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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #10

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    LP - wow, no more day sleeps! There is no way Katie is up to that, she generally is only awake for an hour before she is sent off to bed, sometimes lasts 1.5 hours.

    Sherie - well done to Alister! K has gone from tummy to back but hasn't shown any interest in going the other way.

    Gracie - good luck with the pelvic floor muscles.

    MIL came around yesterday afternoon. I met her at the front door and said K has only just woken up and she was in my arms looking all dazed etc. Of course she wanted a cuddle and when K started grizzling 5 minutes later, MIL starts walking her around, trying to pat her back, saying 'oh, do you have a pain in your belly?'. I had to say a couple of times before she got the hint 'no, I think she's just hungry' (seeing as you insisted on picking her up straight away). That's what she says all the time if K has a little cry - usually it's because she's just tired and they keep wanting to pass her around. Ok, my little vent over.

    Drinks tonight for a friends 30th - hopefully K will be a little angel and be full of smiles for everyone.

    Question - The last few nights when I have changed DD before her night feed, the nappy has felt very dry. I weighed last nights, no difference with a new nappy (had been on over 6 hours), the night before was 20 grams heavier. So, do you think I stil should change her? She hates it, just screams because I have to unwrap her when she is all cosy and all she wants is boobie. Her morning nappie is absolutely saturated, so she must save it all up for then.

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    Cally ~If Scarlet isn't wet i don't disturb her to change her... people even keep telling me not to change her at night unless she has a BM but of course i do! Maybe leave it for a night and see how she is in the morning?

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    Cally, I find that Will is usually dry for his first wake up at night, so I have stopped changing him as it wakes him up more. He just has a quick feed and then back to bed. The morning nappy is usually quite full. Isn't that really annoying when people have your grizzling baby and won't give him/her back. We were visiting DH's cousin and his MIL was holding W who had just woken up. He started to grizzle and I made a comment about him being hungry -people usually get the hint and give him back but she actually turned away from me and kept rocking him (as his cries amplified), several comments later I nearly had to snatch him off her. I was really annoyed.

    Hope your drinks go well tonight.

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    hello everyone
    well i am having a home day today just getting things ready for the trip... just packed all Noah's stuff - man he needs more than me!!and trying to get myself half way presentable before the big melb 'tour' so did a face mask and a hair treatment this morning - now N is asleep so i should prob spend some quality time in the bathroom with my GHDs!!!
    Sad that DH is about to fly off for a week too - he will really miss N who is chging so much all the time and I will miss him too. at least the time diff is only 3 hrs so we can talk before bed. and wen he gets back he isnt going for a while...
    interesting to read all about work dilemmas, i am also thinking what i will do... have a meeting w my boss next fri when i am in melb - i would kind of like to dip my toe back in just a day a week or a special project but not sure how that will work. i will also discuss with him when i will go back on a more regular basis - maybe 2 or 3 days a week - i guess sometime b/n march and july... it is exciting and scary to have the discussions iykwim.
    Cally - i hope the drinks go well tonight and that Katie is gorgeous for you. I was changing Noah every feed at night, but he was good at going back to sleep. then he started to sleep for along time - 10 or so hours and didnt need chging so now when he wakes up i only chg him if it is v full. i use the aldi nappies at night - as they are MASSIVE so no leakage potential!!
    I ended up with a mini dream feed last night as N was waking at 11ish - so i did a bit of a deam feed - he was cryingout but was asleep - weird. anyway i fed him and he slept til 6ish like usual so i was happy w that. i wonder if he will wake more now we are going to melb as my mums place is righ i the middle of richmond - v urban and loud (fab shopping and v v funky but not sure how will go with baby!!) - will be interesting. i hope he is good for me as i have no potential to catch up on sleep etc with no DH. ia m SO excited to introduce him to all my family there and friends and I am going to meet my nephew finally too!!!
    Noni - glad Asha is going better - are you going to the party today?

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    Jan 2007

    good afternoon ladies

    pregpan - i don't know where you are going, but enjoy your trip!

    cally - i find that T usually wets after or during a feed like Artechim.

    sherie - wow A is rolling already! T hasn't even attempted too. lol she hardly gets a chance we go out so much she is hardly on the ground opps. seems U have rollers in the family.

    yes it has been a while since i posted, i cannot believe where the time is going! I hardly get time for a shower let alone logging on and posting.

