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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #85

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    Babies Born September 2006 #85

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    God, I just wrote a big post then find out the thread closed! Anyone know how you can retrieve posts when this happens or is it gone for good?

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    I think once its gone shell, its gone. I hate that...thank god it doesnt only happen to me! Oh Harris scarfe have specials on sewing machine to atm
    chrissy - have you recieved your mail from me yet?????
    i so have to do christmas cards..hopefully tomorrow

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    May 2007

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    nelle - check out my photos on Nina's website. It has a folder of zoo photos, and you'll see just how much fun she was having!

    caddie - woohoo on getting some me time. I was looking at old photos of myself, when I was wearing a mini skirt & midriff top, aaaahhhh they were the days. Pity I don't have that figure anymore!

    Bummer James doesn't sleep in if he has a late night. That's the best thing if Nina goes to bed late, I know I'll get a sleep in too. Speaking of which, she is still running around the house, and it's 8.30??!! I was complaining to Heath last night that I only get 3 days of sleeping in during the week. He just looked at me and said 'so you get to sleep in, is that what stay at home mums do???!!!' ooooops, better keep my mouth shut from now on. hehehe

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    Ok, going to try posting again.

    My friend who came over today asked me to be bridesmaid in her wedding. I'm so excited. She's getting married in July in Adelaide (so I'll be there to meet you Ness). I'll be there few days before the wedding so i can help organise last minute things. so exciting, i love weddings, can't wait to take her dress shopping.

    Meg- that sounds nice that place, and yes I wish late nights meant sleep in! Oh and I thought it was funny you asked when Df and I were gonna get married cause after all this stuff with my friend I was asking him today when we were gonna get around to it. We just put everything else first, having a baby, buying house so the actual wedding got put on the back burner.

    Maz- My mum gave me her old sewing machine that she never uses, prob at the moment is that when i try threading it all up i can't get the thread from the bobbin part to come up thru. The one thats thru the needle goes down and gets tangled in there. Its got a bit thats rusted a little in there and I don't know if thats the prob or if its me.

    Laurin- How are things going between you and your Dh these days? You coping being in different countries or do you think the break is doing you both good?

    Ness- Sorry to hear you are having such a bad day. Go and have time to yourself, kick back and relax, have a bath or something nice.

    Hope all those men are behaving tonight. Mine is just about on school holidays, be great for the fact I get to sleep in more but will be annoying cause he gets naggy sometimes and will put me out of routine.

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    Caddie - Of course you aren't that bad!!!! I really need to organise a time with DH that I can have the bike for a few hours whilst he watches Xander (he is still a bit overprotective with me riding a bike! dunno why as I was riding loooong before I met him). I got your card today, thank you so much... can you pm your addy so I can send one to you? I seem to have lost my list of addresses.

    Nelle - Xander is running, jumping, dancing and climbing (and falling) like a true toddler... he is so not a baby anymore. Actually I think he has hit the terrible twos' already. He drops his bottom lip and throws himself on the ground screaming when he doesn't get his way lately.... very cute (for now, but I'm sure I'll tire of it soon). I reckon Riv would love the zoo, we took Xander on his birthday and he loved it. I often take him to a local petting farm and he loves that too. The aquarium idea sounds great.

    Nessa - Sounds like you need a huge chunk of chocolate mud cake. I've got an awesome recipe for one but it is loaded with Tia Maria so probably not the best for you right now.

    Belle - Feeling a bit less anxious today? Was great chatting to you.

    Meg - A trip to the pub sounds just lovely. You aren't alone with bubs not sleeping in when they have a late one... Xander wakes anytime after 5am regardless of when we put him down for the night (or how many times he wakes throughout the night)

    Shell - How exciting to be a bridesmaid.... any ideas on what dress you'll get to wear?

    Maz - How are you going hon? Still hanging in there!

