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thread: Newborn to 1 Month, March '05

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    Mar 2004
    Hobart, Tasmania

    Hey Kathryn,

    Can you please add us to the list? Thanks

    Forum Name: zola
    State: TAS
    Baby's DOB: 3/3/05
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 10lb 6oz (4.725kg) - 53cm - 37cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Sebastian John Raymond
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic)
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc.) 6 days early, elective c-section

    It seems to be a bit quiet in here... I wonder why Must be all those hours of sleep to catch up on.

    How is everyone adjusting to their new arrivals?
    Sometimes I feel like the worst mother in the world! I don't know if Bas is getting enough from me when he feeds (eventhough we're giving him complementary formula feeds at night because I just don't have enough milk yet), and I don't know what he cries about half the time, and I have NO idea how to get him to settle and sleep at night the way he does during the day. Apparently it's quite normal to feel like this, so people tell me, but it doesn't make me feel any less useless.

    Anyway, hopefully time will help things get better and I'll start to enjoy the beautiful little man we've brought into the world instead of always feeling like I'm letting him down.

    Sorry if I've brought the mood down, I just needed to get a few feelings off my chest and figured if anyone would understand it would be other new mums.

    Hope you are all doing fantastically well and all your beautiful babies are making your days brighter

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Oh ZOla, chin up. What people ar saying is true, it is the same for everyone and you are definetly not a bad mother. In the beginning all babies seem to do is cry wee/poo and sleep, and mums and dads don't necessarily get the right amount of sleep which makes it even harder. Persevere, and it will get better. Keep up with the brestfeeding if you really want to, but if it's too much for you then give it up. It's no point having you both stressed if you can avoid it. I am in awe of those who persevere through the breastfeeding, but I was one who couoldn't do it to save my life. If you really want to pesevere though by all means do.

    And remember there are poeple here who are the same as you and we're all here to listen and help if we can.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Mar 2004

    hi Zola, like you said its perfectly normal to feel a bit inadequate and overwhelmed while you adapt to motherhood. You've got all those hormonal changes going on, you're exhausted like you've never been before and you've just started the hardest job you'll ever have with barely any training. I felt like that too and sometimes I still do.
    If Bas is dirtying lots of nappies and seems content after feeding he's probably getting enough milk. If he's not just feed him more often and your milk supply should increase.
    If you look in the general baby and toddler forum you'll find oodles of threads about babies crying and sleeping - we all seem to have these issues. I've found the best way to get Yasin to settle at night is co-sleeping and also baby massage can help you both to relax a bit.
    I'm sure that you're doing a great job and I bet Bas thinks so too.

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Gee it really is quiet in here, especially compared to the hussle and bussle of the thrid tri.

    Zola, It is true that all of this happens to the best of us. Babies are a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately they don't come with a users manual, and even if they did they can't read it to know how to behave. Hmm, I must remember that. Anyway, if you are finding that you aren't making enough milk it's probably because you are comp feeding, try putting Bas on the boob more often, the more he suckles the more milk you will make, don't expect it to happen straight away, but generally within the next day your supply will have gone up. Basically your bodu only makes as much as your baby needs so the more you feed the more it will make, the less you feed the less milk you make.

    Nell, sounds like matthew is doing great. Hope that your boob has settled down for you, there is nothing worse than mastitis. I am so scared of getting it again, when I was feeding Noah I had it 3 times in 3 months in just went from one boob to the other and back again, I was so ill.

    Tehya seesm to be doing great. Thankfully we had a better nights sleep last night, only waking twice \/ she has been down now since around 10.30 ish this morning and is still sleeping soundly. She has her last feed around 11/11.30pm and wakes every 2 and a half to 3 hours, still not a great sleeper but atleast she's not staying awake from 2 til 5am like she was doing for a couple of nights. Thankfully she sleeps though noise too, God only knows that Noah tries his hardest to wake her up. She is feeding really good now, thankfully, although as much as she drinks she never even makes an impression on my milk supply, I feel constantly full and there is no way I am going to express them because that will only make me make more milk. I havv been going around with these big full jugs all the time instead Makes for a nice cleavage anyway.