    T laughed this morning, it was a 2 or 3 syllabel ha-ha-ha. i was doing it back to her and she kept laughing when i stopped as it was her turn and then me again. oh it was so cute!

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    Afternoon Ladies,

    Pregpan- Have a wonderful Trip and Bummer about DH being away.
    SupaB/Jazmum- I was wondering what happened to you and glad you are back.
    All the sick mummy and babies I hope all is well soon.
    DTD 3 times in a week . OMG I carnt even remember the last time we done that I think it was when we were first started dating you know the honeymoon period. lol. I know I said DH is now finally Horny but there is no way he is getting it 3 times a week. Now I am just too tired. hehehehehe.
    Have a great day everyone.

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    Mar 2007

    Renee - Wow, I worked at Vicki Philipoff's for two yrs, but I'm now at apple settlements which is much nicer, because its a very small company and is just around the corner from home. I dont mind it, the only part I hate is when people call up for quotes and try to get their fee down to something ridiculous like $50.00!!! I dont know about working now, I called to find out how much childcare costs and its $70.00 less a government deduction thingo, it will be about $55.00 per day. Really to make working worth it, I will need to work two days at least. I'm going to think about it over the weekend, as I think I can handle leaving her for one day, but two....

    Leemar - Oh the honeymoon period haha that was so long ago for me!

    Supablondie - It is hard to find the time sometimes. How cute, Maddie had her first little laugh today, it wasnt like a chuckle it was just a heee heee with a massive smile iykwim! I just melted!!!

    Pregpan - Have a great time in Melb wont you. I have no time these days for the ghd haha. My hair has never looked so bad....well apart from when I was 7 & mum thought a mullet was the latest fashion for young girls! Thanks mum. How old is your nephew?

    Arte - I hate it when people wont give your baby back to you when you know exactly what they need. Its so frustrating. Meanwhile baby gets more and more worked up. That happened to me the other night when Maddie was so tired but everyone just wanted to hold her. Wow environmental chemist, sounds hard!

    Cally - Maddie went through a period where she didnt do many day sleeps. Lately she is back to having long sleeps during the day though. She's asleep now and has been since 9.30 and its now 12.00. This may sound silly, but is it better to try and keep them awake longer during the day so they sleep soundly at night? I always change Maddies nappy even if it is the tiniest bit wet, but maybe I am being silly about that? I dont know!

    Hayley - Have an excellent time tonight!

    Katie - Maddies first night in the cot went very well actually, thanks for asking. She slept through from 10 - 5am. I was just a bit paranoid though about the blankie thing. My grobags that I have are only .5 tog, so I thought she may be a bit cold. I ended up putting a blankie over her in her grobag and it worked well. I got DP to tuck the blankie in tightly under the mattress so it wasnt going anywhere.

    Gracie - Good luck! How does your dad go with Lewis? My dad comes across all tough, but deep down is a real softie. He is so funny to watch with Madeline.

    Sherie - Congrats Alister!! What a smartie.

    Jazmum - We have a swing too. I thought the same thing about how long she will use it for, but like you said, we can always pass it on to our family.

    Well she has just woken, perfect timing! I'm off to play!

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    hayley - i know what you mean about the ghd and no time, i used to do it all the time - and I have VERY VERY curly hair so it took ages. anyway was getting so hard to do that i got a cut to work with the curls and have had it curly since Noah was born but i figure i shld still do it now and again, it makes me feel lots better. That said i havent done it yet so today i am one big frizz ball!! My nephew is 12 days older than Noah - so I havent met him as I was too preg to go to melb when he was born and my SIL has not been able to come here since Noah was born. we went thrugh the whole preg together and talk every day so I am bursting to meet my nephew and see my SIL and of course to introduce the 2 cousins. It is so nice they are so close in age!
    Sherie - amazed at Alistairs rolling!! I am a bit clueless as to when these things are 'meant' to occur?? but i am assuming this is early?? N is not showing any signs of that happening soon - though i jus got a big quilt for himto play on this week and so he is spending a lot more time on the mat which i guess will help him develop these things? he is so much better at tummy time these days - we prob get 5 mins at a time - wow LOL!
    I cant believe he is 12 weeks today! timehas gone soooooooooo fast!
    Jazmum and Supa - so nice to see you back on here, I missed you!

