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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #7

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Having a little MD party in here...! I hope this means everyone's having a gorgeous weekend and too busy having a nice time to pop in!

    Had dear friends up for the day today, am exhausted now! While E was at times overwhelmed at all the extra people, she beamed gorgeously and chatted most endearingly to my friends. Which was just lovely! The Zantac seems to be working as she is much more settled, however she's had a bit of runny poo so I hope that's not a side effect - will see if it settles down over next few days.

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    Mar 2007

    Fianne - Such a bummer that Huggies infants dont come in boxes isnt it? Took me ages to figure it out, spent ages at woolies once looking for a box!!

    Marydean - Are you saying that the snugglers infants come in a box? Congrats on the uni acceptance. I'm also starting uni next year, studying home economics teaching (secondary school) and i'm planning on doing the same with taking my time and doing one unit at a time.

    Renee - Sorry to hear you have been sick, have been wondering where you were.

    Queenie - I had a second degree tear too, not nice. Salt baths seemed to help me too.

    Well it has taken me ages to type this post, we are driving back from the parent in laws house, they live 100km out of Perth, so i'm on DP's lap top. What a mission!! MIL drove me nuts but we wont go there.

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    Feb 2007

    Fianne the Huggies infants do come in a box of 100, they just arent sold at supermarkets or normal retailers. I buy the boxes from Babies Galore. The huggies website has a list of stockist in each state.

    MD sounds like you wont have much trouble with your course then. Glad the zantac is working for E. I am sure all your friends thought she was gorgeous.

    Hayley sorry to hear your MIL drove you nuts. I am sure there is other ways you would have preffered to spend your weekend. Good on you for starting Uni too.

    Jazmum did you manage to get any "me" time this weekend?

    We had a lovely weekend. Had some friends around for a BBQ last night and went and had a look around the shops today. I am absolutley buggered though.

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    Oct 2006

    to all those looking for infant nappies in boxes try babies galore or toys are us.. they come in these brown boxes but they are the same nappies..
    well ive had a lovely birthday weekend been very spoilt... went to newtown festival so that was nice to be out shopping at their market stalls and listening to music got the cutest bandana for ash will have to post a pic of her wearing it when i take one lol..
    ww wednesday is a scary thought because dp keeps saying "there is no points on your birthday" lol and i was bought a very nice cheesecake which dosn't have many pieces taken out of it so far..

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    Jun 2005

    hi ladies....remember me ???!!!!
    I feel like a rotten BB member - vanishing off the face of the planet for prob was a very important time for all of us. Please dont think i wasnt thinking of you girls.....i just needed time out. Life is pretty busy with three little people, and i just found by 8pm at night the last thing i felt like doing was talking about my day - KWIM?? I felt like i needed a break and just needed to get used to my new little girl. Time was so precious, and ironing or clipping my toe nails seemed to be a bit higher on my priority list....gawd, does that sound bad??? Doestn mean i didnt pop in now and again and read what all you lovely mums have been up to....
    I love belly belly and you girls really brought loads of convo starters and happy smiles to my face...so i may not be online every day, i may not respond every day, but hey, im still here and thinking of you all....
    *must, must make more of an effort to get on BB*

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    Feb 2007

    (Iknew it was someones birthday today). I hope you had an awesome day.

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    NONI - Happy birthday for YESTERDAY!!!! (sorry I was a bit brain dead last night) I hope you got lots of gorgeous treats and felt special all day! I reckon your DP is right and there are no points on your birthday and you can tell the WW mob we said so. I hope y'all polished off that cheesecake at least.

    Mbear - yay so good to hear from you! Please don't spend another moment feeling like you *should* or *have to* anything! We're thrilled to hear from you whenever you'd like to post but we understand what it's like. xxx Hope your little family is thriving...the photos are gorgeous and little Sam looks like she's a smiley girl, she looks bright as a button too!

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    Happy birthday Noni for yesterday.

    Well I've had a pretty good weekend. Mum and sis came down (stayed at a friends house) and we went to the zoo and out for lunch and they got to spend lots of quality time with K.

    Was supposed to have immunisations this morning but I cancelled - DH was sick last week and I don't think K got anything, but didn't want to run the risk of it. Try again in a fortnight.

    DH got his head split open wicketkeeping - has a lovely black eye that will be fun explaining to all the kids at school today, but no concussion or anything luckily.

