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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #46

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    Dec 2005
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    Hey everyone!

    Awww Andie you need to make sure you take care of yourself OK? I hope the anti-d's start to have an effect soon for you so you can cope better.

    Kate, that's awesome stuff! She is one vibrant little girl that's for sure LOL. Are you sure you don't have pg brain? te-hee

    Lovely stuff Oz! I bet you took loads of photos too, so I would love to see some of L with his little cousin when you've got time to upload them. Glad you're feeling better too

    I wonder how the patient is going today? I hope it was uneventful for her. Does anyone have her mob to send her a quick message?

    H, do you think you'll go for an older name next time round? Erin has a Beryl in her class and Paige has a Cheryl LOL, not sure if I would go that old though. There used to be a family next door to us that had an Evelyn and she was always Evvie.

    So what are we all doing for Easter? I am doing the easter shopping today. Not buying too much as it just sits around for ages and I really dont' want to be the one eating it all again Plus is Alister has too much chocolate he gets really nasty nappies poor kid.

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    Oct 2006

    Trill- we are doing an easter egg hunt tho dp and I aren't buying eachother anything and we will prob eat most of it haha but I knw ash will enjoy it. Also I bought her a little barbie car that has eggs inside because she really loves playing with cars atm hehe..

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    Noni, W is a fantastic name, no probs here if you want to use it. It sounds good with Asha too. I don't feel particularly pregnant either, I am 18 weeks now but apart from some prodding I would completely forget!

    Trill, Clare doesn't have a mobile, we will have to wait for a post I guess. Hope she is doing well, I guess it can't be worse than what she was going through with them in. I got W one of the smallest sized plain eggs. He hasn't really had much chocolate before so it should be interesting! Do you get cadbury chocolate? There is a lady at mothers group who can't feed her girl cadbury because it gives her bad nappies. Do you have Whittikers over there? That apparently doesn't have the same effect. Or other more expensive chocolate. OMG I feel bad badmouthing cadbury!

    Oz, sounds like you had a great weekend. I wish DH and I could have an evening out, I would love to eat dinner uninterrupted for once but we don't have anyone that can babysit and W won't go to sleep without me still so we are trapped.

    JaZaH, sorry to hear your Grandma isn't doing too well. It is so hard. My nana seemed to be enjoying the rest home after she settled in but she is in hospital again at the moment. Mum and my aunt went to visit her at the home (she is actually their nana and my great-nana), she didn't recognise them and then talked about them like it wasn't them she was talking to iykwim? But then mum went to visit her a few days later and she was in good spirits, I think it would be relaxing for her to have people looking after her instead of all the moochers and beggers who were always at her house. One of her daughters is a waste of space P addict, as are her kids, and they are always there stealing food/stealing things to sell/begging for money. That selfish B is walking around with a permanent smile because she thinks nana is going to pass away soon and that she will get the house. LMAO, Nana gets the last laugh there - she told me a few years ago she had written that daughter out of the will!

    Leanne, that is terrible about your friends DH. That is my worst nightmare, having my kids grow up without their father. How are you cousins kids doing now?

    Not doing anything for easter here, BIL is coming and he and DH are going out fishing one day, but the rest is free. I really want to get the rest of the living area painted before my belly gets too big.

    OMG at all these daredevil kids! W is so reserved, he won't even jump off the couch!

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    Mar 2007

    Haha Trill I could talk about baby names allllll day long. When we named M in my mind I thought it was a bit of a modern name, but I've since had alot of comments about it being older than I thought lol. Doesnt bother me of course, because I've always been a fan of the name & would have used it regardless. I did also consider Evelyn - images of the elegant Evelyn from the movie Pearl Harbour!! As for the next child, most of my names seem to be a bit more modern, but I guess I have plenty of time to think about it!! Beryl & Cheryl....hmmmm not a fan at all lol.

    Noni - I LOVE the name William, and I love it when it gets shortened to Will as well. I think names like that are ideal because they can use William at work, in more formal settings (yes thinking ahead here!), while with friends & family you can 'casual up' - (for want of a better word) the name a bit to Will lol....iykwim!? We wont bother with anything for DH & myself either Noni, we just eat it all lol.

    We are off for 18 mth shots today & possibly the flu shot as well.....

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    Feb 2007

    Jaz surprisingly I hardly thought about L while we were at the wedding. DH rang mum a couple of times but it wasn't till 9pm that I thought I should check in with her lol.

    Andie take care of yourself hun, you know we are all here for you so lean on us when you need to.

    Kate S sounds a lot like L, glad I am not the only one with a defiant child lol.

    MM Lol at you drinking to much, I would have been the same if I wasnt pg.

    Noni OMG only 16 weeks to go, wow thats gone fast.

    Trill photos are now on FB. I hope E's ear clears up. No plans for easter here, I am off to buy BIL girlfriend an Easter present from him tomorrow so might get L and DH something little.

    Arte we only have a babysitter when we go to Sydney, we were hoping to get BIL to start looking after L a little so we could get out will have to wait and see now.

