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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #78

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    Dec 2005

    I know Im not a bad mother but I just really worry, I can count the number of well days he's had on both hands in the last 6-8mths. For a kid who is a healthy weight with a healthy appetite and fully vaxed it seems odd he gets so ill. We're around the same kids all the time too, no new ones so if he was getting these viral things then why arent they? Theyre all under 5. I was up all night with him even after a dose of panadol and claratyne to see if it would stop the rash, he just tossed and turned and cried. Now the rash has spread to his face For whoever asked - it isnt the AB's because theyre ones that those with a penicillan allergy can take. The Dr assured me that Erythramycin never causes a reaction for anyone. Ive had to cancel his daycare today and after Ive seen the social worker on base Im going to take him to Wodonga Hospital and refuse to leave til they do tests.

    Sharls - well I had shelved the idea of a sydney move BUT I have an appointment with an army social worker today to talk about it and see whether my reasons (medical ineptness, finances, stress) are enough for the army to sanction an early move. Ry has been so mad about it he constantly yells at me (and I can see where he is coming from, 4mths away from our boys would kill me too) but he's starting to see where Im coming from. He said if the SW says its all legit reasons to move then he'll let me go. I wouldnt be having these medical issues in Sydney, my GP would have had it sorted out months ago even if it was just for MY peace of mind. Here you have to be literally near death before theyll do anything. So we'll see what she says and go from there.

    Better go get myself ready and have some breaky before I throw up. Im so tired. Hopefully Jett will sleep til its time to dress him and go.

    Update later.

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    Dec 2005

    Good luck today anna. I hope the social worker understands your case and grants you an early move. It would be hard on Ry not seeing you and the boys, but you've got to think of your health first. And good luck at the hospital too.

    Did you get hold of the RE rach, what did he say?

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    RE not in office today OH well, I am 100% positive I O'd yesterday or the day before, no pains today but then looking at chsrt I may have O'd cd16 and yesterday might have been implantation guess we just sit back and wait

    ?? anyone own or know anyone who owns a crewman ute, we are looking at leasing one and getting a smaller car, and selling our falcon and patrol so Jase has decided he likes the crewman we are going to gladstone on the weekend 1 to testdrive another one we took a auto for test last weekend just want to test a manual, also I think we look at a rodeo as well I hate car shopping LOL mind you he did say if we can get enough for the falcon we may go new for the smaller car

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    sorry its a me post girls, just wnted to let you all know

    Just got back from the mid-wives clinic....Had an absolute gem of one. She was so pi$$ed at the doc I had last cause she never got me the right blood test ect. I have to go back on saturday and have another GD test as my levels were really high. Then tomorrow i have to go to the physico cause she said I defently have sciatica (which is pretty bad pain in the woo hoo down my legs) and she wants me to have blood tests for this itcyness I have cause she thinks I have something else. I explained to her my itchiness, lach of appetite, weight loss,dryness all the time and lack of going to the loo....I just hope its not to bad cause it means that sometimes they make you have the baby at 36 weeks and I so dont want to do that, I would never wish to have my child to early.
    Bit stressed out ATM..I wish my mummy was here, she wont be back until the weekend..I could just cry!!!
    Have another ob's appointment on monday..hmmm

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    Feb 2006
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    Maz, fantastic someone's doing something about all those symptoms though! Hopefully it's something easily treatable. It's not long til the weekend, it's already Thursday today!

    Ohh yeah car shopping can be a bit annoying, but it's pretty fun once you have a new car Rach! Hope you get something you like!

    Ah. Well the rest of you on on the last page.

    All the best with that meeting today Annat. Hope you get a good outcome.

    Shell, how's all that nurses stuff coming along?

    I think I've got tonsillitis, Rans made a dr's appt for me later on this arvo, and has taken the day off work to look after Riv and me. He's playing xbox at the moment, but he did the dishes and washing before! He's a keeper, this one.

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    Mar 2004

    maz,you will be ok hon. Think positive.Im glad this m/w is so good in getting down to the bottom of things.We wont you and kryztell to be healthy.
    Good luck annat.Jett sounds like millana.Always getting sick,but she is only 12kgs so she cant afford to lose weight. Hopefully the councellor can help you out.
    I just cant believe how quick these pregnancy's are going!
    Hopefully nelle the dr can get you better! i hate it when they say viral and just send you home!!
    helen hows bella?

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    Dec 2005

    maz - for you honey. It's great that the midwife is doing something about all these things that are happening to you. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it all. I can understand how you wouldn't want to have a baby too early, but at the same time you've got to think about yourself. At 36 weeks they're almost full term. Good luck tomorrow at the physio and good luck on Saturday with the GD test.
    I think us women are all the same, always need our mums in time of need.

    rach - sorry, don't have a crewman, we have a new Hilux, I can help you out on that one though.