    I am looking forward to K and I heading up to Canberra at the end of the week while DH does some uni study and I get the Christmas shopping done. Hopefully she doesn't have any trouble settling in the new environment, so far she's been pretty good at coping with outings and visitors so fingers crossed.

    Do other babies spew out their noses? Sometimes it's like a fountain - both nostrils and the mouth. We can go through 3 bibs in an hour of awake time.

    MD - congrats on getting into uni

    MBear - good to hear from you, of course we all understand how difficult it is to get onto BB these days, hope you are enjoying your 3 littlies.

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    May 2007

    belated happy birthday noni!
    mbear, welcome back. and i totally understand how difficult it is to get on bb as much as we want to. i've only just recently been able to post more or less regularly. and that's with only 1 little one.
    cally, sorry don't know about the nose spew. max only does the mouth one. does katie spew just after a feed or just whenever she's awake? i worry about her gagging on the spew so tend to keep her upright for a looong while after a feed...formula feed that is. have to admit that i'm a bit bad when it's breast feeding coz' i tend to forget to burp her and keep her upright.
    has anyone tried using formula/breast milk thickeners?
    also, how much do your little ones pass gas? max seems to have HEAPS of them and they're not baby-like. they're more like adult pops that dp and i look at each other to confirm that it's her and not the other. am wondering why she's got so much gas. or if this is just norm.
    well, another start of the week....hope everyone has a good one.

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    Mar 2007

    Whoops sorry, didnt realise infants do come in a box.

    Does anyone know much about feeding your baby cooled boiled water in warmer weather? Its been quite hot in Perth lately (37 deg today) so i've been a bit worried about dehydration. Last night just before her feed I gave her 10mls of water, then she finished a 180ml bottle of formula. I'm wondering how much to give and how often? Forgot to ask the health nurse last wk.

    Also has anyone noticed their baby gets a shaky leg now and then? I had a look on google and it said something about it being their nervous system developing?? Just want to know i'm not the only one, its making me worried!

    Noni - Happy bday for yesterday, glad to hear you had a nice day!

    Cally - Maddie has had a few spews out her nose as well. Does it seem to bother Katie? The times that she has spewed out her nose, was when I had over fed her and she got quite upset about it as well.

    Can anyone recommend any toys for an almost 2 month old? I notice that Maddie is having more awake time during the day now, and is wanting more stimulation. I was planning on going out and getting one of those floor gym thingos, but its so hot today, will go tomorrow I think.

    Mbear - Hi, dont think I've 'met' you. I agree, it is so hard to find the time to get onto BB. I only get on when the little one is asleep, mind you I should be using the time to do housework!

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    Mar 2007

    Fianne - How cute, Maddie is the same with passing gas, sometimes its quite suprising. I wouldnt worry about it.

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    Fianne, Will was up half the night because he kept waking himself up with massive farts, I think it is normal (but I won't be eating onion rings for a while)

    Haley, I have a mirror thing from Big W that Will likes to play with. It has some dangley bits that he can hit too. He is on the bed staring at himself at the moment. It can tie onto the side of the cot or you can open it up a bit so it is A frame and free standing. Apart from that he has a bouncy seat that has toys hanging above that he likes to hit.

    For those with pets, how are your furbabies going with the new additions? My dog was bug eyed and not impressed for the first week or so, now she searches the house to find him and gives him kisses when he is in is bouncer (then whacks him with her tail as she turns away)

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    Oct 2006

    thanks for the birthday wishes everyone...
    arte - at first jeordie (our dog) wasnt very good with ash and was quite jelous but now he is quite protective and wants to know where she is all the time.. he cries if we go out with the pram and dont bring him lol hes doing pretty well with the whole thing...
    haley - ash has a few toys.. she has a bouncer that has toys hanging from it though atm she just stares at them lol.. she has a few small soft toys that she likes to hold up to her face or cuddle and she has a small play mat for tummy time, i just put her on it about ten mins ago and after trying to move around (she pushes with her legs but hasnt got the arms happening yet lol) she fell asleep there haha... the thing she really likes though is like a spider that hangs from the pram and u pull the cord and it vibrates upwards like it was on a web it was only like $8 at big w... apart from that the easiest thing to do is look at the age recomendations on the toys anything that says 0+ is ok
    fianne - it is completely normal lol ash does some that shock us sometimes lol
    cally - no spewing out the nose over here but deffinately going through crap loads of bibs lol
    md - lol no theres still cheesecake in the fridge and i ended up having a piece for lunch today lol (it costs me as much points as it would to eat something like pasta for lunch haha)
    well better be off gotta put some washing on while the weather is nice because its piled up over those rainy days!!!