    Well BIL got his back brace last night, woo hooo. Hopefully they have him on his feet today and providing all goes well and bones start fusing over the next few days he will be home soon. L's big bed arrives today along with some other things we bought yesterday. I

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    Oct 2006

    Eeep asha just tried to get my can of coke off the side table and was saying "sip sip sippy" lol I don't even wanna think about what shed be like if she managed to drink coke!!
    Katie- glad to hear bil is doing well!! I feel like 16wks is ages to go but im sure ill be holding him before I know it
    Mm- goodluck with the needles! Yeh we love the name I really like billy as a nickname too.
    Arte- thanx for ur support on the name wow I didn't realise u were 18wks already! Lovin posting on my phone.. by for now

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    Yep Arte, it's Cadbury all the way here with the occasional Lindt thrown in for good measure. I actually only got him Lindt today because they had a nice little tube of solid eggs, plus a gold bunny.

    Oz, great to hear that he has his brace now. Off for a lookie at the pics shortly....

    OH, he didn't have a sleep AT ALL yesterday - he hit his wall, climbed over it and bloody well took off again PMSL. But mind you, he slept right through from 7 till 6am without ONE SINGLE WAKEUP!!! But I am really not keen on sacrificing the day sleeps yet - he's just too feral without one.

    Jaz, I missed that part of you post sorry It's so hard to see them like that. I'm glad that my kids didn't get to see my Nan when she got a bit like that when she was end-stage. I never met DH's grandmother for that reason either. He couldn't see the point when she wouldn't remember me anyway, but oddly enough she knew he was getting married. She passed away well before our wedding though.

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    Aug 2006
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    Hi ladies

    Well I've txtd our tonsil-less friend just to say we're all thinking of her. I'm sure she'll be back on in a flash when she is feeling a little better.

    Kate - I hear you about the tanties, although E is a lot less furious and more distractable when she has hers than DD1 was! (...for now anyway LOL). WTG on the under-5s disco. Man I wish we had one of those...I'd be the uncool mummy dancing along in the middle of the toddler mosh.

    Trill - oh I'm so in denial when I hear about our bubbas refusing afternoon sleeps. OMG I so couldn't cope with that!! WTG on your choccy shopping, we've pretty much got cadbury and lindt as well (got the little carrots for my sister because she's vegetarian haha) but I suspect the bunny might've been shopping at Haighs (fingies crossed).

    Andi, I'm so sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time...hang in there with the anti-d's, they take a little while to stabilise everything. Keep going back to your GP if you're not feeling any better tho. We're here whenever you need a cyber hug!

    JaZaH - R your girls all doing easter bonnets this year? I bet you've done a few eastery craft projects, am I right?

    Noni, that's so cool you've worked out how to post on your phone...I'm sure we'll hear from you a lot more now! OMG yes keep the coke away from Asha...that's crazy-making stuff! LOL

    Katie, what sort of big bed did you get for L?

    Arte - good luck with your painting...I think we'll be doing gardening here. Want to get some silverbeet and beetroot and things growing while the weather is still warm enough. I think W doesn't jump off the couch because he's too busy talking about it in detail...?? LOL

    AFM - went to see my guru-healer man for some healing today, did some good work. I have the needle biopsy tomorrow and my first ever mammogram (I'm told it's like having your boob squeezed into a fridge door) so that'll be a fun morning. Dh is coming with me tho so we'll have a nice coffee afterwards than it's off to Kindergym which will be exciting cos the EB is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which reminds me I haven't put my bunny-near-the-lettuces photos up.

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    Mar 2008
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    Hi girls,

    just a quick post to let you know that the op went well! the surgeon told me that they couldnt believe the extent of damage and infection once they opened me up, so took a bit longer than usual.

    the GA was GREAT! LOL! although i spent the whole time dreaming of changing dirty nappies LOL! the specialist told me i need a better hobby...

    on a whole whack of drugs, mostly pain relievers. and as a result i feel very nauseous and dizzy so no doubt i wont be on much in the coming days.

    other crapola news is that the night i was in hospital my other cat got really sick and is currently at the animal hospital where already teh vet bill has just tipped over the $1000. and the poor thing is just so unwell, it's heartbreaking. they think he will make a full recovery though which makes it all worth it.

    i had a quick read through the posts, but am too over the place ATM to fully focus, just wanted to send a big hug to Andie xx (if you want to find a place to chat on here i recommend the private forums for depression and PND, the ppl there are lovely!).
    and to JaZ, i am sorry that your grandma is not in the best way. it is really really hard to see, especially when you remember them in their prime. sending big hugs to you too xx.

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    Mar 2008
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    oh MD....i have lost my mobile phone LOL! so unfortunately i wont be able to get any texts! hmmm i should really buy a real mobile phone....L

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    HOW ARE YOU Clare??????

    OK, feeling like a nuffer now, just read back and you have already told us! Rest up sweets! and SEE you silly surgeon, we TOLD you it needed to be done!!