    I was just checking if any of the Anna's or Helen had popped in for an update.

    Annie - how are you going honey, have you started part time yet?

    Me, I just treated myself to a new hairdo. Left Nina with my sister who is on holidays for a week this morning, and got pampered! I feel like a new person. We have family portraits this afternoon, so I'm gonna look like a hot mumma now!!

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    Dec 2005

    Spent hours in ER. Finally a Dr got the Paeds registrar to come take a look as they were worried about it being a rash and me being pregnant. She was the same one who took care of him when he had his hospy stay for double ear infection. She said its definately viral but she's worried that he's been sick so often over the past 7mths so we're seeing her tomorrow for a checkup and a discussion on tests we can do and also what to do about allergy testing. She's lovely and I trust her so Im happy I got something done. She was even concerned about my health, said I didnt look good. I told her "I dont look good til the day I give birth, then youll see big happy smiles" lol She ordered me to take it easy or I'll end up back in the mat ward. Had two friends rock up while I was waiting to help me out, they held Jett while he was examined and then took me out for lunch. The three of us are going out to dinner tonight, leaving kids at home with husbands apparently (geez theyre bossy girls hehehe). Theyre worried about me and want Rips to stay baking as long as possible.

    On the social worker front, she fully supported my idea of moving to Sydney soooo as long as the military approves (which she cant see them noy approving) I'll be out of here by christmas (probably sooner because I am due anytime from christmas onwards). Had to get OB to write a letter detailing all my issues and Ry is going to have to sign some papers. Still havent told him, dont think he'll be happy about it but too bad, I have to do whats best for me. Not looking forward to cleaning or packing some things (might pay someone to clean for me) though. My sister is going to fly down once I have a removal date and drive back with me, help me get settled in and unpack. My OB is going to refund the money Ive paid him so I can get another OB to deliver me without paying double. Now I just need a definate confirmation its going ahead (hopefully within 2wks) so I can book a Dr and hospital.

    Im scared its going to mean the end of our marriage because Ry is being such a butthead about it but I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Im going to miss him dreadfully and I know the kiddo's will too but I really think its for the best.

    Keep us in your thoughts, telling him tonight is going to be rough

    Thanks for thinking of us!

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    Dec 2005

    I think we know the dates Sharleen. I'll confirm with Heath tonight and I'll let you know.

    annat - I hope Ry approves of the move. Like Sharleen said, he's probably just worried about being away from you guys. It will be hard on both of you. But you can both make it work if you work hard enough at it. Enjoy dinner tonight, and hope all goes well with the check up tomorrow.

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time kel & nessa.

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    Mar 2004

    Not much today.My turn at playgroup to cut up fruit,make bread and such.Hoping the girls behave.Well ruby anyway because sometimes she can be mega clingy for the first hr and hates it when other babies go near her.She starts to cry! I thinks it because other babies try to touch her and end up hurting her she's like "no way dont come near" Millana use to play alone alot when younger too but has now grown out of that stage.
    annat? how did telling ry go?

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Nessa says---

    Caddie- how are Millanas spots??? is the stuff working??

    Well we are off to the Aquarium today and to some shopping at Darling Habour.Im starting to miss Teleah alot now so cant wait to get home and see her. Poor little girl doesnt understand where mummy is gone. Not long til I see her now. (oh and DH too )

    Kell says-----

    Caddie- Jesse has starting being the same way with Annika, She hasnt hurt him but he freaks out when she gets to close sometimes but then other times he is fine. He really doesnt like it when she crys and will start to cry himself and it takes me a while to calm him down. Is Ruby the same when other babies cry????

    We Both say---

    Jodi- how is Nina has her temp come down???

    Hope everyone is doing the best they can and all the kiddies are on the mend.

    any way we will be off


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    At first he didnt take it well Caddie, we had yet another huge row about it. My friends came and took me out to dinner and when I got back at 9:30 he was the total opposite - reminding me to start making preparations and lists of things we need to organise/clean/pack, asking me how often Id like him to come visit, if he can keep the computer so he can get emails from us and pics etc. I said "Geez this is a turn around" and he said "well no point being annoyed over something that has to be done, might as well go with the flow and make it as easy as possible." Nice to know that he does indeed have a brain in that good looking head of his

    So its not the total tragedy I thought it would be.

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    Oct 2005

    Hi guys, just a quickish email to check in and let you know how Bella is.

    Firstly though thank-you soooo much for all of your support. I had a few rough days where the reality of where we nearly ended up hit me but I am feeling much better now.

    Having had a chance to look back on it all Leith ans I are sure that the ER Dr was 90% sure she had leaukeamia. So to find out that she doesnt is a huge relief. She has most likely had a super bug, a really bad virus. She is well on the way to getting better now and might even be back at school on Monday.

