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Thread: Babies Born October - December 2005 #17

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    tracey can you suggest accomodation in lakes entrance.we dont mind spending money and has to be nice and fit up to 6 people,i havnt been there so thought you could shed some light. 2nd-4th of jan

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    I'm still coming tomorrow Kristie. I may not be bringing Milo yet cos he normall goes to sleep around 12. I was going to bring him but we took him to a backyard music fetival/concert type thing today and he is exhausted. It was at someone house in Thornbury - bet the neighbours were rapt, not!

    Nikki, that's no good about the boys I hope they get well soon.

    Cindy, yay on getting a rental. I have no idea where Hampton Park is, its not the same as Hampton is it? I dont htink so...
    Yay on Nicky being pregnany too.

    Go Jordan! Wees on the potty is great news!!

    Well, other than the gig today we have not been up to much lately. Milo has been stuttering a bit lately, mainly when he gets really excited. He does it for a few days and then is fine for a week, then it starts again. I spoke to MIL and she think Neil did she same thing when he was little, but she cant say for sure. He got really upset/frustrated by it today and woudlnt finish the word though, so I am going to get him an appt with a speech pathologist just to make sure they think its normal.

    Mum came home from hospital today, yay. I dont remember whether I said anything, but mum had to get a hernia operation last Thursday. Her surgeon says it went really well and was a lot less that they thought they were going to have to do, so that's good news.

    What has everyone got planned for the labour day long weekend? i was trying to get my relos enthused about a working bee at our place, but I think I will end up just getting alocal gardener around to have at it, and a skip out the front to cart it all away.

    Spoke to Neil today about no2, and decided we will start as soon as the house is sold abd we have a clear idea of how much leave I can have off, and how much we need to save to fund it.

    Thats it for me.

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    Rachael - No worries - will be great to catch up again! Wow - how interesting to have a concert in your backyard!
    I'm sure Milo will just be going through a stage with his stuttering...especially if it's only when he's excited?? Sounds like a good idea to get it checked out anyway though...
    Thats great your mums operation went well!!
    I think labour day weekend we'll just be chilling out at home. We've been so busy lately that it will be nice to just be at home for a few days...
    How exciting that your in talks for no.2!!! I'm sure it will be nice to put a date on it as such!

    I've just done all the housework - well, except for vacuuming & mopping - in prep for tomorrow - it was so desperately needed! My house has been feral need to get the carpets steam cleaned as well - I think I'm going to try and rent one of those ones from the supermarket to do ourselves for our little bits of carpet.
    I find the best way to do housework now is to get on the phone to someone so that it doesn't feel like I'm cleaning cos I'm having a good chat to a friend and catching up!
    Michael's out tonight for his brothers birthday so it's nice and quiet. I'm thinking I'll probably jump into bed soon and have a read - haven't done that in ages!! There's heaps I should be doing but I don't think I can be bothered!

    Sweet Dreams - Chat later!

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    time for a new thread everyone

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