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thread: NYBTC Food & Diet Chatter Week 1

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    Aug 2006
    Sydney, New South Wales

    Today I have been naughty

    Brekky - 3 apricots and 200g diet yoghurt\
    Lunch - left over salad from last night's dinner, piece of cheese.
    Dinner - Fish and veggies.

    BUT - after reading that you can have 4 marshmallows for a point Katy and I shared 1/2 a bag. Considering Katy ate about 4 I have done really bad. My intentions were to then go and do a bout of exercise to work off some sugar, but my DD had other plans, and my holey wisdom tooth also reared its ugly head this afternoon, (not that the sugar would have helped). Grr a vicious cycle.

    I am struggling with the water. Diet lemonade no problems,,,, water. Struggling.
    Well done everyone on your achievements thus far.
    I am off to bed.

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    Sep 2006

    Ok.. what have I eaten today?? I think its been an OK day...

    Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1 toast, smear of butter, coffee with 1 teaspoon coffee and full cream milk
    Lunch: Fried Rice
    Dinner: Chicken parmiagiana with small amount of chips and lots of salad
    Snacks: cup of yogurt, 1 apple, be natural trail bar (muesli bar), couple handfuls of CC's
    Water: possibly 2L

    Umm I think that is all!!

    Where do people get these points from? I know they are from WW, are they on the internet or in a book?

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    May 2005
    Good ole NZ !!

    Today so far...

    1 cup coffee - no sugar
    about to have some museli for a late brekky...
    1x cup of tea
    12 seaweed rice crackers mmmm.mmm
    Lunch was 3/4 of a chicken filled roll
    Handful nut, seed & choc chip mix
    2x licorice logs (naughty i know)
    Coleslaw with cherry tomatoes & WW balsamic dressing

    Water Intake : 6x 750ml water & counting...

    Last night I did 20 mins on exercycle & 10 min ab workout...

    Lunchtime today I am going for a walk with a friend (may go for the power walk yet!)... Ended up going for a 50 min walk... yahoo....

    tonight I plan to do another round of bike & abs with a bit of xtraining thrown in... - Alexa played up blue murder & I never got my exercise in.. not good i know... will have to make up for it tomorrow

    The local pool is now open so looking forward to using that & my aqua aerobics class starts again on the 21st... Icant wait!!!
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    Jan 2005

    ngala - you can calculate them on the WW site if you are a member, I dont know about non members.
    I think Jodie has a spreadsheet that does it for you if you ask her?

    I did OK yesterday but didn't quite stay on the prgram. Its very difficult with DH and MILs birthdays this week, but back on track now.

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    Sep 2006

    Ray - I thought that was the case. I've joined a website called Calorie King where you put in what you eat during the day and it calculates your calories for the day, maybe I should start doing that again..

    Alright, its a new day and I am doing good. Had a craving for ice cream last night but didnt give in to the temptation.

    So far today:
    1 scrambled egg
    1 piece mixed grain toast
    1 coffee

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Day 2

    1 medium banana
    750ml water

    mid snack ( norty at the movies with the kids )
    6 malteasers
    1 large frozen coke ( 1 gizzillion points )
    600 ml water

    1 pink lady apple
    2 slices of wholemeal toast with tlbs ww cottage cheese
    750ml water

    champaine ham (0.5 point)/ salad ( lettuce tomato ww grated cheese (1 point), ww cottage cheese(0.5 point), carrot )
    1 diet chocolate mousse (1 point)
    750ml water
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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Just saw this thread!


    Breakfast: 2 coffees.

    Snack: glass water

    Lunch: glass water

    Arvo tea: 1 glass water, 1 glass bubbly

    Tea: 1 rissole, brown rice with squash, tomato and carrot. 1 glass bubbly.

    Supper: weiss bar.

    Supper: 1 mini-weiss, 1 glass bubbly.


    B/fast: 2 cups coffee

    M/tea: meuslie bar

    Lunch: 2 min noodles (doh)

    A/tea: glass wine 4 corn thins

    Tea: Turkey rissole with ceasar salad.
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    Sep 2005
    In the middle of nowhere

    Here's my effort today. Not too bad really. I am finding it much easier to write what I will have the night beofre though so I feel like I've got to stick to it...

