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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #31

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    ok i am back, quickly before i go get N from FDC and cook the ILs dinner. making a rack of lamb with roast tomatoes and garlic mash. they better appreciate it LOL!!
    welcome lil rachee and chepie!
    lil rachee - ally sounds gorgeous (lovely name too) and it sounds like you are a great mum! i hadnt thought of anyone lurking LOL!! ANY LURKERS say HELLO!!!
    Noah also isnt crawling or even commando crawling yet! i am not worried about it, i guess they all do these things at diff times.
    MD - why would you not go to QE2? i think you should, cant do you any harm and you willkick yourself if the sleep goes haywire again and you gave up your spot. when is your dh leaving?
    Noni - how did the house hunt go today?
    Leeann - i hope J is OK.
    Renee - love the set up - you will have to let us know how it goes. what ever happened with your bros psycho gf???
    gotta dash and pick up my lttle man.

    eta jaz we were posting at same time - poor you with chloe i think a 2nd opinion def worth it, am thinking of you.

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    Boom! Boom! Jaz, I like that one So sorry the hear about Chloe getting worse. I would hate to have to make that decision. I hope your DH can add some clarity to the issue for you.

    Wow Rachee, that would have been really worrying for you at the time to find out about her only having one kidney - are your of your DH a match if she does need one in the future?

    Hi Renee, or should I say "Emma"? It would be lovely if things worked out for your BIL and your friend.

    Marydean, I would still go to QE2, even if she isn't as bad as she was because they would still have a lot to teach you JIC she does got through a bad patch again. I did give him a cutlet bone last night to suck on and it didn't upset him. I'm thinking maybe just a bit of meat or something to nibble on while we are eating - he has breakfast and lunch as well.

    Noni, I would be finding that lint filter and using the thing while she isn't around. Easy for her to say when she isn't the one trying to get baby clothes and now nappies dry. The supplement payment is a little extra you get at the end of the tax year to go part-way towards a debt if you have one, but if you don't then you get the full amount. It is $667 per child for FTBA (but will be paid to us pro-rate because our bubs were born in September) and the FTBB is $324 - nice little bonus at the end of the year.

    Cally, day sleeps can be a bit hit and miss here sometimes. It might be a long one or it might only be 30-45minutes. I would give apple or pear juice over orange juice for bubs, I worry that it would be too acidic for them. Have you tried some Bowen or other remedial therapy for it?

    Leanne, how did Jordy go today?

    Pregpan, the audacity of them!!!! I hope it isn't too unbareable for you. or you could tell them Noah is far to unwell to have them visit and you wouldnt want them to get his cold.

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    jaz- big hugs honey, i'm sooo sorry about chloe. i hope i'm not out of line here, but i remember seeing on one of those rspca shows a vet saying 'don't let them die alone' so if you can handle it, make sure you or dh are in the room with chloe stroking her head and talking to her. i'm so sorry and i don't want to upset you more but it's just one of those things that always stuck with me. it's a horrible thing for your family to have to go through jaz...

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    JazMum: I am so so sorry to hear about Chloe. This is really tough. Is there anyway that you could have the vet come to your place for the final moment? we did this with Cassius; we put on some soft calming music in the background and we cuddled him in the comfort of our bed with his toys around him. it was really beautiful (considering the circumstances), and then it gives you and the family time to say goodbye in your own way and time...just a thought.
    to you, your family and gorgeous Chloe.

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    Hi Girls,

    Well no poos today... However we did manage to get him to have 60ml of the movicol tonight. I got so fed up with tring to out trick him that I cracked and made 60mls up and made him drink it all the while telling him I would take him to the shop and buy him a treat... this was at 7pm to ... Oh well it did work so now i will make up 60mls morning and at night and just make him drink it. I am hoping he will just get use to it. If there is no poo tomorrow I might ring the dr.

    Jazmum- sorry to hear about Chole. I hope your family get better too from their colds.
    Hi Lil Rachee
    Renee- you sound like the love Dr I hope it all works out for your bestfriend and your BIL.
    MD- I hope you have a better night tonight. Olivia has been restless for the last couple of nights. I wonder if its growing pains...
    Pregpan - Bummer on the at the outlaw part.. Hope they enjoy your dinner it sound yummy.
    Cally- Nope no consistency here for daytime sleeps Although she does have 2 sleeps a day.
    Noni- What is strip washing?

    Sweet dreams to all

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    Jaz - thinking of you tonight and Chloe.

    MD - go to QE2!! It's 4 days not having to cook dinner for a start!! Seriously, you will regret it if it all goes up the creek while DH is away and you haven't gone.

    Hadn't thought of alternative therapy for the poos, will see how we go. We are seeing the MHCN next week, so see if she has anything to say on the matter.

    OK, glad I'm not alone re day sleeps. Yesterday was 2 lovely 1.5 hour ones and she woke up all happy and smiling. Today was 3 x 30-40 min ones that she woke up so grumpy from. At least she had 3 today though to make up for the short ones.

    She's somehow grazed my nipple too - either the new tooth or a fingernail (she's always trying to get a finger in as well while feeding, kind of weird as she isn't a fingersucker normally). Hope it heals up soon.

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    Jazmum - I am thinking of you too. By the sounds of it you've given Chloe a long happy life and I can totally understand how hard it is to say goodbye. Let us know what happens.

    Cally - We seem to have no set routine for Maddie's day time sleeps. I've just started cutting out her morning sleep that she wanted an hr after getting up!! I'm trying to get her to have a midday nap which is usually for an hr sometimes and hr and a half. If it wasnt a long nap she sleeps late in the day again. We have no set times or anything though, we just seem to take each day as it comes and follow her lead.

    Lil Rachee - Oh no thats scary! I'm sorry to hear about that. On the other hand like you said she seems to be doing well in all other areas.

    Pregpan - Thats so not fair of your in laws. Its so selfish. I can sympathise because my in laws have a habit of rocking up at a bad time. After your DH has been away they could at least let you have a few days together!

    Trillian - I agree some of the best finds are on peoples verges!

    Renee - You little match maker! Hope it all works out for them.

    MD - I'd still ring sleep school to see what they say.

    Leemar - Hope there is a poo tomorrow!!

    Yes I changed my username, just for the same reason as many others, being a bit more anonymous iykwim.

    I've been experimenting with Maddie. Last night I stretched her out till 7pm before she went to bed, and tonight it was 7.30pm. Going to try keep her up a tad longer in the hope that she sleeps through. Not holding my breath though! Oh where did my little sleeper go!!!?? Lol

    I'm booking Maddie in for a term of swimming lessons, do you think its too cold to do during winter? The pool is apparently heated to 30 - 32 deg for the bubs, I guess its just a matter of keeping her warm out of the pool. I really want to get her used to the water. I want to take her to the beach this summer and I want her to enjoy the hotel pools in KL & Penang.

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    LOL Hayley - I was thinking OMG there is another September baby with the name Madeline haha! Silly me! Love the new nick!!! Hope Maddie sleeps through xx

    Pregpan - My brothers X is now pregnant to fella she cheated on him with. God help them.

    Jaz - You are doing the right thing hon, although I know how hard it is. Thinking of you and your family xxx Big hugs. I hope your doing okay

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