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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #4

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    Babies Born October 2007 #4

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in October 2007.

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    Jul 2006

    Another crap night sleep wise and today aint much better....

    I def have 2 totally different girls *Pulls hair out*

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    Feb 2007

    Aww Kim...hope you get some good sleep soon

    Is it normal for a baby to roll onto his side at this age? For a couple of days now, Kieran has been able to roll onto either of his sides when I put him on the floor to look at his toys, so I guess he would have been about 10 days old when he started. He likes sleeping on his side too, though I try and encourage him to sleep on his back as much as possible.

    Catherine - I don't let Kieran suckle when he get unsettled (unless he is due for a feed) for a few reasons. 1. We worked out his tummy gets to windy from too many feeds - and I found he only screamed when he came off anyway. 2. I have a 3 year old to run after so it isn't practical for me to stop everything to let him suckle. 3. I run a business where I have customers come over sometimes a few times a day so again it isn't practical for me. There are more reasons, but these are the main ones for me. Not saying no one should let their baby suckle, but it just doesn't work for us. Your little Rochelle sounds like such a lovely calm baby! You are so lucky

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    rallybbek Guest

    Toby had an awful evening and night and continued like tha this morning, finally falling asleep now. I am tired too, know how you feel Kim. Hope you get a rest today.
    Catherine - DTD agian- I had stitches, I think that once everything is healed it was more of a of a psychological thing! Anyway, everthing is back to normal is that respect now, just want to keep being gentle though until the 6 week check.
    Not sure about the rolling Trish, although toby has done it while on the floor, cant really remeber if the girls did it.

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    Jun 2007
    Forster NSW

    Had a great night sleep last night! Another 7hrs between feeds. I woke 3 times to check on her as she was stiring, but when I'd go into her roomhe'd already be back to sleep. Feeling great again today!

    Catherine - I have been told not to let Tiera dummy suck on the breast. There are a lot of reason for it, such as, she maybe snack feeding and when it comes to 6 weeks when they have their first growth spirt, they'll be so use to feeding often, that they're quite unsettled and may stay hungry, it doesn't give your nipples much chance to settle after each feed and can cause damage (my midwife in hospital told me this as at the end of each feed, Tiera would dummy suck my breast and I was told to take her off for this reason). In saying all of this, you have to do what you feel is best for you and your baby... Mums know what is best for their own baby!

    I am adjusting to the dummy... DH is happy I am coming around to the idea. She looks really cute when she's sucking away on it!

    Tiera has just woken for a feed, then we are off shopping! She's a little cutie!!!

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    becky Guest

    We a re so lucky I think. Chels is such a good sleeper. Wakes up every 4 hours or so at night, and goes straight back to sleep after her feed. We really have not had a bad night yet. I really hope it stays this way!!

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    May 2005

    Hi all

    Re dummies - we have been using one since about day 4. I found L was sucking his fists a lot and also wanting to dummy suck me. Actually he still does and I do keep him on the breast for a lot longer than I should until he is asleep. He only uses the dummy long enough to get comfort and then spits it out. Most of the time it is sitting next to his ear.

    I was concerned about dummies and teats given some claims of being orthodontic, peristaltic etc and figured that they must be scientifically better. My step dad specialised in paediatric dentistry. He says that there is no better type of teat or dummy that will help the jaw or mouth develop any better than anything else. I was also concerned that if I let him suck his fingers he would need braces in later childhood. I needed braces when I was a teen and this was due to finger sucking. He said that as long as the finger sucking had stopped around the time the child is 8 years of age there should be no need for orthodontics.

    Bad night last night. We did avoid the arsenic hours as he slept from around 7pm to 12am. I then woke him to feed him and this took a while to settle him, got the hiccups, smelly nappy etc. He was then up at around 3, then 5 and then 7. Only took small feeds and would fall asleep at the breast. At 9ish we both managed to get to sleep, at 10 he was awake and I handed him over to Dad. Snoozed until about 11.45am, but don't feel exactly refreshed. Lesson for today, don't leave it so late to feed him.

    Anyway, he has been asleep for about 1.5hours so if we can get another hour that would be good.