    Our main issue now is that she has a low platelet count, which is an indication of cancer. She got a pattikial rash, bruising rash. Which has now gone which is caused by this. So as long as she doesnt keep bruising easily and doesnt get this rash again I think she will be alright. Her blood cells looked good under the microscope showing no blasts or anything like that, so fingers crossed her platelet count goes up. Although they are pretty happy not to test her again at this stage.

    Well I dont know when I will be on again as I am just about to disconnect and pack the computer up for moving.

    Take care ladies.


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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    HelenP- Thats great to hear bout Bella being on the mend, try not stress too much bout the platelet count. Does it run in the family at all cause mym mum and my sister both have that problem. It hasn't caused them too much probs with it, they do bruise easily and if they have op or in child birth they just get monitored closer because more chance of bleeding.

    Sharleen- So we have to wait til easter now to meet you?! I agree with your pop though the hot weather and me don't get along either!

    AnnaT- Hope everything works out well, glad to hear Ry is helping abit more. I can understand where he is coming from but it won't make it any easier if he doesn't help. I guess its a lose lose situation no matter what you do. At least in few months you'll all be together up in Sydney.

    Ness and Kell- Hi girls! I love the aquarium up in Sydney its alot better than the Melb one.

    Jodi- How'd the family pics go. I desperately need to have my hair done. Need a cut and foils put in again. Might just have to book myself in for it.

    Nelle- How'd you go at the Drs? Was it tonsillitis? I had that few months back and god it made me so sick! Hope your feeling better.

    Maz- How you today? Its great that you have a midwife that is competent! Try not stress too much see what the results say and find out everything. Have a chat to that midwife bout it all. Let her know your concerns and between 2 of you you should find something that'll work.

    Well I'm feeling better today. Nurses dispute all worked out. We got a pay rise, varies between what level you are, mine works out roughly 3.9% over next 4 years. We get to keep our ratios and they won't introduce PCA's into the hospital system (which was a big worry cause they only have like 6 weeks training).
    Few other good things too. Evryone pretty happy. Midwives wanted 1:1 ratio in labour suites but couldn't get that.

    Downside is that alot people did get there pay docked for the bans last week so although they were at work doing a full 8 hour shift they didn't get payed for it.

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    Oct 2005
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    sorry no personal except goo dnews about Bella Helen she comes good soon

    well I know why I dont go to tupperware parties I could spend a fortune I was very good and controlled myself to a few things as I know another girl is having one late Nov so if I want more I can do it thru 2 parties

    we are off to g'stone this weekend, going car shopping and jase is helping his dad gyprock a house he is building and I am off to see my sister and her mob am trying to calm myself down about seeing IL's I just stress so much when we are going in and

    anyway must away just thought I would jump on say hello and bye catch ya all monday

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    May 2007

    AnnaT -I am glad that things are starting to come together for you.

    Maz - Like Nelle said. It is great that someone is taking it all seriously.

    Nelle - Hows the tonsils?

    Jodi - I need a new haircut!!!

    Nesss/Kell Glad you are having fun.

    Helen - Phew. You must be relieved. I was holding my breath there for a minute. As a mum, I can't imagine anything worse that having a seriously sick child.

    Caddie - Hope the girls had fun at playgroup. I know for James it is great. Being an only child, it is great for him to mix with older kids and learn from them.

    Sharleen - Have fun at kindermusic.

    Shell - I ran into a coach load of nurses on their way home last night while I was at the petrol station. They all had on their red protest t-shirts. I made a point to go over to them and thank them for the work that they do for our community. As I case manager, I work closely with the nurses (especially RDNS) and appreciate all that they do for my clients.

    James was a little monkey last night. He has a cold and is having trouble sleeping. He was up at 10, 11, 12, 1:30, then he might have been up after that, but I was so tired that I didn't hear him till 8am!!!

    I am meant to be going back to work in January. Anyway I resigned yesterday. They wouldnt let me work from home on a THurday morning, meaning that I would have to drop a day. THis would mean that I wouldn't get a company car - which is fine, but all my clients are out this way. THey said that they would not reimburse me for mileage to drive my own car to see clients. I would have to drive 1 hour in to the office to pick up a pool car, to then drive back out this way to visit the client, back to the office to return the pool car and anther hour home. THis means that an average day I would be in the car about 4 hours!! No way!!!!! Anyway I have already called another agency this morning, requesting 2 or 3 days a week. I have an interview already I get this job.

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    meg...geez i would of resigned too that just totally sux.

    helen..glad your doing ok, and bella is recovering.


    shell..great to hear you nurses get what you deserve( actually you do deserve more)

    well thats all my preggy brain can cope with....have a great day

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    Meg- thats crap, I don't see why they couldn't just work with you! Its no wonder alot places have issues with retaining staff. No one wants to look after there workers. Good luck with the job interview. When is it?

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