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    Well we never got to play time...we fed, had a nice bath, I whipped out the play mat and some toys and she started to get whingy, so she's gone off to sleep!

    Pregpan - Wow i'm envious of your relationship with your SIL. My SIL is pregnant atm but some of the comments she comes out with, I just cant be bothered. To her, this poor baby is just another fashion accessory. So you are very lucky to have her and that your babies are so close in age. Maddie isnt even close to rolling like Alister either!

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    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Pregpan, you're so excited about your Melb trip you have forgotten to tell us how the party went the other day!

    Noni - how's Ash this afternoon, better I hope.

    Sherie - Well done A on your rolling! E sort of lolls about to the side but that's it.

    SupaB - good to hear from you hun - how cute with the laughing! E just makes the laughing shaped mouth and breathes and squeals. Also cute.

    Well the gastro fairy must've flogged a set of keys to my house and left them out to the mastitis fairy. Had to wait until late this arvo to get into the dr so self-medicated some ABs this morning (no way was I waiting for it to get 8 hours worse)! Dr MD isn't half bad, the 'real' dr prescribed the same thing I took hahaha.

    Hi to everyone else - feeling a bit fever fuzzy headed so won't attempt more personals today.

    *hums* I'm dreaming of an anti-biotic-free Christmas... Just like the ones I used to know...

    ETA - re work, I think you're all very brave going back now, I'm thinking how long can I stay away beyond the one year mark LOL. Though I do have a few little worky type projects I'm starting shortly and I'll be studying so it's a different kind of busy I guess.

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    hi everyone
    well i went to the christmas party and it was nice to go out.. it was a young mums group so there were kids from ashas age up to id say around 3 there was a little boy that was born on the 23rd of sept and a set of twin 4mth olds a 6mth old and a 9mth old then they were mostly almost 2 and up... it was fun though and santa gave Asha a fisher price bath toy lol the age recomendation is actually a bit old for her so maybe i will put it away and santa can give it to her next year hahaha or maybe for her bday coz the age is 1-5 we will see how she is going with the bath by then lol...
    christmas card wise i took some pics of Ash with tinsel and stuff just in her nappy they are very cute must put them on later will let u know when they are up..
    wow sherie A is rolling what a smartie pants!! Asha rolled by mistake once and hasnt done it since lol..
    haley - glad maddies first night in the cot went well
    leanne - i think the only time we may have dtd three times in one week was possibly while ttc but even then i dnt think it was that regular lol thats a bit sad isnt it lol...
    supab - thats cute about T laughing Ashas had a few little chuckles too
    pregpan - good that noah is lasting longer with tummy time, Asha dosn't really like being on the floor i am hoping when she gets the play gym she will enjoy it more..
    arte thats horrible about mil sometimes they just think they know best!!
    cally - if Ashas nappy is dry i leave her so i dnt wake her up... hope you have a good night at your friends birthday and katie is nice and smiley
    md - Asha is doing much better today thanx you poor thing hope the mastitis clears up soon!!

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    MD - Good grief woman! You haven’t had a good run in the infections department have you? Have you been eating all the right foods?? I hope the gastro & mastitis fairy don’t come a knock'n back on your door any time soon!

    Hayley - I’m glad Maddie went well in the cot, LUCKY YOU! Rory didn’t go so well He woke at 12:30, 2:30 for his dummy and then 4:30 for a feed and he went back down until 8:30. He had a few naps here and there after 8:30. Considering his normal routine was 8:30/9:00pm - 6:00/7:00am it could of gone better LOL! - Whoa $55 is quite expensive isn’t it! geez I didn’t even know haha...I better buy my mum & MIL a box of chocolates for their services

    Pregpan & Hayley - I hear you on the lack of straightening going on! I was ADDICTED to my hot pink GHD but now it only gets brought out on special occasions lol.
    Pregpan, I cant remember if it was you or Ella. Did you end up taking yours into hospital?? Have a fantastic time in melb! I bet your going to shop your heart out!