    Day 4
    muesli 2.5
    milk 1/3C 0.5
    sultanas 1
    Grapes 1.5
    enchillada 4
    lentil bolognese 3
    pasta 2.5
    salad 0
    veges 0
    10 rice crackers and salsa 1

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    Oct 2006
    Sydney NSW

    All bran with milk and 1tsp honey
    1 cup tea white/2 sugars
    1 slice toast with smear of marg and promite
    1/2 cup grapes
    1 turkey and cranberry deli choices roll (wholemeal) Not the best thing i know but it was the best thing maccas had and its under 3g of fat.
    1 diet chocolate mousse (1 point)
    Must find the points book- Riley has taken it somewhere!!

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    Jan 2008
    in my head

    So far today......

    40gm Light and Tasty cereal (the berry flavour one) with 20gm dried fruit and god knows how much light milk.
    A strong black coffee - no milk or sugar.

    100gm hommous - home made
    multiple celery and carrot sticks - refused to count them
    1 large apple

    My boss gave me some really really small plums (about a mouthful each) as I came into work this morning and I probably ate 5-6 of them during the day.

    2 skinless chippolata sausages and heaps of garden salad w/ fat free dressing.
    I oversized coffe mug of 97% fat free Turkish delight icecream (I know its really bad but it's also really good - I was figuring it would count as a low fat dairy???).

    Knowing I am going to be writting it all in here really helps! Better on the water today because I was up all night last night as predicted
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    Feb 2005

    Today I have had:

    1 piece of vegimite toast
    4 Saladas with avocado, tomato and jarlsberg cheese
    Crunchy Nut bar
    Creamy chicken mushroom toastie
    Mango and strawberry with yoghurt
    So far 1.25L of water

    I have to just say that this is incredibly good for me! An average day for me would consist of no breakfast at all, eating lunch out, a couple of glasses of coke, no water at all and no dinner or eating out again lol. So I'm getting better...

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    A good day for me again......

    2.4l water
    I normal coffee
    1 iced coffee (99% fat free)
    handful grapes
    2 KM shakes
    1 diet yogurt
    Caesar salad with 99% fat free dressing

    And I will have my air-popped pocorn later.......

    Well done Lea........the other bonus I find of eating well is that my skin BLOOMS!

    Girls, quick question for you......is anyone taking any fibre supplements? Do you find it helps? (Benifibre, phylisium etc?)

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    Jan 2005

    I am Lucy. I have to or I cant do TF.
    I am using benefiber.
    Today has all been on program for me, yay!
    2 TF shakes/soup
    2L + of water
    2 glasses diet melon mineral water
    1 cup peppermint tea
    1 apple
    chicken and vegie stir fry

    am thinking of having some carrot sticks and some philly cheese in a while if I'm still hungry

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Thanks Rach......off to hunt down the phylissium husks out of the pantry then. I am might constipated!

    Do you mix the Benefiber with your TF shake? Or have it separately?

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    Jan 2005

    benefiber I have seperatley because it dissolves completely in the water, and it doesn't thicken. I can barely taste it either.
    Most of the shakes I have I heat up (I have espresso, chocolate and mocha) so I was a bit iffy about heating the fibre
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    Oct 2006
    Sydney NSW

    I have been taking fibre capsules as well.

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    Jan 2008
    in my head

    [QUOTE=Lea13;[B]Kaz76 [/B]- Just so you know I moved your recipe over into this thread! Hope that's okay

    Hey Lea - no problem. I am pretty internet/chat room dumb. There seem to be lots of rules and I am happy to be corrected or moved I actually thought I started a new thread earlier this evening for recipes to keep them all in one spot and not disrupt the flow of discussion too much (it was Kazbah's idea) but now I can't find it

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    Feb 2005

    Sorry Kaz I moved it out to keep the threads streamlined. I have been waiting to get your email addy so I could let you know!

    Could you all check this thread and get back to me if I need your details.


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