    Have a little woohoo for me today, I stood on the scales this morning and I have already lost 12kgs \/ for me.

    Hope that everyone is doing great and that you are trying to get as much rest as possible. Enjoy these first few weeks, they go by sooo fast.

    Take care

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    Jul 2004

    Hey Trish,

    Woohoo for losing 12kgs! Did you lose the weight quick with the boys? I am finding it hard. After 3mths i've only lost 15kgs and most of that was Lily and fluid. And i put on close to 30kgs, although i didnt weigh all that much to begin with so thats prob why!

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Tegan, I lost all the weight I'd put on with Joel - around 24 kgs within 2 weeks, I only weighed 50 kgs before I fell with him. Natural delivery.

    With Brandon it took me abit longer, more like a few months to get back down to the 55kg I was when I fell pg woth him, I'd put on aound the same with him too. Natural delivery.

    With Noah I was really surprised. I weighed more when I fell pg with him 60kgs and I gained 15 so I went up to 75 kg but I lost all of that with 2 weeks afterwards too. Didn't think I would with him as he was a c section, but there you go.

    And now Tehya, I tell you this bfeeding must really do wonders for me I always knew there was another reason for me feeding.

    Take care

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    Feb 2004


    Nice to see some posts in here! Although tomorrow I will be leaving you all... can't belive that Matthew is one month old already!

    I have been trying to keep up with the 3rd tri as I don't want to miss all the action and so I haven't been posting in here... don't get as much time as I used to.

    Darling boy is awake so off I go again

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    Feb 2004

    Time for me to leave you all... Matthew is one month old today - can't believe how quick that month went!

    Hope all is well and look forward to chatting you to all soon.

    Can a mod please transfer my details across to the next thread? - thanks!

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    Mar 2004

    Kathryn, will you please add my details?

    Forum Name: morv
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 09/03/2005
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 2985gm Length - 50cm Head Circ - 33cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Charlotte Katleen
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: none
    Notes: 10 days late. Normal delivery

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    Mar 2004
    Hobart, Tasmania

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your replies.. it's good to know that those sorts of feelings are normal

    WTG on losing 12kgs already Trish!! I was pretty stoked that I'd lost about 9 ... I can even fit into a pair of pants that weren't too comfy before falling pg.. and they fit perfectly!

    Thanks for the advice on the feeding side of things too. We're following all the advice the lactation consultants have given us.. so even when Bas is getting his come feeds at night I'm still expressing to stimulate more milk production. Hopefully it's starting to work.... a couple of nights ago i only managed to express 10ml pre breast, and last night I got out about 20ml!! Take excitement in the little things, right

    Waking him more during the day also seems to be helping, as he seems to be settling a bit more at night. If we feed him at 10pm, he's been waking at about 2am, then again about 6am for the last 2 nights, so hopefully that's a start

    Anyway... better go have a shower before waking the little man for his morning tea Then it's off to look at houses! Argh!

    Hope all Mums and bubs are doing well

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Zola, great to hear that you have the feeding sorted out. Sounds like you guys are doing great. Remember you will aways gete less out when expressing than you would if boobfeeding. Tehya has sorted herself out on the boob now too thankfully, she is feeding for abit longer now instead of her 5 mintute feed she was having.

    Bas sounds like he is getting better at sleeping too, always a good thing hey Tehya has her last feed around 11ish most nights, sometimes abit earlier then wakes at 1am and 4am for her other feeds, only problem is she likes to stay away after her 4am feed til around 5ish, must get her out of that.

    Good luck on the house hunting, always a fun thing to do, NOT.