    SupaB - I was wondering where you were! Do you have a video camera? Your going to have to catch her laughing on video, it will be great to look back on. Technically Rory Isn’t laughing yet just smiling with a really open mouth and squealing.

    LP - Have a blast tonight! Are you going anywhere nice??

    Sherie - Gosh Alister is rolling already!!! Does he hold his head up when you pick him up?? Rory will lift his head when he is on his belly and hold it for ages but he still can’t hold it when I pick him up or put him in his bumbo. I thought Rory lifting his head was absolutely fantastic that was until id try to put him to bed haha.

    Jazmum - so glad to see you back on. Hope your taking care of yourself.

    Noni - How are you feeling today hun? Hope Asha is on the mend xox

    Im so excited Rory's framed hand & foot frame -thingy is ready whoooohoo I’m picking it up tomorrow and ill take a pic and put it in the gallery.

    Ive got my work do on Saturday night and my MIL is coming around to sit Rory for a couple of hours. I am not a fan of my bosses but hey ive been working for them for 3 years now so I may as well get my free meal haha
    Would anyone else let their family sit at their house??

    Getting Rory to sleep in his cot is bloody tough work! Thankfully he has been asleep in it for the past hour but geee wiz I had no idea how hard it would be!

    Ive put a pic up of our Christmas tree
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    OMG I AM FREAKING OUT! mum took Scarlet at 3PM ~ She had to get home because my nieces are going over there to watch a movie and see Scarlet. I have called her about 20 times in the last 2 hours to check that everything's okay, God i don't know how i'm going to go tonight... Maybe it'll be better after DF gets home... I thought after they were gone i'd go have a Reeeeeally long shower and give myself a mini-makeover because i never get to do any of the beauty stuff anymore - I couldn't do it! I couldn't even force myself to stay in the shower... I just feel really anxious. ARGH! hurry up DF.

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    Hayley, have a good night out tonight and try not to worry about Scarlet. I hope you managed to get all dolled up and feeling great.

    Renee you must have been tired today, hopefully Rory sleeps much better tonight.

    Noni I am glad you had a good time today. Cant wait to see the pics of Asha.

    MD I hope the mastitis clears up quickly, its terrible isnt it.

    Pregpan sounds like you are going to have fun in Melb. Thats great that Noah has a cousin around his age.

    Its been so hot here today, I was going to take Logan for a swim but couldnt be bothered. We are off to have his santa pic taken tomorrow and tomorrow night DH has his work xmas party tomorrow night at the Casino so I am going to have a long bath, a glass of wine then I am going to pamper myself.....cant wait.

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    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Renee, yep, next fairy who comes to my door's gonna get a b!tch-slappin all the way to February LOL. Make sure you have an extra serve of free dessert for all of us!

    Noni, sounds like your day out was a huge success - well done!

    Ummm, someone translate - what's a GHD?? somethink hair dryer?

    LP - enjoy - you'll get used to it, eventually!

    Katie, you go girl, enjoy that night out!

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    Oct 2006

    md i dnt know what ghd stands for but my understanding was it was one of those really expensive hair straighteners??? could be wrong though

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Sounds like they're addictive Noni. I noticed they are selling a similar thing for girls - it's a Bratz curling wand with crimpers and straighteners and all sorts of other do dahs. I was thinking of getting one for DD1 but I suspect it could lead to a crispy hair disaster ("CHD") as she is inclined to be distracted LOL.

    ETA - I've just been reading up, everyone there's a Wonder Week around the 12 weeks mark - must be what's happening here since E has a new trick of NOT falling asleep. *sigh* She's feeding like she's ravenous (I keep saying "she can't STILL be hungry") and generally not a happy camper.
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    md - oh gosh i really hate brats!! i saw these ones the other day and they looked like domenatrixs' (sp) dressed in leather and lace with big high boots oh it really gets to me that they are made for children ughh... [email protected] the crispy hair disaster you can just imagine lol if i had one around that age id either leave it plugged in and cause a fire or like u said burn your hair from over using it lol

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