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    Nov 2006

    becky were the same Myles tends to sleep for about 5hrs at night and up for a feed for 1/2 hr to an hr then back down for annother couple of hrs!
    I spose it just depends on the baby hey?

    Off to the peadatrician(sp?) tommorw for our 6 week check up! I cant believe 6 weeks has gone by!

    ange you still around? Hope you an little L are ok!

    Hi mummies and bubbies! have to go wrap my secret santa pressies! OOH wonder who I have! x

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    Jul 2005

    Amber how organised are u with the SS present! i hope to get to the shops this week sometime.
    anyway did the grocery shop thismorning, went pretty well! until coming home, Tyron carried on in the car while Nix fell asleep. Put him straight to bed but Ty just kept going. it had only been 2.5hrs since his feed so thought i had timed it well.
    i had to let him scream while i got the grocery's out of the car and atleast shove the cold stuff in the fridge.from that it then took 2.5hrs of stop starting to pack everything away.....what a big eventure taken all day to do the dam shopping lol!

    the last few nights Tyron has spent more of his sleep time with us, i get sick of getting up and down up and down up and down and then give in. Thismorning though after a feed at 2.45am, back down about 4am and slept till 9.15 in his bassinett.

    Louise- dont feel bad or silly re the premminess of your bubs. Nixon was 7wks early which is nothing to compared to some others. but having a prem no matter what stage is such a different experience to a full term bub. You have to deal with a whole different set of emotions, and even when bub comes home it continues. You did great to carry your babies so far but at the same time finding a good support network with other people who have been through similar instances i found really helps.

    dummy- i was one of those mums that thought i would never give my baby a dummy. but honestly it aint that bad! Nixon still has a dummy but cut it down to JUST bed time. if there is one around the house he'll find it and shove it in so i make sure they are put away and only give him one when i put him to bed.
    its personal choice but like Trish i would prefer a dummy baby then a thumb sucker cause u cant take their thumb away!
    Catherine- im a little the same as Trish with the bf for comfort, having a toddler to deal with aswell just doesnt make it feasable for me to have Tyron on the boob all the time. I need to juggle my mum time between both boys and well up until Friday of last week tyron wouldnt even take the boob so it wasnt an option! But again its personal choice and i think what ever works for you and bub is all that matters.
    Last edited by nickers; November 12th, 2007 at 02:35 PM. : read last few posts from prev thread & had stuff to add!

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    Feb 2007
    In the jungle.

    I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAACK! Well kind of, made it in one piece to SA and most of the way back. Visiting a friend for a couple of days. Lu was a champ, travelled like she'd been doing it all her life.

    Thanks for thinking of me Amber.

    Placenta brain still in full swing, can't remember all i read......

    NICKERS WOOT! i was so pleased to read all your efforts have paid off, you must have really wanted to bf to persist for so long, so yay for you. That is awsome news!

    DTD- Kim are you serious??? OMG i am not telling my DH about your sex drive! i still havn't let him near me! Was thinking might give it a whirl b4 doc appointment on thurs. Just to make sure the hole is where it used to be.....

    Implanon- I agree whole heartedly with whoever said it was the devil. i too had mine taken out after going nuts.......

    Dummies- L really only cries if she is hungry or needs a burp. so havn't used one. But would if i needed to. Midwives in hosp advised not to use dummy or bottle until 6 weeks to establish BF.....

    No news from belle? what about the studious Ursula?

    Viv was thinking on my loooong drive- do you think that BF hiccups away is how someone thought up the idea that drinking upside down cures the hiccups??? Like i said it was a long drive. (BTW When L had a growth spurt around 3 weeks, she fed like you described for 2 days on and off.)

    Wishing all 6 hrs straight sleep tonight. xx

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    holding a deep breath in your lungs while you drink water also cures hiccups 100% of the time. bizarre but true.

    who was talking about sticky eye? i thought it was this thread but must have been the last one. james had a gooey looking dealie in the corner of his eye when he woke up from this sleep. it is a little red but not overly evil looking. guess the middy can have a look tomorrow. what was the go? breast milk in the eye? how does one do that. *squirts him in the face randomly* (kidding)

    he's been my little angelfish again today. looks like that evil stuff is over. right now he's holding his hand out and looking at it like a d00d in a club on ecstasy. so funny.

    ange - do let us know if the hole is where it's supposed to be.. haha.. man, i'm gonna laugh if it's migrated up your back or something. rotfl. i am no closer to DTD though i have had ideas about it... we're down to a liner now but it's still not right.

    nickers - how long do we stay secret for our secret santa thing?

    does anyone find that infacol makes them more spewy?