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    MD my love, this is just for you;

    For years and years they told me,
    Be careful of your breasts.
    Don't ever squeeze or bruise them.
    And give them monthly tests.
    So I heeded all their warnings,
    And protected them by law.
    Guarded them very carefully,
    And I always wore my bra.
    After 30 years of astute care,
    My gyno, Dr Pruitt,
    Said I should get a Mammogram
    "OK," I said, "let's do it."
    "Stand up here real close" she said,
    (She got my boob in line),
    "And tell me when it hurts," she said,
    "Ah yes! Right there, that's fine."
    She stepped upon a pedal,
    I could not believe my eyes!
    A plastic plate came slamming down,
    My hooters in a vise!
    My skin was stretched and mangled,
    From underneath my chin.
    My poor boob was being squashed,
    To Swedish Pancake thin.
    Excruciating pain I felt,
    Within it's viselike grip.
    A prisoner in this vicious thing,
    My poor defenseless tit!
    "Take a deep breath," she said to me,
    Who does she think she's kidding?!?
    My chest is mashed in her machine,
    And woozy I am getting.
    "There, that's good," I heard her say,
    (The room was slowly swaying.)
    "Now, let's have a go at the other one."
    Have mercy, I was praying.
    It squeezed me from both up and down,
    It squeezed me from both sides.
    I'll bet SHE'S never had this done,
    To HER tender little hides.
    Next time that they make me do this,
    I will request a blindfold
    I have no wish to see again,
    My knockers getting steam rolled.
    If I had no problem when I came in,
    I surely have one now.
    If there had been a cyst in there,
    It would have gone "ker-pow!"
    This machine was created by a man,
    Of this, I have no doubt.
    I'd like to stick his balls in there,
    And, see how THEY come out!

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    Feb 2007

    Trill PMSL thats classic.

    Clare glad everything went well. Your poor cat though, hope your both recover quickly.

    MD good luck tomorrow. My mum reckons her mammogram was worse on my dad then her lol.

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    Jan 2007

    Hey Andie - hugs darl, pm me on here or fb if you wanna chat. I've had my drug of choice changed in the last few months and feel heaps better for it. As for the facebook thing, Arte will have to invite you now so are you friends with her?

    Noni - love the name William too...Rory isn't much of a fan but so not on any of our joint lists for the future.

    Trill - I can only wish that I could you pg brain as an excuse. How long can we claim it for once the kid is out? I'm thinking 18+ years atm As for easter eggs, the EB got her two small kinder bunnies, a couple of small cadbury mini ones and I brought a stash of cadbury hunting eggs if we do a hunt with her cousins out at Emerald. EB even brought Sarah a toothbrush, its going to be a tradition to get a new one each year. Cadbury is the only chocolate that is allowed in this house. My dad has it in his head that I love Red Tulip but NO NO NO...gotta be Cadbury! hehe. Although I am sneaking in the Kinder ones because they do seem a little more kiddie friendly with the milk layer inside.

    Katie - good luck to your bil...i hope it all goes to plan and he gets on his feet soon

    MD - What do you mean 'uncool' dancing at the disco?! All the cool mums groove out to wiggles and hi 5 there. And here is a virtual high five for the comment about William talking too much about the couch to bother jumping from it. Trust me I'd much rather a talker than a doer. Less stress I think. Good luck with your appts tomorrow! Will be thinking of you and your squashed bbs

    Wow Clare on the messy tonsils. Did you tell them I told you so? Good to hear that you have finally got them out although I am worried about your dreams tho. You get enough dirty nappies IRL you don't need them while dreaming as well. Hope your cat is well soon.

    Hi to everyone else and if I don't see any of you before Easter than I wish all the yumminess of the season without any calories to cause guilt afterwards.

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    Jun 2007
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    girls just remind me, when does the windyness stop? j is driving me insane

    sorry 1 finger typing atm

    noni- my fave boys name atm is spencer


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    Rainy LMAO you really do love the Hills dont you.

    Sorry no idea about the wind issues.

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    MD, good luck for the biopsy and mammogram tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. Maybe you are right about W being too busy blabbing to actually do anything.... all day I hear a running commentry on what he is doing - 'biccie down, shoe on, biccie back....' it never stops! Good luck getting some garden in. It is far too cold here already for that. There have been heaps of frosts and when it is windy it is absolutely freezing thanks to an ice wind that blows off the mountain. I handled it better last year, this time I am freezing!

    Clare, so glad the op went well. Rest up and feel better soon.

    Sorry to keep going on about it, but W's talking is freaking me out! Is it normal for them to learn to talk so quickly? 3 months ago he had about a dozen words. Now he is talking in proper sentences ie tonight when he was feeding the dog: 'dog biccies. William carry. William put it down here'. More and more often he is using the little joiner words. Sometimes I watch his little sleeping face because it is the only time there is a glimmer of baby still left in him. I am glad there is another bub on the way because he is growing up waaay to quickly.

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    lol yes, i am obsessed with the hills. about to watch an episode now. do you watch it katie?

    arte- will competely freaks me out. all L says is cat...and not usually when he is actually looking at a cat....
    jimmy's hair freaks me out

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