    Take care

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all - just dropping by (i miss the newborn stage soooo much) wanted to say trish that lani was exactly like tehya taking feeds for 5mins and being quite awake between 4am and 5am and she always woke around 1am for a feed to - bizarre must be a girly thing lol. btw she is still waking around 1am so i still give her the boobie then to get her back - becoming a bit of a habit oh well she won't be doing it forever - its kinda nice sometimes, she doesn't do it every night but probably 3 or 4 nights a week.

    zola - if you have a supply problem i know this sounds disgusting and it is (as i do not drink alcohol) but try drinking guiness stout it is great for building up milk supply - when lani was around 4mths i had a major drop in supply (thus her night waking started hmmm) - it was hot and lani did not have very wet nappies of a 24hr period, but i expressed after every feed and also drank heaps of water and 1 stubby of stout only did this for a couple of days and when i expressed on the 3rd morning i got about 150mls milk in 5mins so i was back to being a cow - oh also to with the expressing if you can manage it (it can be a bit difficult) try expressing one boob whilst bas is feeding from the other - this can help most times.

    sorry if i am sounding like a bit of a know it all i don't mean to, it's just that i was so close to give breastfeeding away and now am glad i haven't although i am giving 1 comp bottle at night before bed.

    ok i will go back to my own forum

    enjoy those little bundles - they grow so quickly

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    May 2004

    He all!!

    Well home again,and trying to get my little one to sleep with out being nursed... and it's working! =D>
    The first couple of days she wouldn't sleep very well... so I slept with her....and she slept like....a baby!! lol
    So today after spending the night cuddling her, I have got her down every time without being cuddled, and she stays asleep, where as b4 she would wake up every 10 mins!!

    Feeding is going well... nipples are a bit grazed and sore, but I think they are on the mend.

    She still has no name, I keep calling her the home brand baby! lol, her discharge weigit was 3600, and had put on 50g since the day b4.

    Will catch up more later, and actually read some posts!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    *Debbie sidles on in with her new little bundle of joy*.
    I am finally here!!!
    I haven't had a chance to catch up on the goss but I thought I would pop my head in and check the place out! Can't wait to start sharing info about our bubbies (I am sure I will have stacks of questions after our first night at home tonight!).

    Tanya - hope you and Wato can agree on a name soon. It must be frustrating having to call her "home brand" baby, LOL.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Just popping in to add our details

    Forum Name: Sarah_H
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 20/03/05
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 8lb 14oz Length - 55cm Head Circ - 35cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Alexzander David Paul
    Baby's Website: www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/sarah_aaron_baby
    Health Concerns:
    Notes: 8 days late, 36hr labour which failed to progress ended in c/section

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    All your details are added girls..... I think. Hope i didn't miss anyone LOL


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I just wanted to welcome everyone into the newborn thread
    ... I honestly think its so exciting to see you all in here now with your new little ones, when I was just reading posts last week when most of your bubbies were still in your bellies!!

    All these births have made me soooooooooooooo clucky!!

    I hope everyone is travelling well, and enjoying their new little bundles of love & joy

    Btw, I LOVE eveyone's new avatars!! Looking good girls!!

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Damn it. Lost the post.

    Hi girls, about time I had some more girlies in here to chat with. Hope that you are enjoying your new little people and trying to get as much rest as possible.
    As hard as I try to get some sleep somebody chases it away from me between Tehya, Noah and the big boys (who should know better) I am starting to feel very sleep deprived.

    Tehya is sick at the moment. I took her for her photo shoot on Thursday night and all she did was cry and poo everywhere -literally. BEcause the pics were naked ones (no nappy) we had poo all over the floor, in my hands, over my jeans and top. In the end we called it off, in the 2.5 hours that we were there we only got 18 pics. Joel has had a gastro bug so I'm guessing thats what she got. She seems ok now but last night I was up most of the night with her as she was spewing up - read projectile in my FACE. Nice way to wake up let me tell you. Most of the Dr's around here are closed for the holiday and even if I took her I don't think there is anything they can do for her that I'm not. Just making sure she doesn't dehydrate is about all I can do.

    Anyway, have rambled on enough. Hopefully I will get a chance to come on later and have a chat.

    Take care

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