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    Mar 2007

    Arte - We were worried about our cat billy and how he would react to no longer being the baby in the house. We went out and bought a cat cover for the cot. Billy is very very affectionate, so we could imagine him climbing into the cot with bubby. So far he has been fine, took him a few days to figure her out, especially when she cried, he was a bit scared! I'm forever chasing him around the house, ensuring he is no where near Mad.

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    Feb 2007

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    Mbear we all understand how hard it is to find some "me" time and that at the ned of the day you just want to shut the world away and concerntrate on yourself.

    Cally sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I cant wait to be able to Logan to the zoo. Good thinking putting the needles off. Logan has only had a couple of spews and they have been small so sorry I cant help you there.

    Fianne Logan is a champ in the gas department and always leaves me and DH looking at each other wondering how such a big sound comes from sucha small person.

    Hayley I have no idea about the cooled water but wouldnt think it would be a bad thing, hopefully someone can shed more light for you. Logan loves anything that makes a sound or hangs above his head. He can lay in his bassinett for ages laughing at the toys that hang down.

    Arte I dont have any pets so we didnt have to worrry. Its is cute that your dog goes looking for W though.

    Logan has slept from about 7pm until 4am for the last 4 nights. I have been giving him a few top up feeds today so I can try and stretch his last feed to about 8.30 and see if he sleeps longer. No big deal if he doesnt though as I feed him at 4am and then he comes to bed with me and sleeps until about 7.30-8am. It is nice to be getting a little routine though.

    Hello to everyone else hope you are all well.

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    Oct 2006

    waaaaaaaaa just had the biggest binge lol and ww wednesday is quickly approaching have now eateb cheese cake, 3 choc biscuits and crackers with dip lol not to mention breakfast etc better go hang out the washing and go for a looooooooong walk coz i am 3pts over n thats if i dnt eat dinner grrr i am so angry at myself right now!!!

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    Jul 2007

    ETA Hehehe, I am following the others footstep and add a photo on my ticker

    Noni, happy birthday again! Ash is so cute with the bunny, is that the soft toy you mentioned the other day. Btw I am thinking about buying a grobag, probably the lightest one for summer. Which one do you have?

    Fianne, Max is so gorgeous! I havent tried the tickeners. Same thing with passing gas I tried to avoid oranges or other citrus fruit because of that.

    Gracie, I read some pinky’s books on my GP’s waiting room and love them. During the day W is also in hab and we move him from cot to our bed almost everynight now. Sometimes I feel guilty as well, but people keep saying that he is a bright and happy baby, what matter the most is that we’re all happy
    Btw, I am kinda jealous with your day spa

    Katie, thanks for asking! Still have a bit of pain. I did go to an LC but only for attachment not for this treatment. Good to hear about the routine, W is still waking up 1-2 times at night

    Arte, Will smile is so cute. My W is also loving the mirror atm. So funny isnt it, how they stare and talk to themselves.

    Hayley, try searching on the thread. I think I read something on giving water in hot weather for FF babies but just cant remember the exact volume. W has rocker, mobile, baby gym. He loves the gym since the first time we tried it around 4 weeks

    Leanne, hope you had a better day at work today

    Queenie, nice to hear from you. I had third degree tear and I took Metamucil and Lactulose, they're really good for the bum

    Renee, hope you're felling better soon

    Sherie, how’s Alister. Hope his skin is getting better

    Cally, have a pleasant trip!

    MD, congrats on uni and thanks for your reply the other day. How’s the book, I am currently reading Science of Parenting which Kelly recommended.
    Good to hear that E is more settled, hope the runny poo is just a one thing. How lovely of her to smile and chat to your friends Do you think this is the phase they become chatty? W is also really talkative atm

    Renovation is still going, W is quite disturbed with the loud noise so I carried him most of the time now. Looking forward to the finishing touch as I just want to be left alone with W during the day.
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    Oct 2006

    well i attatched the dog to the pram and we went fir 45min walk around the block.. gonna try to do it every day coz it seemed to stop aresonic hr coz the pram put her to sleep
    agnes - i have the medium grobag but it is getting a bit hot for it now.. and yep thats the fave toy i was talking about hehe...

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