car bed when I was in Mackay recently. Only I didn't do the red like everyone does, we actually got this smashing blue colour and it actually has rubber wheels and all. They reduced it also. I also bought a sofa bed for when both kiddies are in each bedroom and hence no room for visitors. We have been on a waiting list for a low set house for 5-6 mths now. Low sets are much bigger and it will actually have the garage built in, so then I will have an office/sofa bed room! I am sick of waiting, so I sent the mine and email yesterday to tell them of our circumstances that we are having a baby and my paperwork is tucked into the corner of our lounge room (which is so so small). We are fast running out of room in this house and it is starting to stress me out. I have even asked the furniture store to hold our items until we move as there is no use bringing it here I have no room. Also, we store so much excess stock under our house which is not closed in, we are even doing back to school packs under the house and with all this weather around it is really concerning with the moisture in the air. We check on it all the time, and all is ok so far! So as you can see, room is such an issue and as it is these houses are so so small! Hopefully they do something for us soon. I don't want to be 9 mths pregnant and moving.

    Anyway I have been looking for furniture to go with the car bed. Gosh it is so hard! Any ideas what to put with it anyone?

    Oh yeah what did happen to our posts!!!!!!
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