    *james hurls on latest muslin wrap*

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    Nov 2006

    Glad you had a good trip Ange!
    Nick! I am pretty organised hey! I just love Christmas and cant help myself! Have already started buying gifts for DH and Myles!
    Viv breastmilk works wonders for icky eyes! If your anything like me I continually spray Myles in the face!ha!

    Question...Do you think babies dream? Myles can be fast asleep, then wake up scream for maybe 2 or 3 seconds then drift off again! Or his lil face loks sad then happy then angry? Could it be wind or do you think he is actually dreaming?

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    Amelia Guest

    Amber - Rhys has been doing this today....Looks like he is awake and screaming his lungs out I go in there and pick him up to comfort him and he settles straight back down!! Strange!! I think it is just dreaming.

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    CatherineL Guest

    I hear ya Nic and Trish... I don't know how I'd have the time for a second... But I am pretty lucky, Rochelle is like Angie's Luella - only really cries if she is hungry or has wind. In that case we give her a good burping and then she goes back to sleep!

    Becky - sounds like we are fairly lucky.. I don't think we've had it too bad either!

    Pish - My hossy told us the total opposite! Suckling stimulates supply and for the first 6 weeks they shouldn't be denied the breast because they are usually stimulating for a reason. But Ro has put on 280grams in the last 6 days... but they also said a bf baby can't be overfed. Like we all already know, it's each to there own. I have nothing against dummies and even bought some whilst I was preggers... We just haven't needed them iykwim.

    Bec - tnx for the info on dtd.. I think it is psychological. I wanna go to the drs first just to get the Ok - it might put me at ease on the whole dtd front.

    Ange - So glad Luella travelled so well! Ro did our trip well on the weekend also, but it was only a 2.5 hour trip each way. Did you say you've had your coccyx checked yet?

    Off to cook dinner... hugs to all! X

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    Jul 2006

    Viv the easiest way is to clean James' eye then either squirt BM inot the eye or if you have any EBM in a bottle drop some in.

    Welcome back Ange....i feel for you doing the drive to SA....we are doing the VIC to NSW drive on the 29th...hello 11 hours!!

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    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    Hey guys

    Just checking in to say we are back, and everything is good! Probably won't be around this week, DH has paid paternity leave (first week back at work was supposed to be this week... impressive huh!). He finished his uni exams last friday (even went to one at 9.30am the day after i had her at 11pm at night), so hopefully that is it.

    Hopefully i will have the birth story up soon. But it was the perfect birth, so much easier teh 2nd time around. And i'm finding looking after her is a lot easier also!

    Anyway, must run, hope you and your little ones are good!

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    Aug 2007
    Perth, WA


    I can't remember what I have responded to - as I have read the last few days but not had time to respond...

    Dummies - we have given Kaylee one, sometimes he loves it others won't have a bar of it.

    Dreaming - I think so, but don't know. Kaylee wakes has a scream and goes back to sleep often. Other times she just makes lots of noises in her sleep... she does have colic - so could just be pain, but don't think it always is.

    Driving trips - I admire you! I have to go down to Mandurah on Wednesday, which is about an hour away - not so keen on that, let alone further!... But guess we'll see how it goes. Really want to go down and visit my friend in Margaret River, which is about 3.5-4 hours away. My friend had a baby boy 10-days before I had Kaylee, we haven't seen each other yet. Hope to get down there in Dec if I can.

    Qu - does anyone know anything about cradle-cap??

    Oh, it is SO horridly hot here in Perth atm, well at least feels it as it has come all of a sudden... and our air conditioner is totally dead Kaylee doesn't seam to like the heat at all!!

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    Aug 2007
    Perth, WA

    My Av is supposed to have been updated

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