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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #86

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    OMG Good Luck ANNAT!!!!

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    ok, i am stuck at home with no wine! not fair!!! cant go and get any either as hubby had his work xmas do today and is suffering the after effects.. so cant leave him with the kids.. IFYKWIM! so will just have to make so with a Iced Coffee!!!! hmmm...

    thanks for the update Kell!


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    Ohhh you see I WAS going to request a banana smoothie, but now an iced coffee sounds good too!

    Shell, I've decided your avatar needs longer hair!

    River's only just had dinner and gone to bed, because I put him down for a nap at 4:30, went and lay on the bed a bit later, and next thing I knew, Rans was also napping next to me and it was 7:30! Ah well.

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    Nelle, thats how long ago it was made! My hair has grown heaps since, prolly cause of the fact I've had just one cut since having Ash.

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    Been a quiet arvo/evening, just sleeping and sitting around being grumpy lol

    Had some more blood streaked mucous about a half hour ago though (had just snot-looking chunks of mucous earlier today too) and having cramps so maybe he will actually get cracking soon and do this properly.

    Hi Sharleen, nice of you to pop in! Thanks for the well wishes! Im jealous you got to meet Jodi and the beautiful Nina. Sounds like you had fun.

    Caddie, Jett has tanty's too now, full on leg/arm swinging yelling while rolling on the floor episodes. They never last more than a minute because we just walk away but boy can he bung it on. Amazing how fast they learn things like that. So your not alone!

    Chrissy, that sucks about the super, I cant believe they wont make exceptions for people in your situation. Id definately investigate more and talk to Centrelink. I hope they can help you out!

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