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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #14

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    Gracie, I also picked up a lot of bad eating habits when DH and I started living together. I have it more under control now - the gestational diabetes was a real eye opener and I don't want that to be my future. I really need to stop rewarding myself for doing exercise by eating something yummy! Our open home is on Saturday, not long and still have a load of cleaning/fixing odds and ends to do. We sold our spare parts Kombi on ebay, but it looks like the buyer has changed his mind so I think that it will still be here on open home day which is a PITA

    Cally, W wont take a dummy or bottle either. He really liked drinking water out of my sipper bottle so I got him a little cup but he doesn't know to suck the spout so nothing comes out. Hope you (and the rest of us!) get a decent sleep tonight.

    MD, biccie was quickly followed by lollie lol, the boy liked his yummies!

    Haley, glad Maddie is happy at day care. I would say something if they are giving her extra bottles.

    Noni, congrats on the pack of nappies, hope your friend is doing well and you get to visit her at some stage in the near future.

    Yay swimming started back today. I hope that it makes him sleep better tonight.

    Does anyone know how to tell if ear tugging is from teething or from ear ache? W keeps pulling his ears, I would hate to assume it is his teeth and not get an ear infection treated.

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    Time for a new thread everyone

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