    Off to have a glass of wine. I'm so stuffed from dinner tonight. I made a asian style roast chicken with honey-soy steamed greens and rice. Yummmmmm. Oh, and choc mud cake for desert. I must be feeling better as I'm starting to get my love of cooking back.

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    Feb 2006
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    Lol at the inappropriate clothes Caddie! I'm eyeing off some short shorts at Cotton On at the moment, they've got an elastic waist, so they're perfect...but I'm wondering if I can pull them off pregnant...mum's got a spray tan voucher, so I'm wondering if that might help make shorts a bit more forgiving? Anyone here had a spray tan before?

    I'm a sucker for some stuff that's cool, that might be short, but I'm also becoming aware of dressing appropriate for where I'm at in life - my kids don't really need one of those mums who dresses just like them I don't think. Could be hard to find a balance though - or it could be easy, my body might not snap back after this one like I did with River - perhaps I'll only have gotten lucky once!
    I've never been a revealing dresser though, specially with top halves.

    Anna you guys eat so well! We had tinned soup - but that's cos we wanted a light meal cos we had waffles for dessert! Yum! Turns out we probably only needed one each...instead of 2.5 We didn't finish them! Haha.

    Shell! A bridesmaid! How fun! Is the bride easygoing? Are you going to be ttc then, or hopefully pregnant? I did my best friend's wedding at 7 months pregnant...not the best experience of my life to be honest...ah well!

    Meg, I love fountains! Sounds like a relaxing time. I should take Riv to find a fountain actually...

    Haha Jodi, she does look like she's having fun - being up close to the animals. Perhaps the Sanctuary will be better for that then, where she can get close to the Aussie wildlife, and we'll do the zoo when she can do the difference between elephants and lions and monkeys...we'll see. I won't decide yet.

    Hugs Ness, hope you're sleeping in bed by now, and that tomorrow is a better day for you. Blah days just suck.

    Ohh Christmas cards...I'm not a Christmas card writer really, but if I get off my bum for anyone, it'll be for you girls. I'm so unmotivated to do them for people at church, cos there's ALWAYS someone I'll forget! Perhaps I'll pretend I care about the environment and that's why I don't do cards?

    Hmm, might head to bed soon - before 2am, now there's something novel!

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    Dec 2005
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    Nelle- We were thinking about ttc sometime around next July, maybe the wedding holiday might be the perfect place to start! The bride is easy going, I can't see her becoming a bridezilla or anything.

    Anna- Maybe a purpley color, she hasn't fully decided yet but she plans to buy material then the bridesmaid can all go and get the style they want made.
    Ash has started having a few tanties too, can be funny at times, we just walk off and leave her. i do love the bottom lip drop though that always makes us laugh.

    Meg- Yeah I enjoy when I have nights home to myself, Df goes out once week with his mates so its my night to just kick back and have a "me" night.

    Helen, I hope you are having fun in Melb! How was zoo yesterday?

    AnnaT- hows everything going with you? Ripley still behaving?

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    Aug 2005
    central coast

    maz..got the parcel yesterday, thanks so much, there great..have to go out today and spoil the bare ass man, as its his birthday, hes 44..old pr**k, i bought him a tshirt with a mans body with a head missing with the words "head wanted"....he got a good laugh out of it.

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    BBL when i feel better.Too much wine and maybe salami was off but i was spewing my guts last night.Feel like ****e.I am being very naughty and having a hash brown.(big nono) but i need fat food and im starving.Hope it doesnt make me sick again....

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    Hi girls

    Sorry havent been around im not going to well at the moment. Julia has decided only 1 sleep per day now and its a morning sleep so by the time DH comes home Im at my wits end of 6-7 hours of no break and having tiredness from the pregnancy and m/s doesnt help. How do you all do it? Ever since monday and the stress of the scan I havent been well. Thankfully tonight Julia will be at Nana's so we both will get a well needed break DH is having issues at work too. We are going to his work Xmas party tonight.

    Meg - are you ok hon? thinking of you.

    Anna* - yumm cake can you come over here !

    MAZ - how you doing tonight hon?

    Gotta go and hurl again, BBL later. I should know from last time vegemite sandwich and coke does not go...


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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Belle, I don't know if you like this sort of thing, but have you tried Chocolate flavoured Up & Go's? Like, a brekky shake in a juicebox? I'm eating cereal right now, but if I want to guarantee something will stay down, I'll have an Up&go. It's exy, but it's all I had for brekky in the first trimester. (and it's not quite as rubbish for us as coke is.)

    Hope you feel better soon Caddie.

    Yeah Riv's thrown tanties, he cracks it whenever someone else is eating and he WANTS some! No matter if he's just eaten. I find it so helpful to understand that kids aren't able to hide emotion yet, so it's not so much naughtiness as him being very transparent about how he feels. He's too young to learn patience (is he? I'm pretty sure that's right...he's a very impatient kid, but aren't all kids?).
    Still annoying though.

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    MEg.. sounds like you had a nice evening last night hun.. prob just what you needed.

    Shell.. oh wow on the bridesmaid! Yay you get to meet Nessa the crazy woman.

    Anna**.. oh doesnt Xander look the spunk with his new hair cut! Boy he looks like such a little man now! Oh that dinner sounds devine mmmmmm. Glad to see things are slowly starting to pick up your way

    Happy Birthday to Chrissy's DH!!

    Caddie.. oh hope youre feeling better soon hun.. damn salami! Oh i wish i could have some.. not bad stuff though

    "Nessa" good to see you back hun!! Much better

    Belle.. just keep positive hun, everythings going to be fine. Hope the M/s isnt too bad this arvo.

    Jesse throws tanties when we say no or he cant have something. Im just hopign he's getting it all out of his system now hehe.

    Nothing new with me. Feeling lucky still with no m/s so still dont feel pregnant at all. Have booked in my 13 week scan for the 18th January. That will be the first thing that makes it all a bit real i think. Still a little worried how Jesse will react. But as AnnaT said ill just start pointing out babies and will tell him once i have something to show that theres a baby in my tummy and that its Jesse's baby and try and make it all about him.
    Dont know if i told you all, but we picked up Jesse's play gym the otherday. Its in our kinda dining area behind where im sitting. Its just too cold (yes cold, what happened to summer??) and wet outside atm and alot easier having it in here where he can play with it all day. Has a swing and a slippery dip and a little cubby house that he loves getting into with all his toys. So cute.

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    Meg- i seemed to miss it too today, i had it on but then seemed to need to do all these things then my sister called me so really prolly only saw 5 mins!
    Glad to hear you are feeling alot better, sometimes I too feel like i just need bit of time out from everyone and everything.

    Ness- How is teleah? I hope you aren't getting the same bug. Thats sweet your Dh came home when she was asking for him.

    Kell- i didn't get m/s til after 7 weeks but I remember too thinking it didn't seem real til the scan, I remember worrying beforehand that what if I wasn't really preg and thats what they're gonna tell me. I reakon that first scan is the most exciting. I'm sure jesse will be fine, some kids can get bit funny at the start but usually the adapt pretty quickly.

    Belle- Could you try push her sleep back little later bit by bit? Thats what we had to do when Ash cut down to one cause she'd get so tired by the evening but it was too late for a sleep and too early for bed and after a long day hard to deal with the crankiness. hope you're enjoying the xmas party tonight, will julia stay at nana's so you can have sleep in?

    Caddie- how are those guts of yours? I so often get sick after alcohol, guess I need to drink more to build up the tolerance!

    Last gymbaroo session tomor, not that I've been to many this term but thought I'd take Ash to the last one. Also gotta go over to IL's to teach them about e-bay, they've got stuff they wanna sell so easier to set them up with there own account than me trying to